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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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DAY 9: How am I still alive? Favorite Boss


Uh, do fights against Gym Leaders or Elite 4 Members, or even the CHAMPION in the Pokemon games count?



I just... NO other Pokemon battle so far in my lazy-arse Pokemon career has compared to fighting Cynthia in Pokemon Pearl. She's just full of pure badassery. And it just feels SO DAMN GOOD every time I come out victorious from fighting her. Like, Sinnoh is our world, and she's the queen, and my victory means I'm now the queen tongue.png

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Day 9: Favourite boss




Hello Mr Psycho Mantis, how are you? Seriously, this fight was great. The cutscene before hand will make you question how he knows you so well and marvel at his power to move your controller. Then how do you beat him in a straight fight? Well you can bust up some statues with his face on it. Or you can swap controller ports. Genius! I did laugh at his cameo in MGS4, PS3 is so different now, huh Mantis?

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Day 9



Vergil (The final battle) was a fight I absolutely loved. He was basically Dante with his library of skills and his Devil form, and man do I love me some iaijutsu badasses. It's kind of odd to play against him as Vergil himself, but it makes for an EXTREMELY fun mirror match. naturally it's possible to completely wreck this boss if you know what you're doing, but I actually like to make it feel realistic. The music was awesome and tragic at the same time and I liked the stage itself. A battle to the death between brothers.

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You spend the entire game running with your tail between your legs from this mother fucker because it will kill you. It will fuck you up. It will kick ass and take names.


But when you reach the end of the game, the tables turn, and you absolutely murder the fucking thing after all the trouble it gives you.

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Day 9: Favorite Boss:


Bosses usually aren't enjoyable, likable, even memorable for me, in all honesty, usually due to my sheer difficulties in trying to defeat them. sad.png There is one boss that I actually feel the opposite way about:


Egg Beetle (Sonic Unleashed): 




This boss is a modern-day showdown between Sonic and Dr. Eggman in my favorite Sonic game that is actually my favorite boss battle due to the speed, banter between them, and Sonic having a good time amid that boss battle. But instead of me talking about it a whole bunch, I think it would be better so see and hear the fun for yourself:




This battle may be all "boost to win" and really short, but I found the boss battle to be both sweet and really fun. Most may not like all the chatter between these two, but I enjoyed the banter back and forth between Sonic and Dr. Eggman in the boss battles in general in Sonic Unleashed, especially here where Dr. Eggman does all that menacing talk throughout the battle, only to have Sonic scoff at him and basically say he is nothing but talk after defeating him. I love it! biggrin.png

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Day 8: Favorite Ability







Shock Grenades.



inFamous has been one of my favorite games to play in a really long time, just for the amount of freedom you're given(Most of the time anyway); You can kill anybody, blow stuff up to your heart's content. And these are just one of the tools to do just that.



Grenades are fairly simple, they blow shit up. But that's more than enough for me combined with the freedom the game gives you. I cannot tell you how vindicated I felt when I got this upgrade, as you're stuck with simple lightning shocks and stomp moves until you receive them. Afterward, I just went full ham and blew up everything in my path.



The best part is that they stick to the target, not unlike Halo's plasma grenades. Nothing like seeing an enemy flailing around before their impending death in a glorious explosion of nothingness.


But wait, there's more; depending on your karma(good or evil) you can get specific upgrades to the grenades. Good gives you a wider radius and restrains people when they explode, and evil gives you more grenades to be tossed at once that all explode at the same time. Nothing but destruction will stand in your way with these upgrades.



God I love this game. 

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Day 9: Favorite Boss
I haven't checked the old thread but I'm pretty sure I picked Olga Flow (from PSO1) that day and while I'd like to talk about Dark Vibrace or Dark Falz [Loser] (Loser in this case being a word can be interpreted as many things like "Fallen" or others that I should not bring up because spoilers of a fairly recent event in game) I should go with another series now.
Maybe I should talk to you about how Senator Armstrong played football in college but I think other users will be able to do a better job than me at this,
I really wish I could talk about Metal Gear Solid's bosses because I keep hearing how awesome they are but I really suck at that kind of games so I never got too far.
Omega and Dr Weil from Megaman Zero both are very epic moments on the series for different reasons... But I think I'll leave my best boss award to this guy:


Geese Howard (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters/Art of Fighting/Wouldn't be surprised if he appears in more games)

Just look at that smug bastard! <3
Admittedly my interactions with Geese don't touch the first Fatal Fury games where he was the pinnacle of brokenness for the time and pretty much established SNK Boss as a trope, the first time I heard of him was in Capcom vs SNK (because my interaction with the King of Fighters series started with 99) and man was he a pain to fight! But it was a very fun and engrishy pain. Looking back I've learned to appreciate boss fights like this one.
You see, some fighting games like to throw you really overpowered bosses, sometimes you have to fight guys who can create mini universes with their hands and make them explode in your face, pink monstrosities that can create rifts in space so they can throw you projectiles from every possible direction, green things that just spreading their rainbow wings send you off the arena at the most minimal screw up, or guys who are just so damn powerful that a mere swing of a hammer takes a large chunk of your lifebar. But then there are this guys, regular characters who you could pick and play them like any other and the only reason they are actually hard is because of some omniscient AI or the like, and truth to be told I feel really nice to play with and against them.
Now, if that were the only reason I picked him then why I wouldn't have chosen someone with similar traits, like Street Fighter's "Dictator"? Well, it's actually a very minimal difference regarding my love for those 2, both are bastards, both have awesome voices* and are smug as hell and boast in their own ways which makes me like them, both have cheated death in many ways (though Geese's respawn skills are a lot more hand-waved, "Dictator" has a justification more often than not) and both have awesome music themes.
I guess I just like Geese more, both in the musical sense and in how the character itself plays (predictabooru!) and looks... He's simply more appealing to me... It also helps that he is a man, responsible of his own actions and also someone who appreciates the finer pleasures of life (he also has a bit more attitude), he has some morals despite being the Big Bad of the series, he also made some pretty bad mistakes like some people would (like acting in almost the exact same way his father did, a father he loathes and tried to kill once). "Dictator" on the other hand is pure evil (his backstory explicitly states that) which makes him a little less appealing, but just a little.
Or I could also take back everything I said and pick the overpowered beast known as Krizalid because he has the most awesome theme a SNK boss ever had. :U


♫┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ RAVE! ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫



*Sorry if I offend anyone by daring to compare Norio Wakamoto's voice acting with another one. :V




EDIT: Confound this ponies! They drive me to memory screw ups!

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Ah, boss battles. They can be a lot of fun, those epic fights with the most ferocious of foes. A well-designed boss will leave us in awe, rather than banging our heads.What makes a good boss? In my view, it all starts before meeting the enemy itself, actually. There is nothing worse than being unceremoniously dropped into a boss fight you’ve had no build-up to. At best, it’s confusing. At worst, it can feel like a lazy excuse for a difficulty spike. Some introduction can make a boss far more interesting, if you weave the battle into the fiction of the game, and build up the suspense beforehand.


And of course, the juice in the encounter itself is an important part. A boss battle's most basic purpose is to make the players test everything they have learned until that point. Additionally, t's usually a good thing for the boss to be intimidating. Every gamer can remember the first time some enemy character came up to them and scared the crap out of them.


With all that said, my favourite boss battle is Mr. Freeze from Batman: Arkham City.




One of the most intelligent bosses I have ever fought. Freeze's gadgets and tricks put even Waynetech to shame; he can track you down, he can scramble your detective vision, he can send drones after you, he can dish out devastating attacks... and most importantly, he is able to memorize and counter every single one of your attacks. If you try the same thing twice, he will stop you. But of course, you can't do the same to his attacks, which makes the fight even more difficult. You have to think creatively for this boss, because if you make a mistake, you're dead. Once you finally defeat him, you beat him down repeatedly, crushing his suit's glass. Easily the best boss sequences I've played.



Special mention to Hitler from Wolfenstein 3D:




Seriously, it's Hitler. In powered armor. After fighting "Hitler Ghosts" that float around and shoot fireballs. How awesome can this be? The world's most infamous dictator goes all out in a mechanical suit that you have to peel away - and even after the armor's destroyed, he still keeps going at you. But once you finish him, is it worth it. Even the game recognizes how much of a stupendous moment it was, replaying his death in pixelated slow-motion glory.

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Day 9 - Favorite Boss


Day 09: Favorite Boss Battle





You find this monster in the Arbiters Grounds dungeon in the desert. After hacking your way through the undead, this creeper is right there to greet you at the end of the entire dungeon. This guy is a beast, and the entire fight against him is fast-paced and exciting!


Your weapon of choice against this thing? Is it the Master Sword? The hookshot? The hero's bow? Boomerang? Nope. None of that.



It's this seemingly useless device. How on earth will this stand against the demon lord of the skeletons?


Like this:


OHhhhhh sweet big mama jamma, this is so satisfying




And don't forget the second phase where you're actually having to jump between walls on the Spinner until you reach him and then jump into his friggin' head.









You spend the entire game running with your tail between your legs from this mother fucker because it will kill you. It will fuck you up. It will kick ass and take names.


But when you reach the end of the game, the tables turn, and you absolutely murder the fucking thing after all the trouble it gives you.



It's a really simple fight, but it's so much fun to just tear the thing apart. It really makes you feel the progression you've undergone over the course of the game. It's awesome.


So anyway...











I honestly think context is important when it comes to a lot of boss fights. I think I'd be giving away too much to say the context of Metal Gear Solid 2's RAY battle, but let's just say a lot has gone down. The stakes are high as we enter the climax of the game. Metal Gear RAY has been a presence throughout the game - the first time we saw it, in fact, was in the very beginning at the Tanker. A battle against it was basically inevitable from the get-go, especially if you've played MGS1, which eventually put you up against Metal Gear REX.


What you're probably not expecting at this point is for the game to put you up against a freaking million of them.


Like a pack of wild dogs, these massive bipedal mobile tank units have been unleashed specifically on you, a tiny human being armed only with a rocket launcher. They'll only take you on three at a time, but you can see more - tons more - just silhouetted against the night sky, waiting to step in once one of their buddies goes down. This is what you're up against. These are the odds you're dealing with. And the best part?


Destroying the RAYS isn't actually that hard.


 It can be a bit tricky to find the proper strategy, yes, but once you know the best way to take them out, it's pretty easy to do. But it's not only one RAY that you're going up against at a time. You can only focus on one at a time, but even while you're doing that, there are two more in the front of the arena happily shooting missiles and lasers in your direction. And while tearing them apart isn't terribly difficult, they can tear you apart just as easily. Their attacks are super strong and every hit is going to cripple you, and while the game will throw you a couple of rations to keep your strength up a bit, depending on what difficulty you're on, it might not be too many. So you pretty much have to be constantly on your toes, ready to dodge a barrage of oncoming missiles or a fracking death laser at any given moment, while at the same time you have to find the time to sit perfectly still until you can get a lock with a Stinger missile. And you have to keep this up against a freaking million of them. The tension never stops, the odds are constantly against you, and every time you blast a missile into a RAY's mouth is just as satisfying as the last. What can I say? It's just an absolutely glorious boss.



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Day 9: Favorite Boss


Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls




AKA The Dynamic Duo, Oreo and Smores, Drake and Josh, Ninja and Kami, etc.


If there's any one boss that everyone remembers from Dark Souls, it's these two guys, and for good reason. Both of them deal hard-hitting attacks that hurt your character pretty badly if they land. Alone they wouldn't be as much of a threat, but you have to face them together, making them probably one of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls to face without help. Once one of them goes down, the other one gets stronger and gains new attacks, making the second half of the fight much more tense than it would otherwise be. Beating a boss in Dark Souls is a good feeling, but beating Ornstein and Smough was probably the best feeling in the game.


Plus they've got one of the best boss themes in the game.



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Super Mario 3D Land's Final Boss was just so amazing.  It took the original boss of "get to the other side of the bridge while dodging Bowser's attacks" up to 11... million.  The circumstances constantly change throughout and it delivers a hugely satisfying finale that tests your key platforming skills rather than simply increasing the difficulty and spectacle of the same regular ole gimmicky boss fights from earlier in the game like 64, Galaxy and Galaxy 2 did.  I still love those battles, but Nintendo did damn good to get the adrenaline pumping on Mario's first foray into 3D portable platforming like this.  Also fantastic music and I really hope Nintendo find a reason to perform it with an orchestra one day.


3D World did a nice job too, but was tampered by the autoscrolling.



Other stuff that comes to mind:


Portal 2's Final Boss - I love Portal 1's last boss too, but this basically fixed all the problems with it.  The "combat" was more satisfying and required you to change your strategy for every hit rather than just repeating the same thing over and over, and, rather than simply dropping an object into a pit, the final action to complete the game was figuring out a puzzle, shooting a portal, and going through that portal in a way I never imagined in my wildest dreams.  So goddamn cool.


Banjo-Kazooie's Final Boss - Considering it's the only proper boss in the game, and like everything else only playable once per save file - it made it incredibly special.  Incredibly hard when I was a kid too!  The final attack was incredibly awesome and special in terms of sound design and animation - I don't think I'd ever seen anything animate so intensely fast in an N64 game up to that point and it made it so freaking cool.


Big Daddies in BioShock - While not "proper" bosses outside of a couple of scripted ones throughout the franchise, they're still major foes that I still hesitate to fight every single time after multiple playthroughs.  The fact that they don't attack you until you attack them is both genius and horrifically nerve-wrecking.  Also - just to mention - I really like BioShock's final boss.  It was a bit easy but screw the haters I found it more satisfying than just beating up a load of waves of enemies in BioShock 2 and Infinite - regardless of the coolness factor of the "extra help" you get in those two games for the finale.


Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2 - This was brutally hard back when I first played it, but like Spirit Temple, this further increased my love of sad music during gameplay in video games.  The surreal, intimidating yet melancholy music makes this boss a special experience within the story for me.


Stallord from Twilight Princess - Yeah agreed with previous comments.  I never expected a boss this cool and fast-paced in a Zelda game.  I also really liked the grandness of Lakebed Temple's boss.  Clinging onto the back of a giant sea snake thinger and stabbing it with your sword was super cool.


Final Boss from Ocarina of Time - I've played OoT so many times I really had to think back to remember how freakin' amazing this boss was the first time I played.  Losing your sword at the beginning, Zelda's screams whenever you got hit - the fact that they broke the mould by letting you just wail on him with sheer quickness on your feet and swordplay if you wanted to - the music and the fire and the thunder and lightning... wow.  The only Zelda boss that came close to this level of coolness was...


Final Boss from Wind Waker - Yeah this was great too.  I find TP's final sword fight with Ganondorf more fun because he has better AI - in comparison, WW Ganondorf feels like a typical boss and tends to follow predictable patterns once you've played a few times but... can't argue with that staging.  The freakin' ocean pouring down around you was gorgeous.  I wish they had gone the extra mile in WWHD and let us see Hyrule getting flooded around you through the watertorrents but it still looks great anyway.

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What's this, I posting my thing on time, surely you jest:



Day 9: Favorite Boss




Ok, I was about to choose a Final Boss, but I feel that question might come later so I opted for a mid game boss instead and one just as awesome.









Let it never be said that I do not love Metal Gear Rising with all of my heart and soul, and the bosses are a very big reason why. Monsoon is a pretty noticeable boss, despite the fact that he's not the final, or even the penultimate boss of the game. He does however come after a major plot point. 


After Sam(Your obligatory rival) confronts Raiden about his indiscriminate killing of innocent officers, in the name of "justice". Monsoon is introduced and tells Raiden of his true nature, and the concept of memes(The actual kind, not the lol internet kind) and how they're passed on. His speech pretty much breaks Raiden as he realizes that he's been suppressing his true nature as a sociopath the entire time, but chooses to embrace it rather than run away from it. 


Jack the Ripper is unleashed:




*cue boss fight* 



The boss itself is pretty awesome as it takes place in the rain, it pretty much forces you to master a crucial gaming mechanic, namely parrying. Monsoon's attack patterns pretty much force you to use it, otherwise he will destroy you. It also introduces slicing larger than you objects like helicopters, buildings, and big shit. Something that will come up again in the Final Boss. In the end, you chop Monsoon to pieces while he begs for his life, and finally his head. Raiden, in full on batshit mode, throws Monsoon's words about "nature taking its course" right back at him before he dies.




And of course, it has among the best tracks in the game as its theme: 


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Byrne (The Legend Of Zelda - Spirit Tracks)


I like his boss fight for two things.


1: the fight itself (duh)



It's so satisfying to grab him down and unleash the fury of BOTH Link's and Zelda's swords against his back, and even more satisfying to see Byrne struggle against the armored Zelda while you have the chance to damage him even more. Teamwork at his finest.


2: why do I say "satisfyng"?




Because it's also a sweet revenge for what Byrne did to Alfonzo at the beginning of the game. A sweet, sweet revenge.

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I really liked what they done with him here.....oh shit wrong pic!




Now were talking!


But yea this was a really good boss fight, I really enjoyed it alot. A bit more than Shadow's boss fight in generations, because shadow's fight was too easy. Silver was easy but at least he can throw in some attacks and sometimes he gets me a few times. I still liked shadow's fight but it was more of a race, which I really liked. We seriously need a boost to win multiplayer! MAKE IT HAPPEN.


At first, it took me a while to beat him because I did not know we were able to home attack the cars he picked up so I was left to hitting him whenever he got close. I found out by jumping over some cars and notice the aiming signal showed up and thats when I started to speed things up.




I really loved this part, too bad finishing silver off was pretty easy but this part was still intense.




Hey, thats a final smash! lol Never going to happen.

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Day 9: The big guy!


This one may be a bit unpopular, but...







okay okay, I know some of you really don't like this game, but just hear me out, alright?

So it goes without saying that I loved the new Devil May Cry game with its edgy-ass new Dante. Getting that out of the way. So why did I pick this guy? Well hey, a lot of people would probably like to punch Bill O'Reilly in the face, and this is pretty much the next best thing.

Who the hell is Bob Barbas anyway? Well, like I said, he's probably the DmC equivalent to Bill O'Reilly and other "Fox News"-type people. Hell, he even says one of Bill O'Reilly's famous quotes ("WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"). His role in the game is pretty much to turn the public eye against Dante.

So after you begin tearing down the demonic regime, your next target is this asshole. I wondered to myself, "how do you even fight a news reporter of all things?" And then I get to the actual boss and legitimately went "...oh shit." I was greeted with that big-ass cyber face. "I get to literally smack this dude in the face repeatedly? Awesome!" The visuals during the boss looked absolutely amazing as well. Like, I could stare at it all day.

It doesn't end there though. In order to not have you look at his ugly mug for all that time, the game breaks into two familiar locations from earlier on in the game. Dante's greeted by a swarm of enemies and you're in a news broadcast. While you go apeshit and kill demons, Bill O'Barbas starts talking about how shitty of a person Dante is, killing "innocent people". I thought that was pretty cool, especially after the second one... (spoilers below)

when Bob tells Dante that his friends have been found by the feds.

Shit gets really real after that.

This whole battle just oozes with intensity and I loved every second of it. The satisfying conclusion of his defeat made it all the better.

Also, I still can't get over how awesome Noisia is at making music, because, dammit, that boss music made this battle so much more intense.




I played this about 5 or so times the first time I got to it. Yeah. Not too hard, not too easy, just right. Best part of the game for me.

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Day 9: Favorite Boss

Tabuu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tabuu.pngI don't think alot of people like Tabuu, or atleast the people I know don't really like him, but he was a really cool final boss in Subspace. There isn't much of a character to him, but it's fun to lay the smackdown on somebody with your choice of characters that you've collected through-out the entire mode. It was just really fun to me atleast to finally lay the smackdown on him after all that time. So yeah, Tabuu is probably my favorite boss, as he was the only one I could actually think of right now. 

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Day 9: Favorite Boss

Tabuu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tabuu.pngI don't think alot of people like Tabuu, or atleast the people I know don't really like him, but he was a really cool final boss in Subspace. There isn't much of a character to him, but it's fun to lay the smackdown on somebody with your choice of characters that you've collected through-out the entire mode. It was just really fun to me atleast to finally lay the smackdown on him after all that time. So yeah, Tabuu is probably my favorite boss, as he was the only one I could actually think of right now. 



That was the day Sonic saved nintendo.

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Day 9: Fav. Boss:


Heh, I was thinking about this the other day.

I recalled a certain boss I adored to play.


Banjo-Kazooie - Gruntilda Fight



Despite the humour that Grunty displays.

The battle against her, is a brutal phase.

She charges in with her wicked broom.

A tuck 'n roll, prevents your doom.


Then she moves on, to tossing off fire.

To counter this, it's eggs you require.

Her next act is to, up further her flight.

With Bottles aid, it becomes a sky fight.


A brutal shot, and her brooms no more.

But she still stands, ready to settle a score.

Her next attack will never miss.

Only Gold Feathers can save you from abyss.




This fight was epic, and much fun was had.

But the sequel had a fight, that was equally rad.


Banjo-Tooie - HAG 1



Revenge is now ready to settle.

And Grunty chooses it with metal.

Lasers, mortars, drills, and minions.

Hard to handle, like unwanted opinions.


Her quiz is continued in this melee.

Gettin' them wrong, means fast spell waylay.

At some point, she'll gas you good.

So ending things quickly, you really should.




Alas, the Grunty fights in the other two games.

Don't have the same awesomeness in there names.

It's now time to end this post.

Goodnight from this here, host.

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Day 8: Favourite Boss


These entries are getting harder and harder. There are plenty of bosses that I really like such as Rocky and Mugsy from Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, Komodo Bros. from Crash 2,

Britney Spears Courtney Gears from Ratchet & Clank 3, the Fio boss from Metal Slug 6 (yes, she was a boss), Wario from Super Mario Land 2, Muggshot from Sly Cooper 1, Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid, Mr. X from Streets of Rage 2, Duckula Dracula Duck from DuckTales Remastered, and from a game that I've played but only got there once via cheating the Mad Hatter boss from Adventures of Batman & Robin (Mega Drive).


It also doesn't help that due to lack of skill, some games that I just can't go far (a few already mention are actually spoilers for me but luckily just saw the pictures and not the text in those ones) and as a result unable to actually experience the boss. This one however I will mention on something that will not happen again in terms of games or anything.






Yep. The infamous boss from The Revenge of Shinobi so much so that Sega edited this game a couple of times so now neither appear as a boss. Now Revenge of Shinobi had plenty of great bosses in the game from the Blue Lobster where you had to hit his helmet, the multiple Shadow Dancer, the car lifting and dashing Terminator who gets as green as the Hulk, Godzilla/Skeleton Dinosaur and even the final boss. I chose this one not just because of its insane idea of having two comic book heroes as a boss for no reason but also the patterns. Spider-Man acts like he does by climbing on the wall, throwing web and hope that the web doesn't touch you. Batman flies around with bats and does some sort of dashing attack. Yes... not very characteristic of Batman and probably why DC had to come in. Like most bosses in the game, it also has an excellent background music to go with it full of energy. Terrible Beat? Not likely.


My second pick would have been Trevelyan from GoldenEye due to that it involves running around a satellite and to end the boss is the same ending as the movie. The music with its intensity fits with the stage and helps with the boss.

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Sly 3 - General Tsao (Phase 1 specifically)



What I like about this boss battle is the clear inspiration from films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You fight on tree tops, launching yourself from one to the next, but what seals it for me is that in this battle only, you can completely change direction mid-jump and still glide through the air like a kung-fu master. Its a ridiculous concept, but it becomes vital for the last few hits. And of course, this takes place in China.


I love the idea, and the execution just makes me smile.

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Day 9 - Favorite Boss


I was going to write about Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 here, but I ended up talking more about his character than the fights themselves, so I'll save that for if favourite villain or something comes up. Instead, I'll go with my next pick...




Jubileus from Bayonetta. On your first runthrough of the game, you'll keep hearing everyone mention this Jubileus person, and how they're the best and it's going to fuck everyone's shit and yadda yadda yadda and then you get to the end of the game, and you never see her. What the hell was the point of all that foreshadowing? Were they sequel baiting? They had to be sequel baiting, right?


Except no not really because they fake you out into thinking the game is over. They have a whole fake wrap up ending and everything, but nope, Bayonetta gets carried off into fucking space to be given to this Jubileus figure you've heard so much about. When this happens, you get to take control Jeanne, the game's rival character, and ride a motorcycle up a god damn rocket and then run up Jubileus' body to save Bayonetta. Once Bayo is freed, you get on to the real fight.....the real fight where you're beating up what is basically god. And Jubileus is no slouch, being as huge as she is, she has some ridiculous attacks, so you better hope you're good at making use of Witch Time by the time you reach this point. The boss has a good number of different phases that all work pretty differently from the other phases, including a couple of phases with some minor platforming segments. Once you manage to get through all of these phases, Bayonetta summons a giant hair demon that punches Jubileus' lights out so hard that you have to play a section where you guide Jubileus' body through the entire fucking solar system into the sun, leading to it's demise. Congratulations, you beat god, and now the game is over. Roll credits, we're done.


Except no not really because they fake you out again. Mid credits. The final section of this fight takes place in the god damn sun, where you have to break down every part of Jubileus' remains before the timer runs out. What. After this, the boss is done for real, and the game is finally over.


This boss fight is ridiculous. From the concept to the multiple fake-out endings, to some of the bizarre attacks it posesses, to guiding a fucking god's body through the solar system and destroying it's remains in the sun. You could never tell what they would pull next, and they made sure to exploit what they could do with this boss to it's fullest.

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Day Numbero 999: Ninja's "Your Boss is Wimpier than Mysterio, Kami" Favourite Bosses Ever!




Last time, I touched upon a style of Boss Fight wich I Dearly Love, the Mirror Boss Fight or more specifically, the Rival style Boss Fight



you know the ones, your Vergils, Pokemon Rivals, etc, a Type of Character that is essentially you, or at least Evenly sized to you and has abilities that could possibly be used by you.These types of Bosses are my absolute favourite ever, so henceforth my pick would be.






Mistral, Bladewolf, Monsoon, Sundowner, Jetstream Sam and Senator Armstrong, from Metal GearRising: Revengeance


all of these are exactly what I love in those kinds of Fights,  They're Fun, they're Challenging, They all have Awesome Music, they have great Personalities and awesome Lines.



but special Mention has to go to Senator Armstrong





(dont mind if I do)


Why he is such an Amazing fight has been mentioned in good detail already, but being the Senator myself (its ok, I got the title off the Internet, its legit) I had to list Him myself.



He starts off as just some guy in a suit, a mere offhand mention of a Villain who in every other Metal Gear Game would be quickly disposed off and upstaged by his oh-so-trustworthy Second in Command


but no, Ocelot is Dead, so that aint happening, so you get the Senator, Mano-a-Nano (that is after the Metal Gear and two rounds of being able to do just about a tickle to him) until you eventually get the Katana of the aforementioned Jetstream Sam, the Gloves are off, the Music kicks in, Lets rock.


its a fight that basically serves as a Final Exam on what you have learned during the course of the game, especially on Zandatsu, and it doesnt feel shoehorned in at all, it feels like "this is how good I am now at this game after getting my ass kicked to the dude who I couldnt parry" and thats how a Final Boss should be.


not to mention his awesome Rant that just sets the stage of what kind of Insanity you are about to face, its an awesome expirience, and a worthy Finale to an already awesome game.





Honorable Mention goes to the Final Fight against Hades in Kid Icarus: Uprising, the fight against Jubileus the Creator and the Fight against Cat Bowser in Super Mario 3D World, wich is in my opinion easily the Best Bowser fight ever.

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I'm choosing two for this one also -




The final confrontation between yourself and Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II was a doozy of a fight. Kingdom Hearts II was my first game of the series, and I didn't know that bosses could have more than two phases - so, when this guy came at me with everything - the castle pieces, the suit of armour, the dragon like beast, the armour battle in space... and then finally, the true final battle with Riku by your side, it cumulated to an epic and super enjoyable experience to me. It's just another reason why I like Kingdom Hearts II a hell of a lot. Also music.




Secondly, destroying this smug asshole and wiping the grin off his face at the Champion level was very satisfying. After spending the entire game being taunted and undermined by this guy, facing him as the Champion felt like it was right. He'd finally become the strongest trainer, and now you and your team get to knock him into next year and show just how much better you've always been. Alongside some kickass music (one of the strongest in the series, I'd say) it's just a really great battle. Plus, Oak scolds him afterward. Hell yeah.

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I knew this would come up so I veered away when Favourite Level came up..


Day Nein: Favourite Boss


kingdom-hearts-II-kingdom-hearts-241319_Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days- Riku(The World that never was)


I mean seriously, who here was'nt hyped when they saw that awesome trailer in KH?! I did'nt exactly know of it but this being my KH game kinda cements it further for me. Sure, it's not the toughest boss fest nor does it have the grandeur of some of those mentioned here. But the atmosphere, the neon aesthetics, the rain, the way Roxas feels after going through all that..it's just perfect.


It breaks a lot of rules of Final boss fight, I like that it's kinda of a maverick. Other than Sonic, I can't think of many boss fights which not only have a cool boss but empowers the main character to feel way too powerful and badass. And super sonic is done to death that People welcomed the change in Colours...but anyway. You can feel the rage and bitterness in Roxas as he killed the heartless in single swipe (With double keyblades to boot) and he does'nt know the whole reason why he feels this way which makes it sad. And it's fitting he ends with Riku who has been pursuing Roxas and Xion with his own intent as well. They settle this once and for all..And he even helps Riku out to make a point but partially I feel that he wants to finish Riku himself. 

Yes, many say this feels like an extra boss compared to the penultimate one but this is the best way to end the game off with some closure. The action. the deep dive, the keyblades, the clash..this is all one excellent culmination.


Wow, I gushed so much about this, I actually forgot the music. The music puts you in the atmosphere...

Drop what you are doing and listen to this:


Keyblade Graveyard in Birth by sleep is a good mention as well. But it feels more historic and epic in the way normal endbosses do so Deep Dive stands out more for me as a maverick..partially due to the story behind it as well..


Edit: A KH post after a KH one..go figure. In my earnest to avoid Sonic, this is my 3rd KH post. XDD

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