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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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What more could you want from a cast of characters which The Walking Dead gives you? Each character is unique and fully developed with strong writing and voice acting. Thanks to the game's story based approach, some of these characters are written better than many you find on TV. Everyone feels fleshed out and has their own struggles and history they're trying to overcome. The most important thing is that every character feels important in some way or another, even if that importance is positive or negative - as the "leader" in Season One, you care about these people's futures and what happens to them, so when the game puts you through some really powerful and shocking moments you feel the emotion. Any game with a cast of multiple characters which I'm extremely invested in I would call a winning cast, and Season Two is shaping to also be a very strong array of characters. 


It should also be noted that the other Telltale series, The Wolf Among Us, also greatly succeeds in the same areas which The Walking Dead does. Even though it's a completely different world and setting, I find myself genuinely caring for everyone within the game and want to live up to being a sheriff. Excellent stuff.

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Most memorable cast

Ace Attorney


This time I mean all of ace attorney as a whole.


Just look at this picture. Is'nt it brimming full of personality? (and reactions to the wii XD)

A lot of the cast is colorful, funny and brimming full of diversity. We have your tragic murderers, funny suspects, strange witnesses..why we've got them all.

There are a couple of stinkers as mentioned here before but they are a small but inconsequential blemish on this wide variety of characters. The characterisation and backstories of these characters draw you in to case and want to find out more about. The sprites make you laugh and keep you entertained. They become a part of your life. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this franchise the most.(More than Sonic even) That's how I much I love these games so much. I'm glad they've still written the characters superbly in dual destinies and hope that this will always be a certainty going forward.

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Day 29: Favourite Overall Cast


I have to go with the Kid Icarus Uprising cast, because they're what turns Uprising from an okay game to a great game. All of them are likeable,they have entertaining exchanges in their dialogue and each of them are unique. The interactions they have are a joy to listen to. The only problem I have is that many of them are underused. I wish I could have seen more of the great PYHRRON!


I like Mario cast. They can be pretty interesting in the RPGs (and spinoffs like luigi's mansion), and even in the regular games they're still pretty charming.


Team Fortress 2's cast is amazing. I haven't actually played the game much, but I have read some of the webcomics and heard many of the dialogue clips. They're HILARIOUS. Each class is distinct, hilarious and the voice acting is great.


Others I like are Portal 2, Zelda and Fire Emblem Awakening.

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Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast (Also known as: "Can you tell I like this game yet?")


Time to further beat the dead horse!




Kid Icarus: Uprising (again)


Because I can't really justify picking anything else for a question like this, despite how much I've gone on about this game, but whatever. Kid Icarus Uprising has a fantastically well-written cast as a whole, so much so that I've talked about a cast member for one of these days. The heroes and villains often interact with each other during levels, and they all have good personalities and different perspectives on the world around them. For example, Pit sees things with a very black-and-white moral scale, but someone like Viridi is very much in the grey in terms of morality, because what she says about humans is often sympathize-able and rational, even if the "kill all humans" part tips her over to the villain scale. Really, the whole cast is well-written and memorable, and it's one of my favorite things about the game. 

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Surprisingly enough I'd have to go with uprising on this one with the sonic cast being more of a runner up mostly because we don't get much of the sonic cast at all these days and because they hardly get many interactions. That said the kid icarus uprising cast is just phenomenal, they play off of each other really well and offer some very hilarious dialogue during missions which really makes each level full of life, not only are they all incredibly likeable from the heroes to the villains but you also get a good feel for who they are during the game and it really fleshes them and pit out as great characters.

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Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast


Short post is short because I'm quite tired and need to sleep soon.




I've mentioned Grim Fandango in this topic before and am going to have to bring it up again as it has such a charming cast of characters that all have their own individual stories and personalities. Every character has something distinct to offer, and they're also quite well acted as well as being some of the most well written characters I've come across. The game just has such a wonderful plot and atmosphere, and the large cast has quite a lot to do with that. The plot also takes place over a fair few years and you feel like you've gotten to know the characters and grow along with them, and it's quite sad to say goodbye to them once it's all over.


Honourable mentions go to Monkey Island and Left 4 Dead.

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Day 28: Most Anticipated Game


Super Smash Bros: Brawl




This game was hype central. It's genius "show something a day" feature leading up to the game was, well, yeah, genius. I remember just about everyone on Planet Internet was involved in looking at the daily update. We'd speculate over the little things, try to guess what's next looking at release patterns, try to guess the next character, and even groan together as we'd have to wait for the update-less weekends. It was a super fun time, and really amped up the hype to kick each other in the teeth video game style, when it finally did release. There were just key moments in it's pre-release that I'll say I don't think anything will be topping in a video game any time soon. Brawl was the first game to bring in 3rd party, something that collectively blew everyone's mind. You remember Snake at the end of the reveal trailer? Shit was bananas. Remember when our Sawnky was announced for the game? SHIT WAS BANANAS.


Day 29: Most Memorable Cast


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time




Ocarina of Time's cast is probably the most memorable to me, mostly out of sheer replay. It helps that every character looks extremely unique from one another, let alone their personalities being unique as well. For me, it's just really easy to look back and think of each area of the game, and for the most part am able to fill in 90% of the game's cast accurately. Maybe not by name, but for damn sure can remember the likes of the spinning dancers, guard that wanted the keaton mask, Dante, and you name it. Just through looks and interaction, and even animation sometimes, this cast stands out more than most vocal video game casts, so it probably marks my favorite as well as most memorable. I know most speak of Majora's Mask when it comes to the crazy indepth characters, but I've sadly still yet to really complete that game. I'm sure it's even more than this, but for again, replays and nostalgia sake, this is definitely my most memorable cast.

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Honestly, for my favorite cast, I'm going to have to go with these guys;







The Cast of the Ace Attorney series (At least up to Justice for All, as that's as far as I've gotten right now. ^^;wink.png


I'll keep this short, as I would probably tend into spoiler territory otherwise. But I have grown to love all the characters you see above you, and many others I've encountered. With their unique personalities, character quirks, and individual goals and the development some of them have gone through thus far, it really makes for a very memorable cast. And the way the characters all interact with each other is nothing short of gold. These guys are freaking awesome.

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Favorite Overall Cast? Well Mario comes to mind when....wait? You don't mean cast that wears overalls? Oh. Then I guess I pick this:


I love all of the Kirby characters. The world of Dreamland is so cartoony, cute and colorful. From the traitorous enemies Magolor and Marx to the mildly harmless Bronto Burt and Waddle Dee to the quick witted Animal Helpers, and even Gooey and Prince Fluff, those Player 2's, Kirby's cast is by far the best.

pic by Zhelio

And the Banjo Kazooie characters deserve a mention too!

That's actually the Banjo Tooie cast but, eh it works

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Favorite Overall Cast



Banjo-Kazooie. How could you not love this cast of characters? All their personality quirks and humor are straight out of Monty Python, their designs are unique and colorful, and everyone has something memorable to say. When it comes to stupid cartoon-wackiness, the Banjo series is second to none. Even Nuts & Bolts kept in spirit with the characters.


My favorite Banjo character is Kazooie. I love how much a sarcastic asshole she is. Those interactions with Bottles are pure gold. She makes sure to give a rude remark to everyone no matter who they are. But she's a main character, so she better be memorable. Banjo thrives on those side characters who will stick in your head in spite of not being that important. Look at Boggy. He's in multiple games, sure, but he's not that important. Still, he's very funny and is fleshed out a ton. Not good enough for you? Think about all the literal one-offs whom only speak a few times, like Wozza the Walrus. He's in one level of one game, but he's still a loveable asshole and everyone knows it.

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Day Numbero 29: Ninja's Epic Yarn: Ninja's "makes Serp and Swifts choices look about as Developed as a Cardboard Box" Favourite Overall Cast ever!




when it comes to this topic, I have alot of Choices: Kid Icarus Uprising, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear, various Mario RPG NPC's, Earthbound and Mother 3, Ace Attorney,  the list goes on, so consider those pre-emptive Honorable mentions.



so instead, I'm gonna talk about a Game I got into more recently....






"Do you even Dungeon Crawl?"




Shin Megami Tensei is a series I occasionally dipped into, but never ended up fully getting invested in, but I played some more of Persona 4, and I like it alot.



what makes this game really great to me in terms of cast, are the Social Links, little often optionally side events, wich greatly elaborate on your Partys entire character, and even give them some Character development in the process (and reward you by allowing you to make better Personas or give your Party members some new abilities)


however, many of those Social Links are also for often rather random NPC's, wich dont even tie into the overall Plot all that much, yet still, you end up learning more about whatever NPC the social Link is about, and you care for them. Its what really shows what a cool bunch of characters this game has in for you even if some of them wont ever make a Plot relevant appearance, its still always cool to have.

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Day 29 - Favourite Overall Cast




Once again, don't really have a unique answer, but Ace Attorney's cast is truly a great one and worth talking about regardless. Despite the subject matter, Ace Attorney's cast manages to be a really fun one that leads to many great interactions. A large number of characters in the cast all have their own quirks and mannerisms that make each one of the characters you come across except Moe because Moe is garbage interesting and amusing to interact with. The recurring cast are all fleshed out really well, with well written backgrounds, memorable personalities and characterisations, and believable development. These games wouldn't be as good as they are if it weren't for the amazing cast and their interactions, and they make playing each entry of the series worthwhile.

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Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast:


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Majora's Mask has an odd cast. Its main characters are comprised of a fairly small group, with Link not being terribly talkative and Tatl being a bit annoying. However, it's the side characters who really make Majora's Mask what it is. As  you explore the world of Termina you meet a lot of strange, some familiar faces. Many of them have some unique problems, like Anju and Kafei- the two of which were to be married until Kafei was turned into a child. The characters, while most don't develop a whole lot, usually have something different to say depending on whether or not you've helped them, or depending on what day it is- they actually start acting a little differently as the apocalypse closes in. It's the supporting cast and extras that helps bring the world of Majora's Mask to life. 


While the Skull kid is a cool yet sad villain, for me, he almost takes a backseat to the sidequest characters. 

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Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast:




"[...]who are those strange fellows[...]"


The whole cast of Conker's Bad Fur Day is the funniest in any game. Each living and talking thing is a complete joke, even the silliest ones, like the bees. You hear their life problems and wacky situations, which actually sounds like normal stuff for them, but it's just damn funny. Gregg, the Grim Reaper is probably one of my favorite characters in this game, just listen to him:



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I'm on a phone so I can't really do much with this post...

Edit: fix'd, sorta. Not much else I could think to add.

Day 29: Fav Overall Cast


pictured: clearly the best image possible to depict the overall cast of characters


Mother 3


Wow, shocking choice from me. From the main party to their friends and even the villains--I love them all! 

Honourable Mentions

  • A few Zelda games
  • Ace Attorney: babies
  • Mario: Some missed potential due to the nature of the series, but the RPGs do make up for it to an extent. Maybe someday...
  • ...y'know what, fine Sonic the Hedgehog. Sue me. (Please don't.)
  • Spyro: The original trilogy doesn't have a single character I don't like. Even Moneybags is amazing in a "I really hate this jerk" kind of way. Plus, you do get back at him--eventually.

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Day 29: Favorite overall cast.


Definitely Fur Fighters' cast. The tough war veteran dog from Scotland, Roofus.


The snooty, short tempered fashion designer cat from France, Juliette.


The stupid kangaroo from Australia who knows literally nothing, Bungalow.


The daring yet laid back penguin from Argentina who loves the ladies (despite being married), Rico.


The small yet ferocious Chinese Firefox who shamed his family by joining the Fur Fighters, Chang.


And the day old dragon from Wales, Tweek.


Not to mention the hilariously idiotic lackeys and Viggo, the main villain who made his whole base a James Bond homage... I just love all of them.

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Day 29-Overall Favorite Cast


The Cast of the Super Mario series


Shigeru Miyamoto himself says Mario and the others are like actors in a play. Get it, best CAST? *Wiggles eyebrows*

Ok, seriously now, these characters will always be my favorite, even if they're not the most fleshed out, they all have endearing personalities to the the straight man Mario to the dorky villain, Bowser. It just started with a carpenter, an ape, and a damsel and ballooned into a series packed to the brim with quirky characters, unconventional heroes, and even cute enemies.  Also, you just gotta give it to Wario, man. More swagger in that greedy fatso than anyone.

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Day 29 - Favorite Overall Cast



Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games




When you create a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, you have to pick the right Pokémon for the right jobs. Who's going to be the Friendly NPCs? Who's going to be your allies? Who's going to being the bosses and villains?


PMD:EOTS do this perfectly. Whether you're playing the main game as the hero/heroine and your partner or playing a Bonus episode as a Side Character, the Pokémon that were picked were good choices for the plot, theme, and challenges that the game has.


Even though Gate to Infinity isn't my favorite PMD game, it still had a good cast of Pokémon in the story.

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Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast


I think I'll have to go with the cast of Team Fortress 2.




Man, the characters in TF2 are just so unique from each other, and all of them are hilarious in their own right. Like dang, Valve sure did a good job at making them so varied not only in weapons of choice, but especially in behavior and personality, which adds a real charm to the game that it wouldn't have otherwise if they were just mercenaries and nothing more. Hearing all of their reactions during gameplay is just a really enjoyable thing, and man they're cool in the comics too. The characters are so great to me man that they're actually the reason why I ever became interested in this game in the first place, and I'm glad for it, like they're just really good, what can I say? So yeah, man.

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Day 29: Bests Overall Cast




Pffft, that's an obvious choice!





*watches joke fly over everyone's head*




Actually, I'm pretty sure I picked the PSO1 classes as an answer last time.





In all seriousness this time I'll have to go with...




The Starcraft Series



Gameplay-wise, each of the units in Starcraft and its sequel accomplish a role and an use and each one has its moment to shine depending on how you or your enemies decisions. And each of them have a very awesome personality or attitude (unless you are a Zerg, in which case you are mostly limited to kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke...), that alone would make me want to pick the game for today-


But story wise, the cast is also great! You have:


Badass-Normal hero in a universe that's seriously lacking on good guys.


charismatic and resourceful "villain" who shares a lot of traits with Raynor, except he's also a little crazy.


* Sarah Kerrigan: A Ghost specialist with a lot of secrets under her belt and Raynor's love interest at some point, she ends up alone in the middle of a Zerg attack and is supposedly killed off, but then she incarnates as part of the Swarm as the Queen of Blades and during a biiiiig chunk of the story she becomes the Big Bad of the series. With deadly psychich powers and an even deadlier personality. Her current status on the series is the result of a lots of developments in the story that I don't want to spoil, but lets just say she's a key player on this universe.


* Valerian Mengsk: Arcturus son, at first sight a vain and arrogant kid born into fortune but it seems to have a drive to be a better man than his father, he always felt like an odd one to me because despite how he's constantly helping the good guys the way he goes around it makes me raise an eyebrow (as in, he is a very clever kid)


*Lester & Sarge: OTP <3


* Samir Duran: Servant of the true big bad of the series, enigmatic til the very end (and I kinda facepalmed for not realizing who he was in the sequel), smart and manipulative as few tho most of his choices don't make sense from time to time.




Actually, I'll probably have to cut this short because I would be a long time describing every one of them... Schezar, Matt, Tychus, Tosh, Warfield... And I haven't even started with the Protoss who are also awesome in their own way (Fenix, Artanis, Zeratul, Tassadar, Aldaris, Selendis, Zamara). Blizzard made an amazing job at creating a universe full of awesome characters, even minor ones who you'd think would be only exclusive to a mission come back later, characters who you think would be limited to a spin off appear later and becomes major players without being too confusing to the people who don't read about the expanded universe (Valerian being the biggest example), thanks to this characters you also get a full scope of how each civilization lives in the Koprulu sector, you get to see both the good and the bad, the epic war stories and the more mundane ones, the struggles and tests each one of them goes through in order to survive and prosper in this hostile sector of the Milky Way (even the bad guys get developments like this).


The Starcraft-verse was always one of my favorites to play with and Blizzard puts so much into their lore that it's pretty mind blowing when you start reading about it. The way the characters behave, their whys and hows are explained in detail and you end up caring about them. That's how I ended up picking Raynor as my favorite protagonist and Mengsk as my favorite antagonist, even characters like Tosh who look like pure evil at first sight have a large backstory and a reason for their actions (and answers as to why Nova would hold so much animosity towards him),,, I'd go as far as to say that Amon and Duran are the only characters who doesn't have much of a backstory (but that might be because they are supposed to be shrouded in mystery, I don't think we ever found out why a shapeshifter was serving the fallen one) but other than that, it's a very interesting world with a very interesting cast that you can't help but love.

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Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast


Ace Attorney series.


This is a really hard call. There are a ton of videogame series with really enjoyable protagonists, but Ace Attorney has the most likable extended cast that I know of. Sure, some of the designs have gotten more and more ridiculous over the years, and I'd be lying if I didn't say there were shitty characters, but all the crazy witnesses, friends and enemies the player meets make this series what it is. They're quirky and usually fun. And if the character's done right, you won't get tired for having to go back and talk to them for the 8th time in the case.


Skies of Arcadia.


I've mentioned this game before. It manages to have a fantastic cast of very diverse characters, despite also nailing every trope in JRPG storytelling. While the sense of exploration and discovery is this game's number one strong point, it's the charming characters that make you want to explore the world and see what's there. 

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Day 29: Favourite Overall Cast:


I can't decide between the following.






So, there's really no characters in this game series who I really dislike. Every character who has appeared has been pretty decent in some way and contributed to the story and narrative in a meaningful manner. Even the popular characters, they don't bring them into the story for no reason (otherwise Sully would be in every scene).


They're very well written, very well acted and usually very well rounded characters as well as being quite diverse from one another.



The Souls Series


So this one is a little different from uncharted, if Uncharted's characters support and contribute to the plot, then the Souls series characters are the plot. 


The characters in the souls games are VERY well acted, only appear when necessary and there isn't really anyone amongst them who I hate... though Patches comes very close.


But there's another thing about them too... most... if not all, have some kind of secret that you can't quite prove.


For instance, in Dark Souls, very early on you meet this priest who is looking for this lady who he's protecting... he sounds genually concerned for her and worried.... you eventually find her dead, she's been murdered, and there's virtually no way to prove who did it...


Or is there...


From how the priest speaks, from how he acts... you know he killed her. You know he did it, but theres no way to prove it, and the game will punish you if you kill him as payback, there is no reward or reason to take justice by the sword on him.. he commits murder... and gets away with it.


There's even a dynamic theme on the japanese PSN which shows the lady praying at the alter, an the priest occasionally walks in... looks at her for a while... then leaves... it's really creepy.




Final Fantasy X


... .... I really like the cast of this one... 


Unlike any other FF game, this one, I really don't have anyone who I hate or just don't care about. I really enjoy all the characters in this one, even the villain who is cruel, patient, calculating and a downright bastard who constantly pops up to show you how much more powerful and a dominant force he is.


All the characters have their own unique backstory, they all have a history to at least one other character in the game which makes sense and doesn't make you roll your eyes when you hear it. Even when Lulu's backstory comes to light, it doesn't come across as being corny, it makes you realise "Hell! This is a dangerous pilgrimage! We could actually die here!" Auron, you know something is up with him, but never quite sure until his revelation.


The voice acting is pretty good (except for 'that scene'), the characters are all memorable for the right reasons and I played and enjoyed them all.



Except for you.




You belong on an offenders list young man!

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Half-Life 2 has an amazing cast and I just want to know more about them and what will happen to them wughghghgh

You and I both. But apparently HL2 episode 3 has in face been confirmed...for reals this time, by the Counter-Strike co-creator.


Of course, it's probably fake but who knows?

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So I'm back, with one last smorgasbord of Days. It's a doozy.


DAY 26 - Favourite Console Generation


6th and 7th Generation.




I have nothing but absolute love for the 6th Generation. Now, I’d mainly be talking about the GBA in terms of my experiences with playing games, as I mainly started out as a handheld gamer. But as a whole, there were so many classics that came out in those glory years that became the talk of the town: Super Mario Sunshine. Luigi’s Mansion. The Sonic Adventure series. The Prime Series. Wind Waker. Melee. Grand Theft Auto 3. Halo 2. Final Fantasy X. The Kingdom Hearts Series. Jak and Daxter. The list goes on, and on, and on. And this was just from the kids that I knew at school, or hung out with at their houses. There are countless other gems that were the pride of the gaming community, and it was a pretty great time to be a gamer.

And then the good times continued into the next generation.



Again, most of my memories came with the handheld games that came at the time. My Silver Nintendo DS lite was my go to system. If I wasn’t playing something Sonic Rush (or the comparatively downgraded  Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer little brother) I was playing some of my favorite games from the last generation using the Gameboy Advance slot. But then came the point where I finally was able to get my first home console in the form of the PS3. It was a gift from my uncle, and I absolutely loved it. Sure I got into the generation pretty late, but man. Both generations gave me a pretty great run.


DAY 27 - Favourite Developer



Nintendo. Behold: innovation! This company is responsible for many of my favorite franchises, including Mario, Metroid (how much longer must I wait?) and Zelda. It reflects on the massive amount of creativity that flows in each game they make. Such creativity leads to evolutionary phases in gaming. The touch screen, the motion controls, the 3D integration, the Gamepad...that was all Nintendo. Well, the motion controls technically came first from Sony with that EyeToy thing, but still! Of course, not every gimmick they have works and sometimes even sets them back. But their imagination and amazing attention to detail keeps them in top shape. I hope they continue to make great stuff in the future.

Honourable Mentions: Sonic Team. Other than the obvious “they made Sonic, my favorite video game franchise,” they also make fantastic titles. When their heart and soul is in the game, you feel it. Mainly though, their production values are always ridiculously high. Seriously! If there’s one thing you can count on from Sonic Team is that their games will always look good. Aside from Sonic, just look at the CG for games like Nights: Journey of Dreams or Billy Hatcher. A grade stuff.  


Rocksteady. The Arkham series. The quality speaks for itself. The freeflowing combat, the atmosphere, the world building, the environments…it’s all so wonderful. Can’t wait for Arkham Knight, even though I won’t be able to play it anytime soon without a PS4.


DAY 28 - Most Anticipated Game



Smash Bros 3DS / Wii U AKA Kerfuffle. My hype has been building for so long, I can hardly stand it. There are so many things that I wanted from this series that are being granted here. Smash in HD. Portable Smash. Little Mac. Megaman! You bet this is gonna be a Day one purchase! And even though I’ll only be able to get the 3DS version anyway, I’m still excited to see what’s in store for its Wii U big brother. This is also the first Smash that I’m actually a part of the hype for, as I wasn’t really a part of the Brawl hype. Well now, I’m on dat hype train, and it’s going strong.

Speaking of the hype train, I have to place Sonic Lost World on here. Now, just like with Sonic Colours and Generations, I was all over anything  that was related to Lost World. I followed this game as closely and enthusiastically as I could. I spent hours watching and rewatching trailers, speculating over the footage and wishing so hard that I had a Wii U. But while I was probably more excited for Generations most of all, I have to place Sonic Lost World on this spot for one reason: SSMB.

When I first came to this place, I got to fully experience the hype train with you guys. I got so caught up and involved in that hype that I took up the mantle of the King of Chaos. It was beautiful, dramatic, and so much fun. I can’t wait until E3 where the Boom hype train will pick up steam, so I can experience that awesomeness with you guys again.



DAY 29 - Favorite Overall Cast




The Sonic cast. In a heartbeat.

I tried to pick my brain, tried so hard to chose anyone other than these guys...but I can’t. They may not be as beloved by the masses as the Mario cast, or as well written as those in, say The World Ends With You or The Last of Us. But that doesn’t matter in the slightest.


Everyone, everyone brings something great to the table in some way. Sonic’s snark, Tails’ genius, Knuckles strength and pride, Dr. Eggman’s pretty much everything… there’s so many to count! From the classic few to the modern multitudes, storybook spinoffs or background complementaries. Even the most despised characters have entertainment value, Of course, albeit for all the wrong reasons. They can kick ass when they need to, or bring a smile to my face when they can. Of course, many of these people have had their names smeared by numerous cases of bad writing. Would I wish that they could be written better in the future? Absolutely. But what we have now?




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