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Are the Titans from Attack on Titan really evil? SPOILERS

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As of late I have been watching a whole lot of Attack on Titan, and it is bloody! 


If you don't know what attack on Titan is, go watch it I think you can watch it for free at Funimations site. 


But as I was watching the show a thought ran through my mind. "Are the Titans really evil?" 


No one knows what drives the titans to do what they do, not even the Titan Shifters. The shifters describe being a Titan as almost not thinking. So does that mean that the Titans are running on pure instinct? Or do you think that they are ligamently evil, as in they know what they are doing and are doing it on purpose? Or do you think that they are just animals, wondering through the lands looking for there next meal? 


With this being said, do you think that Titans are naturally evil? Natural evil as in Cancer, Earthquakes, Texas during the summertime. It seems that the Titans are just acting on Instinct and instinct alone with no sense of thought, which is scary because if eating people is the first thing something does, than I am heading for the moon! 


But does this mean that they are really naturally evil? I mean, if a dog pushes a chair out from under you, does that make him evil? Does a lion eating a zebra make a lion evil? Or is this all just nature?


Do we all have a capacity for good and evil, or are some people just born that way? 


These are the questions that attack on titan asks and the audience is suppose to answer, so I am asking you (The audience) to answer. Do you think that the titans are evil? Do you think that everyone has the capacity for good and evil? What do you think?


Also, if you haven't already seen Abridged Comedies Attack on Titan series, go do it, It's great! I won't link the first episode because someone will complain that I'm advertising, but I think it's a great parody! 


Also, here's some nightmare fuel if you where running low.


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How I see the titans, are as natural predators, their size is formidable and they are carnivores with taste for human flesh, the whole fact they are considered evil is for exactly the same reason Sharks and Crocodiles have become world renown as "man eaters", instinct and survival.


Animals have no morals, their only goal is to survive, they don't care if they eat a new born baby, or a mother of a family, it's just food to them, it's how they survive.


In the titan's case, their food source is blocked by a giant, GIAAANT wall, they know the food is there, but they can't get to it unless they cause some damage and a scene to get to it, with AoT the humans and the titans are basically trying to survive, there are no good or bad sides, we just see the titans as evil colossal beings for a number of reasons, 1. they're fucking up the characters we're expected to follow in the story that the show forces us to make emotional bonds with, so when one of those characters dies then it's like a friend or relation died, you didn't want it to happen as you watch a young soldier lose everyone close to him by the very thing he's supposed to be protecting against.


Another is simply how awful the titans look, most look stupid as fuck, others are pure nightmare fuel and naturally project evil simply by their features.


But the main reason is, the show leads us to believe they are evil since we're following a cause that merely wants to destroy the titans and has the only means to do it.


So really it's like war, no side is really considered evil, but they do have their own ideals, it all depends on which side you follow. 


I could be wrong, they might explain shit in later episodes, but I don't even watch it, it's what I've merely gathered from tumblr, friends and random clips i've came across, the series does not interest me in the slightest.

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I don't know if I'd call the Titans evil, but I don't think I'd call them survival predators, since it's been proved Titans don't eat humans to survive - they go after them just for the hell of it, and they could survive completely fine without eating. Yet they're mindlessly driven by that one instinct they were created with. They don't even stop eating people, they just wait till their stomachs are full, throw up what they've eaten and keep going. It seems to be more of a pleasurable desire to consume humans. I'm sure that's considered evil to human beings, much as I'm sure that rats and mice consider owls evil. But considering Titan's don't hunt us to live...

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This discussion is somewhat topical in light of the last couple of chapters of the manga, only thing is i'm pretty sure like 75% of all people watching Titan seem to be anime only viewers, which makes talking about this sort of plot stuff kind of frustrating when everyone doesn't know the same stuff.


I'd like anyone who has read the manga to not spoil anything that hasn't happened in the anime yet. At least for the moment, anyway.


I think there's several things to think about when it comes to the titans.


  • If they don't have to eat or kill humans to survive, why do they?
  • If all titans are mindless predators, how do you explain the Deviant class titans? How do you explain things like Eren's ability? How many different types are there, and why? Clearly there's some division to them, but to what extent?
  • If they don't need food, (humans) and can survive on pretty much just sunlight, what are the motives for breaking/attacking the wall? 
  • Why did it take 100 years for something to break through the walls? 

I don't think the titans are specifically evil, I do think there's more to them than is apparent at the moment and that the sides aren't as clear cut as "titans" and "humans"


After all, there was this line awhile ago, 




and I don't think he was implying that the titans are the true evil.

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Yeah, hopefully the purpose of the Titans and the reason why they appeared all those years ago is hopefully going to be addressed as time goes on. It's obviously going to be interesting to see why and how Annie

was part human and part titan, and why she was infiltrating the humans. Do they really just want to wipe out humanity? And why?


I've read the manga to the recent chapter, so I obviously know of a few more details I don't want to spoil here, but the recent developments there show a supreme amount of intrigue in an ever evolving mystery. I think it's what I love about this show - you learn about the enemies from humanities' point of view, so you're in the dark until they know of it also. 

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Aside from the 'regular' Titans, there's the Titan Shifters, humans who can transform into Titans - in the anime, two have been revealed, the first being Eren, and the second being a double agent. The latter of which has actively sabotaged a recon corp op, and tried to kidnap Eren. That in itself implies that there's a more malevolent force behind the Titans, which goes in hand with the other information we know - the Titans don't eat humans for survival, they eat them for the hell of it.


Since Remz said to keep the manga spoilers quiet, I'm gonna put them in a spoiler box. You have been warned, but needless to say, the manga has further disturbing implications.


Firstly, Annie, Reiner and Bertolt are all Titan Shifters, with the latter two being, of all things, the Armored and Colossal Titans, respectively. But, they are ultimately human, and the latter two are feeling immeasurable guilt for all the blood on their hands and having to betray their comrades, but the fact that they're hell-bent on completing their mission implies that they're more scared of failing than of their own comrades, meaning that, whoever they take orders from is possibly a terrifying force to be reckoned with. There's also Ymir, but she's something of an enigma.


Secondly, the Ape Titan. Aside from its unusual abilities and its intelligence, there's the disturbing implication in the latest chapter that it has the ability to transform normal human beings into Titans. Connie's village is deserted, with the houses destroyed from the inside, and the only Titan around is a deformed Titan, lying on Connie's house, who looks like his mother, and even told him 'welcome home' when she saw him. Apparently, they've already cut out the necks of normal Titans, meaning that 'regular' Titans completely absorb their human bodies into themselves. We're not sure what exactly is up with Ymir, though, considering she apparently spent decades as a 'wild' Titan before regaining her senses.


Thirdly, there's the mystery of why Eren's dad has a Titan Shifter serum and what's in that goddamn basement. Annie's dad is also apparently aligned with the Titans. Eren's dad, most likely, knows the Titans' secrets, but hasn't revealed anything huge for unknown reasons, likely because the other people in the know will go after him, which would be bad, so he was forced to secretly inject Eren.


Oh, and Eren? He now can, as far as we can tell, command regular Titans - so far, it's mainly just him pointing at a target and making them tear said target to shreds, but as far as that goes, when it comes to keeping his allies safe and as a weapon, it's fairly potent by itself.

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...This is why I shouldn't have read the manga because I can't get into discussions like this.


The question that should be factored in as Remz pointed out is why they are constantly attacking humanity anyways if they don't need the subsistence nor attack any other creatures? Predators feed on other creatures to survive, but Titans cannot not be classified as predators in the Darwinian sense because their survival is not dependent on it. So they are just unthinking killing machines, right? I doubt that based on the content of what the anime as provided us because they can clearly see the difference between animal and human. They also recognize if a titan like Eren  is around as they all turned their attentions away from humans on to him. So they have a thought or two. Eat humans and attack Titans that attack them. 

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