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ARTWORK: Lime's Art and Comics. (Update: Amber meets Suzanne)

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So I guess this was a long time coming.


I make art! Mostly cartoons, some graphic design or a mixture of both.


Here's some random, semi-recent stuff. I'll post more if you guys want.ice_climbers_by_limeth-d6d9zes.png







Alongside the fanart, I have many original characters, and my own comic strip.






I have many characters, but I'll just introduce the "Main Four".


From left to right we have


Doug, Matchu, Amber and Famine.


Read the comic here on my Deviantart  http://limeth.deviantart.com/gallery/32793123. It's old and the art's outdated, but I'm working on getting it back up to speed.



I'll post more stuff later. Tell me what you think of these!

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Okie dokie, lets get this thread back in gear.


I'm gonna introduce you fellas to a side project of mine. It's called PACs (or Pop Art Chibis).
PACs are tiny, super deformed versions of famous characters or characters belonging to me or my friends, and are meant to resemble collectible vinyl toys, much like FunkoPop or KidRobot, which follow the same principle.


Some of the pictures will be compressed and tiny, so you'll have to click on them to expand them.









There's a LOT more, but I don't want to flood you fine people. I'll make another post with more of these later

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I figured I'd showcase another favorite OC of mine, albeit one I don't use as often as I should. Gina the Psychic.

Plus, comics! Livin' up to that thread title at last! The comics have an older character design, while the turnaround sheets are her current look. She's supposed to look a bit more cartoony (and darker skinned) than she does in the comics below.






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Sup. Been a while.


First up, another plug on my new website. My views are dropping like flies and my ad boxes are emptier than empty, so yeah. Check it out if you can.


It updates every Tuesday and Friday. It's got Amber and all my other weird characters in it. It's currently re-running old stuff while I make new stuff.



Now I know posts with just links are frowned upon around here, so have some Muppets to go with it.




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