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Far be it to tell me what to do with your lives, but if you take a screenshot of any particularly strange occurrences, something nice might happen to you...


P.S. April Fools Day topic here :)

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My curiosity got the best of me to see if anything happens, besides going away, when I click and say yes. I miss him.

I would suspect Omochao would show back up anyway and tell me that I'm mean.

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Spin Attaxx



Well, it's not quite a Polaroid, but... has anyone seen a door on SSMB? And if I supposedly have this key, then where is it and what does it look like.


In fact, what's even behind that door?

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Are you sure you want me to do that, Omochao? You're the only actual target here to shoot at. >=)






He literally said this right after I posted. Call me crazy but I think he wants it.

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Actually, I didn't, maybe I should try whistling at everything to find them?


If that doesn't work, I could always break some Chao Containers.

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So, funny story, I just saw him when I started to make a post in this thread. Three times in a row. Incredible.


However, I caught one that's about SSMB instead of a hint from the games.




And while making this post I briefly caught sight of him while switching tabs, but didn't catch him. Oh we--THERE HE IS AGAIN...AND AGAIN....AGAIN. Okay, seriously, is it just easier to see him in this thread or what? :V


I'm not seeing any of the stranger ones, unfortunately. I'm sure I will eventually, though.

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