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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Time for my last game of catch up, dawg.



Day 1: Most Nostalgic Game







Sonic Adventure 2 was pretty much my right of passage into gaming, and it is probably the game I am the most fond of from my childhood. Everything about it just was captivating to me. The story, characters, gameplay, etc. It truly is when I fell in love with the Sonic series as a whole. I remember spending hours just replaying the plot over and over and getting all of the unlockables. 


My view of the series may be a bit more disillusioned, but I will always remember SA2 fondly no matter what happens.





Day 10: Most Immerse Game


Hmm, this one was difficult, which is why I kind of skipped it. But if I had to choose, I'd say Dark Souls, hands down. Only a month of playing and it feels so "real", as in everything you do has a consequence that you have to live with. You kill an NPC, they stay dead. You have to know when to use your abilities as they logically drain your stamina. You bleed out, get poisoned, etc. etc. It just a very real experience for me.



and now the endgame questions


Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast







I'm really fond of the cast from the Mario & Luigi series, never has an RPG series made such memorable characters. Its witty writing really helps and brings the world to life. Even Mario, who usually has no real personality traits to speak of in the main series, develops something of his own personality, especially when paired alongside his brother. The fun gameplay, the quirky world. There's a reason why its among my favorite series when it comes to Mario. 



Day 30: Favorite Ending








I posted this last year as my choice, and it still hasn't changed. Persona 4 has one of the best endings ever. You spend so much time developing a close bond with your friends...then you have to leave back to your own neighborhood. You've fought together, shared your deepest secrets, and had the time of your life, so the fact that you have to leave it all behind just kind of stings a tad. Sure, the protagonist comes back if you've played Arena or Golden, but at the time, it was really heart wrenching to say goodbye to everyone. And ya know, you had this playing:





Muh heart ;_;




I'll post the bonus day in a few more hours, since its such a poignant question.

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Here are the 16 days (yep) that I've missed, plus the Bonus Day:


Day 12 - Fondest Next-Gen Experience

Experiencing online play for the first time in Phantasy Star Online is probably the one. It felt like such a massive leap had been made for console gaming. Playing with people from my own country was surreal enough, but across the globe? It was incredible, if a bit daunting, just to see everyone talking in the lobbies. For that reason I elected to play alone for a while, at least until I knew what I was doing.


Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game

Without a doubt, it is Assassin's Creed III. Even if the American Revolution wouldn't have been my first choice, I was massively hyped for this game. We'd been waiting three years for the next big, numbered title that would revitalise the series and possibly outdo ACII... except it failed to reach anywhere that level of success. There were few changes made to the gameplay, but more frustrating missions, glitches, a boring protagonist, bland locations (with Boston and New York providing little in the way of tall buildings and the seemingly empty frontier looking pretty much the same no matter where you were) and an extremely underwhelming endgame to both the assassin and the modern world's stories. The pacing was awful as well, as you spend a third of the bloody game in a tutorial (as I've previously lamented in this very topic), leaving the meat of the plot be rushed in the second half.


Day 14 - Favourite Story

I think I'll go with BioShock Infinite for this one. This is partly for the fact that it is told without cutscenes and instead via dialogue during gameplay or by exploring the environments (whether it's from listening to Voxophones, reading posters or eavesdropping on conversations). It is essentially up to you to decide how much you want delve into the lore. I very much enjoy how the characters' individual stories tie together gradually as you progress through the game and how they manage to surprise you as you approach the end. Each of the cast is well characterised and the acting is spot on, making each introduction or altercation an absolute joy.


I'd also like to give Bastion an honourable mention for adding a great sense of atmosphere by telling its story via narration.


Day 15 - Favourite Moment

Picking my first ever Pokémon in Red is my favourite moment. While it seemed that no store would have the game back in stock in time for Christmas 1999, we somehow found one that did. We were almost certain that it wasn't going happen, which made opening it up on Christmas Day that much sweeter. After getting into the show and the card game, I had played out the beginning of Red/Blue in my head several times. was going to be a Pokémon trainer with my very own Bulbasaur and show that fool Ash how it's done. It was glorious.


Day 16 - Most Tragic/Saddest Moment

The end of John Marston's story in Red Dead Redemption.

He spends the entire game trying to protect his family by selling out his old gang for the government and it at first appears that they've kept their word. You experience his ideal family life, tending to the farm and raising his son, as his job is done and from there everything seems peachy. Of course it isn't. If you've made it this far and you know Rockstar, then you know that isn't the end. It's too boring and too optimistic. The corrupt officials let him think that their word was good, only to return to his doorstep and shoot the crap out of him anyway. This only leads to his son becoming an outlaw like his father, the last thing that John wanted for his boy, as he hunts down the old man responsible (I forget the name) and kills him without a second thought.


Day 17 - Best Combat

As good as the Dark Knight's moves are in the Arkham series, I found it a lot more fun to slice up enemies in Madworld. I'll be honest; this preference has a lot to do with my hands and/or fingers tiring out during some long, drawn out brawls as Batman (which may be due to arthritis being the family). Waving the Wiimote around did not have this effect of course and there were generally fewer enemies to fight off at any one time. It was extremely satisfying to rip the opposition up with a variety of different moves that changed depending on the weapon equipped. When relatively conventional weapons like chainsaws and katanas didn't tickle my fancy, I could always impale my adversary with the nearest sign post. Gotta love Platinum Games.


Day 18 - Favourite Protagonist

Elizabeth proves that she can operate alone in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2. It shows how much she has grown since Infinite, to be able to face a shitbag like Atlas alone. She's an extremely brave character because she is still (understandably) frightened by the chaotic world around her but soldiers on in an effort to make things right. She's a lot smarter about choosing her fights than Booker though, using Plasmids/Vigors that allow her to absorb attacks or move around more stealthily. It's nice to be able to sneak up on enemies, as Booker's method of facing hordes of enemies head on could get really frustrating, not to mention repetitive. She has more varied weapons too, which is due to the inclusion of the crossbow and the different bolts that you can use.


Day 19 - Favourite Antagonist

Well, seeing as I've already talked about Scarecrow, I'll go with another master of nightmares; Wizeman. While not a terribly complex character, he left a mark for being pretty damn creepy in the days of colourful platforming heroes and rotund villains. He was a faceless mask with spiky tendrils that sat atop a long, elaborate cloak; complete with six wondering hands, each with an eye fixed upon its palm. It was made more intense by the haunting music, booming laugh and early 3D graphics. Due to the latter and a tiny TV, I could barely make out exactly what I was fighting in that dark void. He's quite the accomplished villian as well, creating horrors like that cackling bastard Jackle and the frankly disturbing Puffy.


Day 20 - Favourite Side Character

What do you know... It's Elizabeth again. Booker may technically be the protagonist of Infinite, but the story really revolves around Elizabeth. Before you've even met her, you discover that she's being studied by scientists for her ability to see across space and time. After that, it becomes clear that she's no ordinary sidekick, as she is knowledgeable, heals you, provides you with money, salts, ammunition and other convenient objects via tears and, most importantly, she can take of herself. She doesn't need protecting; she protects you. Yeah, you do need to rescue or chase after her now and then, but for the most part she's looking out for you. Meanwhile it's nice to have a constant companion to provide dialogue, allowing for the character development, plot and world-building to flow constantly and during gameplay.


Day 21 - Most Memorable Unlockable

I was drawing a bit of a blank here, before I remembered how excited I was to earn Opa-Opa in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing. Super Fantasy Zone is one of my favourite Mega Drive games and as such I've always enjoyed his little cameos in games like Phantasy Star Online. Being an obscure character, I didn't expect him to be fully playable, so I was elated at the prospect of maining the little guy in All-Stars. They really did well to bring a faceless vehicle to life with so many cute little animations. His slow speed was a bit of downer, but all of the little references, like his All-Star move opening up the shop from SFZ (complete with a choice of weapons) and the use of classic sound effects kept me coming back.


Day 22 - Favourite Art Style




After some rather lengthy internal debate, I am going to go with the art of Muramasa: the Demon Blade. You know you have a beautiful game on your hands when a resounding 'Wow' slips from your mouth at the sight of each new location. I love Japan's country side, architecture and mythology to begin with, so seeing it all rendered before me in a breathtaking style influenced by Ukiyo-e and ink and wash painting was just pure eye sex. The characters themselves are wonderfully detailed; particularly larger monsters and bosses that would defeat me easily because I was too busy gawking at their designs to pay attention to what I was doing. I think my favourite location is at the bridge by the cherry blossoms (during night)... or maybe atop the roofs with the fiery red sun in the background... or in the boat amongst the Hokusai-inspired waves... It's all just so good.


Day 23 - Favourite Song

I've already mentioned the epic ending to Bastion on a previous day and Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) is a big part of that, even if it doesn't play until the credits are almost ready to roll. It combines two mournful character songs in an epic mix that gives the game great send off. The soundtrack as a whole is incredibly atmospheric, thanks to its strong country and blues influences, but this is the one that I played over and over after completing the game. The intro always stirs something inside me. If it wasn't so melancholy, I'd listen to even more.


Day 24 - Favourite Controller

This is currently the Xbox 360 controller (the red one, if that matters at all. Nope? OK. D:). It's like a streamlined Dreamcast controller (my favourite back in the day), which I've been using for so long now that the Gamecube's (always a close second) has started to feel weird and even a bit tacky. It's super comfortable to hold; the placement of the joysticks and buttons are good enough that I've rarely needed to look at them to know what I'm doing; the triggers and tabs give my fingers just the right level of satisfaction (and have lasted a lot longer than some of my GC pads' triggers); the D-pad...


Meh. Nobody's perfect. =P


Day 25 - Least Favourite Character

Oh look, here I am again complaining about something in Assassin's Creed. This time it's Lucy. Bland, back-stabbing Lucy. I never once found her appealing in II or Brotherhood (I missed Altair's outing, so it's possible that she was better in that?). This isn't to say that I liked Desmond all that much, but at least he showed a little emotion now and then. Lucy just lacked any personality whatsoever and yet somehow Desmond apparently developed romantic feelings towards her? Or did fans come up with that? I don't know. I don't understand why anyone cared that she died or was revealed to be a traitor. Of course none of that was worth it anyway, since Desmond, William, Rebecca or Shaun seemed to forget that she even existed in III. What was the point of her beyond breaking Desmond out of Abstergo? A meaningless twist? =p


Day 29 - Favourite Overall Cast

The cast of the Arkham series is easily the most colourful and varied that I've come across in a long while. It's great that Rocksteady have been able to blend different facets of the characters from many versions, from The Animated Series to the Nolan trilogy to the comics. They managed to make Penguin an imposing figure, giving him a mean streak, a cockney accent and the bottom of a glass bottle in one eye. Another great change is Scarecrow, my favoutire villain and one that can often be disappointing from a visual standpoint. Arkham Asylum (and it seems Arkham Knight) found a way to make him look truly scary while maintaining design elements that identify him as the Scarecrow. The way that villains talk to you over communicators means that more of their deranged personalities can shine. Riddler is appropriately narcissistic, taunting you about your meagre intelligence while the Joker laughs as his own men are tormented by Batman. The world only gets more diverse with each game, as lesser known adversaries like Deathstroke, Hush, Lady Shiva and Firefly get involved. You have street level thugs like Zsasz, assassins like Deadshot, supervillains in Croc and Poison Ivy and international terrorist Ra's Al Ghul popping in and out. Alfred and Oracle are there keep your sanity in check and both provide the odd joke or sarcastic comment now and then. The diverse cast is blessed by amazing voice acting, design and animation that allows each character to stand out in an ever growing crowd of rogues and heroes.


Day 30 - Favourite Ending

Obviously both Arkham City and Red Dead Redemption have been mentioned, so that makes my choice easier...


I've talked a bit here and there about my love for Bastion's ending, but now I can elaborate.

As you've come to end of the Tazal Terminals, you are given the choice to either rescue Zulf (who betrayed you for his people, only for them to reject him) or leave him behind. If you choose to take him with you, this rather grand exit occurs (and to some appropriately sombre music) as you walk slowly away while enemies shower you with arrows. You risk everything for the poor soul despite his treachery. That's the part I love, really, but the rest is cool too. When you make it back to your companions and return the last of the cores to the Bastion, you are told that you now have the power to reset the world to before it was torn apart or to search for a new home in the present, post-apocalyptic world. Either way, the lovely Setting Sail, Coming Home starts playing and I sit back and enjoy.


Bonus Day

When I first started gaming, it was for pure fun. They were a more attractive source of entertainment than books or television because I could interact with them. They could even provide a sense of accomplishment. More importantly, though, they began to inspire me. I used to watch a lot of cartoons and films and read stories, but no medium could influence the creative in me like video games. You simply don't see fantastic locations and characters like those in say Sonic 1, NiGHTS, Madworld or Bioshock Infinite in other mainstream media very often. Video games have been able to draw inspiration from all kinds of material without worrying that it's too much for their audience to take in, providing me with a wider assortment of worlds to experience.


Phew! Now that's all done...




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7.       Least favorite level:
Monster Ock - Spider-Man (2000)
"DIE DIE DIE" I used to be terrified by this level (I've never actually beat it myself, my Dad did) Monster Ock just didn't sound human, combined with the 2D gameplay and camera I felt incredibly claustrophobic. Even looking at the character model still brings up bad memories of this one level.
It's also incredibly difficult too, even if I'm on Kid Mode.
8.       Favorite ability:
Detective Vision - Arkham games
Detective Vision was such a wonderful idea, to make you feel like Batman. And it worked. Being able to detect which inmate is terrified is such a simple joy. It also helps to y'know, actually be a detective which is quite fitting considering you're the god damn Batman.
I especially love the crime scenes in Arkham Origins, I hope they keep it in Arkham Knight.
9.       Favorite boss:
Bowser - Super Mario 64
It's a classic fight. The music is memorable, the flight is easy but enjoyable and it made perfect use of the analogue stick. The final fight is a pain though especially on the DS version. No other Mario game has had a fight quite like this.

10.   Most immersive game:

Assassin's Creed 2, 
I could spend hours just exploring Venice whilst listening to the beautiful music. Each city felt unique and it just oozed charm. No AC game since has been as immersive.

11.   Most Frustrating Moment:
Losing to the Champion on Pokemon.
I remember finally managing to beat the Elite FOUR on Yellow only to have to face a fifth member... wait what? I was really confused, nearly all of my time had fainted and all I could manage was to go out with a whimper.
Needless to say I eventually managed to beat him but still, that original "WTF" reaction will stay with me.
12.   Fondest “Next Gen Experience”:

A decade or so ago I was in PC World and they had a demo of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time set up, I was blown away. I immediately begged my parents to pre-order me it! I really should play that game again sometime.
13.  Most disappointing sequel:

Assassin's Creed 3.
Boy did that game suck, they ruined pretty much everything they had built up with Desmond and the less said about Connor the better. The gameplay was "streamlined", the story sucked ass and I just couldn't care about any of the characters because of it.
14.   Favorite story:
Ultimate Spider-Man.
 It effectively condenses the first 40 issues of the comic right up to the Venom Saga, I'm a massive fan of the USM comics so getting to play through a ton of them really was a joy. I'm especially a fan of the cutscenes as they're set out like comic-book panels.

15.   Favorite moment:
The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 SPOILERS:
Finally getting to see Kenny again was amazing, I just hugged him. My Lee & Kenny were always there for each other so naturally Clem would be attatched to him too. I've never felt as emotional as I did then.
16.   Most tragic/saddest moment: 
The Walking Dead S1 Spoilers
Lee dying. I mean we followed Lee for the best part of a year and saw him grow and teach Clementine only to see him die. It tugged at my heartstrings especially as I tried to make him make Clementine smile one last time.
"Keep... that hair short!"

17.   Best Combat:

The Arkham games. 
The freeflow mechanics are easy to learn but difficult to master, especially if you want to get a good variety bonus. It's also very intuitive and you can feel every punch that Baman dishes out.

18.   Favorite Protagonist:

He was an incredibly charming protagonist who was essentially an italian James Bond. What isn't cool about that? He was likeable with clear goals, motivation and you just fell for him. Roger Craig Smith did an excellent job too.

19.   Favorite Villain:
Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. 
I remember reading that in any other game Jack would be the protagonist, bringing peace to the war-torn planet of Pandora.
That doesn't stop him from being a bastard though.
He could make you laugh one minute and then creep you out the next, I never got bored of listening to him for over 20 hours. That is impressive.

20.   Favorite side character:
Kenny from The Walking Dead. 
As I said before him and Lee were bros in my game, they always had each other's backs. I felt for him in Episode 3 and come on, who doesn't love his moustache?

21.   Most Memorable Unlockable:
Spider-Man in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
I was a massive fan of Spider-Man when that game came out so you can imagine my reaction. He was so well done in the game (I think they got Rino Romano to reprise his role) and it was just the best of both worlds.

22.   Favorite Art Style:

I think that cel-shaded games generally held up better than "realistic" games anyday (compare Wind Waker to Twilight Princess or Ultimate Spider-Man to Spider-Man 2.) Borderlands' art-style matched the tone of the game perfectly and I love the shading in this game.

23.   Favorite Song:
Dream On - Guitar Hero: aerosmith
This song is just beautiful. Steve Tyler's actually singing for once and I especially love how it picks up towards the end. It's amazing to play on Expert as as good as I am I still can't perfect the solos.

24.   Favorite Setting:
Chernobyl - S.T.A.L.K.E.R
I've always been fascinated by Chernobyl in real life, seeing what happened to that place is intriguing. So being able to explore it is a joy. It's incredibly immersive and the game looks great even today.

25.   Least Favorite Character:

Connor from Assassin's Creed 3.
 Boy what a dull character, he was the complete opposite of Ezio. Whilst Ezio was charming and emotional Connor was stoic and only really cared about himself. He didn't follow the creed (which was barely mentioned anyway) and he was simply unlikable.

26.   Favorite Console Generation:

It was the first console generation I could really remember and I feel each console brought something new to the table. The PS2 was refining what came before whilst introducing some new ideas such as playing DVDs, the Gamecube was the last time that Nintendo really tried to compete with the others and it showed with the games (so many have held up  graphically such as Luigi's Mansion and Resident Evil), the Xbox was about sheer power and showed what the future of gaming could be whilst the Dreamcast was ahead of it's time with online play, DLC and some arcade perfect ports.

27.   Favorite developer:

I love every single one of their games, they're always full to the brim with new ideas, mod support and some of the best communities in gaming. Whether it's arguing with people about hats on TF2 or shooting Bane as Deadpool on L4D2 I am always having fun.

28.   Most anticipated game:

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. 
I was 10 when R&S when they first came out but I wasn't a fan, I thought the designs sucked but over time I've grown to love Gen 3 the most. Hoenn is the most diverse region with a lot of lovely towns to visit. I can't wait to see it in (hopefully) 3D and to actually fully enjoy it.

29.   Best overall cast:
I've never really though about this. Off the top of my head I guess it would be Marvel vs Capcom 3, they pretty much nailed every character and it was awesome seeing all of the characters interact. Josh Keaton and Nolan North stand out.

30.   Favorite ending:
Portal 2.
It's perfect. The music, GLaDOS being passive-aggressive and  the companion cube. It was such a perfect ending to such a perfect game, I honestly don't want them to make another Portal game as it ended on such a brilliant note. 

31.  Why Do You Play Games?
For fun. For escapism. To do away with the limits of reality. I'm glad gaming has become such a large part of my life as it's allowed me to have so many wonderful moments, to make so many wonderful friends and to be able to proudly say that I am a gamer. I wouldn't change that for the world.

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I've actually posted about a few days that I missed so I'll post those again.

Day 10! Most Immersive Game!: Brutal Legend!


Brutal Legend made an awesome, yet beautiful world to explore in. The sky and weather are constantly changing and its almost never blue at all. There's a lot of landscapes in the world as you can see hear and you'll see them everywhere. But they all may seem like just stuff there to be METAL but there's a lot of history in this game as well as there's an explanation for everything in the game. From how Ironheade formed to the legacy of the fire beast and demons. You get to explore this open ended world and see how much detail they've put into this game and its fantastic. I can go on and on about this so let's move on.

Day 12! Fondest Next Gen Experience!: The Gamecube and Luigi's Mansion!


Oh boy. I remember when the Gamecube was going to be the next best thing in gaming. I've read a lot about it in Nintendo Power and caught up with the news. I actually got to demo Luigi's Mansion around the time of its launch and I had fun even though I didn't know what I was doing at the time and I loved it. I remember getting my first gamecube for my birthday with this game and I never went back to being a hardcore gamer I am today. I just loved how the game felt and what it was. I never had enjoyed video games consoles much since I've been poor so owning a gamecube felt great. Good times.

Day 13! Most Disappointing Game!: Disgaea 2!


Disclaimer: This isn't a bad game at all. Let me explain first.

Alright so Disgaea and Nippon Ichi has been known for making wacky games involving demon overlords and angels being otakus. While there are a few notable exceptions like Phantom Brave and the later Soul Nomad, they're generally funny and keep the silliness up to a certain point. So I've played up Makai Kingdom which is probably my favorite Nippon Ichi game which went all out wacky, more so than Disgaea and then when I saw they made a sequel to Disgaea I was hyped to play it, hoping to see more wacky adventures of Laharl and friends. When I got home the night I bought it I was disappointed it didn't continue Disgaea 1's story and had some other people fighting an Overlord instead. While the Disgaea charm was there, it felt overshadowed by all the seriousness of the story. Adell won't shut up about doing the right thing and his family and Rozalin lacking common sense and bragging about her dad all the time. It felt more like a straight up anime than a Disgaea game and I wonder if that made Axel the most popular of that game since he was the silliest.

But anyways, Laharl and Flonne do get glorified cameos while Etna is in the plot somewhere which is fine I guess. The game is definitely solid to the point I think its my favorite gameplay wise of all of them and I've played the hell out of it for sure. I got up to Zetta which means something. I was just disappointed by the overall tone compared to the other games. Disgaea D2 did filled that hole in my heart for a direct sequel I suppose and I guess I learned to love and tolerate this game a bit more over the years. So yeah there's some more of my answers.

And I missed...

Day 21! Most memorable unlockable! Unlocking Imperishable Night's extra stage!


I'm not sure if it counts but it does require unlocking to do so. To get the Extra stage in IN is by playing through the game twice; The first time will have Eirin as the final boss and the second time with no continues will have Kaguya as the final boss. Once you've done that you done that Kaguya issues the teams a challenge of cuts and go forth into a bamboo forest. EX-Keine and Mokou are the bosses of the extra stage and they do hit hard. I remember when I first played through it because there was a massive difficulty bump and I had to endure a lot. I'm actually am surprised I managed to get pretty far despite not preparing for the challenge. EX-Keine was alright but she felt like a pushover compared to everything shooting at me at every direction. But I managed to at least get to Mokou's second spellcard before it destroyed me and sent me to the beginning of the level again. I do feel pretty accomplished as a Touhou player because I usually suck at these games and they do look down on people who don't make it past a certain level of difficulty and I feel proud of that despite failing to beat Mokou. So that's my most memorable unlockable.


Day 28! Most anticipated game!


BlazBlue Chronphantasma!

Man I have a history with this series and I have quite the story about this game. Alright so I was in college and I had a ton of money so I thought I'd preorder the Japanese version but I ended up spending a lot of money on other stuff before its release so I ended up having to cancel my order and my group of friends had months to play the game making me feel left out at first. So eventually I gave in an got a preorder of the limited edition of the game at Gamestop and I wanted so many months of having people telling me how much this game is fun to the point I watched videos of the character I wanted to play as to get an idea of what to expect. I even traded a bunch of games and asked my folks to pay it off. I was so hyped to get it and I managed to bring in success in a few days. Oh boy I will always remember the day I picked it up. So that's my most anticipated game then.

So that should cover the rest of my days.

Now for the bonus question...

Why does President Crow plays all these video games?

I do feel like I won't bring a sufficient answer to this question but I'll try though. Basically video games became a big part of my life since I was younger. I was always fascinated being able to play through these magic worlds and see where I go as a way to escape my own issues in life. Its quite the distraction I must say since it did apparently affect my grades. I still love gaming however and it will always be a part of my life. It may be a time killer but I honestly enjoy playing through these stories and exploring new worlds all the time. I guess I could read a book for that but there's nothing more exciting than a visual medium that's constantly developing. And its always been there for me and it always stirs emotions to me every time and its mostly been fun. But I guess that's my answer then.

So now that I'm getting the 30 days badge which is based on the Dreamcast I wanna ask just 1 thing.


Can I get a Yuyuko variant? Touhou fandom joke

Anyways that's officially my 30 days then. I already said goodbye to this thread but what the heck I'll do it again. UNTIL NEXT TIEM SSMB!

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Make ups! On my phone...

This is gonna be tough.

Day 2 - Favorite Game

I had a really hard time with this one because I really don't have a definitive favorite game. I have favorites in genres, by a certain developer, or on a certain console, but no be-all, end-all favorite.

For the sake of this question, though, I'll go with Kid Icarus: Uprising. Despite the odd control scheme (which actually doesn't really bother me), you've got a fantastic game with beautiful environments, awesome music, and masterful writing. A unique cast of characters is with you every step of the way, providing the right balance of humor and seriousness. Speaking of which...

Day 29 - Favorite Cast

Kid Icarus Uprising wins the spot again. With the main characters, Pit and Palutena, to Medusa and her general, and the other characters you meet along the way to the endgame, kid Icarus is chock full of lovable, unique characters with brilliant interactions. It's awesome.

Well, I think that's it. I hope I haven't missed out on anything else.

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Okay, I'll do some write ups for the ones I missed. Hope I'm not too late! It'll have to be quick though as I'm busy today, but I've managed to do a paragraph each.

Day 1: Most Nostalgic Game:

Sonic Herrrooooes Sonic Heroooooess! I know this game is very polarising in the fanbase as the gameplay is flawed and simply might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it still holds a special place in my heart as one of the first Sonic games I've played. When I was little, I adored this game. I thought it was really fast (lol) and I loved the soundtrack. I have memories of listening to some of the music in sound test. Good times...

Day 2: Favourite Game:

I'll have to say at the moment, it's Mario Kart 8. I'm just loving this game so far, since I started playing the other day. It's the most fun I've had with a racer, and the courses just feel so alive and vibrant. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, the music is fantastic, and the anti gravity is a really fun idea that allows a lot of creativity to go I to the course design. I've played with a few SSMB members already, but I sucked the last time. Hopefully I'll get really good though so I can kick some asses.

Day 3: Best Cover Art:

Again, Mario Kart 8. When I first got my hands on the game, I was fascinated with the cover art, I mean look at this:


Not only is this the most interesting box art of any Mario Kart game, but I consider it to be one of the most interesting cover designs I've ever seen on a game box. It shows off the anti gravity well and looks equally beautiful at the same time. You can also flip the box upside down so that it's technically the right side up. I'm just as confused as you. Another cover that I REALLY liked was Sonic Unleashed's. I know, Werehog, but you have to admit, the split between Hedgehog and Werehog looks really cool, and with night and day on their respective sides. It's simple, yet looks really cool.

Okay, that's me done and caught up. :)

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Catch up day:


Normally I would go into detail however a lack of time means that I have to write this a bit shorter.


Day 11 - Most Frustrating Moment


Let's see if I can remember any since frustration in a game is a short term memory but the only one that I can remember at this short space of time (a few minutes) is the license test from the Gran Turismo series due to the time limits of them and in case of the first one, even the first one is frustrating since you have to do them in a short space of time. What makes it more frustraing is that a difference between medals can be just milliseconds difference so sometimes it is frustraing when you think you have a gold but getting a silver or a bronze instead.


Day 12 - Fondest Next-Gen Experience


Strange thing was that growing up in the arcades meant that consoles were already behind compared to the arcade machines with the Dreamcast being the time where consoles have caught up in the graphic department however the jump between the consoles that I already had and the PS3 was pretty big since it actually felt like a jump in graphics plus the jump towards HD and easier to play multiplayer and download games via PSN was a jump since in Europe, playing online multiplayer either meant being a PC player or having lots of money for both the Internet and fees (Xbox Live was the first that took online multiplayer seriously in Europe but was still expensive) so when the PS3 came out, broadband fees dropped so the Internet became easier and cheaper to get and even though I got the console in 2012, there was one game that impressed me and made me really like the console.




F1 Championship Edition by Studio Liverpool (Couldn't find any decent shots of the game and the compression makes it worse than it does)


While Sonic Generations was my first game on the PS3 and was impressed by it, this one however I was really impressed and when I first played it, I couldn't believe it and thought that I was watching it on TV but nope, there I was with my Dual Shock 3 controlling the car. The graphics really impressed me and felt when playing the game that the graphics were just like real life with the cars, courses and weather, it also helped with a strong framerate with no slowdown so playing the game was a pleasure and finally experienced something that I considered next gen compared to all the games that I've played previously. Not only that but it was a launch title and even though the game is now 7 years old, it still holds up today even if Project Cars now takes the spot of close to real life graphics.


Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game


I have an straight away answer for this one and that is Grand Theft Auto IV. When I was 10 years old, I was playing the GTA series until GTA 3 that I've enjoyed (later played Vice City that I also enjoyed). Then when I got myself a PS3, decided to get the complete edition of GTA IV due to that it was hyped to be this 10/10 game so I thought it would have been an excellent game however when I got to play it, it wasn't this great game...


There were several reasons why I am disappointed by the game. First thing were the graphics, they weren't terrible and were decent for 2008 but they weren't good looking either (probably intentional due to Liberty City is a New York clone) and doesn't help with the Vaseline filter that the game has. Relating to that was the frame rate being a bit dodgy especially when I'm driving where there were sudden slowdowns and speed ups [for driving doesn't seem to be a good thing] and also the loading times. First that I have to install data which is no problem since many PS3 games have to install data to speed up loading times but even then playing the game, have to wait about a minute to load the game. After that, it is fine with no loading times unless loading an event but compared to some other open world games and even the earlier GTA games, they are quite bad. They weren't the worst loading times, Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the Wii U is pretty bad and Spectrum games are much worse though.


Apart from technical reasons, another reason why I'm disappointed is because of the other characters annoying you while playing the game. With open world games, they have a freedom to do whatever you want to do but with GTA IV, you feel forced to be friends with other members. This gets annoying when you want to do the story [as in trying to get the game complete] and they phone up saying "I want to go bowling/play darts/eat/drink", making it worse that they are at the other side of the city. If you refuse, they get fuddy duddy about it even when you say politely no due to that your approval rating goes down and one of the goals in the game is to keep your approval rate high to get easier access to cars/guns/whatever.


While I do like exploring the city, going to be burger place and eat, trying new clothes on and even go onto the Internet, some parts of the game do feel more realistic than intentional (the game is a satire of the American way) with some areas having a feeling of too close to home.


The only parts that I found to be quite good was the story with Niko and Roman, the Eastern European immigrants/soldier going to America and experiencing the lifestyle and the basic open world gameplay however the story and even the basics weren't enough to pull me to play a game. I am still over half way complete of the game with very little intentions of completing it since it is hard work for me to play the game.


Another answer could be Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker due to its hype and playing it while it was okay, didn't enjoy it as much as I could. The graphics were fine, it was just the level design that didn't make me enjoy the game.


Day 14 - Favourite Story


Usually I play games without focusing on the story, however my favourite story is from Sleeping Dogs due to not only due to the characters whether it is Winston, Jackie and Mrs. Chu but also the balance between Wei Shen's undercover cop role from the corrupt police and his attachment to the Sun on Yee criminal gang with him also stopping the rival 18K gang at the same time. The characters were all well written and have twists and turns into the story with Wei also getting revenge later on in the story.


Day 15 - Favourite Moment


To be honest I don't really have an idea but I'm guessing finally completing a game for the first time without any cheats or walkthroughs and that would be completing Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time that to my knowledge was the first game that I've completed on the default (only) difficulty. I think that was really over the moon even though the ending wasn't very good. The game was really enjoyable all the way though and did it without any help made me feel good.


Second place would be finally completing Sonic 1 after 16 years thanks to an event on here but following the avoid Sonic rule.


Day 16 - Most Tragic/Saddest Moment


The sudden death of Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It made me so depressed and upset that I just couldn't play the game anymore and had to take it back for a refund since when I play a game, I don't want to be reminded of life and death in this case murder especially a character that was very close to the main character. I am really sorry that this entry is so short but I just don't want to get upset writing more and getting out an upsetting memory.


Day 17 - Best Combat

Again, I would go for Sleeping Dogs since it takes the Arkham method of combat and expanding it by giving special areas to defeat enemies. Like going towards an area, pressing a certain button and defeating an enemy whether it is putting them in a dumpster, putting them towards a fan or throwing them down a railing. Also Wei Shen had plenty of moves so the enemy battles didn't feel repetitive even though I tried to trigger the special areas as much as I can.


Second place would be The Godfather due to the idea of using the second analog stick for varied combat that I thought was interesting and works quite well.


Day 18 - Favourite Protagonist

I am tempted to say Sonic however as part of the rules saying to try to avoid Sonic so my second choice is Sly Cooper.




I really like his voice, his character design and his personality.


What I also like about Sly is that he isn't an obvious protagonist since he is a master thief (usually making it a bad guy) however he is only following a line of master thieves and only steals from thieves. He also has close friends that he cares about such as Bentley who was and still is in some ways shy but Sly made him less shy and more braver as well as giving banter between the two, similar thing to Murray where Sly cheered him up when he got depressed. Another thing that makes him interesting is the love/hate relationship of Carmelita Fox as in that he really loves love her but also business wise hates her since she works for Interpol and she wants to stop that Ringtail from his crimes.


Day 19 - Favourite Antagonist

Like the previous entry, I am tempted to say Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman however unlike favourite hero, it is much harder and already overtime [past the time limit] went rushing to think. So in this case, I am going to choose Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot series (at least 2 and 4 from what I've played).




There are reasons why he is one of my favourite baddies. First is his character design that is humourous, rather like Robotnik. There is his voice that sounds intelligent and devious. Also that while he is intelligent coming up with plans to get Crash Bandicoot from robots to even making Crunch to be Crash's rival, that the plans fail and can't really cope on why a bandicoot can defeat him. Another reason is his personality and really like that he does a bit of banter to Crash even though he can't reply back.


Day 20 - Favourite Side Character


Oh dear... (looks at the time) Um... I would have to go for Luigi in this case even though he is a playable character in some games. I like his character design being similar to Mario but in green, a different moustache, a higher pitched but more frightened voice and taller. What I really like is his personality of being scared of things but he overcomes whether it is enemies or Boos and gets happy about conquering his fears.


Looks at the time of post... Too late by 40 minutes...


You're fine, don't worry about it as it ALL will count! : ) ~Kiah

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Due to an unforseen amount of work hours I had to do, HOLY CRAP IVE BEEN BUSY.


28: Most Anticipated Game




I have to admit, being able to play as a hacking vigilante with a cellphone that can do EVERYTHING is pretty awesome. This game is a lot like playing as the new Robocop only without the suit. Aiden Pearce's family has been devastated, and he wants revenge at any cost, even going against the city itself. THAT is awesome.


29: Favorite Cast




Again, sorry about the massive image, but the ENTIRE cast of the Mass Effect Universe, from Aira T'Loke to Zaeed Masani, are awesome people with in depth story and backgrounds. You can interact with them and form relationships with some, being able to affect the course of their lives in positive or negative ways as you move along. It's like actually having people there with you and being able to fall in love with them *forever alone*.


30: Favorite Ending


This... This is a tough one. But if I had to say favorite ending...




Is from Star Fox: Assault. I know, I know. It's not perfect and all, but if they had worked a little more on the title, maybe delayed it a bit, they would have made a masterpiece out of this game through gameplay, visuals, and narrative combined. The ending of this game is *SPOILERS. GO LOOK IT UP.* The spoiler free version is that it's satisfying. NOW GO PLAY SUM STAIR FAX. HEFF HEFF HEFF HEFF HEFF!


BONUS: Why do you play games?


This is also a tough one,  because there is no singular reason why I play games. I play games to have fun with friends, to explore new artistic pieces, to ignite competition, to simply enjoy myself- There's a bunch of reasons! It's like asking someone why do the watch movies and play sports at the same time. Video games are a new media VERY unlike anything else, and if Star Trek is a basis for our future, it will show that video games will be the primary source of entertainment even into the future, and will only evolve as virtual reality becomes affordable in your own home with devices like the oculus rift and project morpheus. 


Video games have become a part of my lifestyle, and all of yours as well. They are truly an art form and competitive platform worth keeping around.

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