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Sonic 4 Episode 2 iOS broken?


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Whenever I launch Sonic 4 Episode 2 on my iPhone, it crashes. It started happening with the update to iOS 7. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's quite annoying and I would love to find out if everyone is experiencing this problem. If so, I will find a way to message SEGA about it.

Thread made on my phone so it may not be in the right section. My apologies.

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Oh. I tried downloading the demo but just assumed this was because my phone is older. Really, it was a miracle I was able to download it in the first place.


iOS 7 seems to be causing problems for a lot of games.

Maybe it's because I don't play many games on my phone, but Sonic CD and Sonic 1 have been working for me. :P

I honestly find it hard to believe that Sonic 4 could have iOS releases, and I've tried both, and they were horrifying. 

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I think there have been similar issues with the android versions. My android phone (regardless of when there is an update) won't play the music for Ep2, only sound effects. It's plays the Sylvania Castle Act 1 cutscene intro music, and then nothing after that. When I load up the game it asks if I want to play in silent mode for some weird reason. Makes no difference if I select 'no' because it still won't play any music. Also quite often the game crashes on my phone.


A lot of fans are rating Episode 1&2 with one star on Google Play because recent updates are asking for unnecessary and intrusive permissions like requiring access to your 'contacts data and call log' for Ep1. I uninstalled Ep1 because of this (it plays pretty shit anyway) and Ep2 for the above reasons.


At least we have Sonic 1 and CD which play fine (never had any issues) on my phone. 

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What's with their customer support constantly bullshitting its answers? When I first played Sonic 4, I complained about huge lag on the iPhone 4. The lag was a result of the game using the iPhone 5 graphics options instead of the toned down iPod Touch 4 graphics that would have ran perfectly. SEGA told me that they would release a patch in a couple days. Several days later, they message back saying they won't fix it.


Now this. They claim that they're going to fix it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They even have the balls to end it with "Thank you for your patience and understanding." A couple days pass... nothing. A couple weeks pass... nothing. A couple months pass... nothing. Almost a year passes.. NOTHING. Completely unacceptable. I'm not even sure why Apple hasn't demanded SEGA to pull the app for selling a product that flat out does not work.

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I can echo your feelings on this Autosaver. I am very pissed that SEGA have not done a single thing to fix this. Quite frankly, I don't care if they've stopped Sonic 4, they have a product up on the App Store that we paid money for, only for it to not work on iOS7.

I've actually posted a thread about this on the SEGA forums and it was ignored completely. I'm tempted to send an email to SEGA support but I doubt they will do anything. They obviously can't be bothered to fix it. So I want my money back.

The demo works absolutely fine, as does Episode 1, but why the hell this isn't working is beyond me.

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Honestly, I think it's down-right outrageous that for a whole 9 months now they've been selling a product which they actually know doesn't work. It's not buggy- it physically doesn't work. Anyone buying this game for the first with with a device running iOS7 is just throwing their money down the drain and it's not their fault. It can't be a tough fix either, since the Lite version of the game runs just fine. Discontinuing Sonic 4 is fine, whatever, but selling a product that actually doesn't work is illegal and should be viewed as such because oh how long the problem has been going on with no signs of a fix.

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I'm one of those users that Blue Blood is speaking of. It's really frustrating that I can't play it on my iPad. To tell the truth I actually kind of like Episode 2, it seems like it would be a nice game to play on the go.

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I sent them an email. The reply? This:

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting SEGA Europe.

We are currently investigating the iOS 7 compatibility issue for Sonic 4 Episode II.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we look into the problem.

Best regards,

Product Support

SEGA Europe Ltd.

Some generic bollocks. And they couldn't be bothered to address me by name either, even though it was included in my message.
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I had no issue getting a refund for the game at least back when I bought my 5C back in December. I chalked it up to iOS 7 breaking things and figured they'd fix it later and I lost interest. It's baffling to see that still hasn't been fixed or properly addressed without dodging the issue.

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Hey, at least you can GET on the game! When I click the app, my screen is white and I return back to the home screen!

Maybe you should pay attention before you throw passive aggressive comments in our faces. The app completely crashes for anyone who tries to launch it running iOS 7.

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After all these years...SEGA has put the game back onto the App Store, and released bug fixes for the crashing issues.


EDIT: Looks like my save file was wiped. Just like what happened with Episode I when they released fixes.

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