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Doctor Who - The Alliance of Time (Roleplay Topic)

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  • Each character has to have their own introduction and then they can start to crossover.
  • You are free to incorporate your own plot devices so long as you don't deviate too much from the overarching plot which will become apparent overtime.
  • You do not have to be a Doctor Who character but the story is Doctor Who themed.
  • PM me your character and I'll add you to the sheet.

POSTING ORDER (will be updated when someone posts)

​The Ninth Doctor 
The Twelfth Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor
The Tenth Doctor


The Ninth Doctor - The Ninth Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor - The Eleventh Doctor
The Twelfth Doctor - The Twelfth Doctor
The Tenth Doctor - The Tenth Doctor

Episode 1 - The Ninth Doctor


"HOLD ON!". Rose was gone. I told her that I'd protect her, I told her she'd be safe. I'd already let my world die and that was enough. I'd met this guy recently, his name's Jack. He's some kind of a "time-agent" whatever that is, he wanted to come with us. He thinks that time travel's all fun and games but it's not.  I've watched countless worlds burn and many races wiped from all of existence. 
We'd landed, the TARDIS was a bit knackered but she's taken worse. "So where are we then Doc?" Jack asked "I don't know, it looks 20th century but something's not right, something's off. I'll try scanning the area... nothing, just broken buildings and oh look rocks!" "I suppose we better go and see for ourselves" Jack reccomended.
It was a warzone, bodies were lying everywhere but there was no sound. Something was wrong. "This isn't right. Someone had to have done this but there's nothing, there's no way off this planet... well except for the TARDIS but I don't think they'll be taking that anytime soon." "Erm Doctor you might not want to look behind you." "What is it now Ja- IT'S GONE, FIRST ROSE NOW THIS. WHOEVER IS DOING THIS IS GOING TO PAY."

To be continued...

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The Twelfth Doctor.


Diary entry (Why haven't I done one of these for a while?)


Dear diary,


I've just regenerated into my thirteenth incarnation, a bit older, a bit wiser (hopefully) than my last, but I still haven't changed clothes yet, and I still don't like the colour of my kidneys!


Clara is visiting her folks right now, and I'm currently just sitting in the TARDIS, waiting. Mind, I've waited a lot over my thousand years, so this won't kill me, will it?


Anyway, got a nice cup of tea with me now, so for the first time in a while, I can just rel--




What the hell?! The TARDIS just took off! I didn't set any co-ordinates! End diary entry!

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The Eleventh Doctor


"Right. Righty-ho, come on. We haven't got all of time at our fingertips." The Eleventh Doctor claimed as he ran into the TARDIS, followed by his companions, Amy and Rory.

"Erm, Doctor. It's a Time Machine, remember?" Rory said, patronizingly. 

"Well of course I do, I stole it myself." The Doctor replied, while puling levers and flicking switches.

"So where, or when are we going this time?" Amy asked as she walked up the stairs to the console.

"The usual! Planets, and history and stuff. In fact, pick a letter, any of the 43,976 you should know of by now and I'll pick our destination from that."

"How many?! Uhm, what about 'G'.?" Amy said, curious about where this would lead.

"'G'? Really? Oh fine, if it's what you want!" The Doctor pulled one more handle and the TARDIS shook about, but came to a quick stop. The Doctor walked outside the doors. "What? This isn't G. Well, not normally. Not yet, anyway." The Doctor ran back to the console and read what was on the screen. "Oh... I knew I'd come here eventually. The Cybermen said I would, a long time ago."

"Doctor, where are we?" Rory asked, concerned about the planet the blue box had parked on. 

"This is Planet 14. And we might have some Cybermen to meet up with..."

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The Tenth Doctor

"What's got you on edge Spaceman?" Donna asked. The Tenth Doctor ran round the console of his TARDIS, pulling the necessary switches. Donna grew impatient.

"Oi!" she yelled, snapping her fingers at him. The Doctor looked at her, a blank expression on his face.

"I'm a bit busy." The Tenth Doctor sighed.

"Where on Earth are we going now?" Donna snapped.

"You told me back there. Bad Wolf." Ten stated.

"Scared of him are ya?" Donna asked.

"Not really HER, more the universe crumbling into little bits." Ten said. This was met with a sudden crash. The two fell to the floor. Donna got up first.

"Warn me next time we do that!" Donna shrieked, pumping her arm in annoyance. The Tenth Doctor scrambled to the door and opened it.

"Oh. I think we missed our stop." The Tenth Doctor said, grimacing.

"What, your box thinking for itself again?" Donna asked

"Um...it's not quite Messaline out there. More...well...Barcelona." The Tenth Doctor stated, with a look of worry. Donna's jaw dropped.

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The Ninth Doctor

"Doctor do you know where we're going?" Jack asked. I didn't, I was lost and confused. I was just taking my mind off things. "There's got to be someone here, people don't just vanish." We wandered up this hill of some rock, chalk and bones to find a ravine on the other side. I hadn't seen a site like this since I was last on... Skaro.

"Jack you remember back on the Gamestation? They had those tin dustbins called Daleks? Well say hello to their home." As if them surviving the Time War wasn't insulting enough they got their homeworld back too. The Hand of Omega was meant to blow it to smithereens, I made sure of that. Jack was confused "So if this is Skaro then where are the Daleks?" Right on queue one appeared from behind some rocks. "YOU ARE TRESSPASSING ON SKAAAARO YOU ARE TO BE EX-TER-MINATED" Jack was edging backwards, I can't blame him. "Doctor shouldn't this be the time we were start runn-" "THEEEE DOCTOR? YOU ARE TO BE TAKEN AS PRISONER TO OUR LEADER"

We got lead to this little bunker, it wasn't too big. It looked like a pillbox from back in the mid 20th-century, it's quite appropriate for this walking dustbins. Me and Jack were shoved into a tiny lift. "Now Doctor you know I like being in tight spaces as much as the next guy but this is a bit too much" at least one of us was laughing. The lift came to a standstill and slowly the door began to open... It couldn't be. I saw him fall into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. Davros survived.

"Long time no see Davros, still as good-looking as ever. I saw someone who you'd have loved, his name was Adam he had a thing for the whole forehead decor thing too. Remarkable mind but he didn't show much emotion. Ah you wouldn't have liked him then." Davros didn't listen "Welcome Doctor, remarkable isn't it how even after your many attempts on Skaro the Daleks still survive? They live whilst the Time Lords wither and die at your hand. I've been busy since our last encounter, some soldiers came to us eager for help and guidance. I offered them eternal life as part of my empire." I was outraged "After all this time you still find ways of making me sick. Those people may not have been right but they deserved better than what you gave them." "Oh but Doctor this isn't all I've been doing, oh no. Behold Planet No 14, it's just a small world right now but soon it will be most exquisite. I've been talking to the Cyber-Commander down on that cesspool of a planet and he has agreed to help me further my research." 

The screen flickered and a suddenly a man appeared on the screen, he had a huge chin. "Oh it gets better. It's Sergeant Nose and the man who rules over angry squids... I suppose you could say this is 'Fantastic'..."

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The Twelfth Doctor


The TARDIS landed (or crashed, to be more accurate), in what looked like a huge, barren, wasteland.


"Ugh..." groaned the Doctor as he got up from the floor, "I told you millions of times, you sodding piece of..." He stopped himself before he could go into a long, swear-filled tirade.


He then looked at the screen, and saw co-ordinates that sent chills down his spine... Galactic Sector 973.


"No way... This isn't possible..."


He tried to take off, but the TARDIS wouldn't budge. "WHY DON'T YOU WORK, YOU BLOODY...?!" He calmed himself down again, and reminded himself to see a psychiatrist. If one existed that dealt with Time Lords...


He was about to go to the tools, when suddenly, he heard guns being readied, along with the sound of tanks.


"Attention, this area is under Allied authority, and you are trespassing! Leave the box at once, or we will open fire!"


The Doctor decided he might as well leave. After all, it was just the simple matter of convincing the soldiers that they weren't on their own planet...



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The Eleventh Doctor


The Doctor, Rory and Amy walked through the snowy planet, to a cliff face. The Cliff was a Cyber base.

"Well here we are then." The Doctor said, hiding his fear of the foretold battle between him and the Cybermen that is to take place on this planet.

"So this is a Cyber base? Should we really just be standing outside the main doors like this?" Rory asked.

"Well of course. The Cybermen are real sweethearts, I'm sure if we knock we'll be allowed in." The Doctor said sarcastically. Rory rolled his eyes. The Doctor pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and scanned the base for possible life signs or advanced technology. "Oh, that's peculiar. This base is run down, judging by how little signal I'm receiving, and how dusty and old it is."

"What's peculiar about that? The Cybermen could have just went somewhere else." Amy claimed.

"Well of course they did. But, they don't just leave soldiers behind either, unless they're protecting something. But why not take it with them if they had to move? Unless it's to big, but why move at all?" The Doctor walked to the security system and proceeded to hack into it to open the door.

"Oh great, we're going in, aren't we?" Rory said, with little enthusiasm.

"Geronimo!" The doors opened, and the trio walked inside.


In the base, or it could probably be called a tomb, now, the three travelers came across multiple dismembered Cybermen, covered in webs and dead insects. As they descended, they came across a room, filled with monitors and active technology.

"The Sonic reads that all signals are coming from this room." The Doctor ran up to the biggest computer he could find and began to press all sorts of buttons. The monitor activated and began broadcasting a live feed from beyond the atmosphere of the planet. "Yowzer! What have we here?" The Doctor held his Sonic Screwdriver to the screen, making the reception clearer. The image held two sights the Eleventh Doctor thought would last show up. Himself from a bygone era of his life and Davros, creator of the Daleks. "Oh it gets better! Sergeant Nose and the man who rules over angry squids... I suppose you could say this is 'Fantastic'..."

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The Tenth Doctor


The Tenth Doctor threw his arms to the edges of the door of the TARDIS. This was good timing, as Donna had ran full force to escape.

"No! No! We have a job Donna!" The Doctor yelled.

"There is no way I'm missing out on Barcelona cause your scared of Wolves, Dumbo!" Donna shrieked.

"Donna, it's not Earth Barcelona!" The Doctor said, pushing her back.

" Space Barcelona? They ripping us off?" Donna said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Hmm... It was around about a century before yours but yeah we could go with that." The Doctor sighed. The Doctor had dropped his guard, so Donna snuck under his arm. 


It was a beautiful field, with long grass and a single tree close by. A large man stood nearby, a small dog was with him.

"Who?" He asked. The Doctor stepped out and squinted at him. 

"Exactly." The Doctor smiled as he pulled out a strange device. 

" 'old on, there's humans on Space Barcelona? That makes no... that dog has no nose!" Donna exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know. Mad isn't it?" The Doctor said, still fidgeting with his device.

"We have a small dog that ain't got no nose and you can't even say hello to this..." Donna began.

"He's not a man, there's no humans on Barcelona." The Doctor said.

"Looks like a man to me. Prove he's not a..."Donna yelled. The machine suddenly made a ding.

"Ding." The Doctor stated. The man tilted his head.

"What are you?" The man asked.

"Should be asking you Mr Zygon. Been on Barcelona long? Looks like your getting a tan but you still didn't do your research." The Doctor stated, a grin on his face. 

"What's a Zygon?" Donna asked. The man began to quiver, he puffed up, had pustules grow over his body and turned red.

"That's one" The Doctor said, shrugging. 

"You will come with me." The Zygon hissed. The Doctor nodded, the two followed him, leaving the dog to bark angrily at them.

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The Twelfth Doctor


The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, and smiled at the soldiers with guns.


"Hello! I'm the Doctor. Well, earlier I was someone else who honestly thought a fez was cool. How stupid was I?"


"Silence!" said a soldier who stepped forward from the others. "All we want to know is your name, not your personal interests."


The Doctor looked a bit confused. "I just told you my name, you fucking moron. I. Am. The. Doctor. Do I have to spell it for you?" OK, this regeneration is a tad rude.


"Well, I am Lieutenant Williams of the 6th Division of the Royal Army Regiment, and you are under arrest."


The Doctor couldn't help but laugh a bit. "OK, firstly, my name is THE DOCTOR, not Under Arrest. And second, I don't think you are where you think you are."


"What the devil are you talking about?"


"You aren't on Earth! You're on a planet that uses soldiers like you for sadistic war games!"


Williams looked confusingly at the other soldiers, then back at the Doctor.


"This person seems to be a bit mad."


"Peh. I've been called that a lot." said the Doctor.


"Silence!" shouted Williams "Men, take him away! Watch for tanks."


The Doctor was shoved into a small truck, which drove off with other trucks like it.


Well, thought the Doctor, this is going to take a little longer than last time.




Suddenly, tank missiles started falling around them.


"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK! FIRE!" shouted the soldiers.

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The Eleventh Doctor

"Well aren't you going to tell me what you two are doing spying on this Planet?" The Eleventh Doctor asked.

"Who are you anyway?" Questioned the Ninth Doctor, with a serious look.

"I'm the Doctor, dear. Yes now can we please focus for a second?" The Eleventh Doctor claimed with a smile on his face.

"The Doc-" Davros interrupted the Ninth Doctor before he could finish his sentence.

"The Cyber-Commander on Planet 14 has agreed to help me with my research. Once he's helped me my experiment can begin to take form. As soon as that's over maybe my Daleks can give him and his armies a visit to say... "Thank you"...

"So you're using him for us knowledge, and then as target practice? Next thing you know there'll be full out war with the Daleks and Cybermen and God knows how long that's going to go on..." The Eleventh Doctor said, knowing how grim this could turn.

"You'll keep experimenting and they'll keep upgrading... Neither of you will be yourselves at the end, not anymore." The Ninth Doctor paced around the room. The Eleventh Doctor stood up tall.

"You know, maybe we have the advantage now, Davros. Blurting out your plans to the smartest guys around. Maybe that was a mistake. And now we can work together to stop this oncoming war. Doctor, I'm coming to get you!" The Eleventh Doctor set up a communications barrier with the Sonic Screwdriver and ran up the tomb with his companions behind him to his ship.

"Fantastic." The Ninth Doctor looked around him. The TARDIS was materialising around him. Jack jumped inside and the TARDIS started taking off. Daleks were shooting but there was no affect.

"Daleks... New plan... Maybe we should work with the Cybermen a little longer, and exterminate the Doctors with more force than ever!"

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The Tenth Doctor

"Thanks very much for getting us kidnapped on a holiday to Space Barcelona!" Donna snapped.

"I haven't seen Zygons in a while...not since Scotland with UNIT" The Tenth Doctor uttered. They entered a large stone tower, each floor had dozens of Zygons. One stepped forward.

"Welcome Doctor." It hissed.

"Hello, nice to see you again, although I didn't remember you were that ugly. A creature that hideous, great to be a Zygon!" The Doctor laughed.

"Silence!" The head Zygon yelled.

"That's you told." Donna uttered.

"You are the last of the Time Lords are you not?" The head Zygon asked.

"Correctimundo. Hold on, I wasn't to say that anymore." The Doctor said.

"Your race helped burn our world during your Time War. Being the last, you owe us a favour." The head Zygon hissed.

"Oh right, Lazy Zygons not wanting to find a new planet? Ha! Who knew?" The Doctor laughed.

"We have plans to procure a new planet after your favour. There is a Planet known as Planet 14. Strange occurences are stopping our ships passing it. You are to distract the culprits so we can gain passage." The head Zygon explained.

"Hold on, I'm a distraction? Do I come off as distracting?" The Doctor asked.

"You are." Donna put in.

"You will have more incentive." The Zygon sneered. In through a door came six Zygons, accompanied by a blond haired woman.

"Rose." The Doctor uttered.

"Doctor..." Rose sighed.

"We have given her some of our Zygon venom. She will succumb in a few hours. You can only get the antivenom from the Zygon who gave it to her. If you complete your task, I shall yield it." The head Zygon sneered.

"I'll play your game Zygon. On two conditions though. First, Rose comes with me." The Doctor said. Rose smiled.

"Very well." The Zygon snarled.

"Second is a fair warning. After Rose is safe, I'll find your new home and stop you there too. Now, all right girls, we need to shift to Planet 14, come on! Allons-y!" The Doctor yelled.

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Alright so I'll be changing from first-person to third-person just because it's easier to read.

The TARDIS had now fully materialised but it's shields were dropping FAST. "Are you always this stupid?" Nine asked "That's funny coming from Sergeant Nose, you didn't stick around for long. Anyway what did Davros say to you?" "He was going on about some big plan off his. He's been getting people from the War Planet to help him with his plan. They're Daleks now and I could have stopped him if you hadn't gone and shown your face." Eleven wasn't happy "Right and leave you there to die? You were going to die, I did what I could."

Jack was busy talking to Amy "Helloooo the name's Jack. The Doctor might have told you abou-" "I think you'll find that my wife doesn't really want to talk right now." Rory retorted.

"So if Davros is currently working with the Cybercommander then this could get bad fast. I think the first thing we should do is find the Commander." Nine pondered whilst pacing, "And luckily Mr. Prawn King told us just where he is, hold on to your seats!"

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The Twelfth Doctor


All the British soldiers left their trucks in a hurry and engaged the emerging Germans in combat.


The Doctor chose to stay in his truck, thinking that it was hard to regenerate if your body was blown to bits.


Suddenly, his truck started to move.


"Hey, what's happening?!" he shouted in surprise.


"Don't worry, Doctor, I knew what you meant earlier" a voice said "I had my suspicions for a while now."


The curtain on the drivers compartment opened, and a soldier turned to face the Doctor.


"Who the hell are you?" the Doctor asked.


"The name is Will Cartwright." the soldier said.


"OK..." the Doctor said. "How did you know you weren't on Earth?"


"Ha! It was frighteningly simple." Cartwright said "How the hell do you go to sleep with your regiment, then wake up with complete strangers? As well as your new commanding officer not telling you why you were "transferred"?"


"So where are we going?" the Doctor said.


"Where else?" said Cartwright "The source of all this mess. The headquarters of this lot!"


"How do you know where it is?"


"The General is not good at keeping secrets, he even gave me the code to his safe while he was drunk! So I took this map from there."


He gave the map to the Doctor, which looked like the map from last time where he met the War People. Only, this seemed a bit... bare.


"World War II zone, American Civil War zone... That's it? What, did the recession hit this planet too?"


"Beats me, Doctor, I've never been here before."


"You're lucky..."


"Here we are!"


The Doctor got out of the truck, and there it was, the HQ!


"This is too easy..." he thought "Something isn't right here..."

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The Eleventh Doctor


The TARDIS was racketing about as it does, maybe a little bit more rough than usual, though, as when the Eleventh Doctor pulled a handle, it shook round in all directions, making everyone fall and swing on the side bars. "Yowzer..." The Eleventh Doctor picked himself up, gave Amy and Rory a hand up, as did the Ninth Doctor with Jack. "Here we are then!" The group ran down the stairs to the door, and opened them. It was a snowy blizzard outside. Eleven looked at Nine, who was wearing only his usual leather jacket and thin jumper. "It's a bit nippy out, mind..."

"I'll be fine, now come on." Nine replied. The group headed out into the blizzard, they could barely see past their noses. All they could make out was the colours of the clothes the others were wearing. The passed the old tomb, crossed an old wooden bridge, and headed into a forest.

"How far away is this thing?" Jack asked.

"We'll be there soon, don't panic." Nine answered.


They were about half way into the forest. Amy looked around. A bush rustled, though not from the wind as is went the other direction. Previously fallen branches were snapping, as if something was standing on them. Loud marching noises, various different patterns, were becoming louder until a figure could be made out in the snow. Multiple figures, in fact. Though some figures were slightly different in shape, the Doctors new what they were.

"You will come with us. You will speak with the Commander. You will follow all orders or you will be assimilated."

Cybermen, new and old, grabbed one of the group and pushed them on in the right direction to their base.

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