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Sonic Boom Screenshot Thread *page 6* "Don't Cross the Ender-Beams"

Badnik Mechanic

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I've been thinking about the whole "blue arms" thing. And I realised that they actually unify Sonic's design with the other male hedgehogs. Sonic's the only male one to have skin toned arms, Shadow and Silver's are both fur coloured.

Nonetheless, it still doesn't look right to me.

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Everyday is upper body day. Oh and he taped over his Lego shoes. Those things were dangerous.

Someone must stepped on his foot, and required immediate medical attention. So he taped them up to avoid any serious injury.

Love the environment. Very Unleashed-like.

Problem is Sonic looks like he has a serious issues with his spine. He should probably go see a chiropractor about that or some shit.

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The environments don't really look Sonic at all to me (very "Jak & Daxter" instead, which seems to be for obvious reasons considering the ex-ND members), but I do really appreciate how gorgeous they are, as well as their scale.


Just doesn't feel very Sonic-y either since there's such a lack of slopes or big hills (minus those one or two shots we saw), it looks really flat. But then again, this is a spinoff game and not exactly a real Sonic game, so I guess it can pass. :P

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I'd say those graphics look great! I like how Sonic and his friends look in those screenshots. The areas the screenshots showed were gorgeous as well, like that Pumpkin Panic level, if that is what the level is called. I would also have to say that the concept art for this game is good looking as well.

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