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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog (sponsored by PowerVerte)-Fin, PAGE 150

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While I like the modern CGI look for Knuckles if I had to choose my favorite design/art for the character I would have to go with this one:



The promotional art for Sonic Chronicles, and even if it as an mistake I really lyke this art. The 2D art style should really return.


But yeah I actually like the modern look a lot more than the classic one. Maybe because I was introduced to it first I don't know. But to me modern Knuckles is my favorite.

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Classic Tails is probably my favourite design for the character. He's completely adorable which disguised how smart he is, but the design gives me the idea he's young, optimistic and trying to learn more and more as he grows. Not to mention him and Classic Sonic together make quite the pair. Honestly, the classic designs for the characters will always retain their status to me as the better of the lot, but let's not get into a discussion of coloured eyes because we all know how well they go down, hoho.

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The favourite design of my favourite character. Huh. So I guess I'm gonna be talking about the Eggster, right?

Okay, let's see... Well, I suppose my favourite Eggman is the Boom version. I'm a fan of top-heavy characters y'see. It's great to see how they managed to keep him a little on the large side too. So despite looking more muscled, it's clearly still flab.

Being top-heavy helps with the more serious dictator-like appearance too. Why, if it weren't for Boom's writing style being chockfull of jokes, you might almost think he's a proper villain! :V

On top of that, I absolutely adore his new coat. I want one. I... I just want one.

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Question #10: What is your favourite design for your favourite character?


This question made me think quite a bit, but in the end the answer was right under my nose.

Like I mentioned yesterday, my favorite characters are Sonic, Knuckles and Blaze in no specific order.

For today's question, my answer will be all three's current looks.




When it comes to Sonic, there are a ton of different designs to choose from like Classic, Adventure, Black Knight and the 06 limb monster, but to me, the "Modern" model that has been used since Unleashed is pretty much perfect. I can't really explain why in a detailed way, but it is like a mix of Classic Sonic and Adventure Sonic, cartoony but not too much and short, like it should be, but not a midget.

The same reasoning applies to Knuckles and the big-ass hand are a must. I would also like to mention his Adventure 2 design with all the upgrades included since I really like how the sunglasses and necklace fit with the character.

And finally, Blaze. While she does have other costumes for the Riders and Olympic games, the regular outfit is basically the cat's pajamas when it comes to her. The ponytail, the coat and the high heels are just perfect.

To tell the truth, I prefer the modern look of most of the characters, if not all.





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OVA Sonic is the best Sonic, bar none.


I adore the modern design of Sonic to pieces and also love the original artworks of classic Sonic (the original Oshima look, the pudgy look, the Watanabe drawings and the SCD style), but this one just takes the cake. 




He keeps all of the cuter elements and simplicity of the classic Sonic design, as well as his emotional range, but does it with proportions similar to modern Sonic. The way they drew his head and body is just so smoothly drawn and appealing, and you gotta love the way his spikes twist to what looks best at each camera angle (without looking dumb like Sonic X did). Heck, his spikes even stiffen and his ears twitch just like a real hedgehog! This Sonic is full of fun quirks.


Plus, the OVA Sonic embodied that ooze of "attitude" while also showing his more nicer and sentimental side. His body language, animations and dialogue just told you naturally that he's just a super chill dude who's got a bit of a feisty temper and a bombastic way of presenting himself when in action, but on the inside he's a big goofy dork that cares a whoole lot for both his friends and what he believes in. It's one of the most genuinely good takes on Sonic the series has ever had, so he gets massive points not just for his design but his portrayal.


Also, since Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are all some of my favorite characters too, can I please point out how great they look in this as well?




Double points to my man Knuckles. Not one time since has he looked as fresh as he does here. 

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Day #10 - Best design of your favourite character.






Sonic Adventure/Yuji Uekawa


When I think of Sonic, my mind is constantly drawn to this, Adventure Era Sonic. Having grown up in that era with Sonic this is who I identify the blue blur as, even today I honestly always use this image to relay the personification of my ideal Sonic generation. Why do I love this design so much? Seeing Sonic leap from his Classic design to a much taller, maturer cool dude was just pure bliss, I'm also incredibly fond of the decision to give him green irises and elongate his quills and ears, as well as the updates to his power sneakers.


Subtle changes, but for the better as when coupled with Ryan Drummond's role as Sonic's Voice Actor, his new look fit perfectly with his new personality. I like this style more because it was when SEGA were still rolling in the limelight to their fleet footed mascot, Sonic's body language in every piece Uekawa made at the time basically resonated with what Sonic has always been to me, a cocky and sassy thrill seeker. His poses are action packed and bizarre but incredibly fun to look at and just create pure eye candy for the viewer with such vibrant colours and a pseudo 3D-effect going on with the infamous "Sonic Adventure Style Colouring" Did I also mention I fucking love the implementation of the "Nike Grin"? I don't know what it is, but Sonic is just incredible to me in this Era, and will continue to be as I really don't like his modern incarnation, I honestly miss the edgy-nineties look he had going on.




Just look at these poses, "Look at me noobs, I'm fucking cool as sin, and you'll never be on my level! Can you bend your limbs like this?" "No?" "Hahaha!" "I thought so, get noodle limbs and get on my level nerd."04.png


"Lol Losersssss"



Sonic Adventure 2 capitalizes even more on Sonic's ability to go above and beyond to impress the ladies by getting some sweet new kicks to grind down hand railings, pipes and even fencing! I really love that they deviated from the canon path for this game in his shoe design, they scrapped the "absolutely round sneakers" in favour of some oddly shaped sports trainers that breaks up the flowyness of Sonic's curvy design depicted in these art works, Sonic just looks as cocky as ever because he knows he's the epitome of cool.



Sonic Battle


Another style I dig immensely and I wish they'd bring back for another round is this style, look at how expressive and bold it is! There is no curvy-ness and throws the Sonic aesthetics of design right out the window, it's rough, it's edgy, it's limited colour palettes and bright over the top fighting effects make this style immensely fun to look at. It also gets the character's personalities down to a T as well.

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Question #10: What is/are your favourite design(s) for your top favourite character?
So Blaze hasn't really had many drastic changes, in the way of design. Only drastic backstory changes. But my favourite design of her, I guess is:
Sir Percival's design is a perfect way of melding her usual design and the Knights of the Round Table designs.

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My favourite design for Sonic is his modern self, of course, even though I saw Classic Sonic first, having watched AoStH before playing the games, but I was never a fan of how he looked or... *flame shield on* I never really liked how they drew him on that cartoon or in SatAM, I found Sonic X better despite being far from perfect in terms of drawings, Sonic OVA did a cool Classic Sonic though.

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My favourite design for Knuckles? His OVA incarnation is perfect.




Need I explain more? 


Dem shades. Dat 10/10 Indiana Jones hat. It just screams "adventurer". Granted, he only wears the shades for about 5 seconds and then disappear forever, but at least he keeps the hat throughout the OVA. It's a nice little addition to his original design.

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Day 10: Favourite Character Design


As a franchise with about 23 years of life, many changes have been applied in order to keep the series up with the times, whether it's from the gameplay mechanics to the sound and art direction. In the case of the art direction, not just Sonic The Hedgehog himself but his friends and foes have had different concepts on their respective core designs associated with the main series and different artistic styles for some of their spin-offs. To talk about my favourite character Sonic (already mentioned in Day 9), I can say without a doubt that my favourite design is...




Classic Sonic


Without disregarding his later designs I still am fond of his classic look even to this day. His design is clean, simple and expressive, all while keeping his cool appeal. Not to mention, quite cute as well. I mean, just take a look at all of this official artwork~











The fact that Tails is in those pictures too doesn't help to make him look even cuter!


With all that said, I need to make a honourable mention in regards to Sonic Adventure's style, since it's my second favourite design in the franchise. His design manages to transition his youthful and cool attitude into the modern era, kickstarted by Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast and also features an incredible variety of official artwork.


There is, however, one little thing I would like to mention: after discovering this concept art of Sonic in Sonic Generations, I would have LOVED to have seen this come true. It blends the classic and cutesy style with the modern and edgy design really well, and considering I like both of these designs it would have been something totally worth seeing come true.



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Classic Knuckles. I usually prefer the rounder, simpler designs that the characters had in the 90s. Knuckles is no different. He looks like someone you wouldn't want to mess with, but still looks like he could be up to a couple of tricks.

Look at that smug on his face. That awesome, little bastard.


Now, now, I know what you're thinking. "Why Boom Knuckles? There are tons of other cool designs for him out there! Why the one with steroids?!"

Why? Because it's at least something a little different.

I know, he looks out or proportion with the others, but to me, he was always meant to be at least a little different. I mean, come on, he's from an island that's been deserted for years (I think, as we still have no clue on what his backstory is in comparison to SEGA!Knuckles.) He's gotta at least have some protection of himself! And personally, I think it's okay for him to be the obvious stronghold of the team. He can at least be shown more as a force not to be reckoned with.

And that's okay.

EDIT: My bad! My brain just went kaput on this question. I thought we had to talk about our favorite character designs, not our favorite character designs. Again, sorry about that. The original post is in the spoiler.


Here's a couple I actually love:


Nendoroid Sonic is literally what you get when you fuse Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. And it's awesome. Seriously, it's the best of both worlds. Classic body shape, but with Modern attributes. It's also really damn cute.


Beta Classic is also something I love a lot. He's super cartoony and really cool, especially with the additional spikes on him rather than just the usual 3 (or five? ...seven?) he has now. The final design for Classic Sonic is also a top favorite of mine.


Lost World Sonic is actually a design I hadn't noticed many changes on, but it gave Sonic some shorter spikes, and it kinda grew on me. Sometimes making your hair shorter can mean a lot.


Classic Tails.

He's like some godly level of cute. I mean, look at him! Don't say you wouldn't wanna hug this little fuzzball! He's just so damn tiny it could kill me from the cute!


Also, an honorable mention to Boom!Amy, which is probably my favorite design for Amy in forever. She looks incredible with that new outfit she's wearing and honestly, I think I just might prefer this one over ModernSEGA!Amy. She's got a lot of flair, and she looks about as ready for an adventure as the other guys.

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~SSMB Has Cleared Design Diplomacy Act 10!~


See... they're here...


Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?



Such an adorable little mass murderer.


(I know someone who has a good number of them. Hohohoho.)


Due to the majority of Sonic characters looking like Mickey Mouse's family tree bitten by radioactive nineties, this makes them easy pickings for the plushie treatment. Whether it be Sonic and his Nike grin, Blaze and her passionate nervousness, or Shadow and his karate lessons, there's a plushie for everyone. Even Metal Sonic has gotten in on the action, despite him having the perpetual stare of a botox disaster. But what about you? Do you have one of Knuckles? Do you have one of Rouge? What plushies - or figures - do you have that manifest themselves as Sonic characters? And in addition to that, are there any characters who you do not have a plushie or figure of, but would like to get one?


Note: If you find yourself unable to answer this question due to not having or wanting any plushies/figures, you're free to talk about some other Sonic-related thing that you would like to have instead, game or otherwise.


Crusher's Thoughts: As of now, I only have one.




...Well, maybe more than one, but according to my calculations, the one on the left isn't actually a Sonic character. Shame, I was completely convinced that she was.


So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~

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I have no plushes, but on the other hand I do have a favorite plush, despite not owning one,  has to be the adorable Nack the Weasel one(I do hope Master board doesnt mind me using his pic)


I mean he is quite adorable


I would love a new Bark plush, especialy one of the giant oversized ones, now that would be sick

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Not plushies, but...




This Nendoroid Sonic posted on the last page. I would love to own this. There is nothing about it that I don't like.

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Day 11: Do you have any plushes? If not, which would you like?


Don't own one, but regardless, I'm gonna go with Tails.




This guy has been adorable since forever. He's so cute and cuddly that anyone with half a heart would love to have one of these to hug during a thunderstorm. I mean just -- c'mon, look at him!

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I actually have plenty of plushes of Sonic characters.


-I have at least three of Tails; a Sonic X plush, a classic plush and a Sonic X beanie. The beanie is my fave of all my plushes because it's just so adorable"

-I have three Sonic plushes, two that are the same as Tails' first two sets and the third which is an SA era plush that my sister gave to me. She also gave me my only Crash Bandicoot plush. She's an awesome sister. :3

-I have two Knuckles plushes, same as above.

-I have a single Shadow toy from the Sonic X line. Mine didn't come with the chest fluff piece so I improvised it using cleansing pads and glue. It's actually been very effective up to present!

-I have a single Cream plush, it's a mini Sonic X one as opposed to the standard size.

-I have a single Amy plush, which is an SA plush-era one in an extra large size.

-I have Silver and Super Sonic. Both of these are from Kelly Toys.


Figures...please don't start. I have all of the first Sonic X wave, all of the second Sonic X wave bar the other Sonic, a misc Sonic X Amy from the Megabot line, the minis, the bendies, a Sonic X Amy from a gacha line, all of the little F4F classic figures, a 10" Metal Sonic and pretty much all of the Jazwares characters made so far bar Amy (ironically).



And despite all of these cuddlies and toys and what-not, what I wouldn't give for official reptile plushes. Being able to cuddle up to my faves would be like an ideal of childish happiness.

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Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?




I have several that I got from Kings Dominion and Ocean City. I have one of Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and ….Silver Colored Sonic?


I also have the 20th Anniversary Classic Sonic and Motobug.


I guess I would like a good Tails, Amy, and Dr. Eggman Plushie, if they're designed well.

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Do I own Sonic plushies/Figures?
Heh! Do I ever!
As a matter of fact, Sonic plushies and figures are actually my favorite type of Sonic merchandise to collect as a Sonic collector and I have a sizable collection of figures as well as a good few plushies.
This is my complete set of SEGA Prize Europe plushies. I have a big fond spot for these in particular because I've wanted them from the time they were first released, they're high-quality and because I've always wanted to have a full set of a particular line, that's been a small aim of mine as a collector;


I have other plushies than that line. The plushies above except for Shadow are included because I didn't own him at the time of this photo;


Here's a not up to date photo of my figures. Missing from this particular assemble is my SatBK Lancelot figure, Team Chaotix figures, unposable 6 Modern figures...which are photo'd below this photo;


As for my favorite plush? Well San-Ei Sonic (Back far left of plushie photo) is one of my most treasured Sonic possessions because he was a gift from a good friend of mine some years back. He was also my first Sonic plush and he's been to a fair few SoS'. SEGA Prize Europe Sonic is highly treasured because of his sheer cuteness.
My favorite figure in my collection is Nendoroid Sonic because again, he's adorable, is legitimate and is such fun with all of his accessories;


As for a plush/figure I have my eye on? GE Entertainment's Werehog plushie is what I'd like to own one day because I love Werehog's;




And I'd love to own the 20th anniversary statue on the metal base that, to my knowledge, was only winnable in Joypolis crane machines;



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I absolutely love plushies. If there's a plushie of it, I will go get it. But unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my plushies so here's something different. Not my room btw as I told Jude.


I wish that was my room... ;A;

So when it comes to Sonic plushies I have a few. I have Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles from the Sonic X plushie line and they're hanging out somewhere. I do have this large Shadow plushie somewhere and I don't know much about it, though it smelled a bit like cigarettes when I got it. My brother did get a classic Tails plushie that's hanging out in our room and that seems to be about it. I don't have much Sonic merch in my house so yeah.

When it comes to Sonic merch I want I want the Sonic and Shadow SA2 figures from the Joyride Line cause I remember them so fondly. But that's really about it. I can't think of much Sonic stuff I want right now.

Wow I managed to not talk about AoStH for once.

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Day 11: Merch Madness Zone


I don't have any plushies! I've gone on record as stating I'm not particularly interested in merchandise most of the time; though admittedly the reason for that is that I don't exactly have a lot of spending money, so even when I do see something I find cool I can't really do anything about it. Oh well. I do have a Sonic shirt, though...somewhere. But that's about it.


An Eggman plushie would be awesome! But he'd probably start shoving the ridiculous number of Beanie Babies my family has obtained over the years into robots.

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So jelly of that Fluttershy plushie, Crusher! >_<


*AHEM* Uh, moving on, this is the only Sonic related piece I own (Not my pic). I believe it's from the DC era.




Not really one for buying Sonic merch, this was just a random gift from my mother. Still, he's pretty big and he fits nicely on my shelf, along with my other figures and such.

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Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?


I have a few...




Ancient shot, but most of my stuff is packed away now and it's the only photo I've got that features a lot of my plushies.


For sentimental reasons, my favourite plush is the Sonic with the red baseball cap on the top shelf. Got him along with my Mega Drive when I was a kid and I used to take him everywhere with me, and he's still my favourite even though he is a little worse for wear now. Just in terms of plushies I love, the AoStH Robotnik is my favourite because he's amazing. And hilarious.


Plushies I want... I think I'd like the STF Metal Sonic most of all.

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