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Dr. Crusher

Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog (sponsored by PowerVerte)-Fin, PAGE 150

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I present to you, the only selfie I've ever taken!



I believe Knuckles and Tails are from the Sonic X line, judging by the eyes, but there's some story behind the Sonic and Shadow.

Now, the bloody massive Shadow is something my teacher saw at a carnival, and judging by the fact that I was a fanatic eight-year old at the time, she knew of my undying love for the series and happened to win it for me. So that was neat.

The Sonic...I can't remember where I got it, actually. All I know is that around the time before I got the balloon-headed Shadow, I sprayed bug spray on his eyes and all the paint came off. My mom repainted it.

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Day 11: Plushie's / figures I have and want

Oh man, lets open the floodgates.


-Jazwares all stars racing 3 inch line

-Jazwares 3 inch Silver, Blaze, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, Babylon Rogues, classic Sonic, Classic Tails and Tails.

- F4F 2 inch line

-Jazwares 2 inch line

-Jazwares Black Knight line

- Sonic Generations Special EU Edition statue.

- Sonic X 3 inch line

- Sonic X 5 inch Shadow & Eggman

Plush list

- Sonic Colours E3 wisp plush

-1 big and one small Classic Sonic

-1 big and one small Classic Tails

- 1 big Classic Knuckles

-1 big (thanks Sega fir this gift!) and one small Modern Sonic

- Jazwares Werehog and Silver

- Classic Eggman.

- Small Shadow

As for what I want? The Super Sonic plush released a few years ago, the good one NOT covered in foil. I nearly got it twice but it keeps slipping through my fingers! Maybe another Shadow plush too.

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Day 11: Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?


Well, I am fortunate to have brought this Sonic plushie from Tora-Con last month; it was fated to be in my grasp:




Even with that though; I do wish I had Metal Sonic (Modern), Blaze and Super Sonic plushies...I can dream...

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Do I have any plushies/figures and are there any characters that I'd like in plushie/figure form? Well, as far as my collection goes, here's the rundown:


First off, we have most of my Jazwares 3 inch/5 inch collection.


Up next is my collection of Super Posers (Still need Knuckles and Silver), mini ASR vehicles, some more 3 inchers, and finally the Sonic sticker pack and Wisp plushes that I won from you-know-what-site back in 2010. smile.png


More Jazwares 3/4 inchers and the Resaurus Gamma that I scored back in 2009.


The big'uns come in with the Jazwares 10 inchers, including the now elusive Metal Sonic. Also included are some battery-operated and Jazwares figure ASR vehicles.


Wrapping up the figures for the most part are the Jazwares Sir Lancelot and Excalibur Sonic as well as the Sonic Nendoroid.


Starting off the plushies, we have Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, and Amy ones that my family were able to snag me at a fair. Then we have the Kellytoy Silver and Super Sonic plushes released back in 2009 that I pre-ordered because those two had a serious lack of soft collectibles. Next, we have Jazwares' Modern mini figures and F4F's Classic mini figures along with my Joyride Sonic and Shadow that I got for my birthday when I was in elementary school.


Next up are my GE Sonic plushes. One classic and one modern, both received as Christmas gifts. (Modern in 2010, Classic in 2011.)


Finally, here's a mixture of random smaller plushes, ranging from a Sonic X Tails plush that my sis got me at an anime con, to a random modern Sonic plush that I scored at a Goodwill by chance, to some Jazwares plushes gotten at TRU (Werehog) and for Christmas (Knuckles), and finally, my way-too-big collection of Denny's Sonic Underground plushes. (Featuring one Knuckles and MANY Sonics. Whenever I spot one at a thrift store, I just buy it. tongue.png)

As for plushes/figures that I'd like to see, I'd definitely be interested in scoring some more obscure characters in collectible form, as there are already about 500 good Sonic, Tails, and Shadow ones, but not nearly enough Rouges, Omegas, Metal Sonics, Blazes, or Vectors. Those rare Fighters plushes and the Jazwares Classic Eggman/Super Sonic/Metal Sonic would also be really neat to score.

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What the hell are those, I don't even- *burried*


not included are the 15" Jazwares Classic, and one that came holding a blanket. the latter is burried in a box somewhere

and I have quite a few figures, but I CBA rounding them all up just for a pic.

Also, I do in fact play with all of the plushies that where in the picture. my most favoritest are my Jazwares Classic Tails -the one with the cute little outfit- and the small Modern Tails in the middle of the Tails plushies. I think the most recent one I got was my Jazwares Classic Sonic... in the near future, I should have a Silver Plush, and hopefully I can get me one of those Metal Sonics!

What I want are... GE Classic Sonic, Jazwares Metal Sonic and Classic Amy, any Tails plushies and Figures, a Modern Knuckles Plushie, Blaze Plushie, Team Chaotix Plushies and Figures, Eggman plushie, Super Sonic Plushie, Jazwares Modern Sonic -preferably the older one that's lighter colored-, of course I'll want all the Sonic Boom plushies, the Sonic Nendoroid... And I would so LOVE to somehow own a Scourge plushie, even if I have to sew it!


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Plushies, huh? I won one at a theme park way back when I was about ten years old or so, but I gave it to my younger cousin years ago. As of now I haven't gotten anything else.




I thought it was the coolest thing back then, haha.

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i dont have any Sonic toys. because most on ebay are expensive and plus i got the games the bedset and my drawings to prove i love Sonic. I do want  a Sonic plushie thoug. they have one on ebay that I say and it was a Sonic X one but it was way to expensive and my parents wouldnt get it for me.

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I am a villain, dear Crusher. Betrayal is part of the package. tongue.png


No. You are not a villainous character.


You are a mostly-morally-ambiguous-and-only-occasionally-villainous character.

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Day 11: Sonic figure/plush collection and Sonic figure/plush you wish you had


Well, I thought my collection was big, until I saw some of you guys'. tongue.png


Anyway, here's my plushies (another day of images being spoilered for size) :


...and my figures:




And yes, my apartment has this nifty, all too convenient little built-in shelf.


As for things that I'd like to have in my Sonic collection?




I WANT THAT GAMMA PLUSHIE SO BAD. would be even cooler if omega merch existed

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Not really big on plushiesOr even Sonic merch in general really. These days literally the only thing I have is games. 




As for something Sonic related that's not a game that I DO want, it'd probably be some kind of physical copy of the Sonic OVA. Love that movie to pieces.                 

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Day 11: Plushies!


I'm currently looking at my little collection. I have the two foot Shadow plushie, and the GE animation Sonic and Shadow plushies. I used to have a ten-inch or so Shadow plush somewhere, but I think my parents threw him out. Meh. <<+


If there were other plush toys I could have, it would be a large Jet the Hawk one, and an actually furred high-quality Werehog.

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Day 11!


I have no shortage of plushes. Dear god, no shortage.


In fact, as those of you who follow my merchandise thread know, I'm buried in the things because of inventory.


From tiny little Sonics from Jazwares...




...to these massive bad boys.


I still need to add a giant Sonic and giant Knuckles to my collection, though. Fortunately, I've gotten in touch with a supplier for those. ;)

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Day 11: Sonic plushies I own/wish I could own.

Well as you might be able to see on my picture here,  I own a Sonic desktop model one I bought at a store, but the classic Amy and modern Tails plushies I won at a fair 2 years ago with slot machines where you toss in coins and they slide further and further until you got tickets to trade them in.

Possibly obscured in the shot are plushies of classic Eggman and modern Sonic and Knuckles, all won in said fairs too.

(I really wish there would be a Big one.)  sad.png


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Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?


I'm glad I don't have to think too heavily about this one tongue.png


When I was little, I got a Tails doll (no, not that Tails Doll!). Since I'm pretty sure I got it when my family and I were still living in NY, I assume I got it around 93-94, when Sonic had just taken hold of me. I'm not sure why I got the Tails doll, honestly. I'm guessing Knuckles wasn't available then (or at all, probably) and the store didn't have Sonic, so Tails was the next best option...? That probably sounds about right, but it was a cute little doll and I still liked it and kept it at my side for years growing up.


In 2001, stores were doing various promotions for SA2. Best Buy, for example, offered the Birthday Pack (which I have a few of) and Circuit City (lord, now I feel old) offered a Sonic doll. As it turns out, the Sonic doll was the one that was released in the early 90s around the same time as the Tails doll, so I'm guessing SEGA put them back in production for the 10th anniversary or there was just a huge lot of them in storage that never sold, I really don't know. Granted, I was 13 at the time, but I wanted the Sonic doll anyway, so we managed to get one from Cicuit City one afternoon.


Since the two dolls are stored away somewhere in the house that I can't easily get to, I went over to Sonic Gear to see if they had a photo of the two dolls:




The image is tiny as all get out, but it's definitely the same dolls I have!


I do have a few figures too:




These guys are currently adorning my bookshelf; the Jazwares Shadow and Sonic figures were given to me by a friend who got them in some toy trade, and when he was eventually getting rid of a bunch of toys, he gave me Shadow and Sonic since I'm a Sonic fan, which was cool of him. The Adventure-era Sonic figure I got presumably around the time Sonic Adventure was getting hyped up, but I don't have any special stories attached to him; I did get a Knuckles toy at the same time... but unfortunately, it sorta broke some years later and I never bothered to fix it (his head fell off... poor Knuckles!). Maybe I should glue it back on and display it again...


Not sure if there are any toys/plushes I just gotta have though, mostly because I'm not overly interested in toys anymore (and I'm having enough trouble finding space for games/books as it is!), but a couple that spring to mind are probably this really well made Werehog doll I saw at my local comic shop a couple years ago. Didn't really want to spend $20 on it though... The only thing I can think of that I wish I had some money to burn and throw at is probably the First4Figures Shadow statue that was released recently, but that's about it in that department.

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Plushies? Why, certainly! ...Far too many, actually.

Right, let's see... Well, from Jazwares I have their large Sonic, a small dark blue Sonic, a small light blue Sonic, small Shadow, classic Sonic and classic Tails. Is that tiny Wisp plush also a Jazwares product? I have one of those too.

From GE I have a large Sonic, large Shadow, medium Silver, Rouge and Jet. Also a Chao.

As for figures... Way, WAY too many. Although, my favourites are Excalibur Sonic, large Metal Sonic, F4F's Modern Sonic and the Generations Collectors Edition.

What I want? I'd love to see a decent sized Metal Sonic plush, probably from GE. On a similar note, I'd also love to see them make Blaze, Eggman and Omega. Those things are surprisingly good quality, considering some of the other things GE has put out over the years.

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Day 11, Plushies & Figures.


I knew that someday this photo would come in handy.


Little Trivium; My first Sonic collectible outside of the games was that Sonic Adventure Tails figure.


But this one is 5 years old, at this point. And new additions were made to the collection, like....a Classic Knuckles figure. That's it. But, yeah, I'd love me an Eggman Plushie (Classic Eggman; I think his body shape would probably fit better as a plushie) and, surprisingly, a Jet The Hawk plushie. Those 2 I would buy in a heartbeat.

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Just look at this adorable little thing.


Got this Cream plush for Christmas last year, not sure what make it is though. Case in point, it is freaking adorable. ...A million times better than Cream's current CGI render, that's for sure.


no seriously i'm not sure what it is but the face on cream's modern render scares the fuck out of me


*cough cough* Any plushies I would want, though? I believe I've actually mentioned this before, but I'd love to have an Amy plush. Sadly, most ones on the internet are poorly-made...





Amy Rose confirmed for Bigfoot.





...yeeeeeeah no comment.

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Day 11




I've currently got three plushies from the franchise. The first is a classic Tails that I got from one of those claw machines at Alton Towers, next is a (rare?) talking Sonic plush from Sonic X. He seems to have wire in his arms and legs and appears to be poseable but it's a pain to do. Last up is the larger sound effect Sonic plushie that's kicking about in Forbidden Planet. I got him as an extra Christmas present and despite the flaws (Hogfather's review covers them perfectly) I really like the little guy.








...There are some.

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On the Subject of Plushies


*takes in a deep breath*


Um... okay.... prepare for some hilarity.





This is me some time in the 90s with some of my Sonic stuff. I have no idea what actual year this was, but look at the TV, man! It has a circular aerial and metal buttons! XD (and my parents' kitsch! Ugh.) Also I look like a boy... well, I guess I acted like one! Anyways this photo is the only one I have of my two plushies. First I had a mini Sonic one, I believe it was made by Tomy. It had a little ribbon saying "Sonic" on one of his feet, and some rather sturdy spikes. I also had a bigger Tails one, which was uber uber cute. Both are now lingering gawd knows where in my parents' house.


(Also, if you squint... you can see my very first Sonic drawing, done I when I was a widdle girl! For some reason my mum saw fit to frame it! XD)


I don't really collect cuddly animals any more, but I'd kind of sort of like a Classic Amy plush :B

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