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Doctor MK

Tomodachi Life [3DS] - "All Hail the Virtual Boy!", 6th June 2014

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Hey. I got one too.

Looks like I know what I'll be doing for the next hour or so.


EDIT: Enjoyed the demo enough to get the full game. I'd read the review in ONM, which gave the only bad thing as being that things repeat all too easy which, while something major, isn't much of a deal breaker if you can withstand stuff like that. And besides, the demo had enough charm to persuade me.

After all, seeing your Mii running up and down a beach is charming, right?

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This game sure does like to rush relationships.

One of my Mii's asked another out, 24 hours later they're married. Now they're thinking of having a child - 24 hours later.

For real?

I've got three married couples and twenty-four Mii's in residence. Only thing I need to unlock is what you get after an explorer comes to visit.

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