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Mayor D

Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

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A few years ago, the co-producers of the Sonic movie visited Marza, which I assumed that they worked and discussed about the animations with the company.


I like how a lot of people are drawing movie fan art, when it won't be out until next November.:




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9 minutes ago, BxB-Meister said:

Considering that the whole reason Marza set up an American location was for the Sonic movie, It's pretty safe to bet that they're still working on it.

Probably. But Blur are doing the bulk of animation. None of the trades ever mention Marza anymore, only Blur. Even the filming notices mention Blur. And considering Marza has no experience in Hollywood whereas Blur has been working on films for years AND they have prior experience with Sonic (Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06), it makes sense that Marza take a backseat on this movie. 

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27 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

I really wish the design of Sonic would leak. We should have seen a CG placeholder or something from his design 

Yeah the fanarts would be more accurate to the movie

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It look like that Jim is about ready to play as Eggman soon. 

A few days later, he'll wrap his first season of Kidding, then chop off that shaggy hair and head 
to Vancouver, where he'll play an archvillain in Sonic the Hedgehog, his first major studio movie in years.

So, we should see set photos of him as Eggman soon. I guess?


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