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Needs fanfiction help, characterization

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Pardon me if I put this in the wrong place or if help threads aren't allowed. I would like some help with the characters in my fanfiction I am planning to write. But I need to know if my ideas for them are deemed "okay".Characterization is my biggest hurdle I'm trying to overcome, especially when it comes to Silver, my favorite character. Since my story is Silve centric, I'm afraid that I'm not giving the rest of the cast more. So I need your help to discuss.


If it doesn't belong please lock. But here are my bios for the characters. All are official characters. I don't make my own characters. Sonic will appear so I need to do him right as well.


Silver the Hedgehog
Age: 14
Likes: helping people, going on adventures, when people are happy, his friends, his girlfriend, solving mysteries, being the leader, hanging out, being a good hero
Dislikes: Eggman Nega, evil, oppression, depressed or distressed people, himself, when people argue, Shadow taunting Blaze, being alone, being slow, not being trusted as a leader, his friends in danger, when others look up to him, when he's not as good as Shadow and Sonic
Strengths: intelligent, his powers, determined, sense of justice, compassion, some machine knowledge
Weaknesses: girls (he is very shy around women and he gets flustered when he receives affection from a girl), very naive, can be a jerk, tends to over think, insecure about himself, average speed (he's working on it), short fuse, immature
Overall personality: Silver is a guy with a strong sense of justice. When someone is in trouble, he will not hesitate to be by their side. He is a good hero, but he can be very insecure about himself in general. He hates his lack of speed and feels he is not good enough. While flattered, he also hates when the people look up to him as a hero due to his insecurity. He needs the help of his friends to gain assurance and security. Silver can also be very trusting of what others say. Silver is intelligent and knows what to do, but can tend to over-think his actions. He's not used to affection, so he is super shy around women and blushes at their complements. He is very hesitant when Blaze tries to advance on him but ends up accepting it because he loves her.

Blaze the Cat
Age: 14
Likes: her boyfriend, going on adventures, her kingdom, Silver's nativity, her friends, her royal possessions, when Silver defends her from Shadow's taunts
Dislikes: Silver attempting to go without her, Shadow, her powers, when Gardon calls her "your highness", Eggman Nega, evil, oppression, anyone attempting to steal the Sol-Emeralds, girls flirting with Silver, Silver being reckless, inappropriate joking, anyone's assistance, her body, heights
Strengths: intelligent, bilingual, mature, calculating, speed, determined, independent, loving, pyrokinesis
Weaknesses: insecure about her powers and her image, sometimes can be a jerk, can be overbearing to some, doesn't like assistance on her own missions, jealousy (sometimes)
Overall personality: Blaze is the princess and ruler of the Sol Kingdom. The Sol-Emerald guardian. She is also Silver's girlfriend. She's a very independent character, preferring to work on her own when the matter is up to her. She's also intelligent and knows exactly what to do as a member on Silver's team. She can even keep Silver in check! She can be a bit of a brat when it comes to differing opinions and to Shadow's insults. She also tends to argue with other characters if she disapproves of their attitude and sometimes being very blunt about her feelings. Blaze is also very insecure about her image, which Silver reassures her that she looks fine. She constantly worries about Silver when he's alone and always makes an effort to be by his side no matter what.

Shadow the Hedgehog
Age: 15 (50+ biologically)
Likes: to be alone, adventuring, his friends, helping Silver, being a major part of group decisions, seniority, protecting humankind, hanging out with Silver, when it's just himself, Silver and Gardon on a mission
Dislikes: Blaze, when Silver recklessly puts himself in danger, Silver being treated like a doormat, Eggman Nega, working with annoying people, inappropriate jokes, Sonic, evil, oppression, being interrupted, when Silver doubts himself
Strengths: intelligent, super powerful, speed, critical thinking, compassionate (in his own way), tactical
Weaknesses: low tolerance for annoying people, can be a jerk to Blaze or Sonic, can be a buzzkill, not very social, too big for his britches
Overall personality: Shadow is the immortal ultimate lifeform from the past. He is also Silver's best friend. Shadow fights alongside Silver to save the day, whilst assuring him that he is a good hero. He is also super powerful and can run the fastest out of all the characters. Shadow can come off as being aloof and he can also be a bit of a brute towards the younger cast, particularly Blaze and Sonic. He prefers to work alone or with Silver alone. Shadow laughs at most of Silver's jokes, but he secretly doesn't like when Silver jokes at the wrong time. He values his seniority and appoints himself as secondary leader.

Marine the Racoon
Age: 7
Likes: adventuring, tagging along with the group, being useful, her friends, working together, building ships
Dislikes: when others look down on her, Eggman Nega, evil, oppression, ghosts, mean people, being stuck at home, being left out
Strengths: hydrokinesis, fast, optimistic, confident, craftsman, caring
Weaknesses: can rush into everything, immature, can be annoying, very loud, can be a brat
Overall personality: Marine is the highly energetic child who loves adventure. She's super confident and can use her hydrokinesis to help out. Her speed also helps her keep up with the rest of the cast. She can come off as being shortsighted because of her young age. Also she can come off as annoying to certain cast members. Marine also has the ability to construct ships.

Gardon the Knight (koala from Sonic Rush Adventure for those who don't know. I gave the knight title instead of the koala)
Age: 10
Likes: his machines, being useful, being the voice of reason, his friends, being a knight, protecting Blaze's castle, flying planes, when Silver helps with the tech work
Dislikes: Eggman Nega, evil, oppression, when his inventions fail, his sword not working, not being able to fight, when all the tech work is left to him, his tech abilities, petty arguing, Blaze's anger
Strengths: polite, very mature, machine savvy, plane skills, aerokinesis (does not use often), sword skills, protective, can read maps
Weaknesses: shy, can be aloof towards others, insecure about tech abilities, second guessing
Overall personality: Gardon is a knight and protects Blaze's castle. He is also the appointed technician on Silver's team. He has the ability the invent and repair machines. He can also read maps and tell the group where to go. Gardon is also the pilot, working alongside Silver to fly the S Plane. He doesn't like to tell others how he really feels, so he tries to be the voice of reason. Despite his young age, he can also be a bit aloof having no real friendly vibes toward the others. He wants to connect to his inner child, but fails most of the time. Being a knight, he can be very protective, often pulling out his sword at inappropriate times. Gardon is the character with the highest IQ on the team.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 15
Likes: to be in on the action, adventures, cracking jokes, beating Eggman Nega, himself, helping people, being right, chili dogs, when people admire him, freedom, racing Silver, running
Dislikes: when he's wrong, being seen as an annoyance, Shadow's taunts, Eggman Nega, evil, oppression, when Silver doesn't defend him from Shadow, when he doesn't get his way, being left out, being told to stand still, most of the group's decisions, getting into trouble, water, when people don't listen to him, Shadow's self-appointed leadership
Strengths: super speed, great instincts, acrobatic skills, likes to help, very confident, role model to Silver
Weaknesses: can be a brat, narcissistic, hyper, can't swim, over confident, short sighted, seen as an annoyance
Overall personality: Sonic is a well known hero in Silver's time and often the one most wish Silver was like. Sonic is super fast, the most confident member on the team and has great instincts. Once he knows something's up, there is no stopping him from fixing it. Sonic can be seen as an annoyance to the team, particularly to Shadow, Gardon and Blaze. He often gets upset when Silver doesn't do his job as the leader and doesn't listen to his concerns or doesn't stop Shadow from taunting him. Sonic can also exhibit rather bratty behavior when he doesn't get his way or when there is something he disagrees with. Other than that, his confidence bounces off on Silver and he often tires to emulate him.

yeah these are all the characters I'm using. Feel free to help me out.

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hm....... Silver seems okay. I dont like that he works with machines because it looks like you make him like Tails. Gardon seems too much like Tails except intrsting. Shadow seems weird. Blaze yeah I think its okay. Marine is fine


I have a problem with Sonic. Sonic is not a brat and shouldnt be seen as annoying. Sonic is not annoying and he doesnt get upset when he doesnt get his way. Oh and hes the only one you didnt say he was smart so are you trying to say hes dumb? Because hes not.

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^ Seconded on Sonic being a brat,Sonic only had a problem working with Eggman and wasn't particularly defensive about being wrong.

He's annoying maybe but you make him sound too petty, Sonic's also more than capable of dealing with Shadow. Personally, I'd suggest removing him being annoying through brattiness in favour of him annoying with snark.


Don't think I'd call Blaze bratty either.


Shadow would make no secret if he doesn't find something funny and would be noticeably annoyed.

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What does it mean to be annoying through snark vs what I had Sonic being annoying for?


The reason I put in the part about Shadow is that when I wrote part of the story, Silver would always defend Blaze when Shadow would taunt her. But when the same is done to Sonic, Silver doesn't step in or he doesn't take it as seriously. The reason is that Silver thinks that Sonic's mouthiness can be his defense against Shadow. Blaze isn't as mouthy plus she's his girlfriend in the story. Sonic get's upset because Shadow's insults bother him and Silver isn't doing anything about it... it makes him think if he even values him as a team member....

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^ You made Sonic sound really whiny tongue.png


I mean Sonic being sarcastic in attempt to be 'funny' but other characters may find it unfunny, or if someone gets on his nerves (usually as he perceives bossy,buzzkill,selfish or very foolish) he may do it to deliberately annoy them. He can often find something amusing about his enemies and taunts them immaturely...this can be taken to mean he thinks very little of the crisis at hand or is punch-happy.




Still don't think Sonic would expect Silver to intervene as long as the latter doesn't pay more attention to Shadow.

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Silver seems to be characterized okay (Everyone has different takes on him) and Shadow sounds good as long as the whole "Silver's best friend" thing is kind of kept to a respect for him instead of an obvious friendship, and with Sonic I'll give you some advice on how I think he is portrayed the best (I'm doing my own Sonic story and series) Sonic can be cocky at times and even be kind of full of himself when he gets carried away but when stakes get higher and his friends are at risk he is a serious character that will die before he lets harm come to them

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I've been wondering, I am a fanfic writer and most of my stories are about Silver, who is my favorite Sonic character. I'm asking this stupid question because... when I write on Fanfiction.net, I get people who say "you make Silver too much like Sonic!11". Wait... Sonic is the only character who can be fun and likeable?! And when I make him intellgent, I get those who think I made him too much like Tails.


How I made Silver: I gave him a Colors-esque sense of humor which Shadow mostly laughs... when it's appropriate. If it's not funny, Shadow will NOT laugh. He is a good hero, but he can be very insecure about himself in general. He hates his lack of speed and feels he is not good enough. While flattered, he also hates when the people look up to him as a hero due to his insecurity. He needs the help of his friends to gain assurance and security. When Shadow makes fun of Blaze or Sonic, Silver will defend him or her. When his friends argue, Silver steps in as the moral compass. When his friends are in trouble, Silver is the one to to through the ends of the earth to save him, her or them. Silver is intelligent and knows what to do, but can tend to over-think his actions. He's good with machines and knows much about history.


Sometimes he does things that bother the other characters, like doubting himself (Shadow), leaving him or her out of the action sometimes (Blaze, Sonic), not stepping up as leader (Sonic), leave all tech work to him (Gardon... yes hes from Rush Adventure), joke at the wrong time (Shadow, Blaze), not take taunts against them seriously (Sonic) and exist (Eggman Nega).


One fic, I had one scene where Silver saved Sonic but he did it in a rather dumb way. He ran into Eggman Nega (while he held Sonic hostage) and makes him fly into the air... with Sonic! So... Sonic was not a happy camper. So he chased after him angrily only to be put in his place by Shadow. Shadow yelled at Sonic, telling him he should be greateful that Silver saved him... and he apologized.


So yeah, my version of Silver isn't anything like Sonic. Please explain how he's like Sonic.

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The way you've characterized sounds mostly like a foil to Sonic, though I speak without having read your work. You might further the contrast by just flipping things that Sonic does or aggravating the traits that already do; if Sonic is legitimately cool, make Silver more of a lovable dork, etc., which you're already doing in a way. In this sense it's not so much the character's traits on paper as how you tell them; Batman and Spider-Man can both tell awful jokes, but there's a world of difference in how both characters express that trait, y'know?


Sorry if I'm being unclear, but it's almost bedtime and I've been making awful poetry for Literature class. D:

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