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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Day 30 - Favorite Ending


For whatever reason I'm completely drawing a blank on what else to pick. Probably because I'm just really tired at the time of writing, but I'm going to have to use the same answer as last year again, because the ending obviously stuck with me if it's the only one that's coming to me.




(The audio seems to be messed up at parts in this, but it's the only video I could find, sorry.)


I already talked about the first half of this ending on the favourite moments day, but the latter half is still more than worth talking about. It really makes you feel like you've tied up all of the loose ends in the land. You restored all stretches of the land, helping a large number of people overcome their plights to get them on the right path, restored the population's faith in the gods and in turn revived Amaterasu's true potential, and put an end to the darkness' influence on the mortal world once and for all. You managed to overcome all of the odds against you, and now it's over. Your long journey has finally come to an end, and it couldn't make you feel better about it.


But then, even during the ending, you find out that the tale isn't over! Okami did yet another ending fake out! The Celestial Plain, the home of the gods is still in shambles, and you need to head up there and restore it! There's a promise of even bigger and better things, and it truly sets up the spectacle that will be Okami's sequel perfectly. Right? Riiiiight?









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Okay, I've spent all day out of the house and I'm kind of tired, so this is going to be another short one. Shame, because I probably could spend hours talking about this, but yeah. Here goes. My favorite ending is this one;




The ending of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky (I'm also including the bit that plays right after the credits in this one.)


I very much consider the Mystery Dungeon facet of the Pokemon series to be sorely underrated. Sure, the gameplay is a bit on the repetitive side, but the story makes it all worth it in my opinion. And the ending of Explorers? Wonderful, if not very bittersweet.


There are so many feelings that permeate the ending - satisfaction, sadness, acceptance, despair, longing, and finally, sheer unbridled joy. The way it all comes together is just so wonderful and I love it for that.

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Day 30 - Favourite Ending
Birds flying high you know how I feel....
Sun in the sky... you know how I feel...
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel...
It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...
For me...
And I'm feeling good....


The Saboteur

The final level and subsequent ending to The Saboteur is one of the best in video gaming. The Saboteur for me is a very very good example of a 'tripple A' game which could be argued as being one of the few big release titles which could fall under the classification of 'a work of art.'
For the whole game, when the Nazi's take over Paris, all colour becomes black, white and red. As you liberate parts of Paris, colour returns, symbolising the hope of the people and the weakening of the Nazi's power on the city.
Ok... now how does this relate to the ending? And how does it support it being artistic? 
Well... by the end of the game you have trapped your enemy at the top of the Eiffel Tower and what you are presented with speaks absolute volumes.
All around you, Zeplins are exploding, falling from the skies. Nazi soldiers and generals, citizens in high society, realise that they're about to lose the war. They realise several things at this moment as their perfect pure society starts to collapse around them.
1: The crimes they have committed as an organisation.
2: The crimes they have committed as an individual.
3: The guilt they suffer from the realisation of what they've done.
How they react varies. 
Some, full of guilt and fear of what will come, commit suicide, they throw themselves off the tower. Others hang themselves.
Some, have a final indulgence, be it drink or women. 
Others go mad, they may try to kill one of their own or are just sat crying and shaking.
So how is this art... hang on... getting there.
So you finally encounter the final boss at the top of the tower, and he begins his final speech... and... oh boy is it a memorable one.
He undergoes all the characteristics of someone who is suffering serious guilt... first he blames others for the failures... then he tries to justify everything he's done. He even tries to convince you that the Nazi's were doing the right thing, that history should and will judge them as being heroes. Then he starts coming to the realisation that they won't... that their actions were so corrupt it blinded them as people to commit atrocities.
He turns to you.... and says this...


And this is why I think this ending is so great....


You have just undergone a level where you see Zeppelins exploding, there's fire all around you, there are people undergoing their own torture, both physically and mentally, they're undergoing their own hell... The whole level is a depiction of hell. Fire all around you, people being punished for crimes against humanity. And you don't even see it coming until this bit of dialogue. You realise that you are in a hell like state, but it never out rightly says it, heck theres no real religion imagery in the game, it's all so subtle, yet here you are in the depiction of hell and the villains are suffering from their own personal torment which will follow them into the afterlife (should you believe in such things). That even their attempts to kill themselves will not save them. History will remember them as evil people.
And then the boss is 'defeated/commits suicide' and your character is asked 'Is it over' to which he replies says...


"No... I'm just gettin' started"


And the sad thing is, the studio who makes this no longer exists, they knew this would be their final game, and yet they were able to produce this! You can't help but wonder, is the music choice for the main character? Paris itself? Or the studio?
Seriously, if you guys haven't tried this game out, you need to give it a go, just try to remember it's an earlyish PS360 title, so it's not perfect or as good as more recent sandbox titles. But it's still bloody good.



This is a really short one because, Journey's main attraction is the final stage, but the ending has a great 'OH MY GOD' moment if you don't know the secret.... so only click this spoiler if you've played the game...

Throughout the game, a shooting star will fly past you in the sky, the game offers no clues as to what these stars are, it's easy to dismiss them as set dressing...

And then you beat the final level and the ending credits roll and you see another shooting star and it all becomes clear.
Oh... I didn't say what they are... guess you'll need to play it. No spoilers for you!





Tearaway's ending is absolutely wonderful. Some may think it's corny, but there is no way at all you cannot feel something unless you've really not been playing the game correctly. 
You are constantly told that Iota has a message for you... you know what the ending is going to be, he's going to give you the message, but the game has no clues as to what the message is... or does it?
There are clues, but you will never guess what it is.
So what happens at the end is that, Iota more or less retells his adventure with you, and he then delivers his message.
And... you can't help but have a reaction... if you have been paying the game, not taking the piss during it, you are going to have one hell of an emotional reaction to it. The whole game is astounding, but the ending is perfection, it really is, the message really does hit the bullseye, absolute perfection.
How good is it? I rate the ending higher than the next game...
Honourable Mention.


The Last of Us

"Ok..." Her words say one thing.... the tone of voice, the eyes say "I know you're lying to me... I don't know why... but one day I will find out... and It's going to hurt us both one way or another."
It's just such good acting on all parts.

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I want to once again thank Kiah for being such a huge help this month - reading and tallying every single post to administer the final count and badge distribution is a huge undertaking and this event would never have gotten started without her.


You are very welcome! Seeing everyone having so much fun made all the work I did worth it. I must thank you for being so easy to work with and putting this all together-while in school, mind you! Very impressive. I'll have more to say later...tongue.png


Day 30: Favorite Ending:
I had every intention of not picking a Sonic answer for this final day of the 30 Days of Video Games, but after working a 12-hour day I can hardly get my creative juices flowing so as to think of something else let alone keep my eyes open due to me being so tired so that's not going to happen, sorry. That said, I am going to go with the ending to:
I might as well wrap this event about video games up talking about my favorite video game of all time...biggrin.png
The ending starts off with the the result of Chip flinging Sonic back to the surface of the Earth (the same location as the beginning of the game-Windmill Isle): the infamous faceplant, just like in the beginning of the game when Sonic was the Werehog. Sonic gets his head out from being stuck in the ground and looks around and seemingly sees Chip lying on the ground. When Sonic reaches for him, Chip disappears and only Chip's necklace is left. Sonic picks up the necklace, looks at it while Chip says: 
"I'll never forget you. I'll be here by you, always. A part of the earth you tread."
That phrase from Chip I find so deep yet so comforting as he and Sonic's adventure together came to an end. Even the way Sonic was acting at the ending was something interesting, as he wasn't acting like his typical cocky, chatty, show-boating self but was quiet and rather solemn, which really helped you to focus on the entire scene at hand as opposed to Sonic himself. But with Chip's final words, that was assurance that Sonic and Chip would always be together in spirit, even if it wasn't in a physical sense. I am a person that is big on friendship so that really and deeply touched me.
Sonic puts the necklace on his wrist as a bracelet for Sonic due to its size and looks at the beautiful sunrise. Sonic then takes a deep breath and then he does what he does best: run. Running like he had pretty much done all adventure long, this time alongside the coast which gives us one final stunning view of Sonic Unleashed's outstanding art design. 
Tails arrives in the Tornado-1 and flies alongside Sonic, calling out his name and waving at him. Sonic then salutes Tails and continues running along the coast with Tails flying right behind him. Credit rolls with great music and entertaining photos recapping the awesome adventure with laughs included to follow. It's only fitting that the best friends meet up and are reunited at the end of Sonic Unleashed, especially after Chip's departure. smile.png
Sonic Unleashed's ending is my favorite because aside from the bit of humor in the beginning and the friendship references with Sonic with both Chip and Tails, it left me very satisfied. After that extravagant adventure in line with a very long Sonic game, it's satisfying to finally see it the game completed with the world saved and at peace, Sonic back to normal with all traces of the Werehog gone, a gift from Chip and Sonic and Tails reunited with them both doing what they love-Tails flying and Sonic running-heading towards their next adventure. smile.png  
This may be the last day of this event but this isn't the last that you have heard from me...I'll be making a post with info regarding when I will be giving out the badges and some other things such as my final thoughts, "thank-yous" and other good stuff very soon, so stay tuned! wink.png 

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Favorite ending

Bowser's Inside Story

I actually thought it was kind of cool that despite Mario and Bowser being the ultimate enemies, Peach was kind enough to give Bowser a cake.

Five minutes before that, Mario and Luigi best the crap out of Bowser and break his arm. Much love!


I also liked how Bowser was a little embarrassed of the present and that he had to open it when his minions left.

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Day 30: Favorite Ending


Ace Attorney: Justice For All


Now this wasn't my first or second choice, but seeing how I've already talked about the endings of SA2 and Arkham City, I figured I'd post about something different. What a hell of a runner up it is, though. Farewell, My Turnabout is a roller coaster ride of a court case, even by Phoenix Wright's standards.

Matt Engarde, the guy you're defending, is guilty. You actually lose this case, a first for Phoenix. Your main goal, though, is to get Maya back as she had been kidnapped by Shelly de Killer, who had been hired by Engarde to kill Juan Corrida, the victim in this case. After many ups and downs, de Killer says he will release Maya after he finds out Engarde's plan to blackmail him, and he states that Engarde is his next target. This causes Engarde to plead guilty as he knows that is the only way to save himself from de Killer, which leads to Wright's perfect win/loss ratio being ruined. The game wraps up with Maya, Pearl, and Nick being reunited and the gang all going out to dinner, which they all pegged Wright to pay for. In response, in Phoenix Wright fashion, he yells out "Objection!" and the screen fades to black.

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Day 30

Favorite Ending




Persona 4: Golden


Well, you did it.  The mysterious killer has been caught, the mastermind thwarted.  And now it's time for you to leave.  You say your final farewells to your friends and board the train away from Inaba to who knows where.  It's kind of sad, you spent an entire year getting to know this town and this particular group of people, and all of the sudden you just have to pack up and leave.  However, if you bothered to max out some social links, you'd remember the words spoken to you well.


Thou art I... And I am thou...


Thou hast established a genuine bond...


These genuine bonds... shall be your eyes to see the truth.


>You have forged a bond that cannot be broken!


It's sad that you have to leave your friends, and you might not see them again for a long while, but the memories you shared with each other and the bonds you forged will never go away.  Hell, the Devil Arcana Social Link already deals with this concept of long distance bonds even before you're forced to leave.


And as if to affirm those thoughts that are ringing through your head, your friends call out to you just as the train takes off.



"Thank you for everything, stay well until we meet again someday!"


"You'll always be my Sensei forever!"


"Please don't forget about us over there!"


"I love you senpai!"  goddammit Rise


"I'll do my best, you better not run away too senpai!"


"I'll always remember our time together!" 


"Distance doesn't matter to us, even if we're separated we're still friends!"


And then Teddie does a little monologue that seals everything up with a nice little bow, and you pull out the picture above on your little train ride.




...Did you remember to finish Marie's Social Link in Golden?






So if you finish Marie's Social Link and do the extra dungeon associated with it, you get treated to a little epilogue after where the game would normally end.  The game skips time up the next summer vacation, and you come back to Inaba to see your friends and stuff.


Inaba is pretty much a completely different place.


One certain miserable wreck of a person managed to turn his life around and is running for Mayor... and he's getting a significant amount of supporters to help him.  The Junes supermart in town isn't threatening to run other locally owned stores out of business after introducing a large section dedicated to local delicacies.  You arrived at your uncle's home only to see that he isn't home (I called bullshit the instant that happened) and you go to the food court in Junes, and your friends come along to surprise you.


They all look different and many of them seem to have spun their life around.  Most notably are Yukiko, Kanji, and Naoto.  Yukiko's normally long hair has been trimmed down and bunned up, she looks a lot more... professional I guess?  Kanji comes along sporting a completely different hair color (and combed at that) and is actually fairly well dressed for once.  Naoto is actually dressed like a girl for the first time since ever.  It's really strange, but really awesome to see how they developed over the months you were gone... and there's a feeling of satisfaction when you realize that you played a part in making this happen.


You also learn a few other things, like how the killer is doing in jail and how he actually spun his life around behind bars, becoming a role model of sorts for other prisoners.  Marie becomes a weather forecaster (she's always right, always), and there's a bunch of other stuff, and it's really awesome.




And then the credits play and you cry and stuff.

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Day 30: Favorite Ending


My favorite ending is Super Mario Galaxy. I'm surprised a Mario game managed to deliver a rather heartfelt ending, and it managed to do it with saying very little. It felt like a perfect way to wrap up an epic game. The music is great, the CG in the final cutscene blew me away. It really makes you feel like they put effort and care into Galaxy to deliver the best Mario experience they could. Ill be shocked if a Mario game ever matches what Galaxy did.

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Day 30: Favorite Ending


Final Fantasy X:



This was seriously one of few games I played that could legitimately make me tear up at the ending. The character growth throughout the journey, the hardships and struggles along the way, the heartfelt farewell of Tidus and Auron and the speech that Yuna gives to the crowd about everyone from different races can help work together for a peaceful future was all wonderful and I applaud it for that. After replaying it on the HD version brought back many heartwarming feelings at the end of the game. Let's not forget about the orchestrated version of "Suteki da ne" playing during the credits making it all the more worth it for me. <3 It was a beautiful end to a beautiful story and I commend Square for such an amazing effort on that part.


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Day 30: Favorite Ending


I'm gonna have to go with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. 



At the end of your long journey, you enter the Dark World one last time and defeat Ganon. Your reward is the Triforce, a relic of unlimited power. After all of your hardships, you reach your prize, and it's time to make a wish. What does Link wish for?

The King of Hyrule, who was either killed or in hiding, is brought back. His guards are no longer under the control of evil, and the land is returned to peace.


Other people trapped in the Dark World appeared as strange monsters, because they didn't have the Moon Pearl. The one monster you saw on Death Mountain that was tormenting the other was a bully. But he's apparently changed his ways and made a new friend.


Vultures Rule the Desert... I'm still not sure what this means or why Link wished for it. Maybe it's better than thieves ruling the desert. Or maybe Link's just  a fan of vultures. 


The flute boy who was turned into a twisted, gnarled tree is given new life, and is playing music, peacefully, with his father. It was pretty disturbing to think about a dad having to outlive his own son. But speaking of which, there's someone important to you that needs help.


Link's uncle, who was killed and gave him the sword at the beginning of his journey, is brought back. He won't need to return to an empty home. This is pretty touching, and it shows that Link doesn't forget about the people who matter to him, even if the player probably did by now. 

Whoo. (This last screen isn't true)

The ending is simple and kind of touching. It's a recap of everything you've done and the characters you've met along the way- and everyone's happy. Like, goddamn. 


That's 30 days from me. I'm glad to have participated in this whole thing. Great job, Discoid. 

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Day 30: Favorite Ending
Well fuck. I already made a post on this, citing the ending of Luigi's Mansion as my favorite moment in a game:

Day 15: Favorite Moment:
Ending of Luigi's Mansion
After a horrifying night for Luigi you finally defeat the Mastermind King Boo and the revived Bowser with the use of your Poltergust. You use the Ghost portrificationizer to turn the painting of Mario back into the real Mario. He goes through the machine backwards, comes out with one of the fittings stuck around his neck and what does Luigi do?
He laughs. He laughs and sheds a few tears of joy- not just at the sight, but because of the relief he feels after the worst night of his life. I dunno, I realize this ending is super simple (and it's gonna come up again if we have a "Favorite Ending Day") but I fucking love this moment. It's just plain heartwarming and is probably like, one of the realest moments in a Mario game. Really, I'm totally with FearTear because I too have a soft spot for Mario and Luigi's brotherness. That is as cute as two fat hairy Italian men could possibly be.

Fuck, why did I do that? I stand by this one though. The ending is super cute and heartwarming. Luigi's Mansion wasn't exactly a "scary" game, but it was a tense one. Defeating Bowser and King Boo and restoring Mario to his original form are nice, but it's Luigi's reaction that makes the whole thing. There's just a wave of relief and joy that comes from a happy ending like this one. I actually felt a fraction as good as Luigi did there. It's super simple and emotional, and it actually managed to make me smile. That, is why it's my favorite ending of all time. 
But I feel like I should mention another. 
Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations:


It's fucking on, now. Prosecutor Godot is really responsible for Fey's murder. You have to prove it, but Maya doesn't want you to because he was acting in her interest. You have to show where he could have hidden his injury, and you rightly call his bluff and tell him it's under his mask. Godot's charade is done, but he seems like he's happy for once. He cries, and admits he was wrong about you. This whole time he blamed you for your mentor's death, but in the end you earn his respect and he faces reality. It really is a bittersweet ending.


Well that's 30 days...Is there a bonus day to this one? 


Either way, thanks for organizing this Discoid. 

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Day 30 (Finale): Favorite Ending




Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


I really adore this ending. For all the things Luigi went through to save his brother in both games, even with how terrified, confused, or unwilling he was when exploring the mansions, it's really heartwarming to see what he managed to accomplish, despite said flaws.

He's the hero of the hour, and everyone knows it! The interaction between Mario and Luigi is also just the sweetest of the bros ever.

Finally, the man in green goes home for a well deserved rest, with an unlikely ghost pup in tow. It makes you feel fulfilled for finally finishing the game, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Just as a side note, thanks to Discoid for hosting and Kiah for making this possible. It was a really fun time and it got me interested in a few games I'll definitely need to try out. ^_^

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Day 30: Favorite Ending




Okay, I'm gonna have to pull out the Sonic card one last time with this one, because it's Sonic Adventure 2 that leaves the biggest positive impact on me.


Everything--from Shadow's heroic sacrifice to save the world that his best friend truly treasured to the former enemies having a calm chat amongst themselves--just leaves me in awe at how well it was handled in general, not just by Sonic standards. In fact, it was Eggman reflecting on his grandfather's influence on him and whether or not he truly meant to kill everyone that cemented my general appreciation for the good Doctor. To this day, I'm always left a bit surprised by how even Sonic, normally the guy who wouldn't have the patience for it, was all calm and reflective after everything was done. The music that plays here, "The Last Scene", is also quite lovely. What best sells me is this ending shot, after the credits are over:




All in all, it's this ending that is why, no matter how much some of the earlier parts annoys me, I just can't hate this game. It's just that great to me, really.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I was stranded last night and couldn't answer #29, so I'll do it now. I really hope there's a bonus question like last time so I can get the badge for the full 30.




My favourite cast... The Banjo-Kazooie series easily. Every character is unique, charming, and hilarious. I love everyone from Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo to the more obscure characters like George and Mildred, who are a couple of talking ice cubes. They are married. You kill them. It is brutal.




My favourite ending is the final ending in Donkey Kong Country 2.




It's beautiful. The ambient noise that plays as the Video Game Heroes watch the sunset where Crocodile Isle used to stand... It's worth 102%-ing the game for.

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Whew, Chaos is FINALLY posting again in this topic! 


There's a ton of endings that hit the mark for me, like Zelda: Ocarina of Time's, Metroid Fusion, Mass Effect, and Sonic Unleashed, but Halo 3's just makes me want to burst into tears. It's only the knowledge that it isn't the end of the series that soothes my feelings.




That feeling of triumph for defeating the Covenant and The Flood, Chief and Cortanna stranded in space for god knows how long, and a memorial for the fallen? Sure, it may all come off as by-the-numbers traditional, but I can't help but love it all the same. It brings the entire series full circle, with Master Chief entering cryo sleep for perhaps the final time. But hey, while one door closes...




Another opens.

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Day 30: Favorite Ending




I have to say, I am a sucker for those Animal House kind of endings that let you see how everyone's doing post-game. I think it's one of the best, if at least the most entertaining, ways to wrap a story up and tie off any loose ends. With Ghost Trick, you get to see how almost every single character is now living their life for the better thanks to you. Nearly every character, including the minor ones who you just happened to pass by during your adventures, gets a part in this ending. Tied up with this are the final, biggest twists that the game throws at you, which all comes together to make for a truly great ending.

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​Favorite Ending: Super Mario Galaxy





Mario Galaxy was a fantastic game. It was large in scale and atmospheric, but still kept the simple and fun gameplay Mario is known for. The ending though... it gets a little crazy. When you beat Bowser, his galaxy collapses into a black hole, which destroys the Comet Observatory, Peach's Castle, and maybe the rest of the universe(?), but then all the Lumas throw themselves into the black hole to become the new universe. I think. Maybe? So then, everyone wakes up all fine and dandy by Peach's Castle in what may or may not be an entirely different universe. Possibly.


What a weird ending. It was pretty cool though, and though I'm pretty sure it's not the best ending ever, it's strange and happy and I like it. The real reason I'm using it though is because it's my most memorable ending,

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I'm gonna go with halo 4.

That game seriously made my emotions go nuts at the end. We've known about Chief and Cortana's relationship since Combat Evolved, but Halo 4 really did put a emphasis on it and the importance of it. It's a big deal to chief, since Cortana is really the only one he can call a friend. (Lasky is close, but chief is still kind of closed off to him.) Not a lot of people can just talk with the dude. Throughout the game, we see how desperate John is in his attempts to rescue her, and at the same time, we see Cortana's rampancy and insanity get to her.(so bad that she wasn't able to save a entire space station of people from being disintegrated.) She's a AI that wasn't built to take on full human emotion like this, and she is dying.

Finally, the ending comes. Cortana sacrifices herself, using what little power she has left against the Didact(the villain hellbent on destroying humans). It's a sad moment, especially when we've been exposed to the more human Maste Chief through the game, and that ending is a huge kick in the gut to many. Chief tries to reason with her and find a way to bring her back, but Cortana sends chief to safety. Chief is rescued but has lost his friend. And it takes a toll on him. Even the trailer for Halo 5 shows us that its hard for him to let go of this. I felt my heart sink after that entire scene. No ending has really made me feel that kind of way.(well maybe TLoU will when I play it fully.)

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Day 30: Favorite Ending


For this, the last day, I'm gonna have to go with the ending of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. 




After all the unrelenting efforts of King Boo to get rid of him and seal the doom of the world, Luigi has pulled through, all the ghosts are back to their former friendly selves, thus he has saved the day, and is reunited with his brother once more. Mario showers Luigi with gratification, and man it was just the sweetest thing to see after the events of the game, and just in general to see Mario recognize Luigi in such a way. We then witness Luigi after all the hubbub, now at home, with the company of the Polterpup, who both proceed to go to sleep. 


It's just the greatest ending this game could've had, and I really love it, so yeah, man. 


Also, just wanna mention how much fun this was to participate in, and I'm glad that it was able to happen!

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Day 30 - Favorite Ending


Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door


After saving Peach, Mario and Peach leave Rogueport, while Mario's Partners say their goodbyes.


As time pasts we see Mario and Luigi at their home, when Mario gets a message from Goombella as she explains how everyone is doing after the events of the final chapter. Then Peach and Toadsworth come in and reveal that they've found a NEW treasure map….

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Day 30: Favorite Ending


I have a lot of endings I really like, but when it comes down to it, I'd say my favorite falls under 2 games.




Final Fantasy X is one of two endings that can move me close to tears. You spend 80 hours growing together with all these characters. Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Wakka, Luca... and okay, I guess Riku and Kimahri were alright too. tongue.png You've been through so much with all these guys, it really hit me when in the end...


You have to finally say goodbye to all these characters you've spent so much time with and grown to love.


Every single game has to (and should) end at one point, but just the idea that there's no more journeying and growing with these guys I spent so much time with made me really sad. I know there's always post-game, but there's no more actual dialogue or development between the crew. A logical explanation would say to just replay the game, but it just doesn't feel the same. Final Fantasy X was an experience I'll always cherish. If only I could erase my memory of FFX so I could get to experience everything all over again blind.




The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the first game I ever played along with my dad and while it took us a while and plus a guide book too, it was also the first one we ever beat together. Are the other Zelda's better at delivering an ending? I dunno, maybe... but the very fact that me and my dad shared this entire game together as an experience means more to me than any other game could possibly deliver.


Just listening to this game's Credits Theme gives me instant memories of sitting on my dad's lap and playing this game together with him. I didn't even know how to read back then, he would read all the text out loud to me. It was really something we shared together back then and bloody hell, just typing this is making me cry right now.


I should probably mention I really do like OoT's Ending from a story perspective though. I really like the atmosphere a lot and especially the music too, but it's just that sentiment with my dad that pushes it and makes it my favorite ending of all time.




Welp... I guess that's it, it's been fun guys. I always love the new and interesting games I see on here every time. I didn't know Masafumi Takada was worked on Danganronpa, I'm kinda interested in checking that out now. There was also an RPG on the DS that Wolfy mentioned a while back that I have to go back and see again (I don't remember what it's called though), because I'd definitely like to try that game out someday if I can ever find a copy.


Previously on Day 29:

Next time on Day 31: 

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Various Zelda Games: I say various because I really couldnt pick a single on, I really do adore most of them for various reasons. Ocarina of Time's for seeing all the fruits of your labor after saving the past, present and future. Majora's Mask for being a lot more personal and seeing all the characters you helped over the course of the game, seeing how your hard work pay'd off by all the plot lines being resolved, Wind Waker for having a bittersweet ending with Hyrule and the King's demise but the promise of something grander waiting for our heroes on the horizon. Just..all these games made you feel like all the work you did getting to end was well worth it. I love these games ending


Xenoblade: The ending of the game gives a good message, make your own destiny and FUCK the concept of pre-determined prophecy and fate. The entire game was all about fighting against the path laid out for you and etching your own plans, it really goes so far so to bring in the god of the game to have you fight him and beat him, just for the message of "fuck fate". I dont want to explain to much without getting into spoiler territory but the twist and the end left me generall flabbergasted in a good way, very satisfying.

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Day 30 - Favourite Ending


I've quite sure I've spoken about The Walking Dead's ending, and some other people have mentioned Luigi's Mansion 2 and Journey. So going to go with another one of my favourites for this instead. Feel like I'm cheating a little as it was my answer last time, but I do still love it.




If you haven't played NiGHTS then you need to do something about that right now, you terrible person the story goes something like this: Inside our dreams exists another world called Nightopia, where aspects of dreamers' personalities are represented by coloured spheres known as "Ideya." Claris and Elliot are two dreamers who possess the rare Red Ideya of Courage, although when we're first introduced to them they have no idea of what's about to happen or just how courageous they really are... in fact it's quite the opposite. Both kids are feeling like failures after the day's event and in the middle of their own nightmares that are replaying them over.


Claris has dreamed of getting the chance to perform on stage, but she's just messed up her big chance due to a bout of stage fright and lost all her self-belief. Elliot meanwhile, is passionate about basketball and just suffered a humiliating defeat on the court that's done a number on his confidence. But that's when they come across NiGHTS...


It turns out that in the dream world, Wizeman the Wicked has been capturing the dream energy from humans and intends on rising from the subconscious to enter the real world. After learning of his plans from NiGHTS, Claris and Elliot feel a new sense of courage and accept NiGHTS' request to help recapture the stolen Ideya. And so they traverse through the strange dream lands, and while taking on Wizeman and his minions in Nightopia, uncover the courage to tackle the problems they've been facing in their real lives. Claris heads back to the audition and nails it, while Elliot proves himself back out on the court. And it's on his way home (and after you've aced the game) that the scene at the start of this post plays out, and we're treated to a beautiful little moment where both kids come face to face for the first time during Claris' performance and share a lovely little moment that acknowledges the dream they shared together.


Then the credits roll, and we see NiGHTS atop Twin Seeds Tower... ending the game exactly where it began.




There aren't a lot of games that feel quite as magical as NiGHTS and the ending was just a perfect way to wrap up an amazing game. It's just such a nice ending and manages to have such an impact without any words ever being spoken whatsoever.

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Day 30: Favorite Ending



I'm going to go with Sonic Unleashed's ending since I already did Sonic Adventure 2's ending in the Saddest Moment Day.


I like Sonic Unleashed's ending due to how touchy-feely it is. It's not easy saying goodbye to someone who you've have such a great time hanging out with while trying to fix and save the world. This particular cut scene did bring a tear to my eye and it was hard to see Chip go. He could have at least hung out with Sonic and Tails a little bit longer, maybe even eat more food if he wanted to. They could have traveled the world once more and actually enjoy it without having to worry about a mission. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the planet you just fixed. It's always good to visit friends even if they are a guardian of the planet.



I'd like to take a moment and thank the OP for starting this 30 Days topic. This is actually my first time doing a 30 Days session and I quite enjoyed it. It did allow me to get a good amount of posts out and I got some likes for it. It even got me to put all that time spent in English classes to the test by writing a few paragraphs each day. I don't mind doing this again and I can't wait to see what the next 30 Days will be about! 


See you all next time! biggrin.png


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Been in a bit of a bind this month and dealing with some personal problems, but Discoid said it's ok to post the other days whenever I was ready, I didn't want to let him down since he's give me such leeway, so I've answered all 25 remaining questions after the loop where I left off, no pretty pictures since I've basically just answered them all due to the sheer amount. Thanks Discoid.


4.       Favorite series (second favorite if same as before):
Metroid - Metroid because it is such a fantastic game, RETRO really did a number on my teen years by giving me this first person nightmare fuelled game of isolation that constantly kept my paranoia creeping at the door on an alien planet full of monsters and secrets, creepy space stations, crashed frigates and nerve racking science labs full of incomplete cretins.
Transformers - High Moon brought my childhood fantasies to life with the story heavy Cybertron games, bringing the comic verse to life with gritty visuals, breathtaking scale and an unforgettable cast of characters which introduced us to the world of Transformers, High Moon did an unbelieveable job of re-telling the struggle between Autobot and Decepticon for supremecy and freedom, and lays out the story of how they killed their home planet through war and tyreny.
Castlevania - The Lords of Shadow Games especially, really gripping stories with fantastic voice work, brutal difficulty and a punishing system for button mashers brought strategy to taking out enemies after every new encounter.
Mario Kart - Last but not least, Mario Kart because they've brought me nothing but fun and nostalgia still burns in my mind brightly for the franchise.
5.       Favorite Indie Game:
Skullgirls - Ever since launch I've supported this game, the characters are fucking unbelieveably cute and sexy and it's a pretty solid fighting game to boot, it's literally a fighting game made by fighting game fans, with the character designs of Alex AhHad it's a great series, with a fantastic verse I hope to see expanded on some day.
6.       Favorite level in a game: 
Banjo Kazooie - Rusty Bucket Bay - One of the least favourable levels from BK takes this spot, the atmosphere, the music the difficulty. EVERYTHING is amazing about this level, not only is the general puzzles and platforming harder, but you can't catch a break even when in the drink, as the water is heavily polluted with oil from the ship docked in the middle of the level, it takes air twice as fast as normal and it even takes air from you when you're swimming on TOP of the water, so get out quick!
Metroid Prime - Tallon IV - Literally my favourite location in Prime for the visuals and lore as well as the incredible music track just for for this section of the planet. Lush greenery with local creatures and interesting lore and life forms, Tallon is an incredible world.
7.       Least favorite level:
Metroid Prime - Phazon Mines, Chozo Chamber, South tower - There's 3 areas in Prime I absolutely HATE having to go through for various reasons.
  • South Tower - Phendrana Drifts - After climbing all the way up the north research tower, battling all the way, killing drones and space pirates, navigating a bunch of doors, taking out jet pack pirates you come across...Oh shit, Metroids, fucking Metroids are being bred in captivity here, but they're all stuck behind forcefields, i'm safe. Continue on my journey oh hey, more Metroids but what's this!? Thermal Vision upgrade for my visor? Oh fuck yes! Now to get it..."Power must be cut to lower force field" oh.. Ok game, *turns power off* Yes Visor! wait.. What's going on..? Why's all the lights switching off...!? "you must use your thermal visor to make it back out, power has failed all over" ....Shit. METROIDS EVERYWHERE AAAAAH.
  • Chozo Chamber - Every time you leave and re-enter this room (which you do a fucking lot mind you!) you are instantly attacked by disgruntled Chozo ghosts. You fuckers! I'm on YOUR SIDE trying to restore the planet and shit here??
  • Phazon Mines - Space pirates, Omega Space Pirates, Beam special Pirates... Enough said.
8.       Favorite ability:
Metal Gear Rising - Parry - Nothing makes me feel more badass in battle than blocking an enemies attack and counter-attacking without them even leaving a scratch on me, this is what Rising does incredibly well, making you feel like a one man army is a fucking blast. Giant mechs that moo? No problem! Gorilla like mechs? Bring it on! Bosses made of Nanomachines Son? Don't make me laugh!
9.       Favorite boss:
Bowser - Bowser's Highway - Super Mario 3D World - The music is mostly the reason for  this but it's just the most interactive Bowser boss we've seen in fucking ages, plus his car is beastly.
Manta Ray Storm - Super Mario Sunshine - Not really a boss per se, but I fucking adore this mini boss from this game simply from how unique and difficult it is to take out a fucking  ton of enemies at once.
10.   Most immersive game:
At the time I'd of said Skyward Sword until I realized how awful and dragged out it is ugh. So writing this up again for Prime.
Prime is immersive how? You practically are Samus in this game, you're the bounty hunter, you're exploring these alien worlds, you're collecting lore, you're carving your path, you're piecing the story together, you're filling the logs, you're fighting epic scale battles and cheating death, you're the embodiment of badassery. You literally feel uneasy and isolated JUST like Samus is feeling when you feel uneasy, Samus is uneasy, you can't wimp out now you need to help Samus through this!
11.   Most Frustrating Moment:
2 spring to mind.
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - Agreus - Pan's brother. Stupid "stealth" mission where you must traverse a courtyard without alerting an active Agreus searching for you or you have to start over, the catch? He can smell and hear you, the floor is covered in dead leaves that alert him if you step on them, you need to get around without being heard or seen, open a gate then go through the gate by wall ledge grabbing. Fucking joke.
Jak III - Jak vs Dark Star mech - Slippery car controls on the sand dunes, shitty short ranged machine guns, and constant moving target you need to shoot 12 specific points on it's legs, ugh.
12.   Fondest “Next Gen Experience”: 
PS3 - Seeing Ratchet in next gen for the first time blew my mind, huge worlds, incredible graphics and art direction, advanced sound and partical effects, it literally made my jawdrop, also mentioning upgrading from SD to HD blew me away too, so much clearer, so much brighter just incredible.
13.  Most disappointing sequel:
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - Watered down boss battles, stuck in modern times, confusing overworld and map, no clear directions on where to go, shitty stealth missions i don't give a fuck about, weak ass story. HORRENDOUS ending...
14.   Favorite story: 
Spider-man Shattered Dimensions - The story for this game is simple in concept but builds up for a colossal team up with 4 different Spider-men across 4 different verses for some incredible encounters with some of Spidey's fearsome foes across different dimensions and timelines, the fact the story is mainly about restoring an ancient tablet that bestows the wielder with immense power and to fix the very fabric of time and space before each dimension destroys one another, you also follow each Spidey's story with a cast of main enemies to pursue. I think what I love about it most is it's literally something you'd expect to find in a comic book, it's so crazy and outlandish but it's incredibly awesome and works SO well.
15.   Favorite moment:
Transformers Fall of Cybertron - Killing Megatron with Metroplex was the pinnacle of this game for me, something just so satisfying by dethroning Megatron during one of his lectures as the rest of the Decepticons look on in horror at their leader being smashed by a fist the size of a house over and over, absolutely awesome when Prime stands up and tells the Decepticons to leave, for once the Autobots have the upper hand and it's such a sweet victory in eons of conflict.
16.   Most tragic/saddest moment: 
Castlevania Mirror of Fate - Dracula kills his son Victor Belmont - Victor is raised by the brotherhood for the sole reason of taking out his father, unbeknownst to Draclua himself knowing he had a son in the first place, after traversing Dracula's castle you finally take arms against him, only to lose to his immense power, in his dying breath he reveals his true identity. Dracula in a rage of sadness sacrifices his own undead blood to him in hopes he can save his only son, but Victor ends up dying in his arms causing Dracula you scream out in agony, he later buries him in his castle in a fancy coffin as his only Son that fell by his hand, fuelling his rage for the people of the world and the Brotherhood of life for taking his wife and his only son from him.
17.   Best Combat: 
Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Again more Castlevania love, the combat system is grounded and gruelling with A.I That will punish you for spamming the same combos as well as not staying vigilant with blocks and counters, the game is hard as balls and it's easy to die, but it's so satisfying to lay the smack down on the creatures of the night.
18.   Favorite Protagonist: 
Samus Aran - Don't care who you throw at me, Samus will literally always be my favourite character in a video game, she's taken out a whole planet herself and pursues the most dangerous bounties in the galaxy, she takes the literal impossible jobs and makes them possible with finesse and grace, she is a force to be reckoned with and no one comes close to topping her, no one.
Spider-man - Mostly his Shattered Dimension personas are just so hilarious and well written I need to give a mention to him/them.
19.   Favorite Villain: 
Venom - Ultimate Spider-man - He's a fucking tank, a scary big tank that chills you to the bone, he sucks people's life out of them to restore his own, even women and children, he also has the most amazing voice like you wouldn't believe, he also doesn't take shit from no one, he literally floors Logan, after HE throws his bike through a window, amazing.
Carnage - Shattered Dimensions - Holy shit, Carnage is pure terror, he sucks the life out of people, then re-animates their corpses into a horrorfying husk, you should see the damage he does to S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters holy shit.
20.   Favorite side character: 
Torn - Jak 2 & 3 - Torn is a fucking cool ass soldier, a former soldier for the baron in the Crimson Guard, he went rogue after he seen what the Baron was doing to Haven City and it's people, he created a resistance and he also has the coolest voice ever, just a hardened badass.
21.   Most Memorable Unlockable:
Super Mario 3D World - Rosalina as a playable character was totally awesome and unexpected, it was nice to see Nintendo use her and officially write her into the cast this way.
Super Smash Bros Melee - Mewtwo as a playable character and the stage Poké Floats.
22.   Favorite Art Style: 
Spider-man Shattered Dimensions - Literally has 4 different styles per spidey verse, Amazing has block coloured cel style that really works well for modern Spidey, Noir is always set at night in shadowy places like train yards, creepy carnivals and abandoned buildings, what's cool here is how the dank lighting reflects off the surroundings and how Noir's aviator goggles are the only thing you can see of Spidey in the shadows. Ultimate is definitely a take on very bold and poppy cel shaded work which aids the younger feel to Ultimate spider-man verse and 2099 is vast futuristic cities with a lot of emphasis on neon lighting and special effects, also makes incredible work of depth of field and motion blur.
23.   Favorite Song: 
TMNT Turtles in Time - The entire Soundtrack - I can't pick one, I just can't, but the entire soundtrack of the SNES port is fucking incredible, catchy and part of the reason why the game is favoured by many as their favourite turtle game, if I had to pick a favourite it'd definitely be Alleycat Blues.
24.   Favorite Setting:
Spider-man Noir - I love classic 1930's gangster settings and Spider-man Noir's the personification of nitty gritty old times and gangster settings, the use of cliche tropes like runaway trains and spotlights searching for your every move just adds to the effect. Noir's verse is meant to be dark and unpleasant with the constant activity of dirty criminals and thugs and it does that job fine.
25.   Least Favorite Character: 
Recently I'm going to go ahead and say the Koopalings and Baby characters in Mario Kart 8, because they just anger me knowing that they've taken places other characters could have had lmao.
Metal Gear Rising - Jet Stream Sam and Monsoon - Just thought they were flat typical antagonists and I'm glad Raiden shut them up.
26.   Favorite Console Generation:
Nintendo 64 - Classic games that have stained my child hood thanks to my uncle and his Nintendo obsession, many hours spent with my uncle and his nephew-in law playing  Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, messing around in the toilets in multiplayer Goldeneye and even taking turns to play Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and the likes, Nintendo are a huge part of my childhood and they continue to impress even as I grow older and wearier of games, they still make me smile.
27.   Favorite developer: 
Rare - Rare brought me Banjo Kazooie and Diddy Kong Racing, as mentioned huge parts of my childhood and it sucks to see them dying in this modern day :C
Nintendo - Still pushing out the goods, even if I'm miffed at the lack of support for Wii U and games in general which is bullshit.
RETRO Studios - Their work on Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns is incredible and it makes me crave a next gen Metroid Prime so badly.
28.   Most anticipated game:  
I don't really hype stuff any more due to just being let down almost all the time, but a few games I'm keeping an eye on spring to mind. 
FF XV - Cautiously watching this one, I hate turn based RPG's but like Final Fantasy's verse, and this looks like it might be the game I'm looking for.
MAD MAX: Fury Road - I loooooooove Mad Max so imagine my delight when that series would be getting a game, really can't wait to get more info on it, I like those sorts of games.
Smash Bros 4  - Mildly excited for Smash Bros, because it's Smash Bros!
Bayonneta 2 - Cautiously optimistic for the new Bayo, although recent footage hasn't impressed me yet.
Sonic Boom - Cautiously Optimistic for this, couldn't give two shits about it being Sonic, I'm more eager to see what former retro Naughty Dog can do when given the chance.
29.   Best overall cast: 
Cast as in Voice actors?  - Castlevania Lords of Shadow - The voice work is phenomenal in LoS, so much emotion from the voice actors, and even Sir Patrick Stewart as Zobek and the Narrator!
Cast as in Characters? - Spider-man Shattered dimensions - Controlling 4 Spider-men, each with their own respected characters is just an experience that needs to be seen.
30. Fav Ending.
Zelda Twilight Princess - Literally reminiscent of Ocarina of time's ending during the Credit Roll but before that, defeating Ganondorf and sving Hyrule once more, and releasing the Twilight Realm of it's eventual fate and relieving it of the jealous king Zant, putting Midna back in her place as the Twili people's queen/princess, she reveals her true form and thanks Link for his heroic work, and in a moment my inner shipping screamed as she reaches out for him as to say something but instead denies herself as lets out a single tear after walking through the Twilight mirror and shatters it, cutting her off from ever seeing/reaching Link again, as he reaches out and tries to stop her. Queue emotional credit sequence with breathtaking music,  really amazing and emotional ending <3

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