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Your Staples Wishlist


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1. Cutscene Viewer
I love watching the cutscenes in the games, and when I'm finished playing through the adventure, I love to just sit down and re-watch some of my favorites moments. Sure, I could always just get on my laptop and re-watch all the cutscenes I loved, but shouldn't I already have the option to re-watch something apart of a game I spent money on?

2. Sound Test
It's pretty much the same reasoning as #1. 

3. Playable Characters

After playing Lost World, then playing through some of the older Sonic titles, I just now started missing playing as some of Sonic other friends. For the longest, I really didn't care if we didn't get playable characters, but now I honestly care, and I believe that the games could provide so much more replay value if others are playable. And no, I don't want to just settle for having them playable in spin-off titles. (It is fun playing as them in spin-offs as well, though!)


4. More Grand Adventures

I want the stories to continue to improve in the games. I really would love to see another story that hit the level of excitement that I personally get out of Adventure 2 story. It always seemed like the action never stopped, and the story had me interested from start to finish. I enjoy how the characters have been written in the games lately (really enjoy Sonic and Tails bromance), but I think it's about time that we mix the good writing for the characters with a good story that actually try to get you really interested in what's going on in the story, and always wondering what's going to happen next. I  also want other characters to play roles in the stories. In Lost World, I could understand Amy staying to look over the animals, but did Knuckles really have to stay and lend an extra hand? I slightly can see him staying behind to help calm the animals down alongside Amy, but at the same time I really do feel as if Amy probably could of handled it all by herself, and Knuckles could of joined Sonic and Tails adventure to the Lost Hex, and probably could of helped fight against the Deadly Six. 


5. Hub Worlds (Maybe...)
While the above reasons I really want to see happen in future games, this one I'm a bit in the middle about. On one side, I wouldn't mind seeing some future games keep the Colors/Lost World style of traveling through the game, but on the other side I wouldn't mind having interactive hubs like the ones in Unleashed. Funny thing is, I was playing Unleashed just recently today and was having fun just walking through Spagonia and admiring the beautiful music playing, looking at how beautiful Spagonia looked during the day and night, looking at the cartoony humans that are the best ways humans should look in Sonic games, and just trying out some of Sonic's different moves (grind on the rail and wall jumping in the interactive side of the hub.) I don't know, if we're going to get another Sonic game that has Sonic interacting with humans, then please give us hub worlds like Unleashed so I can explore the world more and give me a more adventurous feel. 



Uhh... That's about it. I still continue to love the Sonic games that come out still, and welcome any new ideas SonicTeam comes up with, but hope at least a few of these end up happening in the next Sonic game/future Sonic games. 

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