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2014 is The Year Of Sonic "& Sports tape" *see post 1*

Badnik Mechanic

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+ Game trailer.


+ Toy partnership.



Ok, in the Sega 2014 topic, myself and shadzter became aware that a huge number of Sega employees including the entire community team, several producers and the marketing manager were on their way to New York City, several tweets indicated it was a Sega related work trip.


Well... look what Machinima just posted!




Oh my god... The Sonic Boom image... and the words 'plans for the brand.' 


Lets try to remain calm now...

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I can't help but feel this wouldn't have happened at all if not for "The Year of Luigi" being a thing.. what makes this year so special for Sonic? Is Sonic Boom really going to reboot the whole brand? And why are they so confident it'll work if the last game they were confident in turned out to be widely criticised and sold poorly?



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I have a sneaking suspicion somehow it's going to be pretty Sonic Boom based. They'll likely show off designs and footage, and a teaser of that feature film if it really is a feature film. After that, I'm guessing some teasers of the third title.


So all in all, probably a lot of teasing and promises. The question is if they'll live up to them.

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