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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog (sponsored by PowerVerte)-Fin, PAGE 150

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Day 12! The most unintentionally funny lines...


"How did you get here so quickly?" from Unleashed for obvious reasons. Come on Eggman. I know the opening showed you don't always think before you act, but that line is just... wow.


Also from Eggman, the whole "I will burn your worlds..." and "get fat from eating your black hearts" scene from Sonic Lost World. Why? Because the bulk of the dialogue used to give the game an E10+ rating was located in this scene. It comes off as is the whole scene was written JUST to get that rating, rather than spacing out the darker elements. While there are some fairly morbid lines elsewhere ("Soon the blood in your friends' veins will cease to flow"), the fact so many of the ESRB's lines of choice were in this one scene just make it come off as trying too hard.


In line with the above, Sonic saying the word "genocide." The word is just so formal it seems kind of weird coming past his lips.

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Day 12: What's your favorite unintentionally funny line?


Well, I can think up a few:



Sonic Unleashed: Sonic's confrontation with Dr. Eggman in Mazuri


Eggman: "Rrgh! How did you get here so quickly?"


I was like "Uh... Eggman. Did you get bonked on the head or something? HOW IN THE FLYING FUCK DID YOU FORGET SONIC IS FAST?! You've only known him for about, like what, two decades!"


Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic vs. Shadow fight in Green Forest:


Shadow: "I'm the coolest!"


I hated that line, but at the same I loved it. Because the reason why I laughed so hard at it was because it was said so suddenly and how totally out-of-character it sounded from Shadow.


Sonic Adventure 1 - Tails in Station Square after getting Amy off the Egg Carrier:


Tails: "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?"


I remember laughing at that the first time I heard that line and I had no idea why. Maybe it was how the way Tails said that line it was so hilarious.


Sonic 06 - Shadow in Crisis City:


Shadow: "LETS.GET.MOVING!!!"


The way Shadow said that line... my god.


Shadow the Hedgehog - Shadow in Circus Park:



Shadow: "Where's that damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald!"
I love how the word "fourth" was in all caps instead of damn in the subtitles. As much as I loath the game with a fiery passion, I did bust out laughing at this line for quite awhile.

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This series has so much Narm!  And I love it all so much.

Here are some of my favorites narmy quotes:


"Or else I'll take it from you by force! THE HARD WAY!'' -Dr. Robo-er..Dr. Eggman

As apposed to "take it from you by force. The easy way".


"Hey! I'm the coolest" -Shadow

Did Shadow just accurately predict his fandom after this game?


"I am the Ultimate Overlord! Metal Sonic! I AM THE REAL SONIC!" - METAL Sonic

Dude, look at your hand.


"Find the Computer Room" - Vector the Crocodile

Do I even need to explain?


"Great!" - Pothead the Por-er...Silver the Hedgehog

Great! Oh Boy! I Won!


"Do I look like a ball to you?" - Ole Egghead

Uhhh... maybe.

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DAY 12 What's your favorite unintentionally funny line?

Well, "I wunderwuthappenedtosanic", and Eggman's chao petting "Yooosh" have already been mentioned, but I have one that hasn't.



This one really gets me, I don't know why Jennifer Doulard says "really, what" like that, it should have been obvious from reading the script that's not how the line is supposed to be delivered.

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Question #12: What is/are the most unintentionally funny quote(s) for you?


Honestly, I planned on skipping this question, but since I already missed day one, I figure I may as well try, even if it's a topic I don't think I can have much input on...


So i saw a few things others posted and it got me thinking about a recent playthrough of Knuckles's story in Sonic Adventure I did. I never saw all the recap screens, so I would quit and start back just to read them. They weren't voiced like in SA2 or Shadow (though that's probably a blessing on the English language side of things), but I find them interesting since we get to see a lot of the characters' personalities shine through. Much as I dislike English localizations deviating from the source material, if the localization is done well and masks issues with difficult to translate things (such as culture-specific jokes or things that aren't easily explained), or otherwise manages to enhance the source material, I can often forgive it (I love FUNimation's dubs of Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and Oh! Edo Rocket, for example, because they do just that). The English dub of Sonic Adventure, while it hasn't aged well, is one such localization that's actually fairly entertaining to listen to. I think the dub (from what I can tell; I don't know any Japanese) got across the characters as Sonic Team always intended them, but still adding enough Western flavor to give it some international appeal too.


But I suppose I'm veering off topic.


So in Knuckles's recap screen, after he fights Chaos 2 in the Station Square hotel and Eggman tricks him reads as thus (source):


I'm Knuckles the Echidna.
But just call me Knuckles.
Whatever Eggman was collecting were not
fragments of the Master Emerald.
Naw, those were the Chaos Emeralds.
Now, why is Sonic collecting the pieces
of the Master Emerald?
Personally, I've got respect for him.
I think he's a good guy, but if I have to,
I'll take him out to protect
the Master Emerald!
Sonic, come get some!


I don't know, the last line just cracks me up. "Come get some!" just isn't a phrase I hear very often (or at all). Though, as funny as it is to me... it fits. I do, however, find it funny that Knuckles brushes off that Eggman, knowing who he is, is collecting Chaos Emeralds and doesn't give that a second thought at all. What the hell, Knuckles?


And there's the Chaos 2 fight and just some hilarious bad acting/direction takes place...


Knuckles: Eggman! Give me back the Master Emerald!

Eggman: Kn-Knuckles!

Eggman: Uuuh this isn't what you're after!

Knuckles: *gasp* You're right!


It's not even that the writing is bad here, it's just the delivery of these lines that strike me as funny.


And then there's just about any time Knuckles deflects responsibilty after picking a fight with Sonic and inadvertently helping Eggman in the process.


Sonic: Knuckles, did you let him trick you again?

Knuckles: Like you weren't?! (or "Me?! What about you?!" in Sonic's story)

Sonic: Smooth move, knucklehead!


No, Knuckles, Sonic wasn't... But at least Knux steps up to make things right ("No problem, I'll make him eat dirt!").


The funny thing is, be it delivery or weird writing, I have to say I like how the localization team handled Knuckles in this game. Even if it sounds silly, I feel like it just works with his personality.


Now, here's when a localization just... drops the ball.


A scene from Shadow the Hedgehog that I genuinely like is before Cosmic Fall when the GUN Commander confronts Shadow and reveals that Shadow was created with the help of Black Doom. I like the mood, I like the idea, and I really dig the track that plays near the end ("If What You Say is True..."), but whoever was writing the script for the English version should not be allowed near a word processor ever again! And I'm just going to overlook Jason Griffith's acting as Shadow in this scene.


(All lines are the GUN Commander's)


"You killed everyone I loved... my family! Maria!"

"Maria was like a sister to me. She was the only family I knew!"

"It's not just about Maria! Thanks to you, everyone I knew and loved was killed when the ARK was destroyed! Worst of all, my family!"


OK, two things. You're on the ARK. Secondly, did you or did you not have a family? It's all just bad writing/translating, and a healthy dose of lousy overacting from both actors, that kills the mood of an otherwise cool scene.


I'm sure everything is much more clear in the Japanese version, but cripes the English localization of this game just gives me a headache (though I get a good chuckle out of it too because of how over the top and ridiculous it was).


...huh, I wrote more than I expected to on this subject.

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funniest quotes

" It isn't an Eggman robot"- Tails from Sonic heroes. He sounded so weird saying that


"Faker" - used by Sonic and/or Shadow in SA2. I know it is not a full quote, but it always bothered me. why does there only have to be one hedgehog? I mean... it is a species, not a individual! Just because there is another hedgehog doesn't mean one is a fake hedgehog. come on!


 " I am the ultimate life form!"   Shadow in SA2  I can't even tell ya how many times me and my siblings made fun of that line.

 "That doesn't faze me, ya hear?" -Knuckles in Sonic adventure.  He sounds weird the whole game, but how monotonously he said this was so weird. I mean " it doesn't bother me, I am a robot" would have fit better don't 'cha think?


"We have to be careful!" - Sonic in Sonic Rush Adventure (not exact quote though but said repeatedly in the game....) he says this so often, it drives me crazy. since when was Sonic EVER careful bout ANYTHING?!? 


http://youtu.be/iKX8IfB5Sxk?t=58s  perhaps it is the glitter... but she says "doesn't it"

 and the way the art lines up NONE with what she said and the glitter is surrounding a emotionless face makes this funny!!

   "What was that all about?! And look what you did to MY emerald!"-Rouge SA2  hah.. the laugh I get when that bat girl says knuckles' Emerald is hers XD


 "The master Emerald contains Special powers to neutralize the Chaos emeralds and that makes it very powerful" -Knuckles in SA2 . know it all! lol


  "I'll Use you! CHAOS CONTROL!" - Sonic in SA2. It gets real annoying in the battle between Sonic and shadow... he says it over and over and over and over and.....


   "I'm falling." -Tails in Sonic heroes. can't you fly?


  "Hit ROCK SHIFT!" Knuckles in Sonic heroes  ... my mom cringes when Knuckles gets to "shift".... i never understood the use of the word since it sounded so bad!!


Well, I could go on with great quotes for hours!!! but here is a snippet of those remembered and found smile.png


 "WHY ME?!?"- Sonic in Sonic OVA. MAAMEE!

EDIT: Sorry, not all these are funny ones, but most are smile.png  hope that is okay

  CHANGED TO UNINTENTIONALLY FUNNY!!  i initially miss understood the topic!

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Question #12: What is/are the most unintentionally funny quote(s) for you?

Sonic: "That tornado's carrying a car!"

Zavok: "I see you're taking your sweet time."

Professor Pickles' Assistant: "He came in with a...and a....and a whole pack of robots."

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The only thing I can remember that doesn't seem to have been mentioned already is when the narrator in '06 starts telling Elise not to cry. This was partway into the game and I always found it funny because up to that point there had been no established narrator so it kinda came out of left field.

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Question #12: What is/are the most unintentionally funny quote(s) for you?


"Urgh! How'd you get here so quickly?!" -Dr. Eggman (Sonic Unleashed)


Eggman, I love you but how did you forget that Sonic is the fastest thing alive?



"Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ah!" -Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure)


I know this scene was supposed to be serious but I just could help but laugh at the delivery and by the way Sonic's face was animated.

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"Long time no see" (almost every Sonic characters in almost every Sonic games)



It makes you wonder if the characters are actually a bunch of loners who spend their free time in their houses by doing absolutely nothing.


"I-I'm so glad that you came..." (Princess Elise in Sonic 2006)


Yes, this line is actually in the game.



Oh Elise, you can't make your lovely obsession with Sonic even less subtle, can you?


"If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!" (Amy Rose in Sonic 2006)




First off, why would Silver care about Sonic?

And second... You known that without a world there won't be a Sonic nor everyone else, right?


And now for something different.


Amy's Love Confession (Sonic Lost World, the Japanese script)


While in the English script Amy spurs Sonic to kick some butts and save the world, in the Japanese script she only calls to talk about herself.




Stupid poor girl, she wasted so much precious seconds and words just to say I Love You, but dies right as she's about to do so.


What a spectacular epic fail dry.png

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There's so much choice... Hmm. I don't think these have been mentioned yet:



0:18 - Shadow: "Shadow... Android?.... Am I.. an.. android too!?" The game's full of terrible lines, but the delivery of this one just takes the cake.



0:52 - Rouge: "I found a Chaos Emerald" is just so flat and awkward; not to mention that everyone can see the glowing emerald Rouge. It's right there.



Last, but by no means least; who can forget Shadow's "Let's. Get. MOOOOVING!". GRRRR. Always a classic.

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Yeees, my question!



I have loads of favourite bad lines, but I think the one where the GUN person in 06 flubs his line then repeats it, and is left in the game, is just so golden and reeking of them not giving a shit because of how much the game is rushed that I can't even pick anything else. Not even "LETS GET MOOOVING", though I had flashbacks when the Werehog said it to Tails in Unleashed.


There's also "But that alone is INSUFFICIENT!", Shadow's massive scream when falling down at the end of Flame Core where the subtitle just has "Ack!", and most of Mephiles's lines, especially the chicken from an egg one, the nonchalant "he's at the train station" one (Quick, we gotta meet Sonic because we're all going to Manchester for the night!), and his orgasmicness when he joins back with Iblis after killing Sonic. All of these are from 06! Just in one game alone.


And then there's everyone in End of the World, especially Knuckles though.


Sonicccck! I'm.... COMING.

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Day 12: Your top favourite unintentionally hilarious Sonic quotes?

Easy. Remember Sonic Adventure 2's first Sonic vs. Shadow battle in the jungle area?

I always giggle at the first line when you hit Shadow when playing as Sonic.

'I'm the coolest!'

I just find that bit so incredibly out of character for Shadow, because at this point in time, he was usually dead serious and not one to copy Sonic's way of bragging about his own ability's. Guess Sonic's right about accusing Shadow to be a faker after all. =P

Oh right and how Eggman's first line of dialogue is spent shouting where Sonic should have clearly been able to hear him in SA1:

'You know nothing, fool! It's Chaos! The god of destruction! Bwahahahahaha!'

And Amy's line when you choose her in Sonic 06's Trial of Love mission.

Sonic, you came!

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Day 12: Most Unintentionally Funny Sonic Quotes


EVERYTHING Erazor says. It's not the lines themselves, but the delivery of said lines. It's so hammy, you could make a sandwich out of it.

"I cannot be denied by that filthy rat!"


Also, some of Espio's lines in Sonic Heroes:


He is supposed to be the stoic member of the team, mind you.


Speaking of Heroes...there is something that is exclusive to the Italian version. A translation mistake that's so horrible you can't help but laugh at it.  See, Heroes was the first game with Italian subtitles, a trend that would continue until Generations, where an Italian dub was introduced.

So...Casino Park, Team Chatix's story. Espio says "Wherever there's light... there's a shadow.". What should have been translated as "Ovunque ci sia luce...c'è un' ombra"  was instead turned to "Dove c'è luce....c'è Shadow", Shadow as in the hedgehog. I kid you not, that line alone made me explode with laughter.


There are many other lines, but...I would end up repeating what other users already said.

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I'm not sure anything can really ever top Shadow's "Where's that DAMN fourth Emerald". Its just so over-emphasised, trying so hard to be edgy but still actually kid friendly at the same time.


To say something a little different, there are a couple of lines in Sonic Heroes that I always found quite odd. On one hand, Metal Sonic's defeated quote "I am the ultimate Sonic! I am the REAL Sonic!". See, I always thought Metal Sonic's purpose was to be better than Sonic. Since when he did he have this odd belief he was actually the original Sonic? It was an odd delusion from a character I always saw as a bit more level headed.


On the other hand, the scene before the Chaotix Vs Rose battle. Big's pouty "Its not nice to tease my friends" always makes me chuckle.

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[ Day 12 : Unintentionally Funny Dialogue ]


Aside from everything that comes out of Black Doom's mouth...


Let's see.  the "DAT EGGMAN I WONDER WHAT HAPPEN TO SONIC?" from SA1 already been mentioned but it really is a terrible read. XD


If it counts, the grunts that Knuckles does in Sonic Heroes, purely because it sounds like he's saying shit.  Although it gets frustrating telling people that he's not.


Shadow's "I'm the coolest!" when he gets hit in Sonic Adventure 2 always manages to produce a giggle.  It seems highly out of place, not to mention out of character.


Amy's "Oh my god!" from Heroes.  That came as a shock to me at the time, lol.


There are so many more that I can't think of at the moment.  The series is so chock-full of them, why do I have trouble recalling them when asked?! DX

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"I was on a Snooze Cruise I guess"


Ah good ol 90s slang.


"Who's DIS BROAD?"


Vector's insults Rouge in one of the more hilariously succinct jabs.


"Our next adventure awaits us so there's no time to waste, yeah we're Sonic HEROES" 


Okay real talk, how the fuck does the term "Sonic Heroes' make any kind of contextual sense in Sonic's in-game universe? As far as I'm concerned Knuckles and Tails may just think Sonic is a conceited asshole for naming the team after himself.


"Im the coolest!"


Do I need to explain?


"Behold my floating masterpiece! THE EGG CARRIA!"


SA1 Eggman's line delivery is just a thing of beauty.

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Let's never forget this little moment from everyone's favorite Sonic game!




Why is Shadow okay with taking candy away from a baby? What does he have against babies? Why does he seem so out of character?! This is probably one of my most questionable quotes to date.


What a dumb attempt at making Shadow seem tough, taking candy from babies? Much cool, so swag.

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I guess it's difficult not to choose the most obvious ones, but they're the ones that spring to mind.



is always a funny one, although I'm not sure it is unintentionally funny or if it was meant to be a "haha Sonic's mad" joke.



The Clip That Launched a Thousand YouTube Poops.



HAHAHAHahahahahaha ha ha haaa.... oh, you meant it? Oh dear.



Uh... "I die hard"? Yeah... I'm sure there's a better, less dodgy way to say "it's difficult to kill me!"


Also in SA2 I find the threats Eggman sends to Sonic, like "AMY WILL DIE!" I mean, woah... for a kid's game... woah.



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Day 12: Quotes

During Team Rose's last level in Sonic Heroes (what's it called again? I can't for the life of me remember), Amy suddenly, out of freakin' nowhere, comes out with "OH MY GAWD GOD!"

In Sonic Adventure, the cutscene that takes place after Sonic's version of the Chaos 4 boss battle, Eggman says "Adieu! Until we meet again my friends!" But Deem Bristows delivery of the line makes it sound like he sneezed: "*ACHOO* Until we meet again my friends!"

Also in Sonic Adventure: Tails line, upon leaving this city Chaos has just destroyed, "well, all's well that ends well"...you fucking xenophobe.

And practically every instance in Shadow the Hedgehog when a hero character berates Shadow for attacking G.U.N. soldiers, even though they where shooting at him.

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"Oh no! Our weapons are useless!




*continues firing*


Sonic Adventure's terrible animation clashes with a typical 'strong villain' line. Speaks for itself.

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