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Happy New Year!

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I know I've only been here for like five months or so, but it still has been quite interesting to hang around here on a regular basis. Most of it has been great, but then there have been a few bumps in the road as well where I didn't like some of the things and people that were around here. There may still be a few, but not as many.


Either way, I've enjoyed hanging around here and I've really enjoyed the gaming contest. I really was trying to get the most badges out of that thing of anyone else ^^; I'm not sure if I did, but I hope I did XD


Good luck on another year.

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I'm loving all the opportunities for badges/awards as of late...I think it makes this fun place even more fun, so thank you! happy.png


I have to say that 2013 was a good year for me. Had a lot of pleasant surprises come my way...especially here at the SSMB. I've made some incredible friendships among other things here throughout the year. In a good way, this place has made me feel like a kid again with all of the fun that I've had (I'll be turning 30 in exactly 3 weeks). So seriously, thank you all for that.


I hope that everyone had an enjoyable 2013 as well and if you didn't, I'm sorry that you didn't and if possible, look at the bright side: tough times aside, you made it through the year! Keep hanging in there and I hope better times are ahead for you in 2014 and beyond.


Here's to hoping that everyone has a great year in 2014! I wish you the best in wherever your endeavors may take you this year. smile.png

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*See badge* I have to get another one. 


2013 been an overall fun year for me (except for one tragedy), but I'm looking forward to 2014. So many games to look forward to next year, so many new adventures to look forward to seeing, and so many random things to see happen on SSMB! Happy (early) New Years, SSMB! 

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