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Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)

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13 minutes ago, MrPolynomialX said:

There is a hint at it being true I guess...

He mentions a bar fight sometime in the movie and one of the most recent additions to the cast was a Rowdy Bar Folk member.

Either he's done a shit ton of research, including the Robotnik wearing a black lab coat from 4chan leaks or he's actually seen the movie. There is some stuff never mentioned before like Sonic being a scavenger, growing up on earth in the shadows

His description of Robotnik sounds like Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor 

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7 minutes ago, Polkadi~♪ said:


y'all are just already discussing it?!

Please hold your horses, he says he can prove it, so I will investigate further. If you have any questions you wish to ask about the movie, please ask now.

You mean on here or on the Reddit page? Because I already asked a question over there.

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A massive reddit “leak” where the guy in detail basically describes everything in the film despite being 8 months out and the film company having more to loose than gain by this, at around the same time the movie/Sonic franchise is gaining notoriety online? Hmmm...can’t tell if this is real

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Going to recap as many as what info he had say.:


-The movie is kinda cheesy. He say that it's geared towards new fans with respect for older fans.

-No mention of Eggman.

-Sonic escapes his world and grow up in Earth. He stay hidden. Loneliness then get to him. This lead to the government, bringing in Dr. Robotnik to find out the energ disturbance caused by Sonic. Tom and Sonic ended up becoming best friends.

-Animation not yet complete, but still good. 

-Good balance from story to action.

-Don't want to hint characters because the movie wasn't finished.

-Possibly rated PG just like Detective Pikachu

- Rings is what got Sonic get to Earth. He can throw one and imagine a place which will take him to there. Sonic is fast from his first steps.

-Only had one post credits scene of Eggman defeated and ended up on possibly Sonic's world. He is now hefty and rocking the full blown mustache.

-Robotnik will be a full blown doc in a potential sequel. The movie will be a origin film.

-He get more crazy and obsessed with Sonic, as the movie progresses.

-Dialogue starts cheesy, but get better. Acting seemed off, later fixed.

-Ben is slightly voiced. You can hear Ben overall.

-Very funny and fun for everybody.

-Sonic dances right after an short battle. Kids laugh.

-Jim's appearance seem to have an typical long coat and all dark evil scientist look. He had a short mustache.

- Ben's and Jim's acting performance are both good.

-Sonic scavenges and lives in the shadows. He is known as the blue devil to the town locals, until he is found out. Many people thought he was a urban legend. The owl saves Sonic as a baby.

-Shoes were generic looking, as Sonic's animation wasn't done. They were damaged until he get new ones.

-None of Sonic's friends appear unfortunately.

-Sonic and Tom end up helping each other solve their personal conflicts. They balanced Sonic and Tom pretty well. They are a good duo.

-Bar fight scene is pretty comical with Sonic using his powers to help Tom out.

-There is a good scene between Robotnik and the protagonists. The agent which is played by Lee Majdoub is a funny and total crony role. He does spin dash too (WTF?)

- Tom is really enjoyable. He is fun and backwoods kind of smart. He want to prove himself that he can do it as a big city cop.

-There was a tearjerker moment. He say that there was a death early on and that could be it, as he is then on his own on Earth. He say that it was hard to get emotionally attached as the animation wasn't done yet, so kept the immersion at bay a bit.

- There will be a chase scene based on City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2.

-The music in the test screening is placeholder.

-Action scenes were great in story telling and execution wise. Effects were not complete yet. A lot of the effects were early CGI. There were hidden actors playing Sonic. At one point he was a blue doll on the counter.




So, that's all the info that we got so far from him. It took me a while to type all of this. I did actually sent him a question, if there are a lot of car chases and product placement. He still yet to respond.

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Sonic escapes? I wonder if the whole Freedom Fighters thing is going on in his home. Somebody sends him to Earth ala Superman so he can have a better life. But where does this leave his friends? Is he going to form a friendship with Tails ij the sequel? Erm... I hoped that Sonic would have already known his friends 

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22 minutes ago, Jango said:

Guys, guys, I too seen the movie, AMA! Here's what I thought:

  Hide contents

It sucks.

See, anyone can do it

It's really predictable and cliché to say. Anyway, I don't believe the leak and that the movie will be good, but can I say that we only believe in rumors when they are negative? When they are positive we never buy it... okay... not really fair. Still I'm not expecting good stuff.

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It was... just a.. C'mon man, you know I was just pointing how easy is to write these "leaks" on the internet and how you guys shouldn't believe it (nor me, obviously, nor the Reddit guy)... The SXSW panel is in a few days, place your bets and beliefs there. 

But seriously, Sonic coming from another planet and been raised by an own? Jesus Christ, you guys.

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3 minutes ago, KHCast said:

Grinch Leak

I meant regarding the movie. Not fair but still I don't buy it due to the account being created for this very reason. So yeah, nothing new or official for now, from what we know, the leaked CGI could be old and outdated though. I gave up, but I don't wanna be 100% negative.

I'm still not expecting good stuff from the official marketing, but I'm gonna wait.

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If it's true, it could end up being good but I still see fans reacting negatively, it's more of a case of "kids and casuals have no idea about Sonic and enjoy stuff", while fans are probably gonna dislike it because it sounds like an origin story, which I'm actually okay with as they progressively become their game selves. But I'm still not believing anything until it's official, and the design and animations until they are final and finished. Ugh, this wait is just... meh, why do I bother getting nervous over this.

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