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Which elements of SLW resonated with you?


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The spin dash was a welcome return and works quite well if you know how to handle it, the stages are colourful and cartoony and i love the animations on Sonic's model and the enemies! I also thought stages like the Honeycomb and furry Pacman on acid were great fun and highly original!

Honestly SLW is not terrible, it's just...okay. There are some things I like about it but many other things I hate or really frustrate me!

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I liked the Spin Dash.  There were only like 2 levels where it felt like you had a good amount of room to play with it, but when it worked I really enjoyed it.  Just put it in better level design and it'll be way better than the boost.

Only two levels you say?


Honestly, I think level variety and the parkour could be good things to keep for the future, even though the levels weren't exactly everyones cup of tea, I think that if they continued on with more varied level design like this game has (minus the gimmicks) it could make the levels feel like more unique experiences and the parkour has lots of potential for shortcuts and speed runs if utilized correctly.

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The visuals and sumptuous frame rate


Initially I didn't particularly prize it because of some graphical sameyness and the lighting not being particularly dynamic but you know what? It works for me regardless.


It's very pretty and vibrant and to me feels like a pretty good approximation of incorporating the Classic game's take on detail in a Modern game. And that frame rate makes it all run as smooth as the finest silk. Character models and animation is excellent and the visual effects are lovely such as flying embers in Lava Mountain, leaves blowing on the wind in Windy Hill and beams of light cascading through foliage in Silent Jungle.


The level tropes exhibit a good level of creativity despite abiding by many platform level cliches.


The story and Sonic's characterization in particular.


Sure the story had it's shortcomings such as the lack of focus on the fates of the Zeti but for the most part it was quite competently-written and was charming and a large improvement on the stories of Colours and Gens. And Sonic's characterization is to date second only to the Storybook games in my view. In particular I liked how willing he was to admit to his foibles and take culpability for his mistake. Not to mention the feels given-off by his very palpable sadness and loneliness when he's standing along in Lava Mountain trying in vain to contact anybody through the Miles Electric :(  And I just love how he acts not the least bit intimidated by Zazz and Zavok, giving back to them as good as he gets.




I suppose those are the elements of this game that positively resonated with me. Other aspects were alright but not what I'd class as being something that particularly "resonated" with me.

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-Silent Forest 1 is a great level and it has a perfect mix of good parkour elements (especially towards the end) and fun enemies and hazards. The only issue with it i had was the pointless spider sections. Tropical Coast 1 also gets points for how open the level is and has that one section where there's sick slope that isn't impeded by dash pads


- I found the parkour very fun when you had the opportunity use it, it's a bit janky but with the rough edges removed it could finally be Sonic's "thing" that won't have a reason to be replaced with something new.


-Enemy variety is amazing and they actually feel like enemies as opposed to "obstacles Sonic boosts and homing attacks through".


-Zavok is a cool villain and I wish he got more closure, the other D6 I can take or leave but I thought he was a very imposing villain that does well to distinguish himself from Eggman


-I also liked the story, but that's all ill say about that. Ill just say that like Colors it was a story where I cared more about the characters then usual.


-Spindash is great, way more versatile, and way more satisfying to use then the boost. I just wish there was more places to use it, like ramps and such (Desert Ruins 1 uses it rather well in that regard).


-Music is good, a bit weaker then other Sonic OSTs but still overall solid. Dragon Dance, Sea Bottom Segue, Silent Forest 1, Desert Ruins 1 are all great, and Windy Hill 1 is probably one of my favorite Sonic tracks ever for a opening stage. 

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I liked the story. The ending was kind of weak, but aside from that, I was really happy having a story that focused on the main characters and explored them in a new way, and wasn't just the story of New Character that Sonic and co happened to stumble into. Tails, especially, is more interesting than he's been in a long time.

Conceptually I liked the parkour mechanics, the return of the spindash, and the run button...but I'm actually pretty disappointed in the execution. The ideas deserve a second chance but they need to change how they use them.

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Running on walls. The parkour mechanic wasn't without flaws, but it resonated with me and I feel like if they ditch it just like that, it'll be a disservice to the series. If they stick with it, I want to see the level design be built more around doing cool stuff with the parkour, because the moments like that were some of the best in the game.


Also echoing what people are saying about the Spindash, it was really satisfying to use in my experience.

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Parkour was honestly really fun to use, even if the game didn't really tell you to that much. I felt it controlled amazing for their first try, and I'd love to see it return in more expansive and not-so-confined levels, like the tubular ones. There's so much potential to be reached with the Parkour the way I see it.

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As many have said, while the execution of parkour may have been lacking - specifically, I thought it was highly limiting that you could only run in straight lines, and the direction differed depending on where the camera was pointing - then being able to run on walls as Sonic in a 3D game is a great idea.  Greater freedom of movement, basically.


Also, though this is totally a Marmite issue, I thought the gyro-controlled special stages in the 3DS version worked really well.  I take issue with some points of their level design - specifically, one of the later ones that was just a maze of barrier walls that you had to scramble around - but I found it genuinely fun to control.  And I also think it was in the spirit of the series for the special stages to be unconventional in how they're played, too.

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The gameplay is pretty good in my opinion. It feels like it could do with some tweaking in some places, and I like how the level design isn't just Hightail Hallway Zone like how it was in the Boost games. Also, say what you will about their personalities, but I think the Deadly Six are the best non-Eggman villains in the series since... well, since Metal Sonic (I kinda question Orbot/Cubot's status, seeing how they're more of a dick to Eggman than to Sonic). Again, give them more depth than "Zomom luvs sandvich" and I'll be happy to see them again.

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