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Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)


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New Wii U Sonic Game Made by Former Uncharted Developers

by Andy Goergen - February 6, 2014 - 12:00 P.M. PT
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The 3DS version is being developed by the team behind the last Sly Cooper.




A brand new Sonic game, called Sonic Boom, is headed exclusively to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS later this year. It's a prequel to the new Sonic CG TV show of the same name, and features new character designs, including a burlier Knuckles. Sonic Boom is the third in three previously announced Nintendo-platform exclusive Sonic titles from Sega.

The Wii U version is being developed by Big Red Button, a team led by former Naughty Dog developers. The game itself resembles a hybrid between Sonic and Uncharted and also looks like the latter. The developers worked closely with Crytek to bring the CryEngine 3 to Wii U, and all of the characters in the game have been completely redesigned to fit the new aesthetic and engine. Even traditional villains like Eggman have been remodeled. In addition to Knuckles being bigger, Sonic is peppered with bandages and athletic tape.

All of the characters will have specialties based on their strengths and personalities. Knuckles will have excellent strength, Tails will utilize gadgets, Amy Rose will have agility on her side, and Sonic of course will be fast. There will be four playable characters total in local co-op (no online), and at least two of them will be on screen at all times, even in single-player. You will be able to swap between them on the fly.

A Nintendo 3DS version of the game is also in development by Sanzaru, but no details are available as of yet. As the 3DS would not be able to run CryEngine 3, one can assume the 3DS game will be as different from the Wii U game as Sonic Lost World was on 3DS. We'll have interviews and more coming from the reveal event.


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Okay, I sorta have mixed feelings about Sonic Boom (or at least the video game so far)...


Outside of the concept and design choice for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy which overall are okay except Knux'/Buffles, the trailer was quite a surprise. The gameplay sent me a Sonic Heroes vibe because of the four on-screen playable characters and possibly their mechanics being used on specific moments. While I wasn't a big fan of Heroes on its execution, I could give Sonic Boom's approach a pass; it's been a very long time since Sonic's friends have been playable on a Sonic platforming game, so I couldn't be happier to see this come true. I wonder what the plot will turn out to be, but it could go in any way since the game will be part of the cartoon series, so I'll remain cautious until then.


Then we have got two different developers instead of the usual Sonic Team, which are Big Red Button and Sanzaru Games. The fact the former are formed by some ex-Naughty Dog staff and the latter was behind development of Sly Cooper 4 gives me some hope to see this game turning out to be very good. I could say SEGA may have done a good choice, but of course that will have to be proven once the game comes out in stores this year. However, I cannot deny that it's about time SEGA decided to give a chance to not one but two  external developers to create a brand new Sonic platforming game instead of the usual Sonic Team (while of course the latter may be currently working on a new mainline Sonic game for 2015-16).


Although one thing I must say is I hope this won't be replaced as the mainline Sonic series we all know and love. As long as they keep this as a separated canon from the main series and therefore their games, I'll be absolutely okay. I am still curious to see how Sonic Boom will play out both on its cartoon and video game entries, but hey, all I can say is bring it on SEGA!


PS. Still I find odd how amongst all the things they could have picked to enhance their character designs they had to choose sports tapes... o_o

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About time!


These I like... they remind me of the old concept work from Sonic's early days. To be honest I prefer this to the CG work from the Boom cartoon, they look a bit... unfinished.


There's still something about the wraps I don't like, and I think it's because it's replaced Sonic's classic power sneakers. :s

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