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Man, there are so many good options. Metal Sonic is an obvious answer. Merlina was also utterly fantastic as a villian and deserves a spot here as well. As do some of the awesome villains the comics have developed over the years like Enerjak, Doc. F. and the rest. However, I think my favorite non-Eggy villain has to be this one-shot character right here.






E-101 Beta mkII


suck him in.


First off, he is a total badass. The black and white color scheme only exists to show up Gamma. But no, that wasn't enough. Homebot here had to go and get himself an upgrade. Now he's a hoverdroid that can blast kamahameha's out of his arms. Did I mention he picked up a pair of knuckle spikes? Dude is just too much.


Seriously though, I think its his story that got to me. As great as Gamma's arc was, it was his conflict and relationship with Beta that really sold it to me. When Gamma was "born" he was almost immediately pit against his superior "brother" for a slot aboard the Egg Carrier. Even when he lost, he showed an aggressive tenacity to succeed, a personality trait lacking in the other E-Series beyond Gamma himself.


Fast-forward to the endgame, and one lengthy rebuild process later, and Gamma and Beta are dukeing it out on the fallen wreckage of the flagship they originally sparred to be a part of. Was Beta fighting for Pride? Survival? Who knows. In the end, Beta blasted his brother clear of his own demise. An unselfish act? A cheap shot? All I know is that as a villain, E-101 reinforced the traits of E-102 and gave his story the climactic ending it deserved.


He's everything you want in a villain. Gotta love the guy.

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Whoa I almost missed a day! D8 Thank goodness I didn't~! 


Anyway Day 27~! XD Fav Not!Fatman Baddie huh? 


Yeah I'm gonna go with Metal Sonic's OVA self. 




He was too cool is the OVA. Honestly if I go to it watch it's because of him and his fight scenes with Sonic. He can give Sonic a run for his money. And like what everyone said about him. xD;;;;

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this guy!! The funny thing about him is that he is such a bad villian that he is good. He is funny sometimes even his name sounds funny. I think he is parody of all genericy villians to be honest and he does a good job. When you play as the evil missions there are some times where you have to kill his solders and Black Doom will go on about how you are a trater. Even the first mission, he wants you to get the chaos emerald but once you get there he doesnt want you to get it. So he confuses me sometimes which makes him funny.

Black Doom is those villians who like to spin you in circles. You try to do what he says but he wants you to do something else or worse say you are faling the mission. He can also not have common sense as well. In one stage you get all the generators but you do get his men while trying to light them. The funniest part of all is when he follows you as a floating starfish with one eye in every single stage you do evil missions in. For story all we know is that hes telling Shadow to collect emeralds and then we find out hes using them to destroy fot the world and that Shadow was create with Black Doom.

Hso horrible hes awesome. I said before, I think hes a parody of bad villians everywhere and he does a good job. Also he has a scary design and its very neat to. Oh and Black Doom doesnt take the spotlight away from Eggman or betray him and it make me happy. Hes the main

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I choose Classic Eggman from Sonic Generations. It was cool seeing a younger version of the doctor before his descent into madness, and seeing how he feels about the person he'll eventually become.


Since that probably doesn't count, I'll have to choose Merlina. She's really the only other villain with decent characterization, and the twist at the end was nice, even if it was spoiled for me beforehand. The fact that she genuinely believes to be doing the right thing makes her interesting. Also, With Me is fantastic for Sonic vocal music standards.

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Day 27: Favorite Sonic Villain APART from Dr. Robotnik:



The Deadly Six is where it's at, but today I am going to specifically talk about this guy right here:



Yes, Zazz, as he is my favorite out my my favorites. happy.png He is a wild, obnoxious, unpredictable, short-tempered, explosive, vengeful, violent inconsiderate, disrespectful, ruthless and villain that is also funny:




There is so much going on in this cutscene, but the banter between Sonic and Zazz I found to be funny, which is the quality of Zazz that I admire the most. He provides additional laughs with some of his quotes in Sonic Lost World:


 ~"Bring it on and I'll rip it up!"

~"He's gettin' pretty close. I'm gonna have to bring in my A game if I wanna mop the floor with his spiny butt!"
~"There's that little punk. I've been dreaming about pounding his sorry blue butt!"
~"You're going home in a box!"


These are just some of the things Zazz has said which makes him a very entertaining villain. 




Even Zazz's boss fights are entertaining as he show's his wild and uncontrollable ways and continues to provide laughs via his outbursts yelling at and also taunting Sonic.


Overall Zazz's interesting and varied personality in regards to his qualities easily makes him my favorite Sonic villain aside from the awesome Doctor himself. wink.png

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Question #27: Who is/are your favourite villain(s)... APART from Robotnik?


You once again make an assumption by thinking Eggman is my favorite anythi- *tackled.*


Anyway, I'm just going to slither on over to the Unpopular Fellows pile and pull out this crumpled piece of paper that reads Dark Gaia, because if you think about it, it's actually quite terrifying. It breaks apart the planet by just waking up, and yet somehow all of the physical forces that would be wreaking havoc after such an event still pale in comparison to the fallout.


First, Dark Gaia is virtually omnipresent; there is no actual escaping it mainly due to its size. Subsequently, it has the ability to prey upon any potential weakness in the hearts and minds of people, tearing families and communities apart, as well as taking hold of the natural fauna and even flora to turn them into grotesque creatures for the remaining of sound mind to deal with. In fact, rare is the moment when Dark Gaia isn't actually having an effect on the world around you, because no matter how peaceful it may look on the surface it's still there just emanating the awful effects of its mere consciousness. And even if you kill it, you don't actually kill it. It just falls back to sleep and regenerates so it can do its act all over again.


And yet, Dark Gaia isn't some Freudian mess nor a quirky rabblerouser; instead it's more Godzilla-like, in that it's just a walking metaphor for darkness: whether that be literal night, fear, rage, apprehension, confusion, and the effects of these emotions on those around us. But unlike Godzilla, it is always easily kept in check by the strength of its light counterpart, and thus coincidentally in its existence helps exemplify the feeling of hope. The nobility of humanity's effort to do the right thing is utterly useless within the context of a perfect utopia. For any act of heroism to mean anything, it must be directed towards something that's wrong, unjust, or tragic. So Dark Gaia is not just a symbol for darkness, it is also the impetus that allows a moral good to actually gain inherent meaningfulness.

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Day 27 : Best Non-Eggman Villain.



Shadow (SA2).


SA2 was where Shadow was at his most interesting, and possibly his most well-written state. Given that this was his intro game, of course, but still. And no, he was no anti-hero thing, and he certainly wasn't a crony to Eggman; it's more like Eggman was a crony to him.


That's right. Shadow was essentially the main antagonist of SA2, regardless of how much of an in-charge badass Eggman was throughout the game's entirety. He was pompous, mysterious and twisted on his goals, knew the information needed to get things done and practically guided Eggman and Rouge on where to go. He was the actual brains behind the entire organization, and he knew it himself, even if he did all the running errands! Not even to mention how much he seemed to love shoving his snark all up in Sonic's face as well as frame him for various crimes.


He was so heavily bent on misremembered promises that even after the space colony ARK had been destined by Gerald's plans to lead on a crash course to Earth, he saw no need to stop it since it was part of his plan to swear revenge on the whole diddly dang planet.


But while it may seem absolutely ridiculous that for one death he wanted approximately 6 billion; lets remember how he's nothing more than an experiment that not long after his "birth" was reencapsuled for well over 50 years, still shaken by the only people and events he experienced long enough to remember. Albeit hammishly done by the script writers, he shown all semblances of what a PTSD victim would feel or think, specificlally of said traumatizing events messing with his psyche and entire mindset after being held unconscious / captive for half a century.


And even with all of this though, he manages to redeem his memories as well as himself. Shadow, living off the same mindset his late creator had felt in his last moments, was reminded of the good of mankind. The reason he was created: a lifeform built as both a protective creature as well as a cure. With the help of Amy (of all people!) he acknowledges his purpose, and this actually visibly pains him to remember his cause yet followed by his actions, given that big ol' cheesy tear he wimpers out. 


He ends up sacrificing himself in the end for the greater good, once again proving that maybe sometimes the villain really is just misunderstood. The ending showing his death (yeah, it pretty much was one until Sega Matrix-dodged the bullet for Heroes and onward) really was a dramatic moment despite it's silly narm, and it really made for a good character you actually wanted to care about.


Certainly in the end he wasn't the most evil antagonist, but outside of Eggman himself, Shadow was once one of the most well developed. Looking back now, it's a shock not only to see how well-written as he was, but that he was a villain at all. tongue.png


Runner-ups: Metal Sonic, Chaos. Both for dang good reasons.

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Question #27: Who is/are your favourite villain(s)... APART from Robotnik?
My favorite non-Eggman villains, huh…
Well, this one will be easy. Over the years, this franchise has seen quite a lot of antagonists besides Dr. Eggman over the years. Some were actually quite great in their own right, others… aren’t really worthy speaking about. I have my fair share of admired antagonists myself and, for the purposes of this thread’s latest topic, I shall give you all three of them. In no particular order of interest:
1) Chaos (Origin: Sonic Adventure)
Ah, yes, the first of the games’ non Egg-tagonists. Being a voiceless water elemental who leans more towards bestial than sapient, you’d think that he’s no different from the other “Monsters of the Week” that the series has had later on. However, to me, what sets him apart from those other guys is his backstory.
An eons old mutated Chao (presumably by the Master Emerald), Chaos used to reside in the Emerald Shrine while serving as protector of the other Chao. However, following a bid for power from Pachacamac that left his only other friend, Tikal, injured while what are essentially his children were killed in the assault, Chaos used the Chaos Emeralds in a fit of well justified mama-bear anger and wiped him as well as the other echidnas out. Just as he was going to destroy the world, Tikal herself sealed Chaos and herself into the Master Emerald at the cost of her own life, but his anger still remained. I think what really speaks to me with him is that, unlike the other Monsters who typically wants to destroy the world because reasons, his motivation is more out of revenge for what he clearly deemed to be the gravest of misdeeds enacted upon him as well as a few innocent victims that he cherished. As MO’s go, this is pretty much the most reasonable that I’ve ever seen from the series--it has genuine pathos going for it.
While he did “betray” and usurp Eggman’s role of Big Bad after his Egg Carrier and Final Egg base went kaputz, I actually don’t mind its use with him here. After essentially being denied any sort of agency from a controlling mad scientist on top of his several thousand year set anger from his children’s deaths, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and issued some long overdue justice on the world that robbed him of everything he’d known and loved. Once he was purified of his rage and hatred by Super Sonic, he pretty much stopped with his destruction, finally granted peace with the knowledge that his Chao were still very much alive, before ascended to a higher place of existence
Of course, Chaos’ ability to use the Emeralds via transformations, culminating to his very own Super form as Perfect Chaos, was pretty cool as well, but what makes me really like Chaos is that he’s a VERY sympathetic antagonist. As far as I’m concerned, this is a “Monster of the Week” done right.
2) Merlina the Sorceress (Origin: Sonic and the Black Knight)
With Merlina here, I say she’s a pretty effective villain as well. I was honestly expecting her to be an expy of Shahra--I mean, she really does look like how Shahra would look like if she donned a robe, right?  Over time, however, she essentially faded into the background with the talking sword, Caliburn, taking her place as the helper character. As this went on, I couldn’t help but wonder why she was even a target by the Sauron-esque King Arthur in the first place. Like, what could she, a relatively meek wizard, have possibly done that earned enough of his ire to have him as well as his knights try to execute her? Also, what could she possibly want with a scabbard that grants immortality?
By the time King Arthur was ”dethroned” permanently and Sonic returned the Scabbard to her, she showed her true colors and everything suddenly made sense. She probably tried to get the Scabbard herself, but was clearly stopped by Arthur and the Knight and, when she summoned Sonic into her world, she essentially tricked her into doing all the dirty work for her while she lay low until she got what she wanted. In every case, this would ultimately make her quite a wicked villainess… however, what makes her more than just that was, again, her motivation. With the death of her grandfather coupled with the realization that her world was on its way to its end, she tried everything in her power to make sure that would never happen, even willing to become wicked herself in the process. A sympathetic motivation… but no less self-centered, as in her efforts to run away from the inevitable, she essentially locked her entire world in a state of stagnant stasis, with no end or beginning.  In other words, while her plight was very relatable, her selfishness still doomed her world in a way no different from its inevitable fate.
What gets me with her as well was her “Dark Queen” form: she may not be the first female villain in the games--as obscure as their game is, Wendy Witchcart and her lackey, Carrotia, still preceded Merlina--she is the first to have a bona fide super transformation of sorts. As they go, her’s look pretty cool. It got that decaying, feral look to her that makes her look quite menacing in her presentation. Couple that with her second form of a gigantic ghostly King Arthur-like figure with four tower-sized weapons, and she has the makings for a downright nightmarish being.
3) The Deadly Six (Origin: Sonic Lost World)
Yeah, I’m gonna show these guys (and girl) some love, too. The Zeti may not be the most depthful of antagonists--a possible side effect of Sega trying to have their plot-light cake and eat it, too--but, you know what? As big a stickler of narrative as I am, I honestly think that flat (or static) characters are not inherently bad; it’s all about the execution that counts, and the way I see it, while their ultimate exit could’ve been done much better, the Deadly Six were all executed quite well!
All six of the Zetis were fun in their own right. Since everyone else has already leveled their detailed thoughts on them, which I completely agree with, I’ll just be brief with mine:
Zazz is a genuine psychopathic nutcase and all the better for it, especially with his banter with Sonic in the Windy Hill Zone 4 cutscene. Zomom may seem to be a typical dumb muscle, but really, none of what he did in the story was really all that inept--he was just a glutton, and gluttons aren’t. Zik has that old master thing going on for him that’s pretty cool, too--I really like how he’s the only Zeti that could fire Ki blasts without having to get his energy boosted. There’s something about Zeena and her apparent apathy and vanity that’s just hilarious--also, her design is pretty cool, too. Zor and his sheer, unending nihilism made for some funny as heck black comedy--also, as I said earlier in the thread, his shadow powers are awesome, as well. Zavok… well, besides having the best Zeti design with his Bowser-esque appearance, he’s pretty much Mephiles the Dark done right, as far as I’m concerned.
Again, they may not be the most deep of Sonic villains, but they’re certainly the most “fun” out of all of them, Eggman aside.

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Day 26 - Most excited news:




This was one of the only things that actually got me excited along with Sonic Generations trailers. An epic crossover between the Blue Blur and Blue Bomber.


Day 27 - Favorite Villain that's NOT Dr. Eggman:


I thought I was originally going to say Shadow,  but technically he isn't a villain, although he sort of served as a major antagonist in Sonic Adventure 2 since his relation with Dr. Eggman's grandfather and help him with his wishes, while fighting Sonic at the same time. However, SEGA/Sonic Team completely screwed him up. I could count Metal Sonic too, but I'm not really so sure about him either since Sonic Team isn't using him at all.


I'll will go with Grand Kukku the 15th from Tails Adventure: 




He was quite a foe to face  really got a upgraded treatment from the Sonic Archie comics. He was quite calculating and always wanted satisfication and would not tolerate failure or being humiliated, especially by the likes of Tails. Ian Flynn really did a great job with this character and made him very threatening and quite a force to be reckoned with. Even a major threat for Tails to face and I really wish that he and his Battle Kukku Armada would appear in the games too.

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Wendy Ulysses P. Witchcart IV is a fucking witch in a minecart who throws blocks of ice at you.

I don't know what else to say. I think this hag took up villainy specifically because of her name. If you were born with the surname Witchcart, would you really pass up the opportunity to become a witch who rides a cart as her primary means of transportation, all to laugh in the faces of those who mocked you for your name in primary school? I didn't think so, loser.

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Well let's see. Some people already tackled Enerjak, Merlina, Chaos, Metal, and Grand Battle Kukku (Archie), so I guess I'll dig somewhere less appreciated.


Imperator Pir'Oth Ix


Now, I'll be the first to admit that this guy's character is pretty lacking. That's not what interests me, since that can easily be retooled for the better. What I like about this guy other than that is his design, his backstory, and best of all, his potential utility.


His design speaks a lot about him. You can tell power eminates from this guy with his glowing eyes, the way he hovers, and his dress. Where as Eggman goes the more dictator scientist look, Ix rocks the technomagician king style.


Then there's his backstory. It's pretty simple, but it's actually really big. This guy is indirectly one of the biggest reasons why Knuckles is the last of his clan, with his Nocturnus tribe forcing the Knuckles clan's hand to steal the emeralds to use against him and dominate the ancient world. This combination of greed and desperation on behalf of Knuckles' ancestors due to this rivalry being what provoked Chaos to wipe out the Knuckles clan after they massacred the Chao and ran over Tikal to take them. What's more, while karma does hit Ix in the form of the Argus Event taking him to another dimension, he and his clan get away scot free with their lives. Okay, maybe that is karma, indirect matching indirect, but the difference being that where as Knuckles' ancestors died out, the Nocturnus still live on.


And all that can play into his utility, serving to Knuckles what Eggman, Doom, and (potentially, if they ever brought him back) the Grand Battle Kukku are for Sonic, Shadow, and Tails: a personal archenemy. Not only that, but with Ix leading the remaining group of echidnas, he could try to use that against Knuckles: either you fight for your surviving kin, or against them. And obviously Knuckles would fight against them, because Knuckles has never interacted with the Nocturnus clan, and if anything it was indirectly their fault he's the last of his clan and the only guardian of Angel Island. Why would he want to work with someone who was a contributing factor to his clan's genocide by Chaos? And most importantly, why would he want to help his remaining kin when doing so would come at the cost of the current world he lives in and enjoys, the people he's met, the friends he's made, and the progress and diversity that has fostered without the Nocturnus dominating everything?


Not only that, but they can serve as rivals for Eggman and even Sonic, butting into conflicts that make things more multifaceted and dangerous. Or even serving as allies from time to time in order to seek world domination, only to backstab each other later on.


Plus, I really love the contrast with the Nocturnus and Knuckles clans. The Knuckles clan are Mayan where as the Nocturnus are Roman (with ninja elements), which can serve as an even bigger divide with Knuckles and Ix as they represent two different ancient, imperial cultures that further contrast each other, one that's delves more into mysticism while the other delves in industry and progress; one that is long dead while the other continues to live, adapt, and thrive; one that has suffered the price, yet learned the mistakes of its sins while the other continues to make them without any care of its price; and one that seeks to let the world grow after they're (mostly) gone, while the other seeks to subvert the order of the current world under their rule. And what's more is that they're also alien to, yet a close part, of Sonic's world. For all their time away, all their differences to the current world, they were no less different from it than the people who still live there.


Just like I see in Knuckles, I see a lot of potential in Ix and the Nocturnus he leads. It says a lot that I could say this much about them despite being in only one game.

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You all know what I'mma gonna say:




Yep, say what you will about these guys and how cliché and one-dimensional they are, but I still love these guys. Aside from Metal Sonic (who gets an honourable mention, but is brought down by virtue of... well, not really doing much of anything lately), they're the only non-Eggman baddies I actually like (the rest I either do not care for, or are Eggman Nega and are thus met with burning dislike).


In particular, Zavok strikes me as Mephiles (and to some extent I suppose Nega too) done right: he manipulates others, but he does so in much more straightforward ways, he's an evil genius out to conquer the world, but he doesn't use any overly complicated plan to do so, nor does he use a plan that would also kill him *coughcoughseriouslynegahackdidyounotthinkthatwholeplanetintocardthingthroughhackhack*. He acts like an "eviler" Eggman, but is actually distinct enough (both physically and in drive/personality) to be his own character and not an Eggman clone (also helps that Eggman himself isn't any less evil in Lost World - and actually might be moreso given how he only saves Sonic and Tails out of pragmatism rather than actually being heroic). Also, I like how he's a main baddie who actually fights Sonic mono e mono instead of relying primarily on some form of artificial backup (I mean, yeah, he has that dragon, but in Sky Road 4 he mostly tries to punch Sonic).


I'd actually like them to be recurring baddies for Sonic, or failing that, shunting them and the Lost Hex to the Sol Dimension so as to finally give Blaze unique enemies. Also I am still bitter that I didn't come up with them before Sonic Team did, I like them that much.

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Favourite non-Eggman villain...




I love Chaos. He's an amazing 'villain' with a good side to his character-- like I believe I've said, multidimensional characters are awesome. He serves as that really interesting piece of lore for the Sonic universe to this day as well.


Plus, he's a giant liquid dildo. How amazing is that.

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Day 27


(It occurs to me that because of the week break, my numbering system is now a bucket of lies, bucket of sushi sold separately).




Yep, the mutated Telletubbies are in the spotlight. Now the obvious flaw with them is that they are completely by the numbers as far as their personalities go i.e. the fat one, the girly one etc.


Beyond that though I thought they were a nice change up from Eggman. One of my favorite things about them is that they actually did have some rather epic lines, mostly being thrown at Sonic. I remember people were somewhat surprised when the colour powers trailer was released and we heard Zavok's "Your fate is to be destroyed" line. I just like that for once we have villains who openly say they're intending to kill instead of sugar coating that.


They're also pretty good at actually getting stuff done. They almost drain Sonic's world of energy, nearly killing Knuckles and Amy in the process and inadvertently kidnap Tails. It was a nice little scene where Sonic's lost his three friends and Zavok shows up just to kick a guy while he's down and gloat that Sonic will be all on his own soon.

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Day 27 Favourite Villains who aren't Eggman....

Well, I'll have to go Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic was always cool with me from when I first saw him. Those black and red eyes, the turbine sticking out of his back, his claw-like hands... Everything about him looks cool. I loved playing as him in SA2B's multiplayer. And he was really cool in Heroes, even if he took a different design for the majority of the game, he was still really cool. And when I later raced against him in CD, it was great as he was really a worthy opponent. So yeah, good on Metal.

I also have to say Chaos. He's really interesting, powering up with the use of the Chaos Emeralds, just like Sonic. Though all his forms are really cool and diverse to fight against. Especially his final, Perfect Chaos, which he used to destroy the Egg Carrier and Station Square. He really made a good final boss there, and the stage kept you on your toes with the drowning risks...

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What can I say about them without copying and pasting other's opinion? (Seriously guys, you already took the best adjectives! ohmy.png )


To begin, they have a kickass badass theme (which I like to call "the demonic version of Everybody Want To Be A Cat" dry.png )


They're crazy, they're brute, they're sad, they're wise, they're sexy...




...well, Zeena at least.


Bonus point for Zeena, as me and her have something in common (no, not the sexyness, sadly).

We both agree about Tails' cuteness:



I mean look at her, she clearly wants to cuddle the fox very tight and maybe go even further, But it's better not to think about it.


Another bonus point for Zavok, since out of all the Sonic villains...

...he managed to scare the living crap out of Sonic with just one sentence. It's like the Sonic equivalent of Chuck Norris.

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I never really thought about it much, but I guess my favorite villain is Shadow. And before you guys come in and tell me he doesn't count, yes he fucking does because he was the main villain in his first ever appearance. Anyway, Shadow is my favorite villain because he came the closest to achieving his goal. The only reason he didn't succeed in crashing the ARK in SA2 is because he decided not to go through with it at the last minute. That's right: while Eggman keeps losing because of stuff outside his control (effectively making him fated to lose from the start), Shadow is the only one of Sonic's adversaries to fail of his own volition.

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Growing up, I didn't play Sonic CD, so I've never had a great attachment to Metal Sonic. However, thanks to Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, I did see him in their game adaptation. They then expanded the idea into something far greater: The Brotherhood of Metallix.


One Metal Sonic is dangerous. A whole army? Lead by the massive Emperor? Near unstoppable. Their debut in the Chaotix adaptation was intimidating, and then they made their way into the main story. They took Robotnik's best accomplice, and managed to remove Robotnik from existence! They molded the world into their own image, and also kept up their campaign against the real Sonic.


Another great example of how Kitching expanded the Sonic world without that much to go on.

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Question #27: Who is/are your favourite villain(s)... APART from Robotnik?


Oh, the question I suggested? Doc, you shouldn't have...#blush#



Eggman is my favourite villain, of course. But what about these three guys?



1) Grand Battle Kukku XV


Now, it's no secret that I like Tails' Adventure and Tails in general, bar a few of his appearences. But at the beginning, the only reason why I liked the Battle Kukku was that he was, more or less, an avian version of Eggman. Commander of his own army, with a speedy henchman at his beck and call and the like. Then he debuted in the comics. GOOD GOD, did Ian Flynn make him justice! This guy went from a somewhat good final boss in an obscure yet sweet game to an one bird army, trashing the Babylon Rogues in seconds flat. I can't wait to see him in the funny papers again, especially since my favourite Archieverse villain bit the dust.



2) Mammoth Mogul


Vandal Savage ( of which old man Mogul is an expy)  is one of my favourite DC villains, and I'm a sucker for immortal villains with a sophisticated behaviour. When he had good writers behind his back, Mogul was  a force to be reckoned with, a cold and calculating villain with a passion for over-elaborated speech. It's a shame to see him go, but circumstances weren't in his favour.


3) Erazor Djinn


This guy is a riot, and a joy to listen to. I don't think that the game wanted the players to take him seriously, unlike the villain in Black Knight. His voice actors did a fantastic job in portraying a hammy villain who talked like a overdramatic actor. Understandably, since he is one of the characters of the most famous story in the Arabian Nights. Hammy as he was, though, he was still able to come off as threating, able to force Sonic to do his bidding, and playing emotionally with Shahra.



Honorable Mention; Black Doom. The writers probably wanted a serious villain but....c'mon, I could listen to this guy's  b-list speeches for hours!

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Alright, so none of the game villains really capture my imagination. I guess I'm not a fan of the huge forces with threatening world-devastating potential...or robots. So, instead, I'll pull up two villain reptiles from other media, one you may have heard of, one you probably won't have. Ever. Strap in for a character lesson. 




Mordred Hood piqued my curiosity ever since I saw him in Scrambled. You only get one line out of him, and it's to show that he likes to celebrate the potential of being able to rise up for himself by...ordering more floggings that he would do without Eggman dying. Really a raw embodiment of a sadist, and also a bit of a timid guy when faced with the might of Eggman, considering he doesn't feel like talking back. But hey, that's not surprising of a spineless worm like him.


That could have been the end of his story like so many other grandmasters that were introduced in Scrambled and never given a line again. But no, he decided to have a little grandstand before the end of reality...and it became a reptile versus reptile slugfest because he chose the wrong arc to do it. But we do see a bit more about him at least; his role prior to being a grandmaster was similar to the snake-themed Jafar, advisor to the king (well, it was a sultan in Aladdin, but eh) who wanted more power. He's shown to have hypnotic powers like many other fictional snakes whether from Disney or not (hello Kaa and Sir Hiss!), and he uses them for surprisingly mundane uses. It's certainly useful when it comes to interrogation and brief subjugation, but it's not nearly as overpowered as it would be in other media. Makes a nice change. Also he got a slight redesign to make him come off as more lethal (the redesign is pictured).


And then the SGW happened, where nearly every comic-exclusive character got wiped out in one fell swoop. Mordred, the clinger he is, was one of a very small percentage who did not contribute to this statistic and keeps on trucking as the Egg Boss in Avalon. No doubt he'll be demonstrating some more parlour tricks in the near future. 



The second character...uh...




Looooot. If Lord Hood's use of hypnosis is classed as mundane, Loot's use of invisibility is the pinnacle of mundane. He appeared in one issue, as part of one of the back-up stories, so you can see how utterly crucial he was as a character. He's a thief who uses invisibility to rob museums of artefacts. On the surface, this sounds like a great use for invisibility. The problem is that he's so incompetent with his natural ability that it's basically a farce. He has to rely on covering up CCTV with socks to cover his tracks, he likes to brag about the theft that he's doing in the middle of doing the theft to the people who want to catch him. And he's so petty that just getting dirt on his clothes is enough to stop him in his tracks (so he might be slightly more competent with a SegaSonic redesign because there'd be less clothes to get dirty). The only reason he got so far in the first place is because Tails and the police force forgot that invisibility was a thing in their world. 


So yeah, he rates on the bottom rung of the villainy ladder, but he's a fun little character for the brief appearance he had. He also some pretty neat deviations from the figure he was based off (those eyes, man. And little pink horn thingy).


Edit: SHIT, I nearly forgot about the original non-Eggman villain!




Seriously, this bastard is literally the first non-Eggman villain. Anton Verruca is like Bowser in ways, but more...mundane (the buzzword of the day for me). Nicky's main rival for Amy's affection, he's a brute who's not above bringing out weapons to try and kill off the opposition (the school has no rules apparently) or even with working with Dr Eggman himself. He also strangely has at least one little brother that he looks after, although I don't know how much impact Matt had on the plot in general. And even though he is the toady that will latch onto whoever offers to help him get Nicky out of the picture, he's still at least got powers himself to back him up so he's not a completely defenceless prawn (although that seldom helps). Despite not being one of the characters who made the jump from the manga to the games, he's still a lot of fun to watch. 

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jfadKjG.jpg             eBHWVVP.jpg



Chaos and Shadow


The above are my favourite villains for similar reasons. Both sought vengeance upon the entire planet for the highly destructive actions of a relatively small group of people. Despite that, you could sympathise with them, as their one experience with the outside world was having their homes and loved ones taken from them. It also didn't help that Shadow's mind was a mess of fragmented memories.


Part of their appeal, of course, was based on their appearance alone. Chaos and his elemental powers were unlike anything I'd ever seen in the series up to that point and Shadow was a dark doppelganger with rocket skates. They also demonstrated the ability to use the Chaos Emeralds in interesting ways, with Chaos morphing his body into more menacing forms and Shadow teleporting or stopping time.


Each was well developed in the story through the use of flashbacks and (for Shadow) interactions with other characters, until they were persuaded to stop wreaking havoc in the end. After Super Sonic and Tikal calmed him down, Chaos seemed almost gentle around his little friends. Amy helped to convince Shadow that humans were worth saving, reminding him of what Maria really said and leading to his sacrifice for the Earth. While it meant that they didn't stay the villain, their development and subsequent turnarounds made for a satisfying pay off.


Having said that...






... I'd like to give honourable mentions to a couple of villains that weren't so good on the inside. Emprorer Metallix served as one of the most intelligent and consistent threats in the Fleetway universe, leading an army of deadly Metal Sonics which were nigh impossible to beat. Whisker, on the other hand, was a mechanical, piratical version of Eggman himself. I like a tragic villain but it's nice to have a bit of fun now and then! =P

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Really happy to see plenty of posts about the Deadly Six. smile.png


Even though I didn't mention him in my own post, which I regret, I do like Chaos as well, and not because "he was the first giant monster so he gets away with it". His sympathetic backstory, being a water elemental, his increasingly powerful forms... there's plenty of progression and building up with this guy. Too bad we never got to see what Chaos 3 and Chaos 5 looked like, although I do have some ideas...


Questionable execution and Zelda jokes aside, I actually really like the design(s) and overall concept of Solaris. But only Solaris. Not Iblis. Not Mephileslie. Just Solaris. While I know that making rewrites of Sonic '06 has become a sport at this point, I still think that Solaris is a fun idea to work with.


Much like Erazor Djinn, I like Imperator Ix despite not caring for the game in which he appeared in, and also despite not caring for Dr. Fishfingervus, the guy's source of inspiration. The contrast with the more familiar and weirdly-named Knuckles Clan is nice, and controversial as it might be, I do like the idea of Knuckles coming across (and seeing his reaction to) other echidnas after all this time. Having said that, if I were to ever make my own scribbly writing that involved Ix and his Nocturnous frat boys, I imagine it would go a little differently than how other folk would do it, such as not using the Twilight Cage setup. I'd also probably change Shade's role so that she already realises that Ix's power has gotten to his now megalomaniacal head, and she desperately wants to find a way to deal with him before he causes destruction to the world and/or his own clan. But again, fanfiction, me, terrible combination.


The concept of Dark Gaia interests me, but the end result and the design of Gaia himself (itself?) isn't my thing due to finding it... jarring. I do like his neon minions though, some of them have pretty cool designs in my opinion.


I do like Merlina, but I felt that the only reason why the deal with her was an "unexpected twist" was because of there being very little foreshadowing (I think there's one line she says that serves as a hint, and that's it?) And while I really like the idea of a Not-Robotnik character being a villain who isn't really a villain, the lesson that SatBK tried to utilise was... it felt... it felt weird to me. Now I'm not saying that Sonic is the only franchise ever who "can't handle" these sort of things, not saying that at all. I just feel that some lessons and other things belong in certain areas, and much like G.U.N. as a whole, seeing Sonic talk about everyone eventually dying and all that... it left a bad taste in my mouth, I'm sorry. I'd go into more detail about why, but I don't want to derail my own topic too much.


Finally, I would like Kukku, but I'm not really a fan of his overall design.


Oh, the question I suggested? Doc, you shouldn't have...#blush#


Actually, a few members suggested this kind of question, but you were one of them nonetheless, so hurray.

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Favourite Non-Eggman/Robotnik Villians


I'm gonna be predictable as hell and go with STC's villains, because yeah... they kick ass.


1) Emperor Metallix


This guy is essentially the giant red Metal Sonic from Knuckles Chaotix, but with the STC spin on it. It's like the Dalek Emperor from the first series of Nu Doctor Who but written many years before!




The Emperor's origins are shrouded in mystery; readers of STC/O will know that Grimer designed the first Metallix at Robotnik's behest, and it is destroyed in The Sonic Terminator. Later, the STC version of the Metal Sonic seen in Sonic 3 and Knuckles drops a little secret; that the Metallix Sonic destroyed was only one of a Brotherhood! Whether Grimer designed the Emperor or not is never revealed (although Grimer makes the Alpha Device for them, he does not make reference to making the Emperor).. somehow a giant red upper torso of a Metallix ends up in Robotnik's Special Zone base and uses it to make hundreds, if not thousands of the regular blue Metallix in an effort to conquer the planet.



(one of my first Butcheries! :3)


Unlike the rest of the Brotherhood of Metallix, the Emperor seems to be bolted to a floating chair of some sort and has no obvious weaponry (besides giant claws of doom and command over an infinite amount of Metallixes... Metallixi... Metallix... whatever the plural is!) It also doesn't seem to have the rest of the Brotherhood's Sonic-like speed. However it does have a Robotnik-like intellect. Instead of attacking Mobius head-on, the Emperor devises a plan to alter reality itself by simply removing the egg in Kintobor's fridge that would eventualy turn him into Robotnik. Yeah. Time Travel, baby! But for this to work it needs to steal and copy the Omni Viewer (capable of travelling through time), and so the Emperor is able to trick the Chaotix crew into bringing Big Om right to it! biggrin.png The devious bastard.


So yeah, Emperor Metallix is kind of a badass. It takes Sonic and Robotnik actually teaming up to finally defeat the guy! So, that is saying something!!


2) Super Sonic


Yeah. His name is Super Sonic. Not Fleetway! tongue.png




In STC, Super Sonic starts off as a supercharged version of himself whenever he becomes too stressed or exposed to a source of Chaos Energy. Not that much different from the games... he eventually turns back into his cool blue self and has no memory of what happened. It isn't until the Running Wild strip that we see Super Sonic turn into a much more dangerous, demonic entity hell-bent on destroying everything in sight!




It's all Amy's fault, really... one joke at Sonic's expense too many!


Because of Super's insane powers, he can't be defeated directly. The Freedom Fighters are forced to use a Starpost to drain the Chaos Energy from Super, turning him back into his blue self... but instead the energy somehow forms into a separate Super Sonic! During Sonic's adventures in the Special Zone, he meets this overpowered, independent version of himself which ultimately leads to the events of Issue 100... where Super Sonic, trapped inside the Black Asteroid (Yes! Years before Black Doom! biggrin.png) supercharges it to explode! This has the presumably unwanted sideeffect of draining Super of his energy, causing him to degenerate into a weakened, pacifist version:



See? Much less evil!


Presumably while this version of Super is hanging around, the original Sonic is unable to turn into Super Sonic himself (it's never really addressed in STC!).


Even the protracted breakdown of the Chaos Energy which keeps Super alive isn't enough to completely destroy him, as during the Chaos Arc it is revealed the only way to defeat Chaos is to allow Super Sonic to drain him of Chaos Energy. To prevent a newly-souped up Super (hur hur!) from Running Wild again, Ebony the cat re-fuses the two Sonics together.


So to conclude; Super Sonic is nigh-on impossible to defeat, is an integral part of the comic's hero and in some cases is even needed to save the day. STCO is going on to suggest Super might eventually toast the entirety of Mobius! It may not be the cold, calculating evil that Robotnik represents but it's still a mighty big threat!

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Day 27: Favorite Non-Eggman villain in the series?

Well, to be honest with you all, I'm going for Wendy Witchcart on this one, because she's just a silly random old hag who apparently tries to be a twit to Tails and his friends by dubious means, and gets her butt handed to her pretty easily by a ring swung constantly to her head.

Best Sonic villain ever!

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