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Welcome to the Durarara!! thread! It's surprising (and disappointing) to see that this thread wasn't already made for such a great series, but I'll try my best to do this OP justice for my one of my favorite series ever. 



Durarara!! is a Japanese light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita, with illustrations done by Suzuhito Yasuda. You may know Ryohgo Narita from his other popular Japanese light novel series, Bacanno! I haven't gotten around to checking Bacanno! out yet, but seeing how Ryohgo Narita won the 9th Dengeki Novel Prize from Bacanno!, I'm sure it's certainly worth checking out. 



The story of Durarara!! is basically about Mikado Ryūgamine, a young boy who wants an exciting life who ends up moving to Ikebukuro to attend the same school as his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Soon, his friend Masaomi Kida warns him about the mysterious gang in Ikebukuro known as "The Dollars". Ikebukuro isn't just home to this mysterious gang, but is also home to a headless Black Rider who goes around searching for something important, a man with super natural strength that you certainly do not want to piss off, an information brooker who loves to troll and start trouble, and many more unique and interesting people. The story of Durarara!! ultimately will introduce many characters with their own stories to tell that may or may not cross with other stories. This truly is an interesting adventure not only for Mikado who will soon learn how crazy and interesting Ikebukuro is, but also for you (the reader). 





In Durarara!! you will meet many characters that are full of life and just have their own stories to be shown in Ikebukuro. 



Characters you'll meet will range from a bartender with super natural strength and you really shouldn't piss him off, to a character who loves to hit on the ladies (young and old!), and even a character who loves to sell sushi. Understand these different characters and enjoy them because some might actually leave you surprised... 



Durarara!! Light Novels/Anime/Manga Information

Light Novels

The story of Durarara!! started April 10th, 2004 in Dengenki Bunko and ended January 11th, 2014. There are a total of 13 volumes for the Durarara!! story, but it has been confirmed that the story will indeed continue in the sequel, Durarara!! SH. Sadly no one haven't licensed the light novels. 





Durarara!! anime started January 7th, 2010 and ended June 24th, 2010 with a total of 26 episodes. The anime also aired on Adult Swim for awhile! The anime adapts the first 3 light novels. It was just confirmed that Durarara!! will be getting another anime. There is currently no official release date for this new anime. 


The anime has been licensed by AniplexUSA for a North American release. 

You can buy the complete Blu-Ray lunch box set 


Part 1 DVD (episodes 1 - 9) is currently out of print. 
Part 2 DVD (episodes 10 - 17 + episode 12.5) can still be purchased

Part 3 DVD (episodes 18 - 24 + episode 25) can still be purchased.


If you live in the UK, don't worry! You can buy DRRR!! too! 

Durarara!! Blu-Ray box set.
Durarara!! complete DVD set.


Durarara!! is currently streaming on Crunchyroll





A manga adaption started April 18th, 2009 and is still ongoing. The manga is broken into different parts to cover the different arcs in the series (Durarara!!, then Saika arc, then Yellow Flag arc). The manga has been licensed by Yen Press for a North American release. 


You can still buy the Durarara!! manga that is currently available.


If you live in the UK, the manga is also available for you!


Naming of Durarara!!

Although it is commonly claimed that the name "Durarara" is an onomatopoeia for the "revving of an engine," Narita states specifically in the first volume of the light novel series that the title means absolutely nothing. He had been editing the finished draft of his book, when his editor called. When prompted for a title, Narita "...just randomly gave a name, 'Du...Durarara?'" Upon hearing this, his editor responded saying, "Not bad. I kind of like ambiguous titles."




Will you end up enjoying the life that Ikebukuro offers? 

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I am honestly SUCH a huge fan of this series. I read the manga and watched the entire anime. It shows something different. I loved the concept of gangs, a "headless" rider in the mist of all the chaos. And even people playing in backround who is playing everyone like pawns. Such a great series....

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Also, in case no one read the OP, Durarara!! is getting another anime season!




The cast and staff of the Durarara!! anime franchise announced at Dengeki Game Festival 2014 on Sunday that a new Durarara!! television anime series is in the works. The story takes place a half year after the first series at Tokyo's Ikebukuro neighborhood, but the broadcast date has not been announced.



The main staff is reuniting for the new series, but Brains Base is not credited. Takahiro Omori is directing at the studio Shuka. Noboru Takagi is in charge of the scripts and Takahiro Kishida is designing the characters. Makoto Yoshimori is scoring the soundtrack.

- AnimeNewsNetwork


Yeah, more than likely this will be adapting more of the light novels, starting with light novel 4 (the first DRRR!! anime adapted the first 3 light novels). 

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