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"True that...." *flashback*


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So I'm playing SA2b last night/this morning and I got to the scene where Tails is about to go after the President's limo and...


(In-Game) Sonic: Man, there always seems to be a lot of police around when ya don't need em.

(IRL) Me: True dat, Blue.

*Dad nods at that* (he woke up and watched me play. xD)


Which reminded me (and assumedly my dad) about how Cityshallnotbenamed is full of cops that have NOTHING to do... and as such put up random checkpoints and try to find a reason to pull you over. xD

Ever have a moment like that? Where something in a Sonic game/whatever reminded you of something IRL (or vice-versa)?

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I had the opposite effect once actually. Anyone here ever tried making one of Prof Pickle's cucumber sandwiches by his recipie?

It tastes of nothing but mayonaisse, and the cucumber is so thin it doesn't even crunch!

So no, not "True that..." Professor. =|

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Vector's general bossing around of Charmy often reminds me a bit of how i used to treat my little brother back when we were kids. It's those kind of memories that you feel sorta ashamed of and nostalgic towards at the same time.

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Amy in SA catching up to Sonic. I have two friends that were exacly like that when they were twelve. She would see him and start getting all nervous and would follow him, she had a huge crush on him and he was very disgusted of it and tried to get rid of her every time, but never insulting her or anything. True Heroes was a step up, so their behaviour doesn't mimick that but SA and SA2 fits like a glove.

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