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Finally saw the Curse of the cross eyed moose:

  • I liked the piano montage sequence, the gang rolling up a log and ending up getting wet was funny
  • Making the guacamole was funny too.
  • I liked the ending, Knuckles does something right.
  • It was funny that the gang (sans amy and sticks) were caught in traps, Sonic casually hanging upside down while eating a sandwich :P


In case you missed it!

Edit edit:

I just saw the Chilidog day afternoon episode:

  • Another episode about knux! 
  • It was funny when he was hit by exploding ducks
  • I think that leader of the chili peppers was voiced by Kirk Thorton.
  • LOL the Kilt suit.
  • So it was all a dream. After eating that spicy pepper lel
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So, Closed Door Policy was another enjoyable one. Considering the writer's last Boom episode (Buster) is pretty much the most disliked of all the episodes to air so far, IIRC (though I thought it was OK at least), hopefully you enjoyed this one better.

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So, Closed Door Policy was another enjoyable one. Considering the writer's last episode (Buster) is pretty much the most disliked of all the Boom episodes to air so far (though I thought it was OK at least), IIRC, hopefully you enjoyed this one better.

Wasn't Mayor Knuckles meant to be Episode 31 and Closed Door Policy as Episode 32

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Wasn't Mayor Knuckles meant to be Episode 31 and Closed Door Policy as Episode 32

Nah, Closed Door Policy came first here in the States; it just aired. Mayor Knuckles airs on Monday.

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So after 30 episodes I am still enjoying the series. The animation style is very good, the scripts are solid from each episode (some funnier than others) and the voice actors are really making the characters. My only con is Sticks doesn't really do anything for me and the episodes that have focused on her and her personality I haven't enjoyed as much as the rest. But overall, I am hoping Cartoon Network do pick it up for a second series as i think it deserves another few eps after the first run has been completed.

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Of course the week I go on vacation, the new episodes of Sonic Boom air! For the sake of consistency (not to mention I really enjoy doing this) I'm going to give my takes on the new episodes, albeit a little late. Starting off with my takes on Episodes 27 and 28:

While I was definitely happy to see a new episode of Sonic Boom via Chez Amy, I thought that Amy was rather mean-spirited and bossy for the majority of the episode which bothered me as her Boom portrayal has been of on my favorite portrayals of Amy. I guess she made up for it when she showed sympathy to Dave (who had been a total jerk to Amy) by hiring him after Meh Burger had been blown up by Dr. Eggman. I wasn't feeling Sonic's portrayal in this episode as he was mean-spirited at moments too (at the very least he should of explained why they didn't want to work for Amy anymore as she probably didn't even realize what she was doing wrong) and his accusations of Tails being patronizing seemed to be unfitting or the wrong word. Sucking up possibly, yes, but patronizing, no. Seriously, I didn't see how Tails was being patronizing by agreeing with Sonic. I wasn't feeling Knuckles' stupid moments, even though they did have me laughing a bit. 

Like I had done with the previous 26 episodes of Sonic Boom, I would like to give some observations noted on my end:

Sonic is doing that same obnoxious selfish nonsense while playing sports "with" his friends like he did when playing volleyball "with" them in Episode 19 (Sole Power)

I love it when Sonic, Tails, Knuckles Amy and Sticks are all together. Even something as simple as talking together :)

Even though I didn't like Knuckles having another stupid moment, I love how Tails just takes Knuckles and simply guides him in the right direction

Soar the Eagle makes an appearance again-with the burger puns! No where near Pulitzer quality though! :P

Dave's awful or non-existent Customer Service got a chuckle out of me :)

Cubot and Orbot working at Chez Amy with their hats on! :P

Characterization issues aside, this episode was a good one and I enjoyed it for the most part. I'm glad Amy and the gang helped rebuild Meh Burger and Amy decided not to compete with the restaurants that seemed to be very out of character for her.

As for Episode 28 of Sonic Boom. "Blue With Envy" was an episode I was definitely curious about when I first came across the title of this episode. I was definitely wondering who would make Sonic "Blue with envy" and Swifty the Shrew was it. I liked this episode and I definitely couldn't blame Sonic for being envious of Swifty as well as annoyed with him as Swifty threatened to take away Sonic's status as the town's greatest, biggest and coolest hero. Especially when Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks were caught up in the admiration of Swifty as well.  Also Leroy the Turtle and the fish in the bowl made a cameo appearance again for the first time since Episode 5 (My Fair Sticksy).

Some additional observations of this 28th episode of Sonic Boom on my end are as follows (in spoiler tags due to length of post): 

Sonic is the ONLY one not impressed with Swifty here. I totallly can't blame him.
Sonic feeding Knuckles the burger here-hilarious! :D
The officers escorting Sonic out of town. He as well as Sticks, Knuckles, Tails and Amy looked so sad!  If anything, the officers should of taken away Lady Walrus for being so careless with her baby-yet again!
Sonic's efforts to sneak back into the village to no avail. Those silly looks on his face while trying! :P
Some things never change: Dr. Eggman wanting to build a theme park: Just like in the games! :P
Who's the coolest now?! Sonic looks very convincing there after easily defeating the Swifties! :P

"Blue With Envy" was a good episode overall. Funny moments aside, seeing Sonic's friends come around from their admiration of Swifty as well as defending and sticking by Sonic's side and even saddened by his banishment was great to see. Sonic and Tails calling each other their "best friend" instantly brought a smile to my face as that made this episode all the more enjoyable.

I'll be back with my takes on Episodes 29, 30 and 31-hopefully before Episode 32 airs on Monday! :P

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So Boomerang UK is advertising 'New Sonic Boom' episodes 8am weekdays starting from tomorrow. I checked the programming planner and it does say 'New: Sonic Boom' like it used to. I wonder if there will be any brand new English episodes in this batch.

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So Boomerang UK is advertising 'New Sonic Boom' episodes 8am weekdays starting from tomorrow. I checked the programming planner and it does say 'New: Sonic Boom' like it used to. I wonder if there will be any brand new English episodes in this batch.

The UK has some major catching up to do since you only aired like 16 episodes so I'm not surprised. =0
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Hope you guys would know, Perci's not a hedgehog at all. She's a Bandicoot. Bill F. confirmed it.

Aww, I thought she was an echidna. D: Bandicoot is cool though, I assume that's a reference to a certain other Bandicoot.

Now that I think about it, Perci still hasn't made an appearance. Maybe she's only in one episode..?

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Finally catching up with my takes here on Episodes 29, 30 and 31 of Sonic Boom...

"Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose" was a really good episode IMO. Definitely had me laughing throughout. Props to the ending as it actually had Knuckles doing something right and smart for once as this was definitely way overdue in the show as well as the entire Sonic Boom sub-series.

Several of my further observations of this episode:


These guys don't always play the safest of games or do the safest of things for entertainment. Or the smartest for that matter. It's still funny with this holding breath contest between Amy, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles! The looks on their faces are hilarious! :P Knuckles was right when he said it was a "pointless game that has absolutely no significance".

Sonic "hanging out": upside down after being caught in one of Sticks' boobie traps and just chillin' and eating a sandwich-which apparently was the bait which Sonic fell for! :P

This part of the piano musical sequence had me cracking up! I definitely had to make a gif of this! :D

I had guessed that the task Sonic and the gang had to accomplish with picking avocados was going to end up with guacamole as a result...

...and I was right! :D

Then the gang had to do Monkey-Boy's laundry...but why? He isn't even wearing clothes! :)

All that adventure was almost for nothing as there was no curse to begin with but had Sonic and the gang not been there due to Sticks' worries they wouldn't of been there to help save Monkey-Boy from Dr. Eggman's attack so it all worked out with a bunch of laughs throughout that made this episode stand out as a good one to me :P 

"Chili Dog Day Afternoon" was another good episode I thought. As strange it is was it had plenty of things to laugh about as well as plenty focus on Knuckles-too bad majority of the shenanigans and the focus occurred via a dream-yet again! Oh well. Dream or no dream it was nice to see Knuckles get some attention in the show and bring some laughs as well.

I'm going to mention some other observations from Episode 30 I noticed:

The old lady schemed them and then almost ran Sonic and the gang over in her escape attempt...I can't blame them for exclaiming "NO!" when she asked for help after pulling that stunt!

I don't think too many of Knuckles' dumb moments are funny, but the "Field of Baby Ducks" part of the episode had me laughing hard! :D

Looks like a nice Chili Dog competition is "brewing" here! ;)

I totally lost it with Knuckles with running on a rampage with the plaid kilt, cap, and the war paint! :P


And Knuckles' dream has a happy ending! :)

So I definitely thought this episode was very enjoyable. Also noted that there was no confrontation with Dr. Eggman with him simply wanting to compete in the Chili Dog Cook-off so I thought that was a nice change compared to most episodes. So that, along with Knuckles getting a lot of love in this episode with the funny and even idiotic moments made this episode a good one :)

"Closed Door Policy" was a good episode but it was definitely my least favorite out all the new Sonic Boom episodes that aired last week. I understand Amy wanting to help but she had no right to dispose or sell Sticks' things with Sticks unwilling to do so and being bossy once again as well. I hope this won't continue to be glaring personality trait with Amy in Sonic Boom as aside from that I have very much enjoyed her portrayal in the cartoon overall. Especially since no good comes out of it each time she shows it. Definitely noted in this episode and I'm glad Sonic, Sticks and Knuckles (I thought his "toadly" pun was clever as well as fitting there!) called Amy out for it. I guess Tails was too nice to join in the group criticism of Amy :)

Additional Observations for Episode 31 of Sonic Boom (which I am going to put in spoiler tags due to the length of this post):

The end result of Sonic kicking the "Explode-o-nuts" back to Dr. Eggman with Blue Danube playing: "Curse you, Sonic!" Some things never change! :P

Tails looks so adorably excited to have found the pieces needed for his Hyper Exo Manifier. Knuckles looks adorably confused :)

Poor Tails!

Junk, (more) sports tape and chili dogs: looks like Sonic and crew are ready to roll! :P

Looks like Sticks was ready to clobber the leader of the Froglodites with her bare hands before Sonic showed up with a stick, I mean, club :P

Either Dr. Eggman is a good negotiator or Sonic is a sucker...probably both :D

I'm loving Amy and Sticks' rapport throughout Sonic Boom. I think these two are a nice tag-team :)

While I didn't find this episode as funny as many others in Sonic Boom, I thought it did a good job keeping me entertained throughout the 11+ minutes. Looking forward to see what happens with "Mayor Knuckles"! :P

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"Mayor Knuckles" was okay in my opinion as I found it to be disappointing as I expected a lot more shenanigans and chaos to ensue in the village with Knuckles being in charge. I also felt like opportunities to have either more chaos, humor or something of value was blown by means of those several long and awkward periods of silence in the episode. Which is something I think shouldn't even be happening in a show that episodes that are only 11 minutes long in length. I did enjoy Sticks' portrayal in this episode as she wasn't acting crazy and made a lot of sense for the most part as her anger was definitely justified.

Not a lot of things stood out to me in this episode but I have a few observations I'd like to point out nevertheless:

Sticks having a quiet moment in taking a nap...I wonder why she isn't laying on her pillow as she doesn't look very comfortable there.

Nice picture there, Knuckles! :P

Poor Orbot and Cubot can't seem to catch a break...they even get insulted by Dr. Eggman even when it comes to trash!

Sticks having a pow-wow with Sonic, Tails and Amy at Tails' house :)

Amy wants to check out the same book that she had checked out previously in Episode 24 (Late Fees) :P 

Who knew that a stamp of all things would hold so much power-or cause so much trouble?!

Again "Mayor Knuckles" wasn't a bad episode by any means but it could of been better in my opinion as it would of been funny to see the entire village turned upside down or just be a total disaster due to all the crazy, illogical and destructive laws Knuckles haphazardly put into place. Basically the episode had a chance to really provide some hilarious moments and it just didn't deliver, in my opinion. On a positive note I was glad to see another episode focused on Knuckles. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for the next new episode come tomorrow! :)

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Mayor Knuckles was okay... I thought it would be a funny episode (it was but not as funny as i thought)

  • Sticks sleeping was cute
  • Did eggman just made a reference to YouTube?
  • Knuckles's punch was cool though.
  • Clever of Sticks to tear off a piece of Crab Bot to destroy the stamp.
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Thoughts on the new episode for those who have seen it? Also, ''I hate that hedgehog.''

Should the episode hit Youtube, then I predict Perluanzo, or whomever his name was, will post on the "Eggman the Auteur," comments saying "I like it when Eggman says "I hate that Hedgehog" in any form."

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