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General British Politics Thread.


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On 12/13/2019 at 8:28 PM, FFWF said:

My impression from some of the allegations I've heard is that some members of the Labour party have crossed a line from being pro-Palestinian and into anti-Israeli, and from there into anti-Semitic.  I think sometimes these are wilfully conflated.

They are of course willfully conflated by a media that is absolutely terrified of Corbyn and the more socialist Labour party he's cultivated. It's not to say that nothing is there, but the Conservatives and the media that relies on them knew exactly what they were doing with these allegations.

It's a shame that Labour is now more likely to regress back to a Blair-like Tory Lite party in order to gain back working class support from people who've been sold a pack of lies about socialism and 'the left'. That's what truly irks me about this whole ordeal - that and another 4+ years of austerity.

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I give props to Boris Johnson on one thing: logical consistency. He believes that all referendum results should be permanent. Scotland voted to stay in the UK in 2014, and the UK to leave the EU in 2016. People's preferences do not change at all in light of new information and changing circumstances, as you know, so it's only right that all votes have permanent effects.

Though I must ask Mr. Johnson one question: why stop there? The UK could save considerable amounts of energy and resources if it was to simply suspend all future elections. The people have spoken with this 2019 result, after all, and there's no better way to ensure a smooth, permanent Brexit than a permanent Conservative majority.

In all seriousness, Johnson is the embodiment of English imperialism and I wish the Scottish full luck in getting a second referendum. The SNP focuses on peaceful secession, but I will not be surprised if a militant group eventually arises as a result of the Tory desire to maintain the British Empire. What disgusts me is that the United States is likely to back English imperialism over the right to self-determination the people of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are being denied.

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Drudging this up because I've got something to vent on politics for once.

The whole situation with NHS staff being refused pay rises even after all this stuff has happened since the last post is especially vexing to me because I know civil servants got a pay rise for their work during the pandemic. Like, you'd think giving nurses some sort of turnabout for being the ones most putting themselves at risk to help people would be a no brainer.

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