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My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2

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Welp, season 5 comes to a close with The Cutie Re-Mark.

How does it fare out as a finale? Eh, I feel very on the fence about it.

I did like some of the alternate timelines esp. Chrysalis’s and Discord’s and some RD stuff.

First off, time traveling stories aren’t my cup of tea (unless it is Time Looping like Groundhog Day or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time or Future Meets the Past/Present like FoP’s Channel Chasers). It doesn’t help that during Thanksgiving week was the premiere of Regular Show the Movie that dealt with time traveling as well which I think it done it better there than it does here. At least, it made good use of its entire cast during the plot than make it feel like The Twilight Sparkle Power Hour. Not to mention benefited with an hour and a half running time that helped pacing.

Speaking of which, pacing issues gets involved with the ending as well and I would have liked to see more of Discord’s chaos along with maybe Sombra and Tirek having more of role or even more lines. Also, the resolution felt quick as well, but gonna go more into that in a bit.

Starlight Glimmer poses some problems for me. Well, first off, I don’t find her much interesting other than being some kind of Anti-Twilight character like Trixie or Sunset Shimmer. Her motivations for that Equal with that flashback was very, very weak, IMO. I mean, just because one of her friends just got a Cutie Mark and left makes her? Why didn’t go and visit Sundial and talk to him about it to see if they can still be friends? Also, to assume that every friend would leave after getting a Cutie Mark just at that one time seems sketchy and not that well-developed of a reason. Could have at least had her try multiple times on making friends before giving up when they don’t work. Not to mention her Heel Face Turn felt just as quick as well that ties to the pacing issue and was awfully done.

Also, I think everyone is too quick to put Starlight part of the Mane Cast. Honestly, she would be better off rejoining the ponies of the unnamed Equal town from the premiere and lead the side Mane B team which could happen at the start or shortly later in S6. To also add, I’m getting tired of Nightmare Moon because of how she is a constant plot device than villain in both show and comics and hopefully, after this, we bury the hatchet 30ft under.

So quite fairly an average/middle of the road feeling finale to be sure and not as good as last season’s.

As for S5 as a whole, I put this nearly on par of S4 of being a Hit and Miss season yet still better than 3, maybe a step below as that had better a premiere and finale than this one. Hits being eps like Mane Attraction, Amending Fences and misses with eps like What About Discord, Hooffields and McColts.

As for next season, it looks like it’ll be a long wait yet again. I kinda become weary about it ever since AKR, Sibsy and now Jason Thiessen overlooking the movie than the show. Most of the veterans since the first season have been gone and it makes me worried.


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After revisiting the episode, I gotta say I still hold some high praises for it. I did find an issue being that Starlight's reasoning for everything was pretty bad. Though, one could make the argument that kind of an experience as a kid would lead to some sort of resentment in the future. Is it realistically is enough to want to fuck over Equestria... eh, probably not and I think that is a fault these episodes have.

Though, to be honest, I sort of liked the way Starlight was reformed here. Hell, it's a lot better than Discord's when I put it in perspective. I think what people miss is that there was nothing else for her to do in that situation. She had just seen what her plan actually does to Equestria and was smart enough to realize that course of action isn't the best way. The only thing she could have done was to let the events play out and go back to the castle with Twilight and Spike. Also, I have no clue where people are getting the idea that she's going to become part of the mane six now. How many times have we seen a character have fun with the mane six without them actually becoming part of the main cast? What makes Starlight so different? She's probably going to become a case like Discord where she appears every now and then but rarely ever take part in anything more than that. At most she'll become a Spike two as she gets mentored by Twilight. I mean, just because you hang out with others doesn't mean you instantly become a permanent part of their group.

In terms of the time travel shenanigans, I still loved it. Have other places in media done it better? Hell yeah, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it here as it was still done quite well. I've heard people call foul at how that one instance suddenly meant that a different main villain wins each time but I honestly don't find it that hard to believe. The butterfly effect is no joke and, realistically, without the mane six there one of those villains would have won anyways (except the Flim Flam Brothers... though I think that was played off more as a joke than anything). Also, I don't believe each and every villain would have been running around any given future as we've seen how territorial each of them are. It's highly likely that if two or more of them were to be in one timeline the strongest one would kill the others off as they would have directly impacted their plan of total domination (like the mane six did). In terms of time spent in each timeline, I honestly found its pacing to be the highlight of the episodes. It spends just enough time in the first three cases to give the viewer an idea of what the hell is going on. To have spent more time in the other futures would have been repetitive as you would have already known what was happening. Villain A won event B so now he/she has taken over Equestria with their own visual flare (in Tirek's case, literal flare).

To add on, I also have a hard time finding anything in this episode that's purely fan-service. I mean, are callbacks to previous episodes now considered pandering? I don't think a show having a continuity is fan-service. If that's the case, then most shows in existence are guilty of it. There's a difference between having Derpy pair up with Dr. Whooves in the background and remembering the changelings were a thing and bringing them back for a bit.

Overall, I still think this was one of the most solid two-parters this series has seen. The only other flaw I could possibly find with it is Twilight herself maybe. I touched upon it in my last post and the recent re-watch has only strengthened those feelings I had back in season 4. This show does seem to be relying on Twilight a tad too much for my taste as it's always a dangerous game having only one character that usually solves the issue. The writers are walking a thin line in keeping Twilight from entering the Marry Sue area of the character spectrum at this point.



Also, I think everyone is too quick to put Starlight part of the Mane Cast. Honestly, she would be better off rejoining the ponies of the unnamed Equal town from the premiere and lead the side Mane B team which could happen at the start or shortly later in S6. To also add, I’m getting tired of Nightmare Moon because of how she is a constant plot device than villain in both show and comics and hopefully, after this, we bury the hatchet 30ft under.

Kind of curious as to how you see it that way. She has only been used in the show a handful amount of times and has always been to the gain of the overall story. I do agree in that some other villains could use that spotlight but I've seen her inclusion being a necessary/ beneficial one to the overall plot of any episode she's in. Even here she's barely even a plot device as she did pose a real threat to Twilight and Spike at the time. Maybe I'm not seeing it as that much of a recurrence since I don't read the comics all that often (for reasons that I probably shouldn't get into here) but I'm having trouble thinking of any other show/ form of entertainment that doesn't bring back their first villain, in one form or another, every so often as they do here.

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Standing, on the edge of the crater, like the prophets once said.

And the ashes are all cold now, no more bullets and the embers are dead.



Whispers in the air, tell the tales of the brothers gone.

Desolation. Devastation. What a mess we made... when did all went wrong?



Watching from the edge of the circus, for the games to begin.

Gladiators draw their swords, form their ranks for Armageddon.




I'm nuclear! I'm wild!

I'm breaking up inside!



A heart of broken glass! Defiled!

Deep inside, the abandoned child!


[Verse 2]


Standing on the edge of the underworld, looking at the abyss.

And I'm hoping for some miracle to breakout, to escape from all this.



Whispers in the air, tells the tale of a life that's gone.

Desolation. Devastation. What a mess we made, when it all went wrong?


[Chorus X 2]



It's funny because both stories disappointed me in the end. :v



Man, I really don't know how to tackle this one, so much I want to talk about and so little time... I guess I'll make it on a list format like Stricker used to make and call it a day.


What I liked:

* Alternate timelines: Did it serve to the story? Sans maybe the last one and one of the others (any of them would do, but I'd personally take the Nightmare Moon one because it's the nearest disaster to the time Starlight traveled to) it really didn't. Was it blatant fanservice for the most part? Yes it was. Did I like it? hell yeah I did, I was geeking out during a lot of them. And while sadly both Discord and Tirek got the short end of the stick there is so much you can do with 44 minutes. Admittedly, the enjoyment you might get out of this depends heavily of your suspension of disbelief since time travel stories tend to be a mess and this one is no exception (everything happens at the same time and what affects all this changes is how Dash fails to pull off the rainboom, despite the rainboom never happening some timelines have the mane six with the normal cutie marks, it turns out Flim and Flam were the Dr.Eggmans of this setting after all (sorry, I'm being obscure and referencing and old as hell review I did), etc)


* Humor: Haber is a very hit and miss writer in this regard considering he wrote things like Simple Ways but when he nails it, he nails it hard! This chapter had so many funny moments that I can't really say I wouldn't rewatch it over and over again for the laughs it gave me at some points (and the alternate timelines fanfic fuel), parts like Twi awkwardly trying to make the events of the first Sonic Rainboom happen, or how she couldn't memorize her own notes for the class (even after several rehearsals), or how on the scale of bad to worse futures the Flim Flam brothers somehow rank between Tirek's rampage and the end of all life (yes, I'm pretty sure the Flim Flam thing was meant to be a joke guys) made me laugh quite a bit, the animators also had a lot of fun with it.


* Starlight's Defeat: I'm going to touch this scene multiple times since those last 10 minutes are a mix of all sorts of emotions for me so lets start with what I liked, something I mentioned I found very interesting on the season opener was that Starlight wasn't a villain the mane 6 had to overpower to defeat but rather outsmart her, and in a way it's the same on this episode. Twi makes very clear that she and Spike alone couldn't defeat Starlight nor made her change her ways just like that, our equalist unicorn had to make the choice by herself. It's a bit refreshing after the brainwash rainbow waves against Nightmare Moon and Sunset Shimmer and the friendship nukes against Tirek, Discord and the Dazzlings.


* No "Buy Our Toys!": I'm pretty sure Starlight is going to be a pony that will have some merchandise besides the one that it already exists but it feels so nice to have an ending that doesn't feel to be as merchandise driven as the others we had for a while. No royal weddings, no random princesses showing up, no eye popping transmutations to the mane six's designs (thank Celestia for that, there is a Cutie Mark Magic line and I was dreading when it would show up). While in the first case it was awesome to see how the staff at DHX managed to turn what many predicted to be a sacharine borefest and turned it into one of the most epic commercials I've ever seen the rest of the attempts were... Not quite as successful (disregarding the quality of the episode itself).



I have no strong feelings one way or the other:

* The Amount of Timelines: I mentioned before that while I enjoyed the alternate futures, for the episode to work we needed only one of them (and maybe two if you want to include the last one) I personally expected an alternate timeline that started with Nightmare Moon and progressively got worse as more villains showed up but alas, we didn't get that.


* Nightmare Moon's Kingdom: The very first villain of the show as well as the very first near omnicidal being who got away with an apology and a pat on the back (I'll admit I'm a lot more lenient with Luna since it was the pilot episode and those tend to be kinda weak)... Or so we thought... Nightmare's rule doesn't seem to be so bad (breaking Twi's speech about every timeline being worse), she might be harsh or even a dictator for all we know but the ponies live, the vegetation hasn't perished after a year of her rule and the living conditions of her subjects seem to be relatively nice, compare that with the lands filled with war and conflicts and the near inhabitable wastelands other timelines bring. But while I find this to be a very interesting thing to think about it feels like at the same time it cheapens a lot of things on the pilot,


* Starlight's Backstory: It was very petty, rushed, and doesn't justify even half the things she did. Yet at the same time it works because it follows the theme of the episode (the Butterfly Effect), Starlight even questions this because she can't think Twi's friendship being all that important that the future of the land depends on it (I guess there were other backup plans for the whole Elements of Harmony thing? Otherwise I'm sure everything would have stopped at NMM) yet as the Princess of Friendship states "It's not just my friendships that are important to Equestria! Everypony's are! When yours ended, it led us here". On the other hoof, rushed as it was, it was still better than every other redemption we had beforehand (Namely: Luna, Discord and Sunset's) it's not a compliment per se (and I'll get later on other differences between some of these) but you could say it's an improvement.


* Twilight and Spike's Excellent Adventure: After the premier I thought we'd be see more of the kind of two parters where the rest of the mane 6 contribute to the cause, yet this one was exclusively for the purple alicorn and the similarly purple dragon, the only reason I'm leaving this one here and not as a negative it's because the episode makes an effort to state that this isn't the ideal scenario, that Twilight alone can't fix this issue and that it was Starlight who ended up solving her own mess.


* Daring Do and the Forgotten Plotline: Okay, no Daring Do on this one, sorry. Something Season 4 did (up to you how well it did it) was to have one arc that spawned the entirety of the season and it affected both the opener and the ending, this seems to have been forgotten on Season 5 since it opens with Staright, who disappears and is nowhere to be seen (sans two hidden cameos) until the very end, at the same time, the Cutie Map quest line is about the mane 6 traveling in groups and solving conflicts in some communities yet none of this is relevant to the ending, I guess you could relate the finale's message about how deeply friendships can affect a community and look forward to the grand transformations that the Cutie Map quest locations will go through in the future, but it doesn't feel like there was much thought put into this (if there was any thought at all).I'm also chalking this one on the Neutral Zone because I can't tell if this is really a bad thing.



The Nerd Rage Corner:

* The Animation: I'm not one to usually complain about this (most of the time I praise it) but the combat scenes on this episode were jerky as hell, you just need to watch the way the royal guard and Celestia fight and you can tell the movements are not as fluid as they usually are (Dash and the Kujo Pie Sisters being the exception), the same goes for the mini fight between Zecora and Chrysalis.


* The Special Snowflake: Another thing I really didn't like about this episode is the way it paints Starlight as someone so awesome and gifted at magic that not even a princess (renown for her prowess at magic) could best her. Back on the premier we saw her struggling to keep up with the alicorn and raging about how things she took months of practice came naturally to Twilight, it really helped to differentiate the characters and gave a lot more impetus to Starlight's ideals about how someone being special or different was wrong and I'm sad to see all of that gone here, it would have also helped in her backstory since Sunburst discovering his talent for magic and later enlistment at Canterlot was what separated him from Glimmer.


* Starlight's Forgiveness: Okay, this is where the last 10 minutes of the episode fall flat to me. I'm going to compare this scene with both Discord and Sunset's redemption (as I said, going easy on the pilot even if it was as bad as this one). First is the draconeequs, both him and Glimmer's redemptions feel like a let down to me because both episodes (this one and Keep Calm and Flutter On) make a great job at showing why these two characters are such cool villains and both end up crushing my hopes of ever seeing them like that again. The other comparison (and the most important because there are more parallels between the characters) is with Shimmer, and yes, both redemptions were rushed as hell but there are 2 key differences here that separate the characters:

1) Sunset Shimmer was an awful villain, her plan was terrible and was filled with holes, her story felt more like a petty pony driven by jealousy, hatred and little else. Starlight on the other hoof managed to outsmart everypony she met, she was cunning and manipulative and her ideals of harmony clashed heavily with Twilight's making her a way better antithesis to the purple alicorn than Bacon ever was.

2) The Aftermath: Sunset had to deal with a whole movie (and some comics if you count them) worth of emotional beatings and trials in order to even be considered to be part of the main cast (even more the rest of the school), also, she was punished by her actions (albeit the punishment was a lot lighter than what she deserved). Starlight Glimmer got a hug, a musical montage and now she, the mane six and the ponies of equal town are all Best Friends Forever...

Hell, even Discord got a better arc if you take Season 4 into account (shame What About Discord? kinda threw what that season finale did out of the window).


* Mane 7: Okay, not really confirmed, for all we know she might be a secondary character like the local chaos god... But the addition of Starlight to the cast on the heroes makes me... Very wary about the next season... It's just that she seems to be playing a lot like a Sunset Shimmer replacement (since they want to keep EqG and FiM separated) and as I posted above she feels like a very bad knockoff of Bacon. Also since she no longer has this ideological clash with Twilight it feels like all of the appeal of the character is gone. It's just one of the things that keep piling up that doesn't really make me feel so hyped about the future (except the movie and some more EqG, I'm really looking forward to those), or if you want me to sound less like a drama queen, I'm just not looking forward to her hypothetical episodes as I'd do with Discord or Iron Will or Diamond Tiara (another character with a rushed redemption, but feels more interesting than Glimmer) between other characters.



tl;dr: I enjoyed this episode quite a bit but... That ending...

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It was a great finale, I just finished watching it.

Still think Twilight's Kingdom was better though. My friend has been trying to peruse me otherwise, but I knew it, haha.

Anyways, I thought it was kind of wild and unexpected of how Starlight just learned some really OP'd time traveling spell, it was kind of random. By that, I mean there was nothing that really led up to it. One of my favorite things of Season 4 was that the entire season led up to a fantastic finale, it was just like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Obviously, they really didn't have a lot to work with this season. It's great the focus was on cutie marks (loved when the CMCs got theirs!), and it did make sense for the finale to be revolved around the most important cutie marks in the series. It wasn't a bad finale, but it just didn't hit me as hard as others, despite it being such a big deal in the canon.

It was really interesting seeing alternate realities of Equestria too, at first I thought the entire episode was (for some reason) going to be revolved something to do with King Sombra since there's been an unholy amount of demand for him. But hey, he got his moment of the spotlight and I feel like that may have really pleased some fans.

One of my favorite parts in the finale was seeing Zecora take on Queen Chrysalis. It was kind of crazy in my eyes because Chrysalis took down Celestia before, then Zecora is just like "why not?"

A minor complaint I have is that the episode did feel a little rushed, like others have mentioned. Of course, this was only a 2-part episode and not a movie so it makes some sense.

I'd give the Season 5 finale a 9/10, easy. c:

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First Amy Keating Rogers, Sibsy, and Jason Thiessen (despite still with the MLPFiM movie) last year and now this guy.



Man, a lot of people have been leaving FiM lately. If Daniel Ingram jumps ship, expect mass exodus. Makes wary of S6 even more so and it's shaping up to be the show's last season as well.

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I found the new FiW ep hilarious. It wouldn't be surprised if it's the last one we ever get.

I'm not really looking forward to Season 6 myself, mostly because I'm really not interested in Starlight Glimmer as a protagonist, from the little we've seen in the finale. Her backstory and motives are just awful and don't make me sympathetic to her.

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11 hours ago, Monkey Destruction Switch said:

I found the new FiW ep hilarious. It wouldn't be surprised if it's the last one we ever get.

I'm not really looking forward to Season 6 myself, mostly because I'm really not interested in Starlight Glimmer as a protagonist, from the little we've seen in the finale. Her backstory and motives are just awful and don't make me sympathetic to her.

Yeah, I agree about Starlight as I don't find her that interesting and sympathetic and her reasoning for the Equal Town was very weak (Also, if you don't like Cutie Marks that much, then why would you keep yours and get rid of everypony else's?!). If Starlight becomes a protagonist or part of the Manes (which I really hope not), then much focus would shift to her and probably much of the newer characters from last season esp. from the premiere. It's just that it feels really too late into the series to do this and that there are still many other secondary/minor characters from the past seasons that are more interesting and with plenty of potential for further development and episodes. Such as Zecora, Cheerilee, (more) Big Mac, and esp. Shining Armor, Cadence and Celestia who have yet to have an episode entirely spotlighting them and others.

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Yeah, you know, the more I go back to this season's finale, the more I dislike Starlight. The more I hear her reasoning for doing evil deeds, the more I just roll my eyes honestly. At this point, I really hope she doesn't become a main character in the series. I'd rather her become more along the lines of Discord where she shows up from time to time but isn't a main part of most plots. Also, I really hope the writers expand a bit on that backstory if they're going to insist on bringing her back. As it is now, she's close to Sombra tier to me.

3 hours ago, Monkey Destruction Switch said:

Yeah...the finale reminded me of how much I like Zecora and would really like her to get more attention. It seems like she hasn't gotten as much lately.

Cadence desperately needs more characterization. As is, she barely has a personality. I almost wonder if it's too late.

I don't think it needs to be said about how long I can go on about Luna and how she needs more episodes but honestly, I've come to a realization as of late. Frankly speaking, Luna has gotten it good over the past few seasons. Especially compared to others. While I don't think Cadence has been the worst off (she has been in quite a few episodes) she has somehow still managed to be next to barren in the character development department. Her and Shinning both desperately need... something at this point. Though, I would be lying if I said that they were the worst offenders of this. At least with that baby coming the writers will have to give them more screen time soon. It's Celestia that I'm honestly worried about.

How is it that a character that has been in the show since the beginning (was even the first voice you hear) has had the least development out of anyone? I honestly just don't know how they managed that. Part of me thinks that it may have been Hasbro prohibiting them from doing anything with her in order to keep up that precious princess pony merchandise (could sort of be applied to Cadence too really). I mean, their inability to add anything to her has been apparent since season 1 where Faust couldn't even give her the title of Queen, lest it sound evil to children in any way. Hell, do you guys remember how long it took for them to accept that she had a white coat instead of the pink coat they were probably one level shy of demanding for in production? I don't know, it could be anything really but one thing is for sure. She needs her own episode in season 6. Actually, all of the royals (excluding Twilight) could use one... been saying that since like season 3 really.

And all this coming from a "forget da sun butt, woona elite pone" guy. XD 

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So we've gotten a Season 6 preview image sooner than expected! Nothing huge, but it does confirm one returning character:


THE MAUDE IS BACK. Also, the caption from said picture:

There’s no doubt, friendship is the best thing ever. But friendBOATS are great too!! — Pinkie Pie

Coming in Season 6: Pinkie Pie will discover that there’s nothing quite as fun as rowing a Swan Boat through Manehattan with best friends!! You get to see the city from new and different angles, and it’s a fun way to explore Equestria together!!"

With all the previous talk of Season 6 not hitting until November or whatever, I thought this'd be a super long hiatus, but if they're already showing teasers, mayyyyyybe it'll come sooner than expected? Here's hoping!

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Meh, that name is not so great. Slightly better than "Sweetie Drops" at least :P I kinda hope it turns out to be a mistake/error/only the name in Germany or something.

Originally, I was actually sort of hoping for Skyla because I'd like for ponies that originated as G4 toys to be acknowledged in the show every once in a while (the only time I know of that happening was good ol' Blossomforth), but in retrospect I'm glad she's a unicorn and not an alicorn, considering that alicornhood/princesshood has been established as merit-based.


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*sigh* Like anyone who knows Hasbro at all has predicted, they made her an alircorn. I excepted this and yet I'm somehow still sort of... eh, I guess the best word for it would be something akin to mildly annoyed if anything. The more this show adds in alircorns without explaining what in Tartarus they actually are the more my eyes roll.  Celestia and Luna appear: Cool (especially Luna). These character must be a vital part of the show and carry importance in their uniqueness right?! Cadence: Ok... guess you had to get Hasbro off your back about a pink princess at some point. Twilight: OK... er, didn't particularly need to happen. Are... you guys going to explain this at any point? Now: *deep sigh*... just why? Honestly, if they're going to explain at least a bit of Celestia and Luna's backstory this season and what exactly it means to be an alicorn I think most of my negative feelings towards this would be sedated. It's just... a part of me just doesn't see that happening for some reason. Hell, Celestia can't even get her own episode to begin with and she's been there since the first two episodes. I'm not mad or anything, just disappointed that this show is seemingly about to let this cool feature of the world become as common as Spike being used as a joke character.

Welp, anyways it is nice to hear season 6 is closer than we all thought. I was speculating a fall release but I think the spring date was way earlier than anyone expected. Also, I'm quite honestly intrigued at what this new character means to the world (if anything). Plus, this clip wasn't without a big pro...


Luna :3


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Oh yeah, that reminded me of something.

Baby ponies in MLP:FiM look absolutely hideous. They don't look like ponies, their faces are hideous and empty, I hate their tiny little stubs of snouts and their soulless and generally stupid-looking eyes...they're trying so hard to be cute, but completely failing to do so. The G3.5 Newborn Cuties are infinitely better-designed, honestly.

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I actually prefer Skyla over the name Flurry Heart and to add, not liking the foal's design either; the freakishly huge eyes and disproportionate horn and wings while trying too hard to be cute (almost reminds me of a Breezy for some reason). I mean, Pumpkin and Pound Cake look just fine with their small pupils, but here is just yeesh. You think there would be some consistency with this.

Also, am I the only one getting an eerie Fairly Oddparents Poof vibe coming from this thing? And I do hope we aren't getting another babysitting episode because Baby Cakes felt enough and don't need another one (But this time with an alicorn hur dur :B !).

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Oh would you look at that, Hasbro actually does something cool with the toys for once:

Hasbro Announces My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony Toy Line and Comic Series



Well fuck me, I actually might be giving Hasbro a pretty penny before too long XD. This is something I'd never would have imagined Hasbro to be making themselves. I actually had to do a double take and make sure it wasn't fan made or something.

I wonder if this all relates into the movie somehow. We haven't heard anything from it yet but it does seem a bit odd for Hasbro to give this much attention (and just plain out cool ideas) in terms of toys to just the comics. Hell, it's not even the main comic series. A part of me thinks that this has to tie into the movie somehow. Especially considering how far in advance Hasbro usually likes to release toys ahead of their relevancy in the show.


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