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My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2

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Okay both tiredness because of my lately pretty busy schedule and my own laziness made it hard for me to talk about this episode but here goes...
First of all I have to mention that this one is pretty much the first Discord episode, I know we had things like Keep Calm and Flutter On and (most importantly) Three's a crowd but in those episodes despite the Draconequi starring role he was more like the problem the ponies had to solve. In this case tho, he has a whole friendship problem by himself to solve and he learns a lesson at the end of it so it falls more in line to what we'd say it's an X (X being any character) episode.
The episode in question is about jealousy and we get to see a lot of changes the main characters have gone through ever since this season started, Fluttershy has been very apparent since we've had an almost 6 episode streak of her not taking shit from anything but Discord's season 5 actions are completely new. For starters the episode deals with this new pony who's apparently taking Fluttershy away from him, you'd think Discord would be powerful enough to either get rid of the new pony, intentionally ruin the gala, or force things to go his way magically somehow but none of this happens, in this episode Discord tries to take a (relatively speaking) passive action to show YellowQuiet that he is way better than her new tree hugging buddy while at the same time showing said buddy that the Draconequus relationship with the pegasus is more important that whatever the 2 new friends will have. It was certainly petty, but not as malicious as he could be.


Of course, this might have been because the one on the receiving end would be Fluttershy, I believe I mentioned this before but I find amusing the leash the butter Pegasus has managed to put on Discord. Most of his non jerkish actions turn around her and when she's the measurement pony he uses to find out when he stepped out of a line. Said importance the Draconeequs puts in Shy is one of the reason's why this episode gave people some very... Shippy vibes (the affectionate gestures between Tree and Hugger didn't help)... So yeah, I said Discord changed for good and it's taking his very baby steps into becoming a true true friend but I can't be 100% sure about it considering the circumstances of this episode.




The word (platonic) date being thrown around so much didn't help either...



Having said that, Discord's case might be a bit more understandable considering how any character who isn't Fluttershy (or Celestia) seems to act against him, probably my biggest disappointment with this episode is how the vitrol between most of the main characters and the Draconeequs is kept... You'd think the Season 4 finale would have fixed some of that (as well as the comics *looks at Friends Forever*) but eh... I guess selling the entire country under the promise of freedom left a sour spot on the ponies no matter how much he might regret it. The animosity seemed to be coming mostly from the crusaders so there is that.


Speaking of the other characters... They really didn't do much with them... I mean... I know you can't expect all the characters to be in all the episodes but that scene at the beginning and the deal they were doing about the crusaders going to the gala made it look like they were supposed to be more relevant than what it ended up being, Maud had more screentime than most of the main characters on this episode... Not saying that was bad by any means...




[Airhorn Intensifies]



I don't think even Tree Hugger had that much of an impact, I didn't find her interesting at all and most of what she did was to speak on spiritual gibberish just to unintentionally keep grinding Discord's patience, her design is very nice tho (she has eyebrows!) and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her again and her knowledge on wildlife (tho her character might overlap with Zecora a bit). Twilight was in her control freak zone but it was toned down to some reasonable levels (I kinda wish she had more focus just to see her freak out), Rarity recreated the naked pony joke, Dash played a Mane 6 themed game of Uno (soon to be sold on your favorite toy store), Pinkie continues her spot on comedic antics (and as seen above, this time Maud helped her quite a bit), Applejack cries on the inside but doesn't have problems shedding liquid pride all over her face... Luna was fighting an horde of monsters to save a random mail pony who got trapped on the Warp.


This only leaves us with Celestia...




Celly I worry about you...



So let me get this clear... Celestia invited Discord well knowing that he was going to bring CHAOS into the gala, it doesn't sound too different from what she did last year but this time the scale of her gambit was a lot greater as well as the risks since a pony almost ends up trapped in a dimension with Señor Huevos and most of the elements of harmony (can we still call them like that? Maybe we should change the name to the Rainbow Six :U) were rendered useless thanks to the Smooze, she ends up saying she had fun that night despite the fact a pony almost died (Señor Huevos is vicious, trust me on this one)...


Not only she sounds way to happy about what happened, but also seems like destroying the gala last year wasn't enough for her, she's developing a very destructive habit and keeps raising the bar this time around... I dunno guys... I'm a bit worried... What is she going to do next year?


But I can't be mad at that, it was so nice to see Celestia show some happy emotions after near 3 seasons of being nothing but an exposition log.




But yeah, all in all this was a very fun chapter, I don't have much else to say about it. (tho maybe I already said plenty xD)

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New episode titlesssssssssssss! (Including the landmark number 100!)

S5E9 - Slice of Life (June 13, 2015)

As Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity battle a monster, the rest of Ponyville rushes to make it to a wedding on time.

S5E10 - Princess Spike (June 20, 2015)

When Spike is put in charge of making sure nothing disturbs Princess Twilight, the power soon goes to his head and he begins making decisions in her name.

Also worth mentioning is that these two episodes were on a potential leaked Season 5 episode list from a while back, so make your own conclusions there.

Very excited for what awaits in Slice of Life. Though, I'll actually be away at a con when it airs, so I'll have to catch it the day after. Ah, well, it'll make a nice little pre-E3 present. :D

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Huh I guess that list is turning out correct so far. Interesting.

I can't wait for the 100th episode. I wish that would premiere it at Everfree Northwest. That would have been a nice con exclusive.

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I could barely handle all the references they stuffed into this past episode, the MGS one made me double take. Maud wins best sick burn of the series! While I enjoyed seeing the smooze, I was not a fan of Tree Hugger. Too much of a hippie stereotype for my liking, that and potheads are annoying in general.

I wonder how many headcanons and fan theories this 100th episode will destroy. The damage control will be hilarious.

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I feel Rainbow Dash's attitude towards the Griffons in the beginning of the episode was a bit odd (since she asked Twilight to turn her into one after the Breezies thing), but Gilda coming back was cool and stuff.  And seeing Gilda when she was younger was super adorable and totally unfair, fuck you MLP.


A few of Pinkie's gags were misses in this one I think... especially that commercial for baking powder or whatever the hell that was near the end.  

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That was a great episode! Pinkie really stole the show here! It was great to be able to see whee the Griffins live and get some more world expansion in Equeatria.

What surprised me the most was Gilda showing up and even more so that she was reformed by the end of the episode and personally I think they handled her redemption pretty well. By the way, young Gilda looked adorable!

I will say one thing though, that skull really creeped me out! You know the show in general has matured greatly when it's able to show something like that!

I have to say Season 5 has really been delivering so far! Now it's the waiting game for the 100th episode to air.

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Really loved this episode:



- Pinkie was in top form here. Though some of her jokes were hit or miss, there was a level of maturity here that we rarely see from her. You know, except for when she actually threw the rope down to Dash... though that was hilarious.

- Can I just say how awesome those back story segments for the griffons were? I mean, there was just a level of action and drama there that is rarely seen in this show (the only other times being the Canterlot Wedding or Twilight having her home destroyed). Plus, with those killer images and art style, absolutely loved it.

- Love all this world building we've been getting this season and this episode just takes the cake. Been wanting to hear more about Griffons since season 1. Maybe next we'll get to take a look into where all the bat ponies are.

- I was very pleasantly surprised to see Gilda again. I haven't been reading too much ahead in terms of episode descriptions. Though, I guess when I first saw that this episode was going to be centered around Griffons I should of put two and two together. XD Also loved how she was reformed. Hopefully we'll see more of her in the future

- Young Gilda is one of the most adorable things this show has had and that's saying something.

- That skull in the canyon took me by surprise. Here I was thinking Rainbow would actually make it down to the bottom and actually find that beast with that golden artifact. Is this the first time the show has out right stated that something died?... you know, besides that short cut away from a funeral in that Big Mac X Cheerilee episode.

- THE ANIMATION THO. I know this should go without saying by now but damn! The griffon city was so wonderfully designed. Not to mention how varied the griffons were in looks. I mean, I guess I might notice these things a bit more than others seeing as I've been watching some season 1 episodes lately but man. Saying improvements have been made would be an understatement.


Cons... again, not that many:

- Like I said before, some of Pinkie's jokes did fall flat.

- What's with ponies not knowing about their neighboring species? First it was the dragons and now griffons. Not really sure I like where that kind of approach is heading... I'm definitely over thinking this right now though.


Another fantastic episode for this season. I just don't have anything bad to say about these recent ones. Here's hoping that continues and that they start to utilize griffons more in other episodes now.



Wow, that was episode 99... Can't believe there have been that many episodes. I remember back in 2011 when we were so unsure as to whether this show would continue on. A lot of people thought that it would end after season two (what with 50ish being the perfect number of episodes to sell overseas). But here we are, on the break of the hundredth episode. It's been one hell of a ride. I came into the fandom when season one was just about to end. That was over 4 years ago... I'd be getting emotional now but I recently learned we're in for a two week break before the episode! >:V


I'll save my thoughts for then I guess.

man, this and we don't even have a date for the next Steven Universe episode... damn mid-season breaks...

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OMG this episode, I've literally been waiting four years for this episode to happen and it's everything I could have asked for and more. Also more of Pinkie and Dashie paling around. The Griffon kingdom actually appears and holy shit it got more lore and back story than most of the towns in Equestria. And best of all Gilda comes back and mends the broken bond from her last appearance. Even after my first viewing of Griffon the Brush Off years ago I felt the ending was awkward and depressing. Despite being the most jerky of jerks Gilda's friendship with Dash felt really genuine and likewise she seemed betrayed when Dash took Pinkies' side instead of hers. Having a long friendship broken over a misunderstanding felt contrary to the show's message.

I'm so glad they so finally resolved this in a believable manner while also giving some extra depth to Gilda in the original episode. We learn that she wasn't being a jerk and a thief just because it's in her nature but because it was some thing she developed living in a society that's gone to shit generations ago and now value's personal gain over the well being of others. Just the fact that Gilda was able to sustain a real friendship with Dash despite her attitude towards others shows that she's far more capable of learning and teaching the lesson of friendship to the rest of Griffonstone than anyone else. Also tiny Gilda destroyed my heart and I couldn't be happier. So far this season has been batting for the fences with every episode and hitting the Goodyear blimp most of the time.


I want to see Gilda one more time before the end of the series just to see how far she gets in restoring Griffinstone through her baked goods. Also reformed or not she still owes Fluttershy an apology.

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Before getting into the episode, I just want to say that Gilda doesn’t leave much of an impression on me and just feel really indifferent esp. for someone that hasn’t been mentioned since the very first few episodes and seemed to be a one-off character up til now. And need to say that this episode didn’t really change my mind on that.


I’m kinda on the fence of this episode, bordering around just okay and average.


I did like that there were more world building and lore on the griffin side of things and kinda hoped for a bit more, Twilight RD, the spelunking scene, and some of the griffin designs and Gilda’s grandpa. Pinkie Pie was kinda hit or miss in this ep, though I feel mostly miss but I’ll get that later.


I have to parrot what others have said about RD’s attitude toward griffins felt really off near the beginning when she wanted to turn into one at the end of the Breezie episode. A bit of inconsistency there.


As much as I like Pinkie Pie, some of the humor for her felt a bit weak and forced especially the statue gag and the baking soda commercial. Definitely not one of her best moments IMO.


The flashback with RD and Gilda felt kinda cliché with the bullies and whatnot too. And I had to agree with RD that the ending felt sappy too.


So I thought this episode was just okay to say the least and definitely not as good as last week’s.

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I watched both episodes last night. 


I'm not gonna lie, I came into "Make New Friends but Keep Discord" expecting to really hate it... But then I came out pleasantly surprised. I didn't like "Three's a Crowd" because there was a pop culture reference every two seconds, and it was pretty clear that the show's writers were trying too hard to make Discord My Little Pony's equivalent to Aladdin's Genie, which as I've said before, I really dislike Genie expys. 


But in the end, I got a few laughs out of it, the pop culture jokes were spread out far enough (Aside from the comedy scene, which didn't bother me too much) to not make me facepalm at it and despite some flaws (Seriously, Princess Celestia's powerless moments are getting pretty ridiculous.) It was a good enough episode. 


And G1 references are always welcome in my book. Wasn't the Smooze the most requested character from the original show, Aside from Tirek? I can't help but wonder if they'll do more characters from G1.


Also, I'm kinda kicking myself for not going to the meetup that week to watch it. I would have loved to have seen everyone's reaction to this thing:



Seriously, what the hell is that?! D=


As for the next one, as soon as I saw that griffins were to be involved, I was hoping Gilda would be involved and we'd get a redemption episode for her. It certainly did not disappoint, and there's nothing quite like worldbuilding to get me interested. Though I'm gonna have to echo the others here about Pinkie Pie's jokes in this episode... She seemed a bit more dimwitted than usual, sometimes making me go "Seriously, Pinkie Pie?" Plus the baking soda commercial just came out of nowhere, almost Family Guy-esque, which is never a good thing in my book.


But overall another good episode.


Pretty interested in what episode 100 will be about. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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*the puppet*


That's my new lord and savior, Señor Huevos \o/




OMG this episode, I've literally been waiting four years for this episode to happen and it's everything I could have asked for and more. Also more of Pinkie and Dashie paling around. The Griffon kingdom actually appears and holy shit it got more lore and back story than most of the towns in Equestria. And best of all Gilda comes back and mends the broken bond from her last appearance. Even after my first viewing of Griffon the Brush Off years ago I felt the ending was awkward and depressing. Despite being the most jerky of jerks Gilda's friendship with Dash felt really genuine and likewise she seemed betrayed when Dash took Pinkies' side instead of hers. Having a long friendship broken over a misunderstanding felt contrary to the show's message.


So much this... Pretty much one of the reasons I just can't enjoy that episode.




But I should focus more on the current one, I loved it, the world building both explaining how the griffon kingdom came to be and why it's in troubles right now as well as a justification as to why Gilda had such a nasty attitude the moment she came to see Dash back on season 1 (there was a big jump from Junior Speedsters to the present, and the fact Gilda can barely put with the schools chant after those days is kinda sad). I especially loved the artstyle used during those flashbacks, made me think about Samurai Jack (not because of the art, but because of the presentation and that overall "epic" or "grand" feeling around it).



For some reason people thought the city was kinda little, but this picture in particular makes me think we haven't seen half of it.


Despite the worldbuilding there are several holes that weren't filled (and I guess tt'll be up to fanom to make sense of them), is this theonly city the whole Griffon Kingdom posses? Is it part of Equestria (the Crystal empire and the recently rebranded principality of Ponyville seems to work like that)?  Did Griffons like Gustave live there (he never struck me as a greedy individual but he had a certain air of arogance)? And what about those unnamed griffons on the Equestrian Games? So many things to think about, so little time to actually do so.


As mentioned the other strong point of this episode was Gilda's story, we did not only get an idea as to why she turned out like she is but was also got to see some very  interesting sides of her, mainly how much she has in common with Pinkie Pie... Like how she is a bit of a prankster and loves to have fun (tho her ways are a lot more mean spirited), how they both grew in some very harsh conditions, their high opinion of Rainbow Dash and how... Surprisingly... Both are bakers...



YMMV if this is due to Gilda's incompetence or because Griffons are a very very cheap species.


Having said that, probably the biggest fault of this episode is how it just couldn't possibly cram a believable redemption in the space of 20 minutes, the fact that Gilda wants to be friends with Dash and would save her life is pretty understandable, but the part that's really hard to take is how in a single scene she went from not being able to stand Pinkie Pie to add it to her (hopefully growing) list of friends, Griffon the Brush Off should have give her a very bad impression of the pink pony and you'd think she'd hold a lot of animosity towards her, but this is all ditched after a flashback that didn't even involve the party pony.


Speaking of this scene, Dash was very mean spirited on this episode and while she had her reasons she never really apologized nor made a comment about how her breakup with Gilda was because of a choice she did... The entire repair of their relationship is mostly done offscreen between the hug on the Abyssmal Abyss and the next scene on Griffonstone.



But still, I love this episode, the bad is not even near to the large amounts of good we had, not only we had the parts I already mentioned but the episode itself was very adorable, the cold open was probably the most diabetes inducing scene this show has produced in a while as well as Gilda's flashback and Twilight's jealousy about how the map denies her the travel she desires (admittedly, she'd probably be disappointed if she actually went there, and the library might trigger some bad memories).


The map also had a very good reason to send only these 2 ponies since both of them had to mend their relationship with Gilda in order to fix the issue, not to mention that ponies like Twi, Rara and Applejack could have retrieved the idol which was something that was not supposed to happen, otherwise the Griffons might have been able to rebuild their kingdom but their entire community would still be depending on a piece of gold that can be easily broken or go missing. (not to mention that it might have been a placebo that never really did anything to begin with)





It's also worth nothing that like the previous map episode (the season opener) the mane 6 on this map don't really solve the problem, they lay the foundations so that other characters can become heroes of their own stories and save their people, it really makes me wonder if all the other map episodes of this season will follow this trend and I hope it does because it's a very interesting one (makes me think we'll see all of these characters being relevant later on). Not to mention that in this episode in particular the character featured was no other than Gilda, so we can have a chance of seeing her again, maybe she even gets crowned warrior princess, with her lil'l buddy Greta! :V



But yeah, IMO a pretty good episode and a more than satisfactory way to send us into a 3 weeks hiatus... I'll probably come back later tho to post some thoughts about the coming episode, I'm really looking forward to it and makes me quite happy to see most of you guys also feel the same despite the nature of said episode. o/

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So, uh, a trailer was released for the 100th episode:




Also, apparently during the airing of Rainbow Rocks today, they showed an extended preview for the episode that featured DERPY AND OCTAVIA TALKING, among other things. But it's not up on Youtube yet :(









Edited by Penny

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So it would appear rumor about David Tennant voicing Doctor Whooves wasn't true. I Can't say I'm surprised, but i guess it would have been pretty cool, even if I never liked the concept behind Doctor Whooves.


But other than that, this episode's shaping up to look like a fun one, I'm glad we're hearing Octavia and Derpy talking this time around. I'm looking forward to seeing this at a meetup.


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Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Man, quite the bombshell to drop today!

This was the one episode I was hyped about for season 5, and it looks like it'll deliver in the most bombastic way!

It's just downright criminal we have to wait 2 weeks for this. Darn it!

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Just a little reminder...


Amethyst says she used to be the best organizer in Ponyville before Twilight arrived. And it makes sense since she was the leader of the animal team during the previous Winter Wrap Up back in Season 1:




Very obscure detail that the guys at DHX seems to have noticed, I'm impress . _.b

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