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Legosi (Tani Coyote)

Gamestop Expo 2014 - Anaheim, California; September 10

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Avoiding the urge to make a jab at SEGA's inability to plan events well in advance, there was an e-mail about this circulated a few months ago after the Gamestop Expo 2013 wrapped up in August. While the e-mail itself (it's from Gamestop itself, don't worry) says "Anahim," that's a geographic feature in Canada so I'm pretty sure they meant Anaheim since the event has been slowly moving around the United States.


While no specific details have yet to emerge about the Expo such as location, we have a date and general location, so it's a start.


The Gamestop Expo is basically a much cheaper E3 or PAX that is open to the public (you do need to register an account with Gamestop to buy tickets but that's a small detail). Tickets cost about... 20 dollars I think it was? The event's about 5-6 hours.


While there aren't many panels (at least from what I saw), you do get to try out an extremely varied range of games from dozens of developers and sometimes watch presentations. If you've ever wanted to get your picture taken with icons such as Mario, Sonic, Ratchet, or Sly Cooper, they also have costumed mascots present at the event.


I'll be bumping this thread whenever more complete details emerge, but would anyone else be going? It's an event of several thousand people and needless to say there's quite a bit to do in that fair time. I will also be hosting a Sonic fan meetup there if you'd be interested in meeting fellow fans; I'll be giving more information on the meetup when we get some actual news on the event.


So, can't make Comic Con, PAX or E3 for whatever reason, whether scarcity or pricing of tickets? I'd definitely consider this one, then!

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Gamestop has updated the official expo website! Here are the details of the location, date and hours:

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim, CA

September 10, 2014

11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (10 AM with a VIP pass)

No mention of ticket prices, but Gamestop says passes will go on sale soon. Last year passes were 35 dollars but got to 45 near the actual event, whereas VIP passes were 90 dollars but 100 close to the event. VIP passes carry benefits such as complimentary food (definitely worth it if you plan on eating since their stuff can get pricey), one extra hour of access, and some more goodies than regular goers.

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