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Steam: Sonic Hits Collection Half-Price!


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Saw this today whilst looking on steam's homepage. It's part of their autumn sale, and ends in less than 48 hours.



Long story short, this means that Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, CD, 3D, Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, 4 episodes 1&2, Generations, both Adventure games and both ASR games can be bought for £9.99 for the whole lot. and all games have all their DLC. Buying all those games separately outside of sale times would set you back over £100.


I do apologise if this has already been posted elsewhere.

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I'd go for it if I didn't already own them all...


...and I'd share it with my friends if they didn't all have Macs.


I'm not even kidding about that last part. Regardless, I posted this on Facebook in hopes someone will go for it. Gotta support SEGA and whatnot~

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I bought this about three days ago.  I only wanted Generations, All Stars Racing and Sonic 4 Episode II out of it, but the extra games are nice bonuses should my several thousand copies of the Genesis games ever stop working or something.

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Keep in mind that Sega has this same exact sale practically every other month so if you're unable to pick it up now, then just wait for the next chance to roll along.

They do? That would have been nice to know a few months back. Ah well. The non-sale £19.99 price is quite good as well.

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