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Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)

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I think the 'Lizard Warrior' guy is going to be a very minor, nameless character from Sonic's planet who is chasing him down in the first few minutes of the film, to help establish the fact that everyone on his planet wants his powers. He might be quickly killed off (test screener said the opening is somewhat dark)

I wonder if we will see Sonic's MOM in this movie. Maybe she dies protecting Baby Sonic from this Lizard Warrior, and opens a ring portal as she lies on the ground dying, saying something like 'go somewhere better than this world, somewhere peaceful, with big, GREEN HILLS..' 

I'm pretty certain that shot from the trailer of Sonic doing loop de loops in Green Hill Zone was from the ending of the film. (Isn't Sonic supposed to be a baby when he comes to Earth?)

Maybe Sonic's world is very desolate and dreary in the beginning of the movie?

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About plot stuff, Baby Sonic seems like a load of bologna to me. In the second trailer, Sonic just casually caused a sonic boom EMP explosion while playing baseball, something he'd likely end up doing shortly after arriving on Earth instead of somehow staying under the radar for like 10 years somehow but suddenly carelessly causing an EMP one fine day when he's older. Rather, Sonic would be MORE carelesss and more likely to cause such an incident when he was younger as an exciteable kid is more likely to run as fast he can instead of a teen that knows he should stay hidden. Plus even ignoring how he got detected, there's also his knowledge of being from another planet and being hunted for his power. I doubt he'd remember any of that if he was sent as a baby.

To me, it seems more plausible that he came to Earth recently (possibly like he did in the Sonic-falling-from-a-ring-portal shown at the start of the trailer) and stayed in hiding for maybe a month or two tops, before getting tired of being holed up in his little room with the washing machine and going out to play baseball, only to cause that EMP by getting too careless, taking shelter in Tom's house nearby.

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