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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog (sponsored by PowerVerte)-Fin, PAGE 150

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These are the four that I have. They were all given to me by family members. I never bought any of them. I'd really like to get a super large Chip plush. Maybe one of Void from Sonic Shuffle? That'll never happen tho'.

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~SSMB Has Cleared Plushie Peripheral Act 11!~


I let my guard down...


Question #12: What is/are the most unintentionally funny quote(s) for you?



Don't be like that, Green 'Stache. You've said some weird things yourself.


Whether it be due to the lines themselves, the delivery of them, or even the circumstances relating to them, the Sonic series is notorious for having... questionable dialogue coming out of the characters' mouths every now and then. It's almost guaranteed for at least one line in each game to become a meme. And nine times out of ten, these lines provide a great source of hilarity for many. So whether it's popular or not, would you folks care to share your favourite lines that, for whatever reason, provide unintended chuckles from you?


Crusher's Thoughts: I could list "Get a load of this!" and "Watch out, you're gonna crash! Ah!" and "Time for a change of pace!" and "All's well that ends well, right?" and "You know what they say, the more the merrier!" and "I'm the coolest!" and all the rest, but... not this time. Instead, I'm going to list a few examples that aren't as popular and are probably more specifically amusing for me and me alone.


"Oh no, our weapons are useless!" - Sonic Adventure Police Officer, for proceeding to fire at Chaos again right after saying that.


"Guess what, Sonic Heroes!" - Dr. Robotnik (slash Metal Sonic, I guess), because on the letter itself, it obviously says "Guess what, Sonic Heroes" as well... right after "Dear Sonic Heroes". It's also a bit of a weird way to pull off a title drop, even moreso than the game's ending with Sonic's "We're Sonic Heroes!"


"Argh! If only we had the seven Chaos Emeralds!" - Dr. Robotnik, for sounding very suspicious. Like he was waiting for everyone to start pulling them out.


"Hate to tick off G.U.N, but we can't get past without homing attacking those robots." - Sonic the Hedgehog (this might not be an entirely correct quote, apologies if it is, my mind isn't that clear at the moment), for proceeding to give you a stern talking to if you choose to do exactly what he said. This sort of thing happens a lot in Shadow the Hedgehog, but this is one of the best examples to me.


"So what are you going to do, princess? Do you plan to jump?" - Young Ivo Cosplaying Gerald, for how indifferent he sounds. It's like he realised that he'll end up not being successful with his Iblis plot, so he just said fuck it and stopped giving a shit. And why was he flying high in the sky only to suddenly stop, yet not sound surprised or angry at Elise? Did he want her to jump? Where was he even flying off to beforehand? I don't even dislike Elise that much, but this is still hilarious for me to think about.


"Fall!" - Young Ivo Cosplaying Gerald, for making it sound less like a threat involving sending your hated nemesis to their doom courtesy of a cloudy abyss, and more like an angry demand for the other person to lose at a game of Jenga.


"Drown in darkness!" - Mephiles the Dark, for trying to be just as edgy as Shadow was trying to be back during his game. Fitting, I suppose, what with the whole Shadow's shadow deal and all.


*insert anything here* - Erazor Djinn, for sounding like Gaston. Some may ridicule him for his English voice, but honestly, his voice alone is one of the reasons for why he's one of my favourite Not-Robotnik villains, because I'll take it over a more generic voice.


"We can use this to our advantage." - Zavok, for the peculiar yet amusing emphasis on "advanTAGE". It's like he was wearing a belt and tightened it a little too much when he said that.


There are almost certainly many other examples like this that I can't think of at the moment, but I'm sure you guys will remind me of them at some point.


So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~

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Nothing tops the hilarity of Corey Bringas' delivery of Tails' lines when he ponders




Did Tails' voice shift to an Indian accent all of a sudden, or is it just me?


It's not that the line itself is all that terrible aside from being incredibly blunt and obvious, but good god does the Sonic Adventure voice acting ham it up to tremendous levels.

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This is one of those questions where I'm not sure what my answer is. I don't really keep tabs on these things.


...Espio's level up line is pretty unintentionally hilarious in Heroes. You expect him to sound like his usual composed self like other characters do, but instead he goes sort of maniacal in that one moment, he seems so super passionate about it for some reason.


Also, again with Espio, his line advising Shadow not to attack the enemies so as to avoid Eggman's notice. Fair enough in Mad Matrix...why the fuck would you say it while Shadow is fighting Eggman directly, in a boss fight? He fucking knows you're here by now!

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Don't get too excited booooys, those were the EAAAASY ONES!!"


The way Deem Bristow said this line is hilarious, and what makes it even funnier is that he even says this to Team Rose. XD Speaking of Team Rose...




Amy says this sometimes in Sonic Heroes when you find a secret area or something. It's so random and out of place in a game filled with corny dialogue.


You're going straight to HELL!


I know there are plenty of funny lines to choose from in ShtH but this one takes the cake for me. Shadow is getting serious people!


These are the ones that first come to mind but I'm sure there's plenty more I can think of!

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Let's never forget this little moment from everyone's favorite Sonic game!




Why is Shadow okay with taking candy away from a baby? What does he have against babies? Why does he seem so out of character?! This is probably one of my most questionable quotes to date.


Oh. and remember this?




Eggman, you've known Sonic for a good 17 years at this moment. HOW DID YOU FORGET HE RUNS FAST?!

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"Even without wings, I can still fly!"


For the longest time I thought this quote was from something else because it sounds a bit out of place in a Sonic game, but also the delivery sounds weird. It's like a cross between Sonic and Jet. I understand they were both voiced by Griffith at the time, but still.


Also I got Espio'd on the "I wonder what happened to Sonic" line. Shoot.

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Oh, this is gonna be good!


I gonna post 5 quotes that are hilarious!


5. "Whoa. That's a big one!" Sonic from 06


........Do I need to say anything?


4. "TERRIAAAAAAAAA!!" Sonic from Adventure 2


The most random battle cry I've heard yet.


3. "You're too slow!" Sonic from Super Smash Bros. Brawl


It's hilarious how cocky Sonic can be and bonus points on the fact it became a meme.


2. "Where's that damn fourth chaos emerald?" Shadow from Ow the Edge


I find it hilarious as how Shadow just unnecessarily cusses out of frustration, the game's story is a complete joke


And 1. "Just like a flower comes from a seed or a chicken comes from an egg." Mephiles from the Worst Sonic Fanfiction Ever


It's just hysterical on how Dan Green is trying to sound serious after the chicken part like how can you take a guy seriously when he says chicken or egg, like what?!


Man, Sonic games have some hysterical lines and that's why I'm single........

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I would probably say 'How'd you get here so quickly?' from Sonic Unleashed. Mainly because it seems like Eggman didn't know Sonic could run fast even though they knew each other for 17 years by the time the game was released.

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"Tails, Wait for me!"


Just... lol. This line just doesn't make sense.


"I'm the coolest!"


Must've caused a leak in his ego with that last hit.


"All's well that ends well!" Says Tails while staring over thousands of lives and busnesses lost in Chaos' flood. Riiiiight.


And of course the obvious:


"It's no use!"

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And 1. "Just like a flower comes from a seed or a chicken comes from an egg." Mephiles from the Worst Sonic Fanfiction Ever


"...A flower from a seed..."


"...A chicken from an egg..."


"...I am fire, yet I am dark, yet I am light..."


"...I am a lizard, yet I am mist, yet I am an eagle..."


Indecision, the new fragrance by Mephiles the Dark


"~Maybe he's born with it... Maybe it's Soleanna~"

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Day 12: favourite unintentionally funny quotes?




"You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you since I know everything you're going to do! Strange, isn't it!?" -Sonic the Hedgehog


A classic, but I've got to add it. Wonky voice actor choice lends his unique accent to a bad line. Much fun is had.




"Even without wings, I can still fly!" -Sonic the Hedgehog


All this Riders talk tonight has reminded me of this old gem. What a beauty; Griffith's cheesy delivery meets unexplainable dialogue.




"Aw yeah, this is happening !" -Sonic the Hedgehog


The attitude is strong in this one.

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"Hey look! It's Amy! And Eggman too! What's Amy doing here!? Doesn't matter, I have to help Amy because she's in danger!" The frequent use of "Amy" makes the sentence come-off as stilted and distant in a way and the VA's inability to make Tails sound as if he isn't reading from a script makes this line awkward to listen to.


Unintentionally funny because Shadow's wording is gratuitous and additionally because the emphasis is on "Fourth" and not "Damn" in the script.


"I FEEL NU-UMB!" At first, I thought he was saying "I FEEL DU-UMB!" XD Nevertheless, I still find it very funny how Big says this.


"Watch out! You're gonna crash! AHHH!" ...Yeah...bad direction or not, you can't honestly defend how badly-acted this line was. And yet it's all the more hilarious for it.


"I'M BEING ABDUCTED!" At least sound more concerned Cream ohmy.png

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I'll go with SA's Big, FROOOOOGGGGYYY, I mean I know he's suppossed to be dull, but even that sounds a little rediculous.


Giess I'lll just have to go with the classic Silver 'ITS NO USE' I mean sure your a flying pysic hedghog, but for someone whos naive and untested, thats just rediculous


personaly I dont go too much for how rediculous it is, I go for the stories in the games, which can be even more rediculous than the lines themselves


Days 12 out of 30 completed, Wooo! 2/5s of the way

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Day #12 - Funniest Quotes/Unintentional Quotes




Oh hohoho... My love for cheesy Dreamcast Era SEGA/Sonic will come in handy here.


Sonic Adventure - "Starting sequence of Sonic's story"




Sonic Adventure after beating Chaos 0


*Dramatic slow run* "WHERE YA GOIN, YA BIG DRIP?!


After Seeing Tail's lose control of the Tornado over Emerald Coast




Upon meeting Eggman in Mystic Ruin's zone




Upon seeing the Avalanche in Ice Cap at the start of the snowboarding scene.




Sonic Adventure 2


"What? No food or movies!? I'm outta here! I like running better... YEEEEAH!!"






Sonic Heroes


"Seems like an invitation to party!"

"Yeah we'll crack that Eggman wiiiide open, YEAH LET'S PARTY!"

"Boy, Amy sure doesn't give up that easy, we've got some time, feeling lucky?"

"Hey that's MY line!"

"Because we're Sonic Heroes!"

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