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Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)

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1. No image macros. There's the statuses for that. Don't clog up the thread with this crap. Any posts with macros that take up a noticeable portion of a post's reason for being made will be deleted.

2. No fanboyism. We don't care if you're excited for the movie and want to piss on other fans with your passive-aggressive 'positivity,' nor do we care if you hate it and want to describe everything wrong with people supporting Sonic Forces this movie. You're free to express your opinion and civilly disagree with others, but if we catch a whiff of any ad hominems or intentionally pushing others' buttons you're gonna fucking get it.

That also includes none of this Paramount executive shilling crap. We get it, there are higher-ups who make these seemingly questionable decisions because Hollywood likes to run shit through an eldritchian algorithm in the probability of generating the most money. That doesn't mean people have to put up with it and acknowledge it as even a remotely good idea. Also these executives aren't your friends so you can stop defending them.

3. Argue in good faith. This ties in with the previous rule, but it bears clarification. For fuck's sake, a bunch of you really do act like this series' target audience sometimes and we can't have that, especially on a public forum where your embarrassment is laid out for everyone to see. Members can pick up on your argumentative habits and learn how to poke holes through your paper-thin points and when that happens you better not act like a fucking crybaby about it. So if you want to avoid that scenario you should make a deliberate, conscious effort to discuss with others in an open and honest way from the get-go. Be upfront about your opinions and don't insinuate that others are dumb for not sharing them. It's not a competition and you're not more or less right for liking or disliking the movie. On the other hand you guys are free to dial down on the dogpiling. A lot. And by free I mean you have to because many of the posts we had to wipe yesterday were unacceptable.

- - - - -


On Tuesday 3rd December, Sony Pictures registered 3 domain names for Sonic the Hedgehog.








The sites don't lead to anywhere yet, however they do appear to be legit registrations since the details match up with other Sony Pictures projects announced and in development.


At Boom, Iizuka did say he expected to see Sonic on the big screen at sometime in the future, however this doesn’t mean a Sonic movie is definately coming, it might however mean that talks have started and this is a pre-emptive thing to protect the domain.





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They made Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs which was a good film, so maybe they could pull off a Sonic movie. I wonder if these means an exclusivity deal with Sony though for a couple of games only on PS4 and Vita....

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They made Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs which was a good film, so maybe they could pull off a Sonic movie.


They also made both Smurf films, Open Season, and the awful Hotel Transylvania.


Safe to say I'm terrified. 

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Okay yeah, if this is made with the game universe and style, and is done by the same people that at least made the first Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs this could be good.


But notes of a Sonic movie to come and a new show all at the same time is too coincidental. I'm scared, guys.

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7.1 Billion


That is the current estimate of the amount of humans on this planet.


Not a single fucking one of them asked for this let alone wanted it.




It was question number 1.






"We do believe that at some point in the future, a Sonic movie will become a reality"

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