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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog (sponsored by PowerVerte)-Fin, PAGE 150

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I... don't have much of a plushie collection.  I'd like to fix that one day.  Here's a pic of my current collection.




Yeah, not a lot.  But I love them all.



The one on the far right has the added advantage of giving horror movie-like expressions when at the right angle.







The last picture is him after playing [your least favorite Sonic game here].


I'd like to get plushies of more characters later down the line.  My main priorities are Tails, Classic Amy, and Robotnik.  Classic Robotnik preferably, but SA1/modern Robotnik will do too.

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I've got two big plushies and a small one. But...they're in the attic now. XD


The two big ones are Sonic and Knuckles and they can talk! I was given these by a friend of mine YEARS ago and I think they're Sonic X toys because the voices sound like Jason Griffith and Dan Green. Knuckles doesn't talk anymore cos his voice box went kaput but he used to say;


"Soon we'll be back home Sonic! Back home..."

"I'm just warming up!"


And Sonic who I think still talks says;


"I'm giving you one last chance, Eggman!"

"As long as there's somewhere to run...I'll be happy!"


Yeahhh only two lines and they're nothing special. The plushes themselves look ok. At least they don't have creepy bug eyes and the quality is not bad either. The smaller plushie I have is Knuckles but this one doesn't talk. He's a simple little beanie that I bought in Harrods a couple of years ago. He's cute. That is all. :3

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I don't have much, but...they look nice to display.




From left to right we have Classic Amy from the F4F 2" figure series, the Sonic Through Time 5" Classic Sonic figure, the SEGA Amusements Knuckles Plush, and that tatty looking guy on the right was my first plush, a Sonic plush I'm really not sure of, the label has been rubbed out over the years.


Now, to what I really wish I could have...well, I don't really WANT much, considering space is an issue. I really couldn't have a massive collection of stuff...but I guess I should start at the high end, the 'never gonna happen' end.




I WANT IT ALL OVER ME!...*ahem*...yeah, this badass statue-figure here, oh man, I've waned this since I first saw it, it's so...great. The light up areas, the detailing, oh god it just isn't fair. The reason this is in the 'never gonna happen' area is because...I don't know if I can justify the price currently. One day F4F Metal Sonic, one day...


In the 'much more likely' area we have...




Yeah, I bought Amy individually, so I think it'd be nice to have the rest...plus the more Metal Sonic merch, the merrier. I just like how detailed they are, for being so small, real nice quality, then again, I shouldn't expect any less from F4F.


Now, one thing here, I wish they released a figure of the Neo Metal Sonic design, because...as you know going by my previous post, I love that design so...so much. If I haven't searched hard enough, let me know, because I'd give several arms and legs for a bit of official Neo Metal merch.

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I don't have any plush toys handy, but Indigo's post reminded me that I found some old ones a few years ago...




... and photographed them. As you can see, there's the original Sonic plush that was all the rage back in the '90s. Back then, my dad made him shorts out of some of my boxers (since they were too small for me and were going to waste otherwise). Knuckles was also the result of my dad's sowing skillz, responding to the lack of echidna merchandise outside of Japan at the time. Funnily enough, he ended up looking a bit like his Sonic R model would later. There was a Tails in the house, but that was my sister's.


Oh and if you're wondering what the mutilated bear was once upon a time; it was Winnie the Pooh. A lot of the damage was done by the time I was 3. XD

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Talking about Sonic plushies reminds me of those funny and cute Japanese Sonic Adventure adverts.





Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?


As for me, I had a Sonic and Tails plush for the longest time. I sadly had to give them away due to issues with space, but I reckon I can find a photo of the same type through google.





Mine weren't as clean as these in the photos, I'd have them for years and they'd been through a lot of playing. But they were still in good condition, no limbs missing or anything...

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Day 11: Do you have a Plushies of a Sonic character? If not, which ones would you want?



Yes, Indeed I do have some, but not much:




Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow are the ones I got as a Christmas present. The Sonic and Amy ones I got are the ones I won from a game at the Indiana State Fair a couple of years back and the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles ones I have are from way back since the beginning of the Dreamcast Era.


EDIT: For some reason, the image I took from my camera won't on here. 

Edited by Electro Pipe

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Day 11: Do you own or have you ever owned a Sonic PLUSHIE


Hmm...here's an interesting one. Actually, yes, I did once upon a time - two, actually. When I was around four, I had a stuffed Chao, inexplicably, and also a big stuffed Sonic. The Sonic one was a little odd. It was obviously based on the modern look, since it had green eyes, but the quills were a lot shorter. I think I might still have them lying around in a closet somewhere, but I'm too lazy to dig them out. SO I'LL JUST GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH:



Yes, I think this was the one!



This wasn't the exact one I had (the proportions were different and the smile was more flat), but "modern sonic plushie" is such a nonspecific search that you kinda have to take what you can get. :U


But anyway, am I interested in owning any? ...Eh. Not really a big plushie fan to be honest. It's just not really my thing. If anything, I'd rather collect figurines or something like that, but...I don't know.


EDIT: Oh, forgot the question included figures as well. Well, I know I had a handful of those. There was a whole line of Sonic Adventure figure-type things that I had once that actually came with Chaos Emeralds, and I believe my baby cousin has most of those now. Big's tail came off and his fishing rod is gone. :C I also had some talking ones once upon a time that spouted lines from Sonic Adventure.


As for ones I'm particularly interested in owning? I...don't know, actually. I don't think I'd necessarily seek them out; more so, if I found one that I thought looked cool, I'd buy it. I've never seen anything in particular online that I really want to own.


But yeah.


I don't know how to end this post. :U

Edited by Just Plain Old T-Man

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Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?


So while I don't have a plushie/figure, nor do I really have any interest for them, I guess I'll list three that interest me:





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Plushies? No, I don't own any plushies, but I am a big figure collector. Not a big Sonic collector, as I mostly buy Transformers, Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics and some miscellaneous lines. Regardless, Sonic merchandise has found a way into my collection, even if it's a minor one. I own only four figures: Resaurus E-102 Gamma, Jazwares Eggman and two Jazwares Egg Fighters.


WALL-E was apparently brainwashed by Eggman.

It's not much, and while that's in part because Sonic toys don't interest me nearly as much as the other brands I've mentioned, it's also because Sonic doesn't have a whole lot of stellar figures. Resaurus, Toy Island, Jazwares... they've made admirable efforts, but their work doesn't really compare to the work of companies like Hasbro or even Mattel. I choose to only buy Eggman and Gamma because they're the best ones they have made. The former was the Jazwares figure with the least visible joints and better stability; the sculpt is also good and very accurate to the game design (his two Egg Fighters are nice too). The latter is one I treasure deeply because of its rarity, and because it's an excellent sculpt - unlike his wide-eyed comrades in the Resaurus line, he looks dead on to his look in Adventure and fits well in my shelf.


Woah guys, I swear I didn't mean to crash my Eggmobile into the Batcave...

While I have very few Sonic-related products, I love the ones I do. It would be a sin for me to not have a good Eggman to command all the robots in my collection, and he and Gamma are both very genuine figures.

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Day 11 Challenge: Do you have any Sonic Plushs/Figures, or do you want any Sonic Plushies/Figures?

10/30 Challenges Completed



Glad to know my fears for Day 11 were pointless!


Anyways, of course I own some Sonic plushies and figures! I really need to start buying more soon. laugh.png


These are the plush/figures that I own...





I won this one during some carnival many years ago. My cousin on the other hand won a Shadow plush (and I hope one day he'll give it to me so I can add to my Sonic collection!) As you can tell by the tag, it's a piece of Sonic X merchandise! 




I'm just throwing this one in because I really like having a Classic Sonic attached to the throw & pillow set. So, uhh... Yeah!





Got this from Kmart before for cheap. Funny story behind this one. I found it in the video game section strangely and took it to my mom to ask her if she'll buy it for me, then when we headed back to the video game section to purchase it (didn't feel like heading to the front of the store to pay since we was right next to the video game section and could pay there), the lady in the video game section told me that they had Kmart spies following me, and I literally didn't even notice. She had to tell them that I wasn't stealing the toy and whatnot. ...Yeah, that store sure does seem like it has problem with theft...huh.png




I actually got these out of Toys R US as my own special gift for graduating elementary school. Goodness, that was quite a long time ago! laugh.png I had Tails, but not sure where he went after all these years... Anyways, these are also Sonic X merchandise actually, and yes, that's Spaceman Sonic with the power to light up a Chaos Emerald (I never really recalled a Spaceman Sonic in the Sonic X anime, but whatever). 


Now, as for plushies/figures I wish to own... 


I really wish to own the Metal Sonic plush that I guess was recently released. I'm a big Metal Sonic fan, so that's like a must have for me. I also really want some Sonic Boom figures whenever they hit. 



They look really nice, but the the Sonic Boom merchandise I really want the most has to hands down be Dr. Eggman! 



11/30 Challenges Completed

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Question #11: Do you have any plush toys or figures of any Sonic character?


No, I don't have either.

I'm not a fan of plushed toys and while I used to own some small Sonic figures, I lost them years ago.




While once in a while I find some figures and other kinds of merchandise that I like, most of the times not Sonic related, I rather use my short budget on video games.

I wouldn't mind having them back, though.

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The two Tails dolls are identical. My brother tried to order me one for my birthday, but it never arrived. After, not kowing of this intended gift, I ordered one myself, which arrived a couple of weeks later. A month after that, my brother's gift arrived, which is why I have two!


The large Sonic...slightly embarrassing. See, at work, I had one of my Tails dolls on my desk. My boss saw it, and some time later, gave me the Sonic. It did belong to her son, but he had apparently outgrown it. He was 11. I was 21.


The small Sonic was chucked at me during the Club Sonic event during Summer of Sonic 2012. The Knuckles I purchased at SoS '13.


The Tails figure I bought from Toys R Us, no story there though.


Barely visible is a Silver keyring, from one of those £1 machines. It was probably the character I'd wanted least, haha.



I mainly bought Knuckles so I could say I have a plush of each of the original 3 playable characters, and I'm not massively bothered about extending my collection beyond that. That said, if I ever came across an AoStH Robotnik, or that Metal Sonic, I may give in to impulse.

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Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?
Hm, another interesting question there...
Unfortunately, though, I don't actually have any Sonic plushies or figures anymore. I used to have a couple Jazwares figures of Sonic, both with and without the Caliburn and Gauntlet. as well as the older Sonic X figure of Sonic and Shadow. However, due to shenanigans from my younger siblings, they all got literally wrecked, so I had to throw them away. Since then, I never really had the urge to get any more figures.
However, there are a couple characters that I’d like to see a figure of: Darkspine Sonic and Eggman piloting the Egg Dragoon. For Darkspine Sonic, it’s not just because I want to see what he completely looks like, considering that he only showed up in darkish areas, but also because I want to see the possible accessories that could go with such a figure. As for the Egg Dragoon… well, I just really want a physical copy of the awesome-looking mech, is all. Even if it’s scaled down dramatically, it’d still be a pretty nice thing to have on my room’s shelf.
I'm sorry for the short response, but I don't really have much to offer in regards to this sort of topic. 

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Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?


Well, I don't really own any plushies but I do have the classic mini figures collection from Jazwares that I acquired last summer when I visited the United States. Here is it, resting upon my glorious shelf.




I would like to one day own something from First4Figures. I was close to pre-ordering their Generations figure but I found the price way too much in the end. 

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Day 11: I don't own many plushies to be honest, My Brother used to have the large Sonic and Tails from the 90's that i used to appropriate often :P
Umm as far as merch and things go now I have a small Keychain plush that makes sound effect noises (that my daughter has taken as hers), I believe a small Sonic X plushie, a Sonic X bendy poser thing and Sonic from the F4F season 1 mini figures i think. Other things I have include a Sonic T-shirt, a "Team Sonic" promotional shirt from M&S 2008 and a Sonic egg cup.


In terms of merch I want, well any of the F4F statues, the Nendroid(sp?) and I would kill for a Blaze plush! (or any of the rare merch, i love unique and quirky things that they have done, like pocket watches and crystal cubes)

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Day 11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?

I have no plushies or figures at all. The only Sonic-related items I own are games, this shirt, and these AoStH DVDs.

That said, I think I would probably like to have a plushie or a figure to display on my desk or something. I guess now is as good a time as any to take a look at what's available.

I searched a bit on the web, and here are a couple items of note that I found:


I've always thought Nendoroid Sonic is adorable. And I've heard good things about its quality, so I wouldn't mind owning one of these smile.png


This Tails plush is cute. Only problem is, the listed price on Amazon here is $63.18 Canadian, which is rather steep. I could probably find a better price for it elsewhere though.

Anyway, yeah. I have none but I'd buy one if I found one that I really liked for a decent price.

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DAY 11 Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?

I have this SONIC X Sonic plushie, though I don't know where it is right now.


(Not my picture)

My cousin got it for me at an anime convention (I think), I'm not super fond of it though. I didn't like the feel of it, I prefer my plushies to be soft and cuddly.

I would love to have another Sonic plushie, one time I tried to win a giant Sonic plushie at a ring toss game, I spent a lot of money with no success, I'm still sad about it to this day.

I also really want plushies of Tails (modern and classic), Cream, Amy (also modern and classic), and classic Robotnik.

I also have this Super Sonic figure which I can't seem to find.


I had a ReSaurus Tails, but it fell apart years ago (which also saddens me).

I have one of these, but I haven't seen it in a long time.


I would love to have at least one figure of every character. Don't know that that will ever happen, but I'd love to.

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Day 11: Favourite Plushies & Figures


What franchise couldn't be popular without merchandising? The Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has spawned an infinite amount of merchandising products in the form of plushies, figures, clothing, accessories, mugs and dishwares, board games, books, comics, posters, stationary, and a large et cetera of memorabilia. Cuddly plushies and awesome figures are probably two of the most acquired forms of Sonic merchandise. As far as plushies go, unfortunately I don't own any. As far as figures go however, I own these from First 4 Figures...




I quite like First 4 Figures' representation of Sonic as well as his friends and foes, and these little figures are no exception. I got the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles figures in GAME when I used to live in Spain, while the Super Sonic and Amy Rose figures were collected in GAME a few years after I moved to England. The Metal Sonic figure, however, was from a goodie bag collected at Summer of Sonic in 2010.


My current collection is quite small, but since the question is also open to what other merchandise I'd like to get in the future I'll gladly say these ones to name a few:






It'll all come when the moneys roll in~ X3

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I'm super late on day 10 but im posting anyways


My favourite character design is Modern Sonic. Its perfect because of its simplicity. I think Classic Sonic is too stubby and Sonic Boom Sonic has some details I could go without. Modern Sonic seems like a perfect update of Classic Sonic. 


And also Russian Blaze. I adore this fandom sometimes...



Day 11: Plushes and figurines


I don't know why I own Sonic merchandise. I can't resist. I have quite alot of plushes made by GE Entertainment. I have this Sonic here, Tails, Knuckles and Amy.




I also own the Super Classic and Modern Sonic by Jazwares. I like these figures quite a bit, but considering they are Jazwares I don't want to open them because they have terrible quality control.


And finally I also have the 10 inch Sonic. Like the other one I haven't taken it out of the box. I heard the modern ones don't stand up very well, but I think it looks better inside the packaging anyway.



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