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Sonic, master of weaponry

Rey Skywalker-Ren

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I always thought Sonic has a good ways with weapons. Hes used a PIKO in Sonic Advance 3 and Caliburn in Sonic and the Black Knight. I think that weapons in Sonics hands can be dangorus but very useful to the platforms in the games. Take Caliburn:




Caliburn on his own doesnt look threatning but he has an awesome personality. But when with someone like Sonic, a pure heart... he can become deadly. Plus in 2-D Caliburn can be used for hard modes. Like Sonic can use him as a helicopter or some sorts and get enimes in the air while floating down nicely. Sonic can also use him to launch himself forawds. Sonic has amazing sword skills and gained its respect. Sonic can turn Caliburn from a no-nonesense talking sword to a threaning weapon all fears.

Or the PIKO from Sonic Advance 3




I know Amys used hers for longer but Sonic can have different moves with this than Amys. Like he can use his to walk on walls and bounce himself off and also use it to dash and drift. Its a iffy weapon for Sonic because its a plastic toy that fits Amy better but its here because Sonic can do wonderful things with it like knock McNosehair out of orbit.




kusarigama(くさりがま) looks like dangrous samurai weapon but put in hands of skillful person who puts their alls in to it becomes a weapon you should bow down to. Thats how I see Caliburn and all them when put into Sonics hands. a kusarigama in Sonics hands will REALLY be a death weapon you need to fear! If in the games it can be used nicely and give Sonic a good take on the platforms. Like he can use it to climb walls not only that but he can wrap the weight part around Eggmans mechs and pull him foward before he kicks him into orbit. (i think you can use it for that. despite me being Japanese i dont know alot about samurai weapons or shinobis so feel free to correct me)


Maybe Sonic can use tetsubishi to trip his enimes. To show his intellgence.


I find Sonic to be very skilled with weapons (except for guns Sonic doesnt need guns). I think that they should be used in a Sonic ony way where he platforms and has to do things hard more. It shows off not only his intellgence but his pure heart because putting these weapons with a young man who is pure heart and puts his all can make these the most deadly. What do you think?

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Let's not forget how good he evidently was at using the Tornado's gun in Unleashed.


What I like about the swordsmanship is that initially, Sonic...isn't very good at it and he doesn't even get along with Caliburn. Not only does Sonic comment on how he wishes he didn't have to use Caliburn in Misty Lake but sensically, the levelling-up system suggests that it takes time and experience to build proficiency...which is actually a stat in the game. Pretty clever if you ask me. I also like how quite a few of his sword maneuvers stem from spinning as well.


As for the Piko Piko Hammer? Well, he doesn't exactly display proficiency with it outside of merely smashing the ground in front of him with it. He's never portrayed to have as much developed skill as Amy with the hammer. It's an interesting ability though.

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I don't see Sonic as a master of weaponry, but as someone who's good at improvising and adapting. He doesn't really need weapons, given that he's already a superfast pinballing buzzsaw of death, but in the right situation, he can still scrounge up enough competence with them to make use of them.

Honestly SatBK sticks out as really weird to me, seeing him fighting and beating experienced knights when he's only just started swinging a sword. Maybe it'd be more believable if the battles (and the gameplay in general) were more geared around Sonic's natural abilities, with the sword accenting them, rather than being like some kind of weird fencing match...

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Yea, I don't see Sonic so much being a "master", but just adapting and doing what he knows.



Sonic being a weapon master kinda contradicts that he'd never be caught with a weapon in Shadow the Hedgehog, not to mention the instances when it does happen, it kind of reflect badly on other characters. Take Sonic Riders for instance, he's clearly new to Extreme Gear and learning it and Jet is an experienced veteran of the sport. And yet, with about maybe 2 days of training, he's already able to best Jet in a straight up race? what? I know it was probably to show the Rogues are jerks, but still...

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Whats wrong with Sonic beating people? It just shows he has uncanny ablitys to put his emotions into something and make it awesome

It's not that Sonic shouldn't win, but that he should win by using his own abilities creatively rather than beating the other character at their own game.

In SatBK, for example, rather than becoming the best swordsman ever in a matter of days, I would have preferred if they had focused on him using his speed and agility to beat the knights. It doesn't make sense for Sonic to be a better swordsman with only a few days of practice, when the knights would have been training for years. It makes him seem unfairly overpowered.

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Exactly, if I was to teach myself martial arts I wouldn't be able to best Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan after a few years let alone days! To get good with something like a weapon that uses immense skill you need to be taught

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OK sorry.
I just mean Sonic would not want to use a weapon unless he had to.
As for  guns part of my post got cut off.
And Sonic said in Shadow  that he wouldn't
be caught DEAD using  a gun.
But of cores if Sonic was mad enough and guns were near by he mite  use them.
But it would mean something really got him mad.
Something like if Tails was dead. 
And I really, really hope that never happens. 

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Like I said before, Sonic probably doesn't see any reason to use weapons (except when circumstances require it) because he is a weapon. Even if he can learn how a sword or hammer works without much trouble, he would rather use the skills he's been using his whole life. As for stuff like guns, I doubt Sonic has anything against them. He just doesn't want to use one because he can't augment it with his agility like he can with a melee weapon.

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I dont want Sonic to be something hes not. I think hes amazing. He used to be a popular character to look up to. But now hes someone most people I know hate. I still look up to him as a role model but I come up with these ideas so that Sonic could be on top again. I dont care if you dont like Sonic. I do care if Sonic still allowed to be amazing in his own series without any stupid ideas. Sonic is intellgent, heroic and would give up his life for his friends. I truely love him, alot. And I want to see more of that. I promise the dumb ideas will stop.

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And I want to see more of that. I promise the dumb ideas will stop.


It's not that your ideas are "dumb", it's just... from all your posts I've read, you have a severe misunderstanding of Sonic's character; moreso than most of his Western writers.  Sonic just lacks the patience and attention span required to be a mentor or a weapon's expert.


Allow me to make this analogy.  Let's say we're comparing Sonic characters to ice cream flavors, Sonic would be vanilla.  He's the base from which other character's gameplay is based off of, at least in good games like S3K, the Advance trilogy, and the Rush duology. 


I honestly can't think of a single move you could give to Sonic that couldn't also be given to other characters.  Homing Attack?  All the Speed characters from Sonic Heroes could do it and the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack from Sonic Adventure is arguably Knuckles's variation.  Boosting?  All the characters from Sonic Advance 2 could do it (once you built up enough speed), Blaze could do it from the first game Sonic started doing it (Sonic Rush), and Shadow did it in the Sonic Generations Rival Battle.  Parkour?  At the moment only Sonic can do it but I don't see why it couldn't be implemented in other character when, and if, they become playable.


Now is there anything wrong with being vanilla?  Not necessarily.  Despite not having the bells and whistles of the many other flavors of ice cream, it still remains one of the most popular.  Some people just prefer simplicity over complexity.


To me, what makes Sonic so awesome is, despite not having the many powers of his friends, enemies, and rivals, he's (almost) always the one who ends up delivering the final blow and saving the day.  What he lacks in in-game abilities he makes up for in his can-do attitude and undying optimism.  Think of him as Robin from the Teen Titans.  Robin's always fighting in the front lines along-side his teammates despite not having the abilities to fly, shoot lasers, shape-shift, and use dark magic.  Yet he, like Sonic, is the one who rallies them all together and leads them to take down whatever threat the city/world is facing.  THAT is what makes Sonic special.

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I understand but I do understand Sonics character. If i didnt he wouldnt mean the world to me wouldnt he?! I look up to him because hes Sonic. Brave, and would do anything for his friends

The thing is, that isn't the problem people have with your thing with Sonic.


The very blunt truth is that you have very massive hero-worshiping tendencies when it comes to Sonic. You've created this weird idealization of Sonic where you continually pigeonhole him into a narrow definition of the heroic protagonist, and continually make him out to be perfect while severely downplaying any and all mistakes and flaws he might possess (or you perceive as flaws and mistakes) and whenever someone tries to point this out and be reasonable, you come running to the defense of your imaginary version of Sonic and their arguments pretty much fly over your head completely. It honestly feels like every discussion post I've ever seen you make in topics like this (or any topic you have popped up in for Sonic for that matter) is nothing but a giant merry go round.


To put it simply, You've made Sonic too perfect in your mind, and you won't/can't understand why everyone else is trying to reason with you.

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Maybe you guys are right. Maybe I dont know shit about a character I look up to... maybe I dont. But it hurts because I put thought into what i say like these posts: 


I think and please dont laugh but I think Sonic is a hated character. He used to be loved but now people hate him. Im wont be suprised if Tails or Shadow rules the polls. Sonics pertrayals in Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World are all misunderstand by the fans. Sonic is not a brat, a jerk and a dumbass like everyone makes him to be. Hes just a confident and competant young man who can take care of himself but hes not afraid to ask for help. And he would give his life for the ones he hold dear. Mess with them and you get hell. And thats what happened in all three of those games. Mostly in Lost World and Sonic Colors. In Sonic Colors, he was angry that Eggmans robots were messing with the wisps. In Sonic Lost World we really feel the wrath of Sonic when Tails was capture. Sonic Generations... well you know... THATS NOT COOL! Sonic was upset.


And also love that hes like a protective big brother to some characters like Tails and Chip which was touching to see. He pushed Tails in the elevator in Sonic Colors because he doesnt want him to get hurt. And he put his hand in front of Chip to protect him and he told him to run. Hes the same way with Yacker and his friends when he fights for them and cares for them. And hes not motivated just beause hes the hero, his heart is what motivates him.


Sonic is a very underrated and hated character. Hes just as amazing even more in my opinion. Sonic is impulsive, immature and sometimes act before he thinks... and thats also a quirk to him. Hes a kid and he wants to live his years but he has no problem ending it for someone he loves. This is why he earned my respect when I was younger and he became my role model and he meant alot to me. I thik of him as the guy with the sunny smile but mess with his friends or anyone who is helpless and you get flames.





 i made a list of all the games Sonic was his best


Sonic Adventure. He was the guy who loved to Adventure and had a heart of gold. He went to see if Tails was okay from when he crashed his plane. Even though Sonic said that Amy was weird and she was a pain he still went after her and worry when she was not around. He want to the Egg Carrier to save her from Eggman. The last part was when Sonic said that sealing Chaos in the Master Emerald would just keep him to be angry so his fighting helped Chaos be neutralzed.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. He inspired Elise to get herself out of situations and to smile all the way through. And she has done that twice in the game, rescue herself. He also helped the people in town missions like help find a lost dog and others. Even when he was beat down by a powerful hedgehog and Dr Eggman, he still risked it all to save Elise, keeping his promise. He also forgave Silver and began to work with him to save the princess. He also gave up his chaos emerald to save her. That shows he has a heart of gold and his inspiration. Also has the ablity to forgive and forget.

Sonic Colors. Sonic was a funny, confident, caring guy on an adventure to save aliens and their planets from Eggman. He expressed that he didnt like that was happening to his friends and he fighted for them. He also pushed Tails in the elevator to protect him, even he put his arm in front of him to not let Eggman get to him. It showed that he had a heart and he wanted was best for those who he cared about while being confident and funny cracking jokes alot.

Sonic and Secret Rings. Sonic was the master of the genie of the ring, but he didnt let that go to his head. He treated Sharhra like a friend rather than someone to make wishes for him. He agree to save the Arabian Nights even when it was in the middle of the night. He also helped the people in the story on missions. Sonic also had his inspiration moment when he begged Sharhra not to give the rings to the Erazor Jin and to do what she belived what she really thought was right. That lead to her sacraficing her life to save Sonic, starting the fight. His first wish was to bring her back to life and his last one was for the tissues, so she could cry and the tissues would help her. Sonic has forgiven. He also wish that the Arabian Nights have their stories back.

Sonic and Black Knight. He has agreed to hang with Amy. In the story he has helped people, and he also agreed to help a girl get her family back from the dragon, ignoring Caliburn and saying he goes by his own rules. His heart, Sonic got Merlina, a villian to stop trying to destroy the kingdom. Another example of his inspiration and his heart.

Sonic Heroes. Sonic was first a guy who went after Eggman for a good thrill. During missions when his friends would get scared, Sonic would tell to to keep moving and that everything was going to be alright. Assuring them they would be okay as long as they stick together. Sonic also thanked his friends at the end and said he couldnt have done it alone. Which I want to say i LOOOOVEE Team Sonic. Sonic was the heart that lead the team to victory, Tails was the intellgence and Knuckles was the logic. And together they are unstoppable! (enough Team Sonic talk!)

Sonic Lost World. Sonic made a mistake and he admitted his mistake. He went to stop the Deadly 6 and was angry when they took Tails away and it showed. He also had the ablity to put his differences to the side and let Eggman team with him and he even reminded Tails and Eggman about the real matter of the hand when they were fighting. Thus, an example of how heart and inspiration mixes.

Sonic Unleashed. Sonic not only stop to help Chip find his memory, he also help the townspeople. Like he delived medine and helped them with jobs and many other things. He also helped save Tails and Amy, which shows the heart. And he felt bad for falling on Chip, blaming himself for his memory lost.

Sonic Rush and others he inspired but not as much in this games so I didnt mention them. In Shadow the Hedgehog, even though he was Charmy/Marine hyperactive, he had redeaming points. Sonic reminds Shadow to be careful and dont be cocky. He also, when you play the dark missions, that he cant let Shadow go on the way he was thinking, showing that Sonic was worried about Shadow and his irratinal choices. Sometimes I think Sonic has lit a spark in Shadow to keep going on the hero mission, a small spark that is. But it wasnt used in the best way.




All and all Sonic is not perfect. He has his flaws just like every character does. Hes impluse, hes hyper and he can be too confident in his ablity. But what forgives those for me is that Sonic will do what he thinks is right and doesnt care about being the average hero. That line from Sonic and the Black Knight where he says that he doesnt care if he is the bad guy along as he gets to do what he feels is right? I see it as, it doesnt matter if others see him as a bad guy because in the end he will do what is truly right and prolonging a kingdom... isnt right. He doesnt care what anyone thinks of him as long as he can be Sonic. And thats what I like.


From beating Eggman with his acrobatic/shinobi moves, being the heart of his team always letting them know they can do it in Sonic Heroes, attempt to be the voice of reason in Shadow the Hedgehog because he cares, being the humble hero in Sonic and the Secret Rings to helping others open their hearts to the possiblites in other games.... I will leave with this (until I see something I to respond to and contribute)




He has inspired Tails to be himself on adventures when it comes to buliding things, Amy to go on her own adventures and see the world, Knuckles to adventure and not be tricked so easily, Blaze to not be stubborn and know theres nothing wrong with asking for help, Elise to get herself out of situations, Sharhra to do what she truely thinks is that right thing, Merlina to stop her evil ways and even Marine in realizing her flaws and what she needs to work on before going on adventures.


In Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic remindsShadow to be careful and dont be cocky so he does want to help. He also, when you play the dark missions, that he cant let Shadow go on the way he was thinking, showing that Sonic was worried about Shadow and his irratinal choices. Sometimes I think Sonic has lit a spark in Shadow to keep going on the hero mission, a small spark that is.


And no, its not because I dont like one character. Thats NOT it at all and someone try to say that in another thread I posted. But rather, because other characters have Sonics ablity to inspire, not alot of people think hes "humane" :-/




this is everything I wrote about Sonic. Well some of my post are weird and stupid and I understand. I wish I was a normal fan like the two posters here that I look up to on this forum. Why cant I be more like them?  They can be Sonic fans and be normal. But out of the three I am not a sane Sonic fan and I understand why people think that. It hurts to think that. I really does hurt me and I want to cry.


I do play the games again and Ill rethink. But I dont want people to hate me. So i wont talk about Sonic anymore. Ill only say that he means the world to me. No other character can ever take his place in my heart and it hurts. It does. Im very sorry for any trouble I caused. I only wanted to discuss and I wanted to make friends.


Im sorry.

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There isn't anything wrong with talking about Sonic, and I am not trying to tell you to stop liking him or stop talking about him. I'm just saying that you might wanna consider toning down the hero worship when you try to discuss stuff about him with other people. Pay close attention to what other people are saying; we aren't trying to hurt you.

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