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I just remembered a Sonic 06 glitch that actually differs between 360 and PS3.

In Sonic's battle against Silver, I'm sure you all know about the glitch that let's you escape the battle field.

In the PS3 version, you can run around a deserted Soleanna.

In the 360 version, you can do the same thing, except, all of the buildings you can't see from the battlefield are invisible.

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I hope it's okay to bring this back, because I just remembered an old glitch from the GameCube version of SADX:

I played through Super Sonic's story up to or around the point where Sonic is transported to the past, before I quitted out. I went into another characters story and returned to that spot on Angel Island where the cutscene triggers, and Knuckles and Eggman's lying down models were still there, slightly sunk into the ground.

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