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Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)

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2 hours ago, Indigo Rush said:

So, I've learned that the Sonic fan-base in Russia has a pretty different take on what Sonic ought to be. I had never really given it much thought until I interacted with a few of them on Twitter. Sonic 2006 is one of their favorite games.

I'm not sure why that is, maybe there's something culturally significant that I'm not aware of? It'd be an interesting case study. Not to paint them as wrong for that preference, but it's such a commonality that it's intriguing in itself. If there are any Russian Sonic fans on this forum, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Dunno. I have a Russian friend all the way back from 2010 that I meet at the Sega forums and he dislikes the Sonic movie design just as much as I do.

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41 minutes ago, Razule said:

Well, the shoes are different, and his mouth looks more muppet-y.

It's the eyes, bro. That's what matters the most. Sonic's not a cat.

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1 hour ago, Blacklightning said:

It's the exact same model.



The mouth is much wider and closer to the proto design. He has two spines on his back instead of 6. The shoes are Nike with a different design. And he has a less lanky physique with shorter limbs 5ccc3b54021b4c0941730e82-750-313.jpg.13d4cd677723015ebdd98582fc6c07bf.jpgIMG_20190505_205536.jpg.680ba29758d8087de07c1a4b1e7b50ce.jpg

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On 5/3/2019 at 12:58 AM, CaptainRobo said:

Also, here is Hirokazu’s response.:



Who is Mr. Yasuhara again?

I like how even he likes Jim Carrey. :lol: 


On 5/3/2019 at 2:30 AM, sucram_h said:

I would honestly not be surprised if they made the entire movie with normal sonic and knew people would complain about him looking out of place, so they made a few fake scenes with the abomination we see in the trailers, everyone hates that instead, then they say 'we'll change it' and at this point the fans will settle for anything so when they show the actual movie everyone will love it. Its a master plan.

I really kinda hope that's exactly the case.

And given the list of things people said/claimed in the past that came up now...

On 5/3/2019 at 4:19 AM, CaptainRobo said:
Sonic Boom's story editor's response.:


Look who's still got it. 😏

On 5/3/2019 at 5:23 AM, Ming Ming Hatsune said:

I saw this and I bursted out laughing. :lol:


Looks like a cosplaying Electric Gremlin.

On 5/3/2019 at 7:03 AM, WittyUsername said:

Probably already happening.

The animators themselves more than likely blame the execs. I imagine many of them are young adults who grew up when Sonic was the hiz-haps and probably knew this was going to be garbage. But they probably didn't expect the big-wigs to bend, though. Most things get released with fugly designs.

Essentially the case, most likely.

On 5/3/2019 at 7:42 AM, Kuzu the Boloedge said:

Before some people start patting themselves on the back about the redesign. Please refer to this.


Well I guess I learned a new word today.


On 5/3/2019 at 8:33 AM, Jango said:

Never in my life I thought Sonic will get this much attention world-wide.

But I suspected that if it happened, it would be because of a bad thing, NGL :V

Not even Mania got this much attention. Well, we human beings are always muuuuch more interested in talking bad then good at something or other people, it's part of our nature, what can we do?



This! This looks good!!!! Goddamnit.

Why can't we have this?

Kinda looks like a little Werehog.

Which is more or less what they seem to be going for, so cool!

On 5/3/2019 at 9:41 AM, Tara said:

Wait wh-


His reaction to his band playing Green Hill was cute, no homo. I like little stuff like that.

On 5/3/2019 at 11:29 AM, FFWF said:

  But... while I think that the director's acknowledgement of the unappealing nature of the Sonic design is welcome, if there really isn't time to do anything more than minor tweaks, then I would rather they just release the movie and be damned rather than overwork their animators. 

Oh, that was from the director?

The Knothole runs deep.

On 5/3/2019 at 11:34 AM, Lord-Dreamerz said:


Hahaa! Ok that gave me a good laugh. Well if nothing else this movie certainly got people active again when it comes to talking about Sonic.

"Whoops, one too many."

On 5/3/2019 at 11:48 AM, Tornado said:

Though they can save time, for scenes that are already well along, if they simply skip doing ones where using the original animation wouldn't be obvious compared to the redone stuff. Tracking shots, ones with obscured angles, etc. Aladdin had some character design changes late in development, and Disney simply left many of the original animation in in scenes where you had to look close (and know to look in the first place) to notice it.

Oh really? That's neat.

On 5/3/2019 at 1:04 PM, Marco9966 said:

Oh okay then, here are the links to the popular memes (turns out reddit links show themselves so I just put them in spoiler):

  Hide contents


Leaked Tails:



Cheese and Rice.

On 5/3/2019 at 2:48 PM, AdventChild said:

Wow that was quick fix for Sonic's design:

  Hide contents

Though seriously that the ripoff character design looks more decent than Sonic's and that this is fully animated really hurts inside. Also, there's a female love interest named Rose (sans Amy) and speaking of the Dio Brando jokes with the trailer scene with Sonic and missiles, Dio's VA is actually in the ripoff movie, no joke!

How is it that the ripoff movie, even though not that great, feel like it get things more right than the actual $90 mil Hollywood budget one?


I remember that episode where Sonic learned to fly.

On 5/3/2019 at 3:54 PM, CaptainRobo said:

He and Evan Susser (Fist Fight) used to be the writers of the movie, but were replaced by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller. However, they do get credit for the story. He used to be around on this forum a few years ago. I do remember he did try to calm everybody down and not worry about the film being like other typical Live Action CGI films. He say that we will all be surprised.:


Sadly, I don't think the movie did surprised people, now that the damage had been done.


Oh yeah, I do remember that!

See, its' stuff like that that's not only really cool, but provides some reassurance as to the community of people in these times.

On 5/3/2019 at 4:31 PM, Tarnish said:

Eh, even if the game wasn't a bug ridden mess that has loading screens interrupted by a few stages and cutscenes, that wouldn't have changed:
- Realistic humans next to Sonic characters are just off putting and bizarre
- Stage designs were pretty lame
- Super bland hub worlds
- Story was a convoluted mess

Why was it doomed from the start? I can imagine ways I actually would have liked that game.

Well it's definitely not proving anybody wrong at this stage.

To be fair, realistic humans were in ever since Adventure 1.

On 5/3/2019 at 4:36 PM, DCFCSonic20 said:

The concept of bring classic Sonic back as marketing strategy and not having him have any plot importance in the first place was really dumb. 

The premise was decent, but with Graff and Pontac writing it. It was destined to be cheese-ofied.

Actually, Forces was written by the guy who wrote 06. 

And when has Sonic not been cheese? 


The answer is probably 06.

On 5/3/2019 at 5:10 PM, DreamSaturn said:

To my knowledge they really want to establish Movie Sonic as its own pillar alongside Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. I don't imagine we'll see anyone but Sonic and Robotnik for this because gotta sequel bait somehow.

Ugh, no please don't.

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I'm glad we are getting an redesign, and the director is listening to us. This is like the first time, that an director did something like this. At least, he is not like Paul Feig who dismiss criticism and doesn't give a shit.

BTW, somebody made Tails in movie style. He look cute.:


He also made Blaze, Shadow, and Knuckles in movie style.:




The person who created these is this guy.:



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2 hours ago, DabigRG said:

To be fair, realistic humans were in ever since Adventure 1.

Here's my 2 cents regarding the humans in SA1, SA2, and Shadow:
-SA1: yes, there were quite a lot of humans in Adventure 1, but due to the very low-poly models and textures, I honestly couldn't tell what style they were going with them. Since Eggman was still obviously a very exaggerated, cartoony looking character, I pretty much assumed the rest of the humans were supposed to be cartoony as well, but they just didn't really put the effort in to make that obvious.
-SA2: here we had a lot less humans in game, except for some CGI cutscenes. However, Eggman was still the exaggerated, cartoony looking character, and they showed the president as an also stylized, cartoony character with unrealistic proportions when it came to his head. Maria and the secretary in the limo were more realistic, but they still felt more anime-like to me than straight-on, real-life realistic. But there was definitely a clash in styles when it came to the humans. (And I'd also add that since humans other than Eggman are so rarely shown on screen in the game, I personally can very easily forget about them being even part of the game. With Sonic 06, since you constantly run into them in the hub world, in some cases even required to interact with them, they're a lot more prominent and in your face.)
-Shadow: again, the exaggerated, cartoony looking characters from previous games (Eggman, the president) retained their look and style for the most part. They even altered Gerald Robotnik from his Adventure 2 design to be more similar to Eggman in his exaggerated shape. The newly introduced GUN commander was probably the most realistic human design, but with his child model being a more anime-like (similar to Maria), it still didn't strike me as off putting and out of place as the Sonic 2006 designs.

In Sonic 2006, where ALL human characters were made with the unmistakable intent to make them as real-life realistic as possible, to the point where even Eggman's design was altered to match this, AND the bland hub worlds that were also made with a realistic setting in mind (whereas in Adventure 1 for example, the hub worlds didn't really feel that realistic, if nothing else due to hardware limitations), it all suddenly became too off putting.

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26 minutes ago, Tarnish said:

At least we know what costume is gonna be popular this Halloween..

I can't believe they're missing the perfect opportunity to release the new HP Lovecraft horror during the Halloween season.

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9 hours ago, PeterPancake said:


This one's proportions are perfect. I love how heroic Sonic looks. Also the face is better 

7 hours ago, PeterPancake said:

The mouth is much wider and closer to the proto design. He has two spines on his back instead of 6. The shoes are Nike with a different design. And he has a less lanky physique with shorter limbs.

That is literally just as bad if not worse. That one has a awful Muppet mouth. The shoes are even lamer there then what he ended up with and has no socks. The eyes are just as bad as the current design. The 6 spikes on his back in the current design don't matter and doesn't make the old design better for only having 2. And he still has tiny no-glove painted white hands right there. Everybody hated that design when it was revealed just as much as the current version.

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8 minutes ago, CleverSonicUsername said:

The whole redesigning Sonic thing is hilarious to me. Like, the damage is already done and the rest of the movie looks dreadful, but by all means dump even more time and money into this bullshit.


Yup. It's like putting a bandage on the sinking Titanic.

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Lol I've been thinking today how bonkers this whole saga has been. We have waited SO LONG to see the Sonic design and now it's finally been revealed and they're changing it and we're back to square one... waiting to see the Sonic design reveal again!!

I really hope we get to see something sooner rather than later.

Fair play though, it's got everyone talking about the movie!

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