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Sega 2014 Plans Topic (page 13) "A-Ran outta here!"

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Oh for Primus sake! Are IOS games just doomed to never capture the message and idea behind their respective franchises when they come from consoles to this!?

Theree are actually 2 (or 3) traditional smb games on ios and Android.

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If Adventure 3 ever does get announced, I bet entire forums will explode.

Oh, not from hype at Adventure 3, but from the amount of people writing 'Adventure 3 confirmed! Half-Life 3 next to be confirmed!'

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So you know that Green Hill Zone desk you sometimes see at SOA?


This is all that remains....





Auction auction auction! My wallet is ready!

Always a bummer when SEGA removes awesome stuff, especially given the fact a lot it probably gets torched. Makes me feel ill.

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Just found this new article with SEGA of America talking about their brands and licensing.


I hate to be that guy, but I'm trying not to laugh at the games they're listing as having strong recognition. Shinobi, Golden Axe, etc. only really exist in terms of "yeah, that was pretty cool when I was a kid!" Sonic gets that reaction a lot too, but he does still maintain relevance beyond nostalgia. It's surprising when every review always brings up the bloody 90s, but he does.

It's not just SEGA America that has this perspective of only really caring about Sonic and the purchased IPs, either. SEGA Japan shut down SEGA Australia despite the latter's ambitious plan to revive the wider SEGA brand. SEGA as a whole has pretty much given up on non-Sonic SEGA titles.

Now, on this expansion of licensing... I'm hopeful that G.E. Animation will be licensed to produce plushes and such for Sonic Boom. They're friendly towards e-tailers, whereas many other suppliers are either hesitant or downright hostile.

You can rest assured any G.E. Boom products will be bought en masse by me.

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