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Sonics future

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Little things point out his new found jerkyness. In Generations he saves amy and then facepalms when she talks. Given what she said was dumb they still could have rather made him do a shoulder shrug so he looked less "jerky". When Tails talks about facing the voidyness of being lifeless he's just like "what ev". These are the people that he homing attacked a giant purple thing for, why not be happy once you start saving them. You got me on the EggmanLand thing but he's still not the least impressed. Then in SLW they decided to push his flaws into the story as part of the plot. And then they don't even do anything with it besides make it look like, "Sonic makes mistakes, but all heroes do so who cares". Thats my opinion anyways. It's not like he truly learned anything. Maybe.... I dunno

EDIT: Sonic IS my favorite character but his potrayal is going in awkward, too "cool" for his own good, places.

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