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Sony trademarks Sonic Movie


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Last week, Sony Pictures, who has never been never been involved in the Sonic franchise, registered the domains sonicthehedgehog-movie.comsonicthehedgehog-movie.net andsonicthehedgehogmovie.net, seemingly hinting that Sony acquired the feature film rights to the character.P

Given that Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog, I would venture to guess Sony Pictures Animation is involved. The most likely form a Sonic the Hedgehog feature would take is probably something fully animated about Sonic and his buddies, but I could easily imagine Sega wanting to reinvent the character for a modern family audience through an live action-animation hybrid with Sonic and his friends in some fish out of water real-world scenario on our planet. The latter is, of course, the conceit of Sony Picture Animation's very awful but very successful Smurfs franchise.P

However, video game film adaptations, like any property or script a studio acquires, have a tiny chance of actually happening. Sony Pictures has a long list of video game films that are either dead or stuck in development hell, including: inFamousTwisted MetalMetal Gear SolidThe GetawayUnchartedDevil May CryEverQuest and Shadow of the Colossus. And it is not just live-action films: three years ago, Sony Pictures Animation bought the rights to Rollercoaster Tycoon as a possible live-action/animation hybrid for the director of The Karate Kid remake to possibly direct, but nothing has been heard of the project since.P





Well then, this is odd. Let the speculation commence. 

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