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Sonic Runn..er wait... "SSMB YOU CREATED A TIME PARADOX!"

Badnik Mechanic

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Multiplatform with a Wii U version? Consider me interested. 


But what about the third game of the Nintendo partnership though?



So the third Sonic title won't be exclusive to Nintendo...




I REALLY don't want to get aboard this 'train' yet.

News topic has all the games of the current rumour train, including the 3rd exclusive/

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*Ahem* Sorry about that. I'm keeping a calm mind over this now. I'm looking forward to it, though.

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 I wonder, does that mean that the third exclusive WII U game is no longer a Wii U exclusive (i.e. now going to be multi-platform in 2015), or is that still being released in 2014?


Well looking at the past number of years, there has been at least 1 title starring Sonic each year. I'm assuming there will be a Sonic title releasing this year for a Nintendo console (It can be EITHER Wii U and/or 3DS).

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I don't think the film is under Boom's canon. For some reason, my mind's telling me they're two different things. But, I guess for now we'll have to wait and see!

Other than that, new Sonic game! It's good to know SEGA is still sticking to Nintendo, but now I'm worried about how the game willing be handled. I at least hope the game won't be watered down too much, like how Unleashed was. But, the margin between the Wii U and the consoles in terms of power isn't that huge, right?


But really, I'm looking forward to all of this!

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