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Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic Hyperdrive + Metal Sonic Classic Trilogy (in Sonic 1-3K)

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Made minor updates to Hyperdrive and Metal Sonic in Sonic 1, due to one overlooked bugged that's needed to be fix

(Unlocking Level Select from Main Menu Credits.) and I thought the levels are WAY too short.




Metal Sonic Hyperdrive Updates:

  • Few Metal Sonic graphics enhanced
  • Sonic now has Sonic 2 Spindash
  • Somari now has a new Spindash Quick Boost and higher jumpheight
  • Some level layouts are now a bit longer and harder
  • Added Sonic CD Rolljump
  • Added Extras Menu (can be entered by pressing C on Title Screen.)
  • Added Survival Mode (beat the game without losing a single life, extra 1Ups disabled, can be played in any difficultly.)
  • Added a special twist to all emeralds ending for Metal Sonic
  • No more Mudkipz
  • etc


Metal Sonic in Sonic 1 Updates:

  • Few Metal Sonic graphics enhanced
  • Spindash speeds balanced (also near monitor fixed)
  • Added Sonic CD SFX  (for Hyperdrive Mode)



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