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Want to play a recent game with the original voices? Play Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games DS!

Hero of Legend

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Believe it or not, the DS version of the game has Lani Minella as Omochao and Jon St. John as Big, as well as the Chao having their Adventure-era voice (which is back again with the current cast, it was the Japanese voice anyway tongue.png).


What the game did was reuse a clip from each when you speak to them in Adventure Mode, Omochao says "Ciao" (goodbye, har har pun) from SA2, and Big goes, are you ready? "Froggyyyyy" Likely from Heroes, maybe it was from SA1.


Many remember Sonic Riders 1 and Zero Gravity used Deem Bristow's SA2 clips for the multiplayer matches where you could play as Eggman, but they replaced the clips with new ones by Mike Pollock in Free Riders (also the gravity stunts used Mike's voice in ZG).


So if you loved the original cast and want that bit of nostalgia, get Winter Games DS.


Funny enough is that both actors are credited in the game (going by MobyGames), so indeed they were not forgotten.


So there you have it. smile.png

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Or... we can play the previous games WITH the original actors. 

This isn't selling anything. If you want to advertise this game, recommend it to people. I don't think topics like this are allowed here.

Actually I wasn't intending to advertise it per say, it's more to let people know about this tidbit. :P

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