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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Why do I play games? It's all very simple. I could spend all of my free time watching movies or TV shows - and I do all of those frequently - but I usually prefer to spend the little free time I have playing games. All that media is wonderful, but it's also a one-way form of entertainment. Passive entertainment, if you wish. 


Games, I can give input to, to varying levels. I can control them. I can make small decisions, even things as simple as where I'm going to move now or which attack I may use. My decisions determine whether I win or lose. The more I play, the better I get at it. Any medium can tell a story, but games make the story interactive - at least the ones that utilize the form well. They make it your story that you are living (in an indirect sense) and not just seeing others do it.


I love playing videogames for the same reason I love reading a good book. For one moment, I can escape, I can bombard my senses with so many different stimuli, find some peace away from my own thoughts. I can reach beyond anything we can imagine.

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Since I didn't answer all the questions, here are the ones I missed :


1. Most nostalgic game. Mine will be Castle of Illusion on the Master System II. On December 1991, my parents bought me my first video game console and this game to play with it. Yep, Castle of Illusion was my first ever video game (unless you want to count some game & &watch games) so it holds many feels. I remember trying my best to beat each level and each boss, being so happy about it that when I returned to school, I told everyone (even my teacher) about it. A few days after I got it, my sister and my brother bought me the first Sonic the Hedgehog...


2. Favourite game. Sonic Unleashed (360). Mainly for the daytime stages. I think I play this game at least once a week. I love brezzing through Windmill Isle and Rooftop Run. The visuals are stunning, the musics are magnificent and I absolutely love the boost gameplay. I also like to go very slowly in levels like Windmill Isle just to stare at the details (flowers, fake credit cards logos, menus at the restaurants...).


3. Best cover art. Final Fantasy : the 4 heroes of light, it gives such a sense of adventure with the heroes on the dragon, in the sky. Add to this the sketch-like render of the artwork, something that I like in general. I saw it and I thought "OK, I want to go on that adventure."


4. Favorite series. Sonic the Hedgehog because of the colorful levels, the great cast of characters and the quality of the majority of the games. Sonic has been a part of my life sine 1991.
There's Pokémon and Zelda too because they're fantastic RPG. I love collecting Pokémon and see them evolve. There's also the Silent Hill series, because before the fifth one, the games were very immersive and addicting. Playing through the first one in the dark was such an experience at the time :)


5. Favorite indie game. Skullgirls. The game is a refreshing take on the fighting game genre and the characters are varied and lovely. It's also a good challenge and I had a great time playing with my friends to see each characters' stories.


6. Favourite level in a game. Windmill Isle (day) from Sonic Unleashed (360). As I said earlier, it's a beautiful level, one of those I would love to visit one day. There are so many details to check in this level, like on that bridge when you hear the siren of a boat and if you stop, you can see that boat on the sea. It's small details like this that give life to a level.

7. Least favorite level. Aquatic Base, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. I just don't like it. It's grey, dull and lifeless. I don't like those bubbles you have to walk on. I don't like having dozens of enemies to kill at once in a small room. I don't even know why there's a bike for Shadow in that level...


8. Favorite ability. That gem in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 that gives Sonic an infinite moonjump. I love going past the limits of the stages, seeing some parts I'm not supposed to see, reaching platforms earlier than usual. Also, Sonic's boost from Unleashed/Generations.


9. Favorite boss. Egg Viper, Sonic Adventure. It's a great final boss (for Sonic's story), the music even tells you that "uh-oh, now he's serious ! Watch out !!" and when you see Eggman's machine, you KNOW that he's not kidding anymore.


10. Most immersive game. Silent Hill 2. The story really dragged me into its universe. You're following James' adventure into this strange town, searching for your dead wife who just sent you a letter. There are so many questions at the beginning, and several questions come to you during the adventure. Who's Laura ? What's Eddie up to ? Why is Maria there and how can she looks like Mary that much ? I just couldn't leave the joypad, I wanted answers. And when you get them... ;)


11. Most frustrating moment. Sonic 2006, getting through the sands while driving with Shadow. This is just... WHAT ? Just because my vehicle got turned upside down ? I hated that part of the desert level.


12. Fondest "next-gen" experience. I think it was in 1997. My main consoles at that time were the Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo. I was also a big fan of Dragon Ball and was waiting for more information about GT (we had a weekly magazine over here that talked about it each week) and my parents asked me, for Xmas, to choose between a Saturn, N64 and PlayStation. I took the PS because I saw Dragon Ball Final Bout in a store. When I got it, I was AMAZED by the 3D, I thought they looked like action figures! (heh, I was only 15)


13. Most disappointing sequel. Silent Hill Homecoming. Glitchy, incoherent game that became too much action and less "ambiance". That's the first SH game I didn't bother to finish.


14. Favorite story. Alice : Madness Returns. I love Alice in Wonderland, I own several interpretation of it on DVD but this one. This one is my favorite. It's rich and deep. Alice being crazy and darker than the Disney blonde girl is refreshing. The story surrounding her and her family is touching and very surprising, especially when you understand what happened to her sister and what is the cause of Alice's crazyness.


15. Favorite moment. Parappa the Rapper 2, the hairdresser song. I was playing the game with my best friend, and then we reached that level. In the beginning, it was fun. Then you see all the other people's haircut and get a laugh. And then, you see poor Lammy, stripped on a table like Frankenstein and that was it, we laughed so hard on this. It was so funny that we replayed the level a few times just for the laughs and we still do to this day :)


16. Most tragic/saddest moment. When Maria dies the first time in Silent Hill 2. Maria has been following you for some time in this town and when you think you'll get out of that building, you realize that Pyramid Head wants to kill you. And over there, an elevator. "Hooray", you think, "they're saved"...only for the elevator to close behing James, trapping poor Maria with PH, who coldly kill her and you can't do anything...


17. Best combat. All of Bayonetta. It's fun, addictive and challenging. Did I mention fun ? I'm not a fan of that kind of game (never played DMC) but this one... Once I saw a friend playing it, I knew I wanted it. I've spent hours trying to master some skills in order to progress in the scenario, and it did pay !


18. Favorite protagonist. Outside of Sonic and Link, I'll say Lammy from UM Jammer Lammy. She's lovable. She's funny. She's adorable. She's awkward. She's just great. And she's one of the biggest inspiration for the main character of my comic book project ^^


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it, I think I started at #19 as it's a familiar question. :)

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Bonus Question: Why do I play games?


I play games because they're a social experience for me. Even the ones that don't have multiplayer.


I've got my dad to thank for helping shape my interests to begin with, since he got my brother and I our first videogame console; a Sega Genesis that came with the Lion King. I played that and many other games with him for hours, and even though we don't play nearly as much together now (besides a few series) my brother and I frequently play together. It's funny; we're usually talking over the gameplay constantly, and only quiet up for the important parts. It's almost like a Game Grumps episode, with us just being totally insufferable.


Sometimes the game itself isn't even that crucial to the experience. That's not to say I don't have a love for the medium, because I really do, but the reason I'm so into it is because I've got people I can share it with. 


That's all of them, to my knowledge. Once again, great job with everything, Discoid. I'm glad to have participated. 


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Bonus Stage: Why do you play games? 


Because it's fun and offers plenty of advantages to other forms of entertainment, and there's a LOT of reasons to play. Having a shit day? Play video games to cheer yourself up. Having an awesome day? Celebrate with video games. Is it raining outside? Play games inside. It too hot out? Play games inside. Playing games for me is a great way to socialize, relieve stress, or just have fun with somebody else. It also offers some escapism, for when you want to feel involved with something else. I could spend my free time doing something else, but I like how games are an interactive medium, so I feel a lot more involved with something like games vs books or movies- not to say those are bad, but movies aren't interactive and you can't share the experience of a book. 

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I play games for basically everything really, for music, for fun, for gameplay, for relaxation/free time, you name it, no matter what video game it is there are always a lot of things I play them for and honestly without them I probably wouldn't have much to do since I mostly just sit around the house staring at the wall all day anyway :P (though I also could work on trying to make games).


Also, they serve as a really good escape from the sometimes harsh and boredom of life that many of us suffer today.

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A Bonus round huh? 




Alrighty, then! Let's do this! tongue.png


Bonus Day: Question: Why do I play video games?


Pleasing to the senses: It's nice to hold a controller in my hand and be able to move and control objects and characters on a TV screen my means of an electronic game while sharpening my coordination in doing so. I play video games to admire the bright colors, outstanding graphics, and art designs ranging from photo-realism to creativity that would be impossible to see in real life. I also play video game to listen to some amazing music as well, as the music you hear from video games you won't hear anywhere else. It also triggers your imagination playing video games as majority of the things you do in them are impossible to do in real life.


Characterization: I am a big fan of this in general, so it is one of the bigger things I look forward to anytime I play a game that isn't a racing or puzzle game. I love to see characters in action and learn more things about their personalities such as their strengths and flaws, especially the characters I am already attached to.


Cutscenes: Aside from the gameplay, the cutscenes are something that I really look forward to as they are nice enhancements to help develop the story, which is also something else I am very interested in with video games. Also from these cutscenes we get thing such as characterization and even some humor. The cutscenes are like "mini-cartoons" and when put together could make a nice little movie. I could sit there for hours watching the cutscenes and enjoying myself in doing so.


Escape from adult life and responsibilities: Way past gone are the days where I lived with and relied on my parents from everything: from food, clothing, shelter to even fun stuff like toys and video games. As an adult at 30 years of age and since I was 19 I work a full-time job where I work up to 15 hours a day, a car to maintain, cooking and chores to do on a daily basis, and rent and a ton of bills to pay. Video games gives me a nice "timeout" from all that grown-up stuff to where I can take my mind of of those things, relax, and enjoy myself. smile.png


The kid in me: Playing video games such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles brings back such nostalgia from when I was 10 years old, as if I am living my childhood again. Video games really makes me feel like a kid again with playing them and having a good time, a feeling that is deeply appreciated by me as I recently turned 30 years old and that appreciation will only deepen as I get older.
Fun for friends, family and myself: Video games are fun as a hobby by myself for reasons I've previously mentioned, but video games are also a nice way to have fun with your friends by either co-op or by competition. I feel that hanging together at a friend's house playing video games is more fun than when we actually go out most of the time to hang out, especially since we don't have to suppress any of our excitement and can be as loud as we want.
Video games are a nice and fun thing to engage in with family as well. I've come to learn that the Mario & Sonic Olympic series are the only games I can get my 6 year old niece and 9 and 7 year old nephews to play without going at each other's throats. Then when I join in to make it an even 4 players, that increases the fun as we switch between playing on teams and going head-to-head with one another. happy.png
Seriously, video games from this series brings about peace in my home smile.png Surprises is another thing I love about video games as you always tend to see something you would never expect to see, such as the type of video game right above. I would never imagined seeing Mario and Sonic, two video game icons and former rivals officially in video games together...wink.png
So long story short (like I ever do this!), I play video games for the fun, the enjoyment, the challenge, the distraction, the visual and audible goodies, nostalgia, stories and characterization for an overall good time.
Just so you know, I'm still not done talking here as I have some other things to share with you come tomorrow...And quite a few of you have been asking via status updates or PMs to me about the badges to be awarded for participation in this event. I plan on giving them out Sunday afternoon so hang tight as they are coming soon as well as us wrapping this 2014 30 Days of Video Games event up! tongue.png  
EDIT: The distribution of badges will be postponed to either Monday morning or Monday afternoon. See Discoid's latest post for more details.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yes, I can get 30 Days now!


I play video games because... They have the right combination of skill-using and immersion. I love being able to use physics in games like Donkey Kong Countries, Sonics, or Tony Hawks. I like time and score attack modes. I like exploring. I adore video game music. I love learning about all these other worlds. I've sorta knocked games that put an emphasis on narrative over gameplay, but in a lot of cases I adore the storylines that go with these games as well as long as they have a solid gameplay foundation (like Metal Gear). I'm glad I'm going to live forever, because I'll never have to stop playing video games.

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Day 31: Why Do You Play Video Games?


Hmm. This is a good question.


I really can't imagine life without them. They've been a part of me ever since my childhood, when my grandparents bought me and my sisters a SEGA Genesis.


Out of the reasons I love video games, there are three that really come to mind when I think about it.


1) Social Aspect: Both offline and online, video games have been the building ground for some of my greatest friendships. There is always something to talk about with them, whether its past ones that only one of us has played, current ones that we play together or future games that we are waiting to get.


Games have also build pretty strong communities of people who share a common interest. I'm trying to think of a community such as this right now, maybe one that loves Sonic or something...


Maybe something like this one, if you guys have ever heard of it. I love you guys.


2) Competition: Whether it's between people online or friends on the couch, I always love to grab a controller and take on any opposition. Win or lose, it's always a thrill to battle it out with some friends, and maybe talk some trash to them, too.


3) Entertainment: A pretty obvious one. Video games are just a hell of a lot of fun to play. There's not really much else to it.

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BONUS DAY - Why Do You Play Games?



They're fun. They give me an experience that watching a show/movie or reading a book can't give me. However, they can borrow from other media to become better.


See you next time! :D

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I play video games for a lot of reasons.


Sometimes I play them to immerse myself into the game world. Other times I play them to have fun with friends. And still other times I play them to just experience something special. Games are a unique medium - you become a part of the game in the sense that you have control over it to some extent, you can interact with the game world. It's one of the more unique mediums out there.

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BONUS DAY - Why Do You Play Games?




Well *sits in a rocking chair*


Videogames were basically a world that I could not only escape into but also control and manipulate as I wanted. Even something as simple as a a platformer, it's a world where I can do more or less what I like in it. 


I can follow the story or make my own, and sometimes I do. 


Am I trying to escape Raccoon City? Or am I a 'zombie hunter?' It's my choice.


They give me a world and an 'expected' rule and narrative to follow, but I can do that, or... do what I wanna do. 


Not many other forms of entertainment allow that.


The game presents me with a role, with a world to explore and a quest or mission, and I enjoy taking that role and attempting to run with it, or doing things my own way. 


It's strange, the more detailed the world, or in some cases, the less detailed and cryptic, the more fun I can have within it. Or maybe the world is just a really good story, and I'm trying to find out what's happening.


It doesn't matter, you start a game it becomes like a mystery, you can play it 'correctly' to discover the resolution, or test it, playing with it until you discover it's secrets


Maybe today I'll fight crime, or fly a spaceship, or command armies... or conquer worlds.


Games let me take on a role, I can become anything I want in a game, I can manipulate it as I like, or obey it's rules... or maybe I'll break them?


I play games because they're fun, because they let me be who I want to be in that experience. Of course it's a fiction, it's a fantasy, though no less a fantasy or fiction that reading a book, or hearing stories about ancient myths. Games are modern day myths, they're becoming legend, only you feel part of that myth and legend.


And now I'm taking it to a new level.


This is the first game I've made/released to be played publically, It's a very simple experience (I'm still learning), it's got a lot of problems, It's called Blue, and I think you should play it. Because now I don't just want to experience a world or a role, I want to create new experiences for other people.





Now lets play a game. 10 points for each correct answer.


1: What was I referencing with the line "Maybe today I'll fight crime, or fly a spaceship, or command armies... or conquer worlds."


2: At the start of the post is an image of a computer who plays 'Global Thermonuclear War,' But what is the game that it plays which convinces him not to launch the nuclear missiles?


3: At the end of the post is an image from the same movie as question 2.... but what is the name of the movie 

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Why do you play Video Games?



This is a very silly question, but has any of you ever played Smash Bros? You probably know the base of the story behind the game, it's basically a bunch of toy/statues that whoever is impersonating Master Hand uses to play with, all the epic battles, the thrills, the cursing at the screen and the moments you just wish you could brofist your teammate accross the internet... All of that is actually a little kid playing with his toys... Right?




All this courage in the palm of your hands



Where the hell I'm going with this you ask? Well, who of us didn't do the same when we were kids? Who of us ever had toys at our disposal and pictured epic battles between armies? Or neck-breaking fast car races? Or super heroes defeating every evil overlord that crossed their way? Despite my lousy memory all of those moments are coming into my head, even when I was a kid and I had no toys because of my family's situation and I had to make do with stuff like boxes or even lollipops (My parents had a store). It's during those years that video games came into my life.



Video games are a giant toy box! A magical one at that! Managing to store hundreds and hundreds of characters, stories, adventures, jokes, romances, fights, races... A lot of stuff in a very compact place!







Like toy soldiers.



As with toys there are brands renown for certain things and you play with them in certain way. You can get a Sonic game like you might get a Transformers figure and you might be able to do other things to it but you are mostly going to play with them in the way they are supposed to. (though maybe Sonic isn't the best example since he's touched several genres and never seems to be content with a single gameplay formula... whoops! :V)


But there are other games that let you be more creative, games with a thriving modding community let you see things that you wouldn't expect from the things you play, games with map editors let you experience other histories, when I was a teenager I was in love with this kind of games (and I still am), which is one of the reasons why I enjoy playing RTS games so much.






As I grew up I started to see games in a different light, it's not that I no longer think of videogames as a giant virtual toy box nor that I stopped loving the communities that keep pouring content to games with more than a decade behind them (and I still love making my own adventures thanks to map editors and modding), but nowadays I see games as experiences and I'm all over them!




Be it a way to express yourself that you want to share.




Be it a party game that you and your friends can play with.




Be it a story that you and your friends make as you progress.




Be it a vision or a story, something grand...
















Or completely ridiculous!



Those are experiences I look for when I play a game, those and others that I feel are beyond the image posting limits of this forum... even the annoying ones would count as long as they are something worth talking about! XD






And this game counts as one of those experience as well! I found this days to be a blast of the past, to look back at the things I played and still play and also to discover (and sometimes marvel at) some things one doesn't know about (or knew about but forgot like my case with the Resident Evil series).


The gaming world is as vast and varied as the people who play it and this thread is a display of that! The answers that get mentioned repeatedly showcase how much of an impact a game can have in an individual and a community and the most original and unique answers are always something I enjoy to dig into (I can't remember who did it, but I never touched a Civilizations game in my life and I really loved reading about your experiences with the game), I only wish I could have been more trigger happy with my likes but I had to cut myself short to not reach the limit.


But yeah, this thread was an awesome Journey and I enjoyed every single moment of it... Well... Except the times when I was short on time and how my PSO2 buddies probably hate me for not being online as much as I used to..... Still an awesome thread.




So without much else to say, thanks to everyone who were involved in this! You guys rock! \o/

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Dawn of a New Day: Why do you play videogames?


Because there's nothing else quite like them.


Gaming is something unique to me. Here is a new medium in its infancy, that I get to watch and participate in. The wild west is very much alive in gaming, even if it doesn't seem that way what with all the Call of Battlefields out there. Not only is the present day host to a variety of interesting games, but the limitations of the medium are far beyond our sight. The little workings of indies and industry gems speak as much: gaming has the chance to tell a story no one else can.


At the end of the day, I'm here because I love not only the fun or grit, but because I love what the medium is capable of, and I'm eager and overjoyed to see it take every new step into maturity.

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Bonus Day: Why do you play games?




I play games for a lot of reasons, but fun is the main one. Sometimes I just wanna chill at home, pop in a game, and have a good time. If I'm bored and sitting around doing nothing, video games are always there to help me relax and have some fun. Another thing I love about games is the way you can use them to just escape reality for a short while. They suck you in to this world and you can play nonstop for hours on end. They can be challenging and frustrating, but after finally beating whatever it was you were stuck on, they give you a great sense of accomplishment. I just love video games and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them.


It's been a solid month and I'm glad I participated in this. Thanks for putting all this together and I'll see ya next time.

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Honestly, it's hard to tell why, because there's so many different reasons for why I choose to game on.


Perhaps I like to get immersed into a world that is completely different from my own, maybe I just want to escape reality for a bit, maybe I just want to have fun.  There's always a different answer for why I play certain games.  Games offer an experience unlike anything ever.  You interact with game, you feel the game through your controller, you communicate with it and often times other people through the game.  Games are genuinely intriguing topic that offers a variety of discussion across multiple media networks and forums.


Video games are just video games... there's nothing else like them.  I love video games, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

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Why do I play videogames?


  I LOVE them ! 


  but mostly, and in more detail, I like the stories and the characters the best. many people judge videogames by their graphics or their playability (which do matter to me as well) but my main judgement is by the story, the music, the relationships between characters. This is why  the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time had such an appeal to me. 





  The story was very very detailed. I was like playing through the most epic movie ever!


The music was beautifully composed, and had feeling. It made each moment memorable throughout the game. 




 the characters were all fully developed and had some kind of story. even the side characters or villagers. everyone in the game had a personality of some kind, so it felt more real. 


So that is why I like to play them, to learn more about the characters and to be fully engaged in the story smile.png


Thanks so much to everyone who worked hard on this! :)

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So since this is the final day, I figure it's time to reveal a pleasant surprise I planned a few weeks ago - any days that were made up late will be counted for badge distribution. If you missed something and made it up later anyway just for the sake of it, you get credit. 


Also, until the event finally ends (probably Monday to give people time), all of you now have the chance to make up any day you missedIf you missed any number of days, you can make them all up now. Remember though - one paragraph is the absolute minimum. Any less, and it won't count. 


Finally, for those that participated all 30 Days but not the Bonus Day yet - there's an exclusive badge for taking part in all 31 topics. Ask Kiah if you missed anything.




Click on me for help!


But seriously...yes, ask me.


In case you missed my latest status update, I mentioned in line with Discoid's announcement that I would be able to tell you which days you are missing that is currently preventing you from getting the 30 Day Badge and consequently, the bonus badge due to my extensive note-taking where I have days both completed and uncompleted (if applicable) documented for each member that has participated. I suggest you take me up on my offer as I have already done the work for you and you don't have to go and look through all of your posts via your content to figure out what you have missed.


All you need to do it either 1) send me a PM with your inquiry or 2) leave me a message in my profile feed asking which days you have missed, if any. All that I ask is for you to be patient with me as I have had a good number of members that have asked me already and I will address each and everyone of you to let you know as soon as I can. Even if you are unsure, don't hesitate to ask me as I'll be happy to fill you in on your status. smile.png


And because of this announcement, as I said in my (in case that you missed that also) that the distribution of badges will be postponed until Monday to give members time to make days up. I'm sure you all won't mind the delay due to the reasons behind it. wink.png

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Of all the questions that have been asked in this event, this one in particular has been, quite frankly, the hardest to answer. To put it simply, the reason I play games in the first place isn't exactly something I mull over often. In all honestly, I my reasoning for playing video games could very easily be described as 'I find them fun'.


So thinking about that, I asked myself this one question; 'Just why do I find video games fun in the first place?'


People get ready for this;


Ah, video games. What can I say about them? Ever since I was a four year-old child playing Super Mario Bros. 2 on an NES given to us by my grandparents, I have been a fan of fan of video games. While I do enjoy other forms of media such as books, movies, and music, if there is one con to them, it's the fact that once you've experienced something from it once, the next time you do, you pretty much know what to expect. Yeah, you may catch something you didn't before, but it's usually nothing big.


But with video games, bar cutscenes and the like, you are the one who is in control. You are the one who tells your character where to go, what moves to use, what choices to make with but a few button presses. This interactivity gives games an edge over other entertainment mediums I think, because in most games, no two playthroughs are exactly alike.There will always be something different each time you come back to a game. So there's one thing I like about games.


I find that video games can be very immersive as well. Whether I'm journeying through the lands of the Mushroom Kindgom as Mario, stomping Goombas and kicking around Koopa shells, whether I'm racing through loop-de-loops and cityscapes as Sonic on my way to Dr. Eggman's latest technical marvel, whether I'm traversing the world with a team of highly trained Pokemon with the goal of being the very best that no one ever was, whether I'm defending clients in a murder trial as attorney at law Phoenix Wright, whether I'm crossing paths with the animals in a town I am the mayor of, whether I'm going all out in a massive crossover fight with some of Nintendo's greats, the worlds of video games are an asset I can't help but be pulled into. With imaginative locations, creative casts of characters, and fantastic atmospheres, games open up the doors to new realms.


Remember how with the 'favorite song' question I mentioned that I had been dreading something like that, due to the fact that I have so many songs that could classify as 'favorites'? Well, if that wasn't a huge hint already, I'll just say it outright; I love video game music. In the hands of talented composers, the tunes of games can really help to add to the experience. Look at the majority of music in the Sonic series for instance - it fits so well with the various levels and events and it often helps to make the games that much more enjoyable to play. At least that's how I always looked at it.


And going back a bit to the whole immersion tangent, I have mentioned, or at least hinted at, that while I honestly consider it the least important of the major aspects in determining whether I like a game in the first place, I still love a well-written storyline. When a writer is talented enough to weave compelling plot threads that get you into the minds of the characters, such aspects with purposeful actions, a fitting tone, and charming dialogue, that's when I get invested in the story of a video game. There are even some games I'll come back for just for the story, even if the gameplay does have a few problems with it. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Sonic and the Black Knight, I'm looking at you all right now.


And since I'm on the subject, I do so adore the various characters video games have come to give us. From Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Donkey Kong, and Bowser, to Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow, to all the different Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Pikachu to Arcanine to Mewtwo and beyond, to Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Mia, and Franziska, to Isabelle, Tom Nook, and Tortimer, there's something incredibly charming about many of them, whether it be their designs, their personalities, their powers, how they grow and change over the course of a game/series, or a combination off all these different facets.


This isn't something I mention a whole lot, but I have aspirations to be an artist. A graphic artist, but an artist nonetheless. And to that end, I very much have an appreciation for various forms of art, including that of video games. Whether it be the character artworks, the level designs, concept art, even the basic style a game itself may have, I love seeing all the visual work that has been put forth. I find that games can showcase some fantastic art and with many of my favorites I list such as a huge positive.


I could make this go on far longer, but unfortunately it is getting late and I once again need my sleep. So I will end on this simple note; video games have given me so many wonderful experiences that I just can't help but love them. They are a form of media I hold with great regard and I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying them.










Well, there you have it SSMB. My participation in the 30 Days of Video Games. It's been a fun ride and I'm glad I could take part in it.







And with that, I must be going now. See you around SSMB.







'Till we meet again.














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Bonus Day: Why Do You Play Games?




I love video games for a number of reasons, and I suppose the main one is that I just can't imagine not playing them since they've been a part of my life for so long. I'd say it's my biggest hobby, but I think it's a little more than that as my life is so focused around them that I'm not quite sure where I'd be without them now.


Video games are one of the most creative mediums out there, and as some other people have said, the only one that is 100% interactive. There's been so many amazing worlds that I've been sucked into, and even some of the less amazing ones have still kept me distracted from things for a while and have always been there for me when I didn't have anything else going on in my life.


I also think they helped to expand my imagination when I was younger as I would often make up my own stories in my head about what was happening as I was playing through a game, whether it was because some of the plots weren't quite so clear in the olden days or because I just decided that's what I was doing while playing something and decided to make up my own rules while I was playing through it. And I love that games give you the freedom to do that, whereas you're handed everything in most other forms of media. Games generally do let you do as you please.


They've also made me more creative in general as I started to draw because I wanted to make pictures of my favourite characters, and as the years have gone on they've just continued to inspire me as there's so many beautiful and artistic games out there.


Another big thing is that I'm in the middle of doing a course right now I'm hoping will lead into games development as I would love to get the opportunity to make or design something that could give other people the same experiences as I've been able to have. And due to that I've not had quite as much time to actually play games as I used to have and it's made me realise how much they've helped me to de-stress over the years as I'd normally turn to them when I'm feeling down or don't want to deal with anything else. Escapism certainly isn't the only reason I play them, but it is one of them and playing some of my favourite games or even getting immersed in a new one always cheers me up and helps me forget other things that might be going on at the time.


So I guess there's not just one reason that I play games and I could talk about this question forever, but the things I've spoken about above are some of the first things that came to mind.


Also, they're just damn fun.

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Bonus Day: Why do you play videogames?


I play video games because this is a medium which has offered me much more than any other. Growing up with them has showed me how fun, immersive, relaxing, tense, mature or childlike games can be. There are now so many genres and titles that partake to them, that it's impossible not to find at least one or two for someone to enjoy. And even when people have their preferences that differs from others, there will be something they have the same mindset about. The communities that surrounds the medium also make it quite special, since their formed by the mutual interest and friendships of which ever games were played together with. Games just make it a great time when playing with others.

But really, the world of Video Games is just so vast and enthralling, I can't help but be delighted whenever I get the chance to play a new title.


And with that, I bid you a fond farewell. 


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Hooray! Thankies again to Discoid and Kiah for the extra time for missed days.. because I missed;


Favourite Indie Game... so uh...


Day 31.5... Mambo's Favourite Indie Game!


I'm relatively new to the indie game scene, apart from mods and fan games... which I guess don't count because they're er... fan.. games?... but a few have struck me as being just really, really awesome, showing big-shot game producers that you don't necessarily need a massive budget to make a great game.


First of all, a possibly divisive game; Fez!





Fez tells the cube-hunting story of Gomez; a little creature who's spent his entire life in 2 dimensions, suddenly thrust into the world of 3. The game is a pretty solid platformer, involving the shifting of your perspective to get through as many "worlds" as possible, collecting all the cubes of the shattered Hexahedron, a godlike giant cube thingy that bestows Gomez the power of the eponymous Fez! XD


First of all, I love the retro pixellated look of the game, and the stunning landscapes this art style creates;




Check out that sunset! Yeah, this game has a day-night cycle... so Sonic 06: if a pseudo-8bit game can have a decent day-night cycle, where did yours go?! biggrin.png


I love the little extras in each landscape such as butterflies, cats, birds etc... all pixellated of course but instantly recognisable.The owl in above picture also reminds me of the mythos of Fez's world. There are several references to past cultures, such as a reverence for owls (besides cubes!), an ancient language and a pictographic set of instructions for the Fez-bearer to use. Which is odd, considering that in Gomez's village, everyone speaks English! After searching through the entire world and finding some rather interesting rooms, I formed a little theory in my head about this game;


The portals to each "world" are actually portals through time, not space... and you're being shown a situation which has happened many times before, such as the world which consists of a Bladerunner-esque city, and a room where the stargate has shattered and released the Nothing-like cubes of empty space. Gomez's village speak English because they have long forgotten their cube language, and have

funny shaped heads because they've evolved away from their ancestors. :B


Oh yes, and the music is bloody haunting;



Tell me this doesn't send chills down your spine!


Anyways, it's a simple but ridiculously pretty game which is well worth the exploration. You just might need a note book handy to decipher the cube alphabet and the shifter puzzles.


Another game worthy of mention is The Stanley Parable.




Starting out as a Half Life mod, this game is basically walking around an office block listening to a narrator with a sarcastic, Stephen Fryesque accent.

Go and hide in the cupboard for a bit, I dare you!

It's pretty funny, even hilarious at times and has some particularly interesting things to find! I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of games, in particular FPS ones.


Ahh, and that's me done. smile.png Once again thankyou to Discoid and Kiah for this event, it was a lot of fun, made me realise I need to expand a bit on the types of games I play(!) since I had to reuse the same set of games a few times, and and made me post a helluva lot more than I usually do! And yes, I am aware it is 7.30am on Sunday morning where I am! biggrin.png


And with that, I'm off to play video games!

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**~Bonus Day~** Why Do You Play Video Games?



I play video games for just about every reason that all of us here have mentioned so far. Most of the time for me, its for the storyline, characters and/or gameplay. Playing videos games is also a great way for me to unwind from the real world and go on an adventure in a fictional world; it's a great stress reliever. It's always fun to play video games late at night with friends, both locally and online. There's always hilarious moments that happen when you play games with friends, many of which are worthy to record or stream in HD. I cannot go on a day without playing any sort of game, otherwise I would get really bored. Many games give you that great feel of accomplishment as you progress through it, it's the best feeling. Especially when you've beaten a boss or final boss that is really hard to others and you get the achievement to show off your success across any platform.


As for storylines, some are so good, it's like you are watching an awesome movie. One that you can really get into, interact with the world there, and make decisions that affect the overall outcome of the story. There are some competitive games that I enjoy just for the thrill of it all such as Super Smash Bros. Many stories I have played through have been very intense and suspenseful that I enjoy playing them over and over again. There's also that dramatic feel to it when something bad or crazy happens that sends chills up your spine. The rumbling of the controller during that really escalates that.


The music in the games that I play are so good that I must have them all on my iPod. Everything composed fits so well within the game that it heightens the suspense. Music that is orchestrated such as the Planetary Pieces album for Sonic Unleashed is just absolutely beautiful. Its something about orchestrated music, especially in a Sonic game, where I wish that it was in an actual Sonic movie.


I always love the character development in some games where you can understand what the character has gone through based on the plot. It's that immersion that really makes a game more fun and enjoyable. In games where the plotline carries over to sequels such as the Halo franchise, you really get an in-depth look into the universe that it makes you want to live there.


These games are special to me due to how much I learn from them. For example, the Assassin's Creed games. I have learned about tons more history by playing those games than just sitting in a history class. I learn a lot from playing videos games and each type of game teaches something differently than other games.

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Bonus day:

I play games mostly for entertainment, to have fun throughout my play session. I really love a game were you got a really good story in most games. For most games I really wanted all games to have some type of story like Mario kart 8. If Mario kart DS was able to handle bosses and mission mode then Mario kart 8 should be able to expand on those.

I play games to play some of games from my favorite franchise. Sonic and Mario. These two have a lot of good games. Games I've played hours with and still play today. I see these guys and I'm like man these guys are cool and the games are good.

I like to play games to see what content they have in the game from my favorite franchises, the music's, the levels, the cutscenes, the story and sometimes a new look on some characters.

I like to play games because they are fun! My gosh they just satisfy me and I can't get tired of it. I love my games and I'm pretty sure its going to be a big part of my life. Wait, it already is lol. I'm pretty its staying that way.

I'm still editing, accidentally post it early. Touchscreen problems lol.

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