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ARTWORK: Daya's sketches and drawings

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EDIT: Edited the title the moment I realized the whole section is not Sonic-exclusive.


Howdy everyone!


Here will I post every Sonic related drawing I've made. For my complete gallery here's my deviantart: http://alphonsedaya.deviantart.com/


Everytime I wanted to draw a character that already exists, I mostly want to redesign them because just redrawing the same character with the same style kinda bugs me for some reason.


Sonic redesign:





Shadow redesign (Love the new spines and stripes!)





A silly joke I've made during the whole "no used game" Xbone controversy:





Retrying redesigning Sonic with new shoes and a bit of a reference stuff:



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I love the last Sonic redesign! The shoes are fantastic, and your style really bleeds through! I honestly wouldn't mind if the whole series got a graphical overhaul like this, it would give it some much need personality.

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Thanks a lot Jairo!


I stupidely realized that this whole section is not Sonic-exclusive, so I might as well take advantage of that and post more stuff.




This one was done for the Fanzine Club in my college. The theme was to illustrate a music of our choice, and so, I chose Queen's Killer Queen. We also had to make this black and white because of physical limitations.




Stupid stuff! I just drawn whatever my hand/hand came up with.




Someone at Tumblr said they'd love to see Ryuko (from Kill la Kill) with Jolyne Kujo's outfit (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), so I did! It is here I finally figured out a good base to make female characters.


The following drawing I made are for a game I'd love to do. Realm Founders: Arnael is a metroid-like game and I made lots of concepts for it (Won't throw everything here, there's too many), as well as a Portfolio that has maybe like 10 pages or maybe more.












This guy here is from a comic I'm working on called "Zarode" that takes place on the same universe as Realm Founders, but not on the same scale (Realm Founders uses a whole universe while Zarode uses a single planet) Here, in an alternate earth, after a huge war during the dawn of the modern age, strange phenomenon occurs and 5 humanoid races appear on the planet, with superior intelligence and strength than Mankind. Fortunately, they don't want to destroy us. I want to experiment with a lot of stuff in there.


And finally here's an oooooold one. Out of all the oldest drawings I've posted on DA, I feel like this one embarasses me the less. It's a deviantart meme where I do lots of stuff.



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