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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Day 28 : Most anticipated games


I'll begin with






I still remember the day (well, night over here) when Heroes was announced. The Chaotix were back, so was Shadow. Team mechanic. The game looked amazing, I was sooooooo excited I could hardly sleep that night hahaha :)


It was kinda the same with Sonic 2006. What, a new hedgehog who looked nice ? Telekinetic powers ? Shadow was back (again) ? Shut up and take my money, Sega !


(and I loved both games ^^)


Current anticipated game :




Well, I love Pokémon games, and I just can't wait for this one.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game


Oh dear... This is one that I had to give like a depressing answer since with games, if I get hyped with a game and then either end up really disappointed with the game (e.g. GTA IV, Wind Waker where I preordered the game too) or that it turned out not to be very good/not looking good when more info came about so I am very weary of any games until the game gets released. It is the case of being burned so many times that it becomes numb and only enjoy a game after the release when people give out information/impressions also weary of reviewers too. In the past, any anticipated game came from developers that I could have trust such as Sumo Digital, Criterion Games and Nintendo if a Mario or a Donkey Kong game was involved. Even then it is a more of a hoping to be good instead of can't wait for this game. It is also hard since games are getting less appealing to my tastes whether it is the genre focus, the multiplayer focus, the style of the game however completely understand if someone is hyped for a game that fits like a glove.


Mario Kart is technically out now (even before 30th May), am not really anticipated on Super Smash Bros Wii U due to the hype regarding Brawl/this one that is causing the opposite effect (it will be a good game though smile.png) and no clue whether The 90s Arcade Racer will get released, even more so if it comes out in Europe due to the publisher involved. This was also done before E3 where there will be at least more games announced so currently the timing on my side doesn't seem to be ideal also since most of the games will be on the PS4/Xbone and Nintendo is being tight lipped on any future Wii U or 3DS games. I looked at GameFAQs since they give out release dates on future games on the PS3, Vita, Wii U, 3DS and there's only 2 games out of those consoles that my eyes light up. GRID Autosport and Far Cry 4, however with the latter the only bit of info is the box art and that it is multiplayer based...



GRID Autosport (even though I know the game won't look as good as that image)


Unless Nintendo announce something like Super Mario Universe (a Galaxy style game), a miracle of a F-Zero game, even settle for Mario vs. Donkey Kong or anything along those lines at this point on their Direct, this is pretty much my only choice and like the above is hope. Sumo Digital is working on something but chances are for the current consoles and Criterion Games is pretty much no more so it makes it harder than it is.


The reason why I'm interested in this game was because when Codemasters announced it, they seemed sorry for the previous games on while they were decent, the hardcore players weren't impressed by them and wanted them to go back to TOCA or their earlier games on that there were simulation based due to that the developers were focused on attracting more on the American market who aren't as much interested in racing games plus the style of games were seen a bit more of the ignorant side. So Codies have done is brought back the in car view, contacted the community on how to improve their games and got help from an Autosport magazine as well as going towards the actual races (they went to a British Touring Car race this year) to improve the quality of their games, improved the handling of the cars and hopefully a good game.


The modes seem appealing to me with the range of styles from the TOCA style Touring Cars to Destruction Derby, what cars/courses that have been spotted seem pretty good and the graphics look so far to be great even though chances are that they are either better than the game marketing screenshots or PC version but will still look and run good on the PS3.


Reading the features so far also seems to have plenty of content more than the previous two games, plus Race Driver: GRID from the little that I've played seemed quite good and the sequel got very cheap (the cost of a pizza) but yet to play so I should have a good time with this one.


What also makes it my choice is that this is most likely going to be my final ever game in not just the 7th generation consoles but in general so this game is going to be a farewell to gaming. It isn't to say that I won't play any more games since I will still play the games that I already have and enjoy them to its maximum potential. It's just that I wanted enough games to last me a lifetime and almost got there, would rather enjoy on what I have than it is to continually chasing console generations that has personally happened for 16 years. It just depends on this years E3 before deciding for good.

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But I really don't think there's a game I want in my grasp more than Half-Life 3.


OMG yes... yesyesyes... IIRC only one piece of concept art has ever been released; a painting of Gordon attacking an Advisor with a crowbar...  to be honest at this point I doubt it's ever going to happen, and the end of Episode 2 is the ending of Half Life. Free mankind from the Combine, sure... but it's gonna be at a cost!


Anyways... moving on to...


Day 28 - Most Anticipated Game


In the past, this would have been Bioshock Infinite.


I saw this teaser trailer a few years ago;



It looked awesome, but it seemed sooo looong ago when the game finally came out! I had actually forgotten it was in development until I saw another trailer! I loved the first Bioshock set in Rapture, Bioshock 2 I enjoyed but it just wasn't as good... but I was interested in seeing where the series would go.


Notable mention: Sonic Lost World.




I just liked the look of it when the first trailers came out, and when those teaser pictures came out (which were sooo much fun to Butcher!) I was super excited; the style looked all retro-y with the old school Badniks and checkerboard landscapes, and I was a little gutted it would be an exclusive for Nintendo. I now hear the game was a disappointment, and I am not sure if I will ever get to play this game.


Today, I am really looking forward to seeing more on Assassin's Creed Unity, since it will be set in Paris!! <3 Paris sooo much (yeah I know it will be different, since historically the city has been redesigned on a massive scale!) Also we're done with Desmond, so I wonder what the new direction of the series will be.

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Day 28-Most Anticipated Game



Despite the wait not being as long as Brawl, it's still excruciating. I'm getting both versions, because I'm that much of a loser. As soon as I saw that logo cut through the fire last year, I knew it was time. Once again, there's the dojo style updates both on the web and in Miiverse. Smash Bros. has been my favorite multiplayer series since the first one, so once this comes out I'm pretty much set. Just gotta be patient, which I can't be.

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Got quite a few games I'm really excited for (and I'll be giving a shout-out to all of them in the honorable mentions), but my most anticipated one is...


Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

Words cannot describe how much I love the eve of a new Smash game. SO many different elements to speculate about! The characters, the assist trophies, the stages, the single player, the items! There's just so much to get excited over and every bit of new info is making me even more hyped for the upcoming entries. The chance for FROG SUPREMACY on the Smash circuit with Greninja? Check. Twice the stages split between two games? Check. A HUGE roster with 30 characters confirmed before a release date is even given? Check. Over SEVENTY different items to play with not including assists and Pokémon? Check! Kirby Air Ride's amazing City Trial mode basically returning in Smash form? Check! Every newcomer looking really unique so far? Chyyyyyyyeck! MARIO VS SONIC VS MEGA MAN IN AN ACTUAL GAME?! TRIPLE CHEYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYECK! Needless to say, this is going to be a game that I'm going to be playing the everloving CRAP out of once it sees release and I eagerly await whatever new info trickles out of E3. biggrin.png

Honorable Mentions:


Kingdom Hearts III

The reason that I'll be acquiring a PS4 eventually, this game was probably the biggest surprise to come out of E3 last year and I can't wait to find out more about it. Specifically, I can't wait to see what new Disney properties get represented via summons and worlds. Though, if there's no Wreck-It Ralph world, I'll be disappointed. There's SO much meta potential! XD


Sonic Boom

A new Sonic game developed by a Western studio with Naughty Dog veterans featuring multiple playable characters, interesting new gameplay twists, and a bit more emphasis on plot and lore? SIGN ME UP! This was exactly the shot in the arm that the franchise needed after entering a bit of a stagnant phase with the more recent games and I'm definitely anticipating every little bit of new info about it from E3.


Yarn Yoshi

Though we know VERY little about this title and Ninty seems pretty tight-lipped, I'm still SUPER excited to see what it brings to the table and hope that it's ready to be shown off more at E3. With incredible HD graphics combined with the gorgeous yarn look of Kirby's previous escapade, this definitely looks like a game that'll be just an absolute joy to play through from beginning to end.


Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Full 3D remakes of the Pokémon generation that I've probably put the most time into of all of them? YES. I absolutely cannot wait to see a beautiful new take on the Hoenn region as well as what they can add to these games to make them even more awesome. Though, they're gonna have to work preeeeeeeeetty hard if they wanna top HGSS's insane amount of legendary and gift Pokes. XD

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game(s)



Super Smash Bros For Wii-U/3ds


I'm super hyped for this game, both versions. Smash Bros is my favourite Nintendo franchise and my favourite fighting game franchise, so it's incredibly exciting when the next entry comes out.  And with this entry they seem to be trying to fix some of Brawl's problems and make a more competitive fighting system, plus Mega Man as a newcomer? Instant hype mode. 




Batman: Arkham Knight


The Batman games made by Rocksteady are both utterly fantastic games (Arkham City is one of my favourite games of all time), and with this entry promising new gameplay innovations on top of an already stupendous foundation and the usage of the current gen system's power to a better extent then all the cross-gens? Count me right in. If all the other next-gen games in the near future turn out disappointing, I can at least have faith in this and Rocksteady. 




Bayonetta 2


Bayonetta is another one of my favourite games of all time, for reasons I've talked about in this topic many times. So naturally when the sequel was announced I was extremely pumped, and I still am now. Platinum Games never disappoints, and as messy as Bayonetta's plot was, I'm still looking forward to seeing where they take it. But most of all I'm looking forward to more amazing top-notch action gameplay, a very entertaining protagonist, and an amazing soundtrack, and I have no doubt it will deliver. 


Honourable mentions go to:

Freedom Planet

Mighty No 9

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers


In terms of ones that are already out:

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

Sonic Generations

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game


Hey guys, did you know there was a new Smash Bros coming out, and that it has Mega Man in it? And that it's getting a dual platform release for 3DS and Wii U, and that it has Mega Man in it? Featuring Mega Man?


It's hard not to get swept up in the hype for these games. I'm most hyped for the Wii U and 3DS game, but any entry in the series (bar the first) got me crazy excited. I talked briefly about the brilliant fighting system in these games that allow people of all skill levels to play. People talk about these games everywhere. It's a megaton announcement on the caliber of Zelda or Mario- possibly bigger.


When a character's announced for Smash, it generates a ton of discussion. Everyone's got their own wishlist of fighters they want to see. Like Rosalina, or Little Mac. Or Mega Man. 



This is not gonna be topped for me. 

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​Day 28: Most Anticipated Game


Batman: Arkham Knight


Easy one for me. This is the game that I will buy a PS4 for. I've loved every other game in the Arkham series, so I don't see why I wouldn't be anticipating this next installment. Yeah, Origins was a glitchy mess at first, but that wasn't made by Rocksteady, while Arkham Knight has them back at the helm. It's also next gen exclusive, so I expect them to take full advantage of the hardware. It's also the final installment in the Arkham series from Rocksteady, so I expect one hell of a sendoff.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated game.




Actually I got stumped for a few minutes here when I've realized I've been pretty busy with my current gaming library and I haven't been looking for anything new, I expected E3 to give me some of that but I can't jump in time (yet) so... I had a lot of troubles answering this.




Then I remembered there is this game...




Mighty No.9



Maybe not the most mind blowing experience (yet) nor the hypest thing on the boards right now but this is a lovely project that promises to deliver 2D action platforming to pretty much every current platform (thanks to the people who backed the project). It promises to be a worthy Megaman successor in a time where some consecutive decisions from a certain company looked to be taking away every chance we had to be playing a game like this. (more because of how rapíd-fire those cuts were I'd guess)


But a successor doesn't only copy the old product, it also improves upon it, this game mixes both new and old things of the Megaman series and it promises to add some touches of its own to make it a great experience to both new and old players alike (new players might need some adjustment tho if Inafune's threats promises of making something challenging are anything to go by). I think we still get to see something truly new but so far we've got multiplayer confirmed, both competitive and co-op which is something I'm quite curious to see in action.


Inafune has also taken the fans into account since they were the ones who made this possible to begin with, he often lets us come up with content for the game and seems to take note of every piece of input we say, I've heard this is something the team also tried to pull off with Megaman Legends 3, except that this time it's actually happening. :D




So yeah, it's a game in a genre that I enjoy and I can't wait to get my hands on it, We still have to truly see what the Comcept team has planned for us but I feel this is going to be enjoyable in a worst case scenario and awesome and beyond at best.

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Day 28: Most anticipated game

Giving it to Super Smash Bros 3DS. This series goes from strengtj to strength and this one looks bigger than ever before. I know a few friends who are going to want matches and I'd be happy to. In the past though it was Sonic Generations. Every trailer or info that came out filled me with joy. It seemed to be hitting all the right buttons! In the end it did. Hope Smash Bros does the same (no Roger Craig Smith you're too slow please!)

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Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS


Even if I wasn't much of a Nintendo fan growing up, I still get super excited at the prospect of another installment of Smash Bros. That said, I'm more hyped than ever this time around, as I've played and enjoyed many Nintendo games in the last year (Luigi's Mansion 2, Pikmin 3, New Leaf, Pokemon X/Y, A Link Between Worlds and 3D World), meaning that I'm more attached to their characters than I was at Brawl's release. Of course Sonic's inclusion always helps a bit, but there is plenty else to be excited about thanks to interesting newcomers like Rosalina, Megman and Wii Fit Trainer. Sakurai really knows how to elicit a high level of hype with their reveals via Directs and cinematic trailers.



That is some good shit, right there.

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Day 28 - Most Anticipated Game?

Well on the non Sonic front, I would have to say that there are two big games I am currently anticipating (and I don't even have the consoles for which these titles are destined/primarily destined)...

...Bayonetta 2 - really can't wait to see this in action. The first game was incredible, non-stop action packed fun. Crazy attacks that look complex but are super simple to pull off - mean that even people who just button bash like myself can look super cool when kicking various enemies' asses. The boss battles were insane too, with a unique story great music and insanely good graphics. The main character is cool. There was even a couple of homages to a classic SEGA title or two if I remember correctly. So yeah, even if the sequel is just more of the same, I'll still be pleased. As others have said in this thread, platinum always deliver too.

The other game that I am looking forward to a lot is Alien Isolation. One of my friends/classmates from University is working on this title and I am excited not only for the game itself but to see his hard work pay off and see his work contribute towards a AAA released title (still hope that I can acheive something like that someday). Anyway, the game looks great, the. Atmosphere and tone are perfect, it is exactly what you would expect from the type of game they are making and more (and I am saying this just based on a couple of trailers). Graphically it really looks to be pushing these new gen machines. To be honest I think that the game is the most interesting title to surface for the Xbox One and PS4. Obviously after what happened with Colonial Marines, SEGA needs this to be a good game and they are pushing it in terms of promotion too. But no doubt creative assembly will deliver. :) excited!!

Other games I am anticipating are -

3D Outrun, 3D Afterburner II and 3D Fantasy Zone on 3DS - because so far the 3D Classics from SEGA have been awesome.

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~ Wake Me Up When the Smash Wait Ends ~


Day 28/30: Most Anticipated Game

Game Selected: Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (Summer, Winter 2014)


"We have one final game to show today. Please, take a look."

~Satoru Iwata

THE MOMENT SHIT HIT THE FAN AT E3 2013. WELL, the Nintendo Direct at E3 2013, BUT EITHER WAY, IT COUNTS.

Also the moment Sony and Microsoft packed up and left for home like losers because this gem won Nintendo all of E3. grossly exaggerating but it's not far from the truth

So, it's a little past 10:30 in the morning, it's the end of the Direct, and I was pretty satisfied with what had been shown right up until the still untitled Xenoblade game. However, just as though we all felt that it wouldn't be much of a bang to end on, Iwata then closes the Direct with those words above. One final game that had yet to be mentioned? What could it possibly be? The oft-buzzed Zelda U we keep hearing about? A new Star Fox or Metroid game? Something else entirely? Who knows, maybe they're actually gonna show the new Super Sm--




I was practically leaning in with my eyes glued to the screen, and my hands against my headphones, to see and hear everything out of what was to come. Anticipation and hype levels went right through the fucking roof because the biggest crossover event in gaming history was coming 'round for the new generation. The trailer began on something lighthearted, Animal Crossing of all things, but the sight of the screen getting cut into an incredibly familiar logo and the flames that spilled already had my heart racing. All the more when that letter slowly glided onto the ground, with the focus on the particularly designed stamp.

Not a moment too soon, the trailer officially kicked off with Super Mario, the series logo tearing onto the foreground with. a. bang, courtesy from the percussions alongside a brief shot of Mario, accompanied by strings. The buildup from there, with the orchestra growing in intensity as more and more of Nintendo's big names came up on screen, all the way to showing off the gameplay... god damn, I'll never forget how it was all executed. My heart was racing, my hairs stood on end, my jaw hit the floor, and my eyes were starting to tear up I was bawling like a dumbshit nerdbaby. This first preview was a thing of beauty.

This is how you build hype, and it was done with the most kickass trailer in existence.

Smash never failed to make me all kinds of happy. Since I dabbled with it on the N64, spent hours on Melee, and latched onto Brawl, I was always up for another round because everything about this series is so gosh darn perfect. A wide cast of gaming All-Stars decking each other in the face just because, a great many a stage based off of these characters' franchises and then some, chaotic and fun as hell gameplay be it alone or with friends, the eargasmic soundtrack bringing together original tunes, rearrangements, and a collection of other tracks from all over the video game music spectrum, the various modes to tackle in both solo and multiplayer... There's nothing I couldn't love about this series.

Now here comes entry number 4, with new faces like Rosalina, Greninja, the Wii Fit Trainer, and Little Mac, returning and now separate characters like Sheik and Zero Suit Samus, new stages, new Assist Trophies, rearranged movesets for veteran fighters, a fucking amazing theme that combines what I've loved about Melee and Brawl's main fanfares, a refurbished and much more accommodating online mode, and, of course, MEGA MAN.

Oh, and I don't think I need to mention the extent to how we all freaked out the very moment "NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING !" blared on screen, and at the bombastic revelation that followed. Me? I screamed, cheered, and cried harder at the awesome, and I was thankful I was the only one home because that would've been a sorrily embarrassing display otherwise.




Also, again: Mario vs. Sonic vs. Mega Man. Just... let that sink in for a minute.

Feels good, don't it?

Other upcoming highlights? Mario Kart 8 in under two days' time, Sonic Boom in the fall, Hyrule Warriors hopefully soon-ish, and long awaited remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire... from what's been officially announced and revealed as of now. Now let's just wait for the E3 hype train to see what else my wallet will be weeping about.

also please no delays sakurai-sama ;A; but if yes i understand

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game

It's hard to choose just one game I'm getting excited for, so I'll choose multiple.

Uncharted 4


I fucking love the Uncharted games, and I am super hyped for the new one coming to PS4 sometime soon, hopefully the release will be revealed at E3. Damn, I just am looking forward to this game and we haven't even seen gameplay of it, that's the power of Naughty Dog. I just hope Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are back, or atleast Victor Sullivan. Can't have an Uncharted game without Victor God Damn Sullivan, it wouldn't be the same, but I'll buy it day one either way.


Batman: Arkham Knight


I fucking love Batman, he is one of my all-time favorite superheroes, and his villains and storylines are usually if always the best. The Rocksteady games bring out the best of the Batman mythos and takes it to new heights, and I can't fucking wait for the finale. The gameplay will probably be the best it's ever been, and the story will be featuring my favorite Batman villain as the main villain, Scarecrow! I can't wait to see how things turn out, especially due to this being the finale and how the last game ended.


Super Smash Brothers for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS


I am also super excited for the new Smash Brothers, as it seems to improve alot of the problems I've had with the previous installments, and alot of the assist trophies and items seem alot more imaginative. Now, this games roster isn't anything special to me yet, but count me hyped if Reggie or Solid Snake are announced in Smash 4. Atleast Reggie, if Reggie is fucking announced that's it, I'm buying 500 copies of this game day one and sending 499 of them to an orphanage, even orphans should be shown the true love of Reggie Fils-Aime. Yeah, anyways, this game will surely be great, as it has been shown Sakurai has been working himself to death over getting this done and living up to everyone's expectations, so yeah, count me as hyped.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


This will be the last one, but I saved the best for last. As I mentioned a while back in this topic, the Metal Gear series is my favorite series of all-time, as I love all the characters and the amazing story. I've been hyped for this game ever since it was announced, even though Kojima swore that The Phantom Pain wasn't a Metal Gear Solid game and was being made by people that were inspired by Metal Gear (Yeah, sure Kojima). Eventually, he announced it was MGSV, and I couldn't be any happier, the gameplay in Ground Zeroes was fantastic, and I can't wait to see how big it will be in Phantom Pain, as it is apparently /way/ larger than Ground Zeroes. This could also possibly be the last game to feature Big Boss, as after this into leads into the original Metal Gear games, if so, I bet you'll be going out with a bang Big Boss, but yeah, I can't wait for this game, or any of these games.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game:








GOD IT'S REALLY HAPPENING. I was really eager to see the new Smash last year but man... they did not disappoint. I mentioned Mega Man was one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite franchises ever but I never dared to dream that he could be in this. That's not to say that Mega Man is the only reason I'm looking forward to it, but he is the reason I'm as hyped as I am. For me, he generated more hype than even Sonic did for Brawl. From the moment I saw the trailer, I knew I was gonna be satisfied with this game's roster. 


The Smash franchise is something I've always loved. It's fun and everyone loves predicting the roster and checking out the newcomers and new stages. It's fun to speculate. All these cherished characters coming together, it's no wonder that Smash is able to create so much hype and discussion for some people. I literally talk about Smash everyday. Not joking. I doubt that will stop until I can get my hands on the game. It's one of those games that makes me feel like a child and I don't even care. 

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Moste Anticipated Game


Super Smash Bros.


I'm gonna answer this as a mix between Brawl and 4. Who did'nt check the Dojo everyday for a tantalizing titbit? compared to Miiverse posts sometimes fall short./=


I've spent hours upon hours yelling, screaming, crying at  this game. And a lot of memories were shared. It's like a holy amalgamation of a game and the roster keeps getting better. I'm not so sure the stages are better but for the 3DS version they seem to be. I mean what can I say, that has'nt been said, it's a good ol' smashin fun with me and you, you and me...~


Sonic Lost World- I thought this was a true return to classic form that i had tears in my eyes..it's kinda disappointing how it went all over the place but if they had 6 levels per stage it'd have balanced out, I think./=

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game.






Yea its a Sonic game, but I won't lie when I say that Unleashed was one of few games I was so fucking pumped for, if only because I was so convinced it was Sonic's big come back. The entirety of Summer 2008 was spent anticipating new info for this game and watching old info to keep the hype going. 




I'm not exaggerating when I say that I flipped my shit at this trailer. My 15 year old brain just went full bonkers. I just sat at my desktop watching this same trailer for hours. Its that good, just the way its edited, the footage, and the music. Its perfection. It was this trailer that really got me on the hype train.




Looking back, while Unleashed may not be a particularly good game, I give it props for properly getting that hype across. Something I think the series is sorely lacking nowadays.




But wait, there's more





A brand new Guilty Gear. People thought it was dead, the only thing we had was a new update to a game from over 10 years ago; with Blazblue becoming more popular and the only thing fans had to call a sequel was a Dynasty Warriors esc hack n slash, it seemed like Guilty Gear would just be forgotten in the past. Then Arcsys released this trailer one year ago:





You know its Sol & Ky talking, and then you see the sprites and think "Can it be", and then the guitar starts and the action kicks in. Finally, after years of waiting, a modern Guilty Gear game is announced. I was in tears, tears of joy, it was too amazing. There's nothing like seeing an old franchise brought to the modern age and Guilty Gear is a prime example.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game


I'm currently very hyped for two games, so I'll talk about both of them!


Mario Kart 8





Man, I just really love Mario Kart, and MK8 looks to be the best one yet. The anti-gravity, the new courses, the retro courses, the new items, the music, its purtty graphics, the new vehicle options, the new online mode, man I just know I'm gonna enjoy this game a ton, and I'm super excited for it to come out in less than two days.


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS




Dang man, how could I not be hyped for these two games? They're coming along quite nicely, the newcomers, the adjustments to veterans, the stages and the new items, man they're really out-doing themselves for this one, if ya ask me. Most of my hype admittedly lies in the Wii U version, but man I can't wait to get the 3DS version either. I can just tell these two games will be complete blasts to play, and I eagerly await new info and their releases.


There's other games I'm anticipating, of course, but I'm very likely to not be getting them for a looong while due to well, not having the system for them, so that kinda diminishes me wanting to call them my most anticipated, so yeah and stuff.


I can't decide on what my previously most hyped game was, 'cause man it's easy for me to get hyped about a game so that's a hard thing to pinpoint, probably somethin' Mario related, knowing me, but yeah man.

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I see many of you talking about Smash, and I gotta say, my hype hasn't skyrocketed yet. Good for you guys, and I'm still excited for it, but I sure can wait. I was really hyped for Brawl and Melee. In the Brawl days, I would never miss a single Dojo update, then I would talk about the update for hours on end with my friends. With Smash 4, I sometimes forget the Pic of the Day is even a thing. That said, if K. Rool and/or Simon Belmont were announced, that would get my hype going. Especially K. Rool.

Most Anticipated Game


This one is my most anticipated game.



I'm really sorry for that joke. I really am.


As of right now, this has gotta be my most anticipated game.



Despite the fact we barely know anything, I'm pumped for this game. Hearing more about the game is the main reason I'm excited for this year's E3. From what we have seen and heard, this game is everything I'm been looking for in Sonic. Exploration? Check. Multiple playable characters? Check. A streamlined adventure game that takes cues from Sonic Adventure? Bingo. Hyper detailed visuals? Check. An involved plot? Check. Even the new look has me pretty excited, Knuckles notwithstanding. I've been speculating in my head on what this game can bring, and it has plenty of potential no matter the direction they take.



As for my most anticipated game of all time, it's gotta be Donkey Kong 64.



As I have made very clear, I love DK with a passion. In the late 90s, all of our favorite franchises were making the jump to 3D, with varying degrees of success. Needless, to say, I was hyped. Unfortunately, the game didn't deliver all my hopes and dreams, but I still have fond memories. I remember first seeing the game on Rarewhere at the start of 99, and thirteen year-old-me made sure to have DK64 on my mind all the time. I would spend my days in class just drawing potential levels and characters in my notebook. I would talk about the game to everyone, I geeked out about every bit of news that was released, and my god did I speculate. This is when I first got access to the World Wide Web, and I spent every long minute of AOL boot-up times reading about this game. This is when all the kids at school were entering Dreamcast hype-mode, but all I could think about was Kong-mania. In retrospect, the game is no better than okay, but I will always have fond memories over my crazy speculation and anticipation. To this day, I hesitate to badmouth DK64 because of how much I loved the hype, even though I understand the flaws. This was Donkey Kong in 3D, baby. How could you not jump on that hype mine cart?


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Day 28 - Most Anticipated Game


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


At the moment there's no game that I want more.  That's because Smash Bros. is special - since it's debut it's literally had only 3 games, 4 including the new one, and 5 if you count both versions separately - as it acts like a big celebration of Nintendo culture every once in a while.  It's not like a NSMB or Zelda game that's guaranteed every couple of years, it's pretty much only once a console generation, and console generations are starting to get longer, so the moment Smash arrives is a big deal.  I'm managing to keep my hype levels fairly regulated (mainly because they aren't teasing us with a million pieces of info like they did for Brawl....and also like 5 characters I wanted playable are confirmed to be non-fighters) but I still can't wait.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game




This was perhaps the first Pokemon game I actually followed and hyped from announcement to release, and finally seeing the series actually take a step forward into full on 3D got me hyped as all fuck. This was the game that caused me to fall into another one of my Team Fortress 2 hiatuses months before release cause, like a cocaine addict, I couldn't bring myself to feel any joy in life anymore until I got my next Pokemon fix. Nearly every new announcement about the game got me ever more excited, the most significant being that the game would finally allow full 360 degree movement and no longer be stuck on a fixed tile-based map, and that alone had me very curious as to how they would implement it.


Despite only introducing 70 new Pokemon, nearly everyone of them easily evoked that sense of child-like glee of discovering a super cool new monster to tame that I hadn't felt since I was first introduced to Pokemon, and the introduction of Mega evolution and the new Fairy-type had me stocked to finally see some new features to explore.


As for a current game I'm anticipating the most it's a tie between Super Smash Bros. and Sonic Boom. The former I initially wasn't all that hyped for due to lack of any really juicy information, like how they would intend to elevate the actual fighting mechanics after letting it smear all over the floor in Brawl, but now that we've gotten a bit more info on what's new about it I'm starting to get more curious, primarily in regards to the core combat which is slowly giving me hope that the dev team haven't completely abandoned the idea of making a fighting game just yet.


Sonic Boom contrastingly has me most curious because of what we don't know about the radical new direction it's taking. Also because watching the lead up to any Sonic release nowadays is akin to watching a shaky-handed intern try to perform open-heart surgery.

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Day Numbero 28: The Golden: Ninja's "Less Dissapointment and Downgrading than Serp and Swifts titles" Most Anticipated Games ever!












as we have established, I love Smash Bros, and as such I am Hyped for this new title(s) in this really neato Series.


with things like awesome Newcomers like Mega Man, little Mac, Greninja and Rosalina, in addition to cool new Features like the For Fun/For Glory mode and Smash run and a greater focus on Balancing in additional addition of the usual love and care for this series and being on both console and handheld this promises to be possibly the finest Smash Bros game yet.






now as we also established, I love Character Action Games, games such as Bayonetta 2 specifially.


so as such, I am also really, really, really hyped for this. So far it looks like it could be well on par with the first Game at the very least, wich is certanly a good thing.


and you know what else is a good thing? the Fact that Bayonetta 2 even exists at in the first place, a fact wich lets me sleep better at night.






in many ways I felt that Pokemon X and Y were the best Pokemon games yet in terms of Presentation, Pokemon Selection and so on and now you combine that with a Proper Post game, say a Battle Frontier, and a Proper Move tutor and you got something thats possibly even better than X and Y.



....oh right, also trumpets.






and lastly you know what else I really really like? Metal Gear! thats pretty cool.


Phantom Pain has already quite the potential to be even better than MGS3 so far, a Big Open World, many ways to tackle each mission, a Villain that makes Volgin look like a Sissy, Jack Bauer (okay, maybe not that) Horse riding, it got everything!

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Day 28 - Most Anticipated Game


So there's a few... it sorta depends if you mean currently or in the past.


With that in mind, here are my choices.



The Last Guardian/Project Beast


Ok lets get the obvious one out of the way first, there is no way that TLG will not come out... how it's going to be is another question... but considering how much has gone into it, theres no way it's just gonna be out rightly cancelled. Other Sony projects which have had less money spent on them have been cancelled over this, there is no way TLG will be cancelled... right? RIGHT!? OH GOD PLEASE COME!!


Project Beast on the other hand... Given the team behind Dark Souls 2, From Software certainly didn't have their A Team working on it... so what are they working on? 


Given how much I love the Souls series, everything about project beast makes me yearn for more. Give me Sparkly... Give me twinkly.



RollerCoaster Tycoon.


Ok so here's the story. 


At some point just before this game came out, I had an accident, and badly broke my arm. Needed to go for an operation to have it fixed in fact... anyway... the day of the op I went into hospital and took with me a copy of gamesmaster. 


I was told 'there's someone ahead of you, you'll be getting treated in the afternoon...


So for the best part of a morning and a bit of the afternoon, I was sat in a hospital bed/room with NOTHING to do, no TV, no books, nothing... except for my copy of GamesMaster... which by now I had read several times... I was bored.


So I started to flick through it again and a game caught my eye... RollerCoaster Tycoon... I sat there reading it... and I loved it. I loved everything they wrote about it. I wanted this game.


I had my OP and went to the recovery room, went back to the room and now there was a portable TV in there... yet I still had open this copy of gamesmaster, just transfixed on this game... 


I left hospital and a few weeks later the game finally came out.... went to the game store and bought it... and loved every second of it.




Sigh... well... it's come to this....



Random Mega Drive Games From My Childhood.


Alright so this is hard to pin down... I originally wanted to say 'Sonic 2' then Sonic 3, then Streets of Rage 2, Then Terminator 2: The Arcade Game.


Basically, when I was a kid, There would be games that I knew that I wanted, but with no disposable income other than some pocket money each week, getting games was a long and slow process. So sometimes a game would be coming out and I'd have to wait a long time even after release for it, not always, but sometimes. Sonic 2 and 3 were two of those games, as was Streets of Rage 2.


If you are a videogame nut in the 90's... and a kid... this was like torture! The anticipation would kill you, you'd try anything to curb it.... then you'd get the game... thankfully, the ones I wanted always delivered.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game




Super Smash Bros. is hands down my favorite video game franchise of all time. The newest installment looks to be the best one yet - a really appealing art style, awesome new items and stages, and further refinement of the formula I've come to know and love. Plus - TWO versions? With exclusive stages and game modes?! SMASH BROS ON A PORTABLE!? SMASH BROS IN HD?!


Hype levels have been through the roof since the announcement. My body is ready.

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Most Anticipated Game happy.png


  I am not sure if you mean coming up game, or a game you have anticipated, so I will do both!

When i was a kid, I desparately awaited a particular game, it was a fun looking game, it was a great game, adn it was releasing somewhere near my birthday! (at least, that was when I got it!)  

Paper Mario!

  I wanted this game so bad! and when I finally got it, I was so happy! I remember feeling so special (this was like the first new game I ever got all for me. all the others were shared or used!) 

  I remember spending a lot of time pretending to be the characters from the games that summer as I played in our back yard . I always played vieogames, when I wasn't playing videogames(and truth be told, I did not play super often) , I was having my own adventures pretending to be the characters! 


and currently awaiting......

   Well, As much as I am skeptical of it, i am excited to see the final results of 


I am excited to try this game out!


(Sorry, I have no idea what is up with the spacing :P )

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