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TwitchPlaysPokemon (Couple minutes passed, guess it's time to save again!)

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Here's your's truly, reporting in on a significant lore update:


Seems the story's a turn for quite the mystery unraveling as now it's become apparent story-wise that the lost children weren't exactly killed completely but some were scattered immensely beyond repair, others were left in a coma, but some (ones that didn't make it past the final "No" of the beginning) were in fact killed.


The culprit behind it was in fact, what is become known the Trollish "evil" side of the Twitch. VNKAKbo.jpg


Now you may ask; why does "A" go along with it and accept the blame? Why does she so often sport the killer motif? Well this time, there's actually an in-universe reason for such.


Multiple personality disorder. Two dominant sides within May, both of whom can resist and have varying control over the Mob itself, but differ immensely from just how effective they are.



This the good "A":tpp_emerald_by_kimikonyanchan-d7b4vsa.pn



This is the one who expressed her power to outright rebel against the Mob, first when she chose the Torchic despite the rants and raving.


Granted she doesn't take too kindly to the voices of the Mob (the "Evil" side of the Twitch players)tumblr_n2tfurtIbl1s0pdeyo1_500.jpg

More like Red and to some extent, "AJ" Gold, this "A", the original, resists many, a ferocious command of the Mob.

This being the more friendly/actually heroic May of the duo, this one harbors a crush on Brendan, knows the voices mean both harm and sometimes good, does NOt relish her situation, and will subdue the Mob and get back to being cheerful whenever possible:



Unfortunately, despite her awareness and uncanny powers, she still often finds herself in insane states where she flat out will succumb do whatever the Mob commands or she'll have to fight unbearably just to give delay her madness state and give her targets the means to live and escape:i_was_just_a_kid_by_khionexiovi-d7b70ub.




Now here's where the other personality really comes into play. The good May is prone to slip into this. You know, the more "Azula"-ish May. 

This side of May is power-hungry, love-hungry for her rival, and sporting a murderous avatar. This one is a re-shaping of past lost-lives with fractured memories. Hence how she's "heard of them before":


Alas, it was too late by the time she revealed



that she had the know-how to conquer the part of Twitch known as the Mob. While sometimes it may take her over periodically, she revels in working with it, but more often then not, dominates said faction and controls them in an ironic twist!


What started as just playing along with the propaganda of "Killer A" soon manifested into this split personality's amplified powers

The "Azula" side of May boasts her powers constantly even beyond the fourth wall!

The meta lore is pointing to this, going so far as to say she's using the influence of the voices to wrack and devastate the very Region and universe itself!.The massive amount of distorted audio and the spontaneous crashing, etc.



SHe is a living "Monkey's Paw", overcompensating in giving people the ANarchy they cried for, to the point where she apparently manipulated the Creator into disabling Democracy outright.


Being well in-tune with her allies-turned subjects, she also has become infamous for assimilating their language:v5BhTkf.png





There you have it! What occurs currently, is a battle between the kind, May we're more familiar with alongside Twitch Players, pitted against her Ax-Crazy, yandere persona who's also taken an unhealthy romantic shine to Brendan/T, commanding the Mob faction of Twitch and a decent portion of the INTERNET.


The outcome at the end of the road, though, has yet to be seen. Which side will you choose?

I imagine Camilla is affected by the voices but wants to overpower them and control them, effectively becoming a god in insanity.

That too. Well, the more "Azula" side anyway.

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I tune into the stream, and see we only have a Marill in our party, and I've had this thing running on the sidelines all day. The weird stuff always happens when you're not looking. 


Edit: And since a whole day has passed, it's time for a recap for those of you at home. 




  • 30,000 viewers, twice the usual audience for Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, arrive to witness the premiere. The countdown timer for Emerald reaches zero... and the stream promptly crashes.
  • After several tests with the options menu, the Mob meets Professor Birch. They pick a girl trainer and name her " /' " (nicknamed "Slash" or "Slasha"), but then accidentally reset the game. They choose the girl again and pick the default name option Camila.
  • The game is reset again. The Mob picks a boy and names him "T", but wanting to have kept the girl, try to reset the game again.
  • The game is reset again again. This time the Mob has difficulty picking a character, but eventually pick a girl again and name her "A".
  • The Mob finds itself trapped in A's bedroom, unable to leave until they confront The Clock.
  • The stream is paused to disable the Select button, preventing any more resets.
  • After A set The Clock and watched her dad Norman on TV, she started wandering around Littleroot Town, unable to enter Brendan's house for about an hour.
  • At 1 hour and 18 minutes, the Mob finally picks Torchic due to A mashing. The Torchic is nicknamed " zyyxyy", in which the Mob declares to be known as "Zexy," "Zexy/Zechs Marquise," or "Hot Wings". After Zexy is received, the GUI of the stream shows A's party of Pokémon at the bottom of the stream with health and level included.
  • As the Mob ventures out to Route 101, A whites out due to a wild Poochyena. A soon wanders back out to Route 101 once again in attempt to reach Oldale Town. Zexy reaches level 6.
  • The Mob reaches Oldale Town, and inside of the Pokémon Center, an old man mentions the functionality of the PC. Panic ensues and A access the PC. Fortunately, Zexy is A's only Pokémon, so no risk of releasing... for now. A leaves the Pokémon Center without even healing.
  • With at least one NPC mentioning the PC's function in each town so far, the Mob begins to fear that Hoenn is inundated with PC cultists/PC worshippers.
  • The Mob wanders north from Oldale Town to Route 103. Before entering the tall grass, A goes back to the Pokémon Center and heals Zexy. The Mob then wandered back up to Route 103. While A fought wild Pokémon in the tall grass, Zexy reaches level 7.
  • The first battle against Brendan begins with Zexy at half health. After Zexy growls at Brendan's Mudkip numerous times, Zexy faints to a critical hit and A whites out.
  • Zexy once again faints to a wild Poochyena on Route 103. After healing, A goes down to Route 103 and Zexy reaches level 8 on wild Pokémon. Soon after, A returns to Route 103.
  • The Mob rematches Brendan on Route 103. In a close battle with Zexy at three health, A wins.
  • After the victory against Brendan, the Mob goes straight back to Littleroot to meet at Professor Birch's lab.
  • A receives 5 Pokéballs, but fails to catch any Pokémon with them due to the layout of her bag. She loses all of her money as well.
  • After the Mob finally makes it to Petalburg, A helps Wally catch his first Pokémon.
  • A enters Route 104 and battles a few wild Pokémon and trainers. Zexy reaches Level 13 but is very low on health. It faints not long after entering Petalburg Woods, causing A to white out and return to the Petalburg City's Pokémon Center.
  • After hours of wandering through Petalburg Woods, the Mob finally makes it to Route 104. Eventually, they made their way into Rustboro City with Zexy at level 17.
  • A captures a Nincada, an Abra, and a Poochyena, all in a row. Nincada is level six while the other two are level seven. Abra receives the nickname "apf uojkyy", in which the Mob is undecided of calling it "Fapbra" or "Airlock"note . Yet, the Mob is frightened that A will be sent back to a Pokémon Center at bad times thanks to the field use of Abra's move Teleport. Poochyena is often referred to as "Doge" or "Dogeyena" by the Mob. Wow.
  • A obtains Cut and manages to teach it to Nincada relatively quickly.
  • The Mob decides to grind for a while since they don't have any Pokémon super effective to rock. Zexy, being at level 20, is still a Torchic. He would have evolved to Combusken, a fire AND fighting type, at level 16. Yet, B spam stopped this from happening.
  • After their grinding session, A goes back to sightsee around Rustboro for about two hours, going into almost all of the buildings and checking them multiple times, privacy be damned. Apparently she really likes this city. During a visit to the Pokémon Center, Zexy almost got deposited into the dreaded PC. Thankfully, he wasn't.
  • The mob is split in two factions: the ones who want to grind more in order to beat Roxanne and the others who want to fight without the extra grinding. This causes A to wander around Rustboro for another hour.external_link.gif
  • After buying 3 Poké Balls with the last of her money, the Mob agrees that they have to make those balls count. However, while struggling to get an item, they catch 2 more Poochyenasexternal_link.gif◊ note  and a Marillexternal_link.gif◊.
  • With the acquisition of Marill, the Mob is afraid of accessing the PC in order to retrieve it, because the next day marks the one month anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
  • The Mob attempts to withdraw Marill from the PC. Marill is eventually placed in the party... but every other caught Pokémon is now in the PC.note  The Mob has become Tracey Sketchit.
  • The Mob flees the PC and rushes to the south of Rustboro, where their Level 5 Marill proves insufficient for grinding and they are promptly whited out by a wild level 6 Poochyena.

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We're only on Day 1 and already the very fate of the Hoenn Region and possibly the whole Pokemon Universe, not to mention the fate of fourth wall victims, lies directly in the outcome of A's inner battle for sanity or insanity dominance! Oh and Rustboro City's starting to go Celadon on us. Can things get any crazier!? Will we even come out if this one!? And would the victory of A's insane side be the reasoning behind the upcoming Fire Red madness??????

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Time for a journal excerpt from the madwoman herself:


You never quite know what to expect with this one... (self.twitchplayspokemon)


1 minute  ago by khaosdragon


The voices were always demanding something. This time they wanted to get Marill from the PC. Marill? When did we catch her? Was it before Poochyena or after Poochyena? Oh my poochies I love you so. You remind me of my dogs I used to have in...what was I doing again?


Oh! A PC. I think I should get Marill. But my party is full I'll need to put someone in. How aboooooout, Nincada you can go in for a while! Nincada's a funny name, I wonder why you're named that. Who names Pokemon, anyway? Oh, I need space for Marill! How about one of you poochies. Weeeellll, since I have three why not two of you. You can keep each other company!

"Excuse me miss, are you using the PC?"

"Huh? Oh yes, I'll only be a minute!"


I should make some space for Marill. Hmm, Zexy, you won't be very effective against the gym leader. Better stay here.


I know, I know, get Marill. Let me just make some room in the party. Oh, AppleJack, all you can do is teleport, that won't be of any use! Okay, let's get Marill!

"Young girl, there are other people waiting to use the PC!"

"OK OK, I'm almost done!"

Jeez, people can so rude. Like those stupid voices. Always wanting something. Oh, poochie, didn't I deposit you? Well, here you go. Don't worry, I'll be back with everyone soooooooon!


Yes, yes our entire team is ready to go take down the rocky bitch. But first, let's go train Marill <3

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Seems our oh-so-lovable 'protagonist' has a special fondness for Marill. 


Oh Marill~ 


Marill, Marill...Marill~ 




Speaking of Marill...


Roxanne's been conquered.




...but they lost Water Gun for Rollout in the process. Either way, that's the first major obstacle out of the way in Camilia's/A-Chan's path.

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Who's to say we're all evil now?


I prefer to think of us as a maddening force who, let's face it, are mostly here to mess things up with slight urges for progress. 


"A" just being a psychopathic killer just seems to have more fun to it than just the deep tragedy, because we've been through this deep plot in Red and Crystal. A representative that desires our presence so she can purposefully wreck the world is a scenario that definitely leans more to the chaos our lore has provided. 


And giving her multiple personality disorder just seems redundant with us here.


I agree with her having power over her own decisions though. It's a nice change of pace from us controlling everything. Even we gods have met our match.




Go to sleep, silly German fellow. tongue.png

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There likely won't be any PC victims this time around. The likelihood is very low since you'd need four continuos down commands on the already more advanced PC system followed by an multiple A commands, all with pressing A once or a B spam. I think we're pretty much safe - we only released three last generation.

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Well, Marill is cuter than Azumarill, so I'll at least the Mob side of Twitch who keeps trolling the evolutions will give me that pleasure at least. Still, goddamn, just let poor Torchic grow up.



Ironically, there hasn't been a single PC victim to this date in this playthrough.

Speaking of which, we're running into a load of Oddishes lately on this route. Cabbage......

Oh and here's something too:



What a twist.

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So basically, A is rebelling against the voices and is actually kind of succeeding?


I think my headcanon of A is quickly becoming that she's handling this better than Red and AJ, but still really hates the mob. Unique from the tragic hero tropes of the first two protags, at least. I'm...not really a fan of the other, super edgy interpretations of her.


Not saying I have a problem with people who do go with those headcanons, mind you. All the fun of this whole thing has been the different ways of looking at the events!

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