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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Day 13: Most Disappointing Game

Duke Nukem Forever


This game was in development for fucking ever, and I was still getting more and more hyped for it as the time went on. Now let me tell you, I was probably a bit too young to be playing Duke Nukem when I first played Duke Nukem 3D, which was probably one of my first games I've ever played, but only because my step Dad loved himself some Duke Nukem. Me and my step dad were both hyped as shit for this game, and we pre-ordered it and went the first day to pick it up, and just damn, me and him were both just so fucking miserable after we played this game for like 30 minutes. This was just a poor man's Duke Nukem was what we thought.


This game could've been something amazing, something Duke fans would have loved, but they wanted to make it shitty and "modern" if I can call it that. It's ironic how this game makes fun of modern FPS things while using what modern FPS have, it's really funny. Overall, this game isn't horrible or anything, it's not Sonic '06, but it's a horrible, horrible Duke Nukem game. If this had nothing to do with Duke Nukem, I could probably stomach it a little, but overall this game is just a disappointment. You better get it right next time, if there is a next time. 

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Day 13: Most disappointing game


Hmm for this one I am going to have to agree with many members previous posts



Like Wolfy said, you'd think that the brush controls would work great on the DS, they just, it just seems poor compared to the original, the dungeons I find much more bland, forgettable and just plain boring, the game is mostly top down, the partners I dont find too bad, but why can't i press a button to switch to them than HAVE to draw a fucking path for them! I lost my file on this and I really havent been bothered to replay and try to reach the final boss.


New Super Mario Bros 2

I also agree with this, I played it, I completed it, but there wasnt really anything new in the game, the only powerup is the gold flower that serves like no actual purpose, also there was no point in collecting 1,000,000 coins, it wasnt even part of the plot. Sure the gameplay was solid and it was fun, but unlike NSMB and NSMBW I just found myself getting through the game to finish it, not because it was like uber fun. Also lackluster final boss compared to Wii and the let down of coin rush mode, great in theory, stupid in score execution, seriously WHY have a cap?


Now for my game,


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I remember following the hype from this since it was announced at E3, it looked great, Wii swordplay, riding Epona again and a massive overworld to explore! I played it and sure it was fun, but it really didnt live up to expectations, especially looking back on it.


The Wii swordplay, waggle, it really was lackluster swordplay, hardly strategic it was literally lock on and WAGGLE!! Sure the sword skills made the swordplay a bit more interesting but they were only useful for certain enemies (Although they were a great idea, bring them back please!)


The great big open overworld, was great to explore, fun just riding Epona around and I could use my sword from horseback but...where are all the enemies, there was some, but It hardly seemed like a place overrun with evil.


The story, it really seemed dark and grim for no reason, Wind Waker managed to write a serious story but in a much more effective way I feel anyway. It just got a whole load more confusing with all these new dimensions and time shenanigans.


Some of the dungeon designs I just find REALLY boring and tedious, mostly the Snowpeak Ruins Dungeon, City on the Sky and the Lakebed Temple.


Plus for a Zelda game I really cannot remember half of the tracks used in the game.



Now let it be known that I don't think TP is a BAD game, I still enjoy playing through it but from all the hype it gave I found it disappointing. Some of the dungeons are really well done and the setpieces can be breathtaking. But it just didnt live up to the expectations it had set.

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Day: 13 


Mario kart 7


This game is still good and had some fun with it..........for a while. It got boring really fast, the game just didn't do it for me. Even online got boring. I think it's because of the track designs and how things worked in the game. First off, they got rid of VS mode. A mode were you can pick any track you like with some other custom settings. In Mario Kart Wii I always adjust on how many races  I wanna do and like say I want to do only 2 or do a whole 32 track marathon. Couldn't do that in this game and since VS mode was't even in the game. To play for fun is grand prix mode. But all of us know how grand prix works,  race in 4 tracks in order in each cup. Say you start up the game and wanna play on rainbow road, you have to do 3 races just to get to the stage you want to play in. That was so annoying. In online you can choose which stage you wanna race in but thats if the randomiser chooses your stage. 


So the only way to choose a track you wanna race in right from the start is to do Time trail mode.

Online has problems too, the lag was so terrible, at least for me. It's far worse than Mario Kart Wii online. And after coming from the epicness of Mario kart Wii, it just made me wait for the next Mario Kart and so I made a video about it what I would like to see in the next game.



Its funny how most tracks I wanted is in Mario Kart 8. THANK YOU NINTENDO!!! Well the tracks I wanted was everybody else's favourite track. Who didn't like Yoshi Valley? no one.

Boomerang flower was an obvious choice.


So yea, the game did not last long for me. But it's nice to get back to once in a while, if I still had the game. (sold it the same year I got it.)

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Day 13: Most Disappointing Game




At the time I was in an experimental phase; wanted to try something new and broaden my horizons and such, and I really wanted to give FPS's a chance, but not just the stock standard military shooter. I wanted something with some spice, some fun and wacky weapons and over-the-top action, so when I heard that Painkiller was just that I jumped at the opportunity. And what I got was.... a sorta-fast paced game with sorta-crazy weapons and non-existent action.


I'll be honest, this probably wasn't the game for me. What drew me to it were people praising this game for it's fast paced action and variety of crazy weapons, and basically being a pure shooter experience. It was also made by People Can Fly, who, at the time I bought Painkiller, had recently came out with Bulletstorm which, if nothing else looked completely over the top and intense, which made me hopeful that this game would have the same crazy action. But Painkiller didn't have really any satisfying elements to it.


Everything is just dull. What I was expecting was nothing but shooty action, and that's all it had. No real plot, no real characters, no interesting environments or enemies, no context or character. You just shoot dudes, which I thought was all I needed to have fun since there were plenty of other games that had minimum story and characters that I enjoyed, but Painkiller just bores me. There's really no other incentive to play beyond murdering tons of dudes, and even the murdering part is boring. The guns themselves are interesting in concept but don't have the same punch to them that other games had. I've bought quite a number of different games on Steam last year, and while I haven't actually played all of them yet (currently working on it now actuall), I can easily say the ones I have played were absolutely worth buying. Painkiller though, was the first game I actively couldn't bring myself to even complete.

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Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game




"I did not kill her, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not kill her, I did naaaaaaht. Oh hi Pyramid Head."


Before this game was released, Silent Hill was pretty much on top of the world. Three fantastic games with well written stories, fantastic world building and atmosphere that understood how to make a survival horror game work perfectly in a row. Konami had struck gold, and it looked like they would be able to keep this series going strong for a very long time.


Then this game happened.


This game basically took everything that made the first three games great and chucked them all out of the window completely, leaving nothing but a putrid mess. Firstly, it's a Silent Hill game in name only, because at no point do you ever actually go to the titular Silent Hill, which already throws out a large majority of what the games beforehand set down in the lore, since in the first three games, a lot of the occurances were to do with the town itself. Instead, the story is set in......some dude's apartment that is being posessed by an undead murderer. While the concept of having an area you constantly come back to slowly becoming more and more degraded and, well, Silent Hill-esque could've been a pretty cool idea. A shame that none of that comes into play until the second half of the game, and in a very lacklustre way at that. The areas you have to explore all feel very unconnected and random too, making the atmosphere very inconsistent, which is a very poor aspect if you're trying to make a competent survival horror game. I mentioned the second half of the game earlier, and that is easily the worst part. Why, you may ask? Because the second half of the game has you replay the first half of the game over again. As an escort mission. With a partner that is either a useless moron who just gets in your way and forces you to slow down constantly, or if you give her a weapon, goes god damn apeshit on every enemy you come across. While Mr. Undead Murderer ghost is constantly tailing you. And what ending you get is largely based on how little or much said stupid AI companion gets damaged. It's bloody infuriating, and it drags what is already a pretty drab experience down even further.


And the worst part, it didn't even have any joke endings! How can you have a Silent Hill game without a joke ending? Even fucking Downpour has a joke ending. What a piece of shit game.

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Yeah, you all know what I'm going to say.


Uncharted 3: Drake's Decption 


Uncharted 2 was one of my favorite games for the PS3 when I first played it. It was sort of like a summer blockbuster in game form, with tons of fast paced action, witty dialogue, and a cast that's a bit shallow but tons of fun. The gameplay alternates between platforming heavy areas based around exploration and third person shootouts.


Uncharted 3 is pretty much a game that focuses too much on spectacle at the expense of the actual game being far more underwhelming than you'd expect from Naughty Dog. The gameplay as a whole is sloppier, with tons more annoying, bullet sponge enemies, puzzles that are just annoying and confusing, and setpieces that don't tie into the plot at all, which I wouldn't mind if they were fun levels, but a lot of the time they aren't. Even the better aspects of the game are often ripped off from Uncharted 2. Considering they delivered Uncharted 2 before this and The Last of Us right after, I expect better from them than this. 

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2(HORRIFYING) Days


Now, you all know I'm a Kingdom Hearts guy. I love just about everything about it. The amazing soundtrack, the worlds and how they are integrated along with the characters that appear in said worlds, the visuals for the most part, and Riku.


Now after KH2, a game I enjoyed tons of despite its flaws, I was awaiting the great Kingdom Hearts 3.(huehue...) And the game was said to not be out for some time. Of course Square weren't just gonna let Kingdom Hearts fans in the dark for years. NO! Instead they gave us portable titles to tide us over! 


Now in all seriousness, I wasn't that mad about portable titles being in the series. After all, there was CoM and I enjoyed that. (However, them console jumping through the series...) So when 358/2 days released and I got my hands on it, I went in with high expectations. It looked like it would not be that different from a traditional KH game....and when I finished that game...



I seriously thought " This is what Square will be giving us for the next few years?" I was turned off for awhile until Birth By Sleep.


So just what was my problem with this game? Well, just about everything.


Story- 358/2 Days was a prequel to KH2 and explained the origins of Roxas and further explained and displayed his time Organization 13. It delves into the friendship between him and his friend Axel, and introduces Xion. Sounds interesting enough right? It's not. The game throughout just feels needless and there to give meaning to the gameplay.(which it doesn't do.) Actually let me tie the gameplay in for a second. The gameplay is so dull and repetitive, that it makes the story drag. Xion, is a pointless addition. She is never mentioned again through the series until 3D, and doesn't do anything substantial that effects the plot. She was there to be a 3rd friend, cause hey, Sora, Riku and Kairi and Ven, Terra and Aqua are all groups of 3! The plot is lifeless and static for the most part, and while we see the Organization begin to fall from within, nothing is really elaborated on that much. 358/2 HD does a much better job at fleshing out everything and making it feel much more important/interesting due to the additions and points it adds, as well as removing the gameplay. There is a couple of cool moments/references, and like one emotional part, but that does not make up for the entire thing.




The gameplay is pretty dull as well if I'm to be honest. The DS really didn't do justice to the gameplay that KH is known for. Being restricted to a D-pad instead of a joystick makes characters feel clunky and uncomfortable in situations. Multiplayer is included, but could basically not be included and I wouldn't know. Unless you have 3 other friends that have Days, you probably won't use this. You can play as all the Organization members and a few extra characters, so That is fun, but I find myself not replaying missions as them as I don't like the missions at all to begin with that much, but I'll get on the missions later. Limit break is a attack that is exclusive to this game, but feels like a cheap way to win. basically, if you get your life down to critical, you can activate a special move, different depending on which character, that does massive damage. It can be used as many times as you want really, and makes bosses piss easy. Oh and speaking of bosses.


Remember how awesome and epic the secret ending for KH1/FM made out the Riku/Roxas confrontation? (well the battle prior to this?)

Pretty cool right? Well the Riku battle in Days is PISS EASY. Seriously, the boss before him was more of a Final Boss. This? It in no way feels like Roxas is pissed and that Riku is in his way. It in no way feels like Riku is desperately trying to save Sora from a eternal sleep? I didn't even need Limit Break for this. It's really anti-climatic.


And then we have the issue of pacing. The tutorial literally was like a hour and a half. (have fun listening to Lazy Afternoons) This includes cut-scenes that interrupt each tutorial. It makes the everything feel much more boring and unfun to play. There's no consistency with the gameplay. At least KH2's tutorial had side objectives, and didn't restrict you to just one area for most of the time. It's mostly Mission, cutscene,mission, cutscene,etc. here. There are over 100 missions to play, and each mission is uninspired and bland. "Collect medals, destroy orbs, beat this boss, just kill heartless." The lack of variety throughout on top of everything I've said just makes the game feel less inspired and more..bland.


Visually, I'd say it's okay to look at, but definitely not one of the best looking DS games. I mean Re:Coded imo looks better. Infact, I'd say Re:Coded beats Days as a KH game in just about everything.(minus the story)


So yeah, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days was a major turn off for me. I hated the game, and its horribly boring and un-fun gameplay made it hard to see any good in its story. The overall product felt cheap and rushed, with no love. I can't come back to this title, and am so happy that this trend didn't last for a long time.

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Take out the part about the music (Gusty Garden and the final boss theme are both absolutely brilliant), and I agree with this entirely. I never finished either of the Galaxy games on account of boredom/apathy. It's just level after level after level, or at least felt that way to me.


I think I understand what you really mean (I assume you mean these particular level designs and gimmicks did not engage you for some reason), but "It's just level after level after level" describes literally every Mario game and the majority of platformers generally lol.

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Day 13: Most Disappointing Game


Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe


This game had a lot of potential to be awesome. MK. DC. Fatalities. Yes. We still got that, yeah, but way more diluted than what most would've liked. First off, they kinda shot themselves in the foot for staying within a teen rating. I'm almost positive that was DC's call, but it seems odd to do a crossover with MK if you're gonna worry about the rating. So with that, the fatalities ended up being pretty weak, some censored even, like one of Joker's which was a gunshot to the head, which I think was only censored for the US anyway.


Teen rating and lack of cool fatalities aside, the gameplay wasn't all that great. I don't think the MK developers were ever 100% on working with a 3D engine. All the MK games since making the jump to fighting on a 3D plane have been pretty awkward and clunky, and this game was no different. It was also a pretty slow moving game. For a game based around superheroes, you'd think it'd be a bit quicker. And while I liked the concept of moving to different areas of a level mid fight, the freefall mechanic was basically just rock, paper, scissors and added nothing to the combat. Same thing with the close encounter fights you could activate.


The story is really nothing to write home about and is mostly forgettable, but it was still cool to see all the characters of both universes interacting with each other.


Don't get me wrong, I still had a good time with the game, but it definitely could've been done better. If there was one great thing to come from this, its the partnership between DC and what was soon to be NetherRealm Studios. MK9 was awesome, as was Injustice, and I can't wait to see a sequel for both. Maybe they can give the crossover another try sometime. I know I'd be all for it.

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I think I understand what you really mean (I assume you mean these particular level designs and gimmicks did not engage you for some reason), but "It's just level after level after level" describes literally every Mario game and the majority of platformers generally lol.


I honestly have no idea how Donkey Kong Country Returns and Super Meat Boy managed to resonate with me as much as they did. Maybe twitchy, difficult games are the only kind of platformer that can grab me on gameplay alone or something.


I did enjoy 3D Land, but I think that was because it was on a handheld.

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Day Numbero 13: Curse of Ninja Island: Ninja's "the True Dissapointment is that you are still around, Kami" Most Dissapointing Game ever!








I remember being very Hyped for this game back then, the character looked cool, the story sounded nice, the gameplay appeared to be Fun, heck one site I remember reading even claimed it to be the next Mario Killer!




and then I played it and the only thing it managed killed was itself at being a franchise.




The Graphics were subpar, even for the time, the Gameplay felt like a Poor Mans Mario 64, and the Level designs were just Forgettable, worst of all it was really, really, really Boring, hence why I never bothered to actually finish this Game and hence why it rightfully fell into obscurity only known by those brave few who know about its Boringness.

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Day 13: Most Disappointing Game


I'm quite sure I said Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts last time we had this topic. But even though it's one of my least favourite games, I suppose I shouldn't call it the most disappointing as I wasn't expecting too much from it in the first place. There was something else that disappointed me a little more just because it was something I had always wanted to play and it ended up being nothing like I imagined it would, and I just couldn't get into it no matter how much I tried.




I've spoken about how much I love Banjo-Kazooie, and as soon as I heard about Tooie I was desperate to play it. Unfortunately I never was able to when I was a kid and the first time I managed to experience it was on an emulator a number of years ago. Only played a chunk of it for two reasons:


1) I find it harder to get into emulated games

2) The little that I did play just didn't captivate me enough to make me carry on. Even the opening was long and boring and just seemed to drag on forever.


But I really wanted to like it and assumed it would get better after that, so it didn't put me off wanting to grab an actual copy. A while afterwards the XBLA version was released and solved the problem of not being able to find it cheap... however... after sitting down with it for a while I realised that I still couldn't get into it at all for a lot of reasons...


The first problem I noticed was how huge the levels were, and in this case bigger definitely does not mean better.


I can understand wanting to make the sequel a little more epic in scale than the original game, but I feel that BK got the balance just right in terms of level designs and most of them were big without being overwhelming. It didn't help that there's so much backtracking you're forced to do in Tooie if you wanted all the Jiggies, and the fact the levels were so massive just made this even less fun than it would have been to begin with.


I also found you had to mix things around a lot, whether it going through a transformation, switching over to Mumbo or separating Banjo and Kazooie to do something in particular only to have to switch again soon after for something else. The transformations were one of my favourite aspects of the original game, but it just felt a little too convoluted in Tooie.


A lot of the new moves also just seemed more complicated and dragged the game down even more.


The level designs were quite bland and none of them were anywhere near as interesting as the original game. In fact, I'd go as far as saying a lot of them bordered on being downright awful. None of the challenges stood out nor were any of them particularly fun, and most of the levels themselves just seemed more drab and lifeless.


Oh and worst of all... they ditched Grunty's rhyming. You just don't do that man!



N&B was technically a worse game as it just stomped all over everything that made Banjo-Kazooie what it was and I will say that Tooie at least tried to stick to the general tone of the original game. But it just went totally overboard in every aspect and would have been so much better if they'd just decided to keep it simpler.

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DAY 13 - THE MOST DISAPPOINTING GAME - well that's a bummer




Paper Mario: Sticker Star. OH HO HO




I've mentioned this game already in this thread, so I'll make this short. Remember everything you loved about Paper Mario? Say goodbye to that, because this game chucks it all through the window! The story is paper-thin (pun intended in the angriest of ways), the characters are flat (also intended), and the game mechanics are terribly put together. I just...


Just thinking about this makes me mad. I bought it half off, beat it, sold it, and never looked back. Please don't buy this game. Please.

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~ And I (Holy Shit) Will Always Love You ~




Day 13/30: Most Disappointing Game


Game Selected: Yoshi's New Island

Platform: Nintendo 3DS


"Huh?! Excuse us, but... who are these babies?! We're not expecting any babies!"

~The Now No Longer Actual Parents of Mario and Luigi


Thus, we're off to a wonderful start right there. Yes, that's the intro of the game. That heartfelt ending that ended the original SNES title on a lovely note? Thrown right out the fucking window. And, just like tossing a Metal Eggdozer, it's all rolling downhill from here.


That's only one of the many speedbumps that make up this literal letdown of an experience. I hinted at this title all the way back to Day 1, and now that "disappointment" is today's theme, I'm running with it. You guys were all skeptical and criticized it harshly in the game's thread, and I thought you were being a bit harsh, but nope, all justified.


Yoshi's New Island was developed by Arzest, a private studio founded by former members of SEGA and Artoon, the latter of which having developed Yoshi's Island DS, a game that's honestly pretty okay in my book. It has some original bits here and there that, overall, make up for a good time (alternate babies inducing different abilities! why, that *GASP* actually expands on the prequel's gameplay! wow!).


Unfortunately, that's just what this game lacks! OriginalityFor the most part, this game feels and plays like a complete rehash of the original through and through. Really, save yourself the money. Better yet, spend it on the original Yoshi's Island. The Wii U Virtual Console has it, and believe me, there is so much more charm to it than there is here. Here, it's just "Oh... this again". Over and over and over and over.


Don't even get me started on the soundtrack.






...um... guys?


"But Vizman! What's got you moaning and groaning about the m--"






Now, when there is bad, I mean there is bad. The kazoos in the overall instrumentation are plain fucking obnoxious and grating, sound incoherent and, most of the time, out of sync. Only a handful of songs sound decent (what, two or three, maybe four tops?), but for the most part, it's... boring. Some games can make the exact same tune work in multiple arrangements, but this one just falls flat on its face somehow. Maybe I am being too harsh, but the soundtrack, at least to me, leaves too much to be desired. This is a first -- a game whose music actually turned me off. I'm not asking for Koji Kondo here, I just wanted something... decent, you know? I just can't see or hear the soul in it all.


Oh, and the final boss.


Good lord, the final boss.


Why the actual fuck.




You fight Baby Bowser (AGAIN), minus the tension and urgency that made the fight amazing in the original game. You're basically being held by the hand to victory here. Three hits, he's down.


Allllll that buildup, six worlds on, and bam. "That's laughably it..." is what I'd want to say, but then... 


Honestly, what is there even to spoil, because hey, you played this before already.


Quoting Gregzilla here, but it's basically this.


"Hey, we're making a new Yoshi game, how do we make it a hit?"


"Let's do everything exactly the same as the one from 20 years ago except with shit music."


"I'm not sure that'll be enough."


"Yeah, you're right.  Shove another Bowser in there."


BOWSER (YES, ADULT/PRESENT DAY BOWSER) CROSSES TIME AND SPACE JUST TO PICK A FIGHT SIMPLY BECAUSE. (there was plot for it in Yoshi's Island DS, fine, but here, it just happens for absolutely no reason)




The abilities Yoshi gains in key levels range from "hey it's actually fun!" to "oh hello", and the Eggdozers are fun to let rip through the field, but... that's it.


Yoshi's "New" Island my ass. Safe to say, for myself at least, that this game set itself up for failure right from its inception: the series name has a lot to live up to and shouldn't be taken lightly, but sadly, just like this instalment, it was treated as a joke. Unfortunately, it doesn't even come across as decent for me; it's plain dull. Nintendo, please stop outsourcing Yoshi's Island game and develop a future one in-house? Please...? ;-; Or you could just leave it at that. That's fine too.


Mister Stork, please return the Mario Brothers to their previous home; there has been another mistake. Thank you.


Note: I'm already aware of Yarn Yoshi, and I have faith in Feel-Good's abilities after Wario Land: Shake It! and Kirby's Epic Yarn. I speak of the Yoshi's Island subseries alone, and not Yoshi as a whole.


I'm just going to shelve this game as a non-canon spinoff because no, I'm not having this.



why the fuck is this even 5$ more expensive than the average 3DS game on our end i call bullshit

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Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game


Y'know, I've been trying to keep things interesting with choices I haven't talked about as much, but there's really only one choice here and you probably know what it is.




Metroid: Other M is the most depraved, unenjoyable, insulting video game I have ever played.  It removed literally every good aspect of the previous games and replaced it with boring linear gameplay, uncreative environments, and an absolutely appalling story.  And it actually went out of its way to contradict the lore and plot of the Prime Trilogy, a group of games that didn't actually shit all over one of gaming's most famous heroines.  And good god, did this game shit on Samus.  They turned her into one of the most unlikable protagonists this side of the brooding Square Enix stereotypes, having absolutely no personality and filling in plot points with unbearable monologues that drone incessantly on and on and on.


On top of that, out of all the new characters they brought in, absolutely NONE of them are enjoyable.  MB is shit, Anthony Higgs is shit, the Galactic Federation higher ups are shit, the scientists are shit, and Adam Malkovich - oh, dear lord, Adam Malkovich.  Are we supposed to believe Samus actually looks up to this person?  No, really, I'm asking!  Because Samus TELLS us that they really share something special, and yet every word out of his mouth ranges from boring to flat-out cruel, and there is nothing - NOTHING - in this plot that would indicate that they are friends, let alone extremely close ones.  The story fails on every single level.  Oh, and not to mention that murder mystery side plot that the writers forgot to resolve.  Whoops.


I've moaned about this game constantly (and I probably will continue to do so until we get another non-shitty installment) so I don't really have much else to add.  No other game gets me this worked up, and it's one of the few whose mere existence just fills me with rage and sadness.  Samus, and the Metroid franchise as a whole, deserve better.




Sonic Lost World - Sonic Unleashed, Colors, and Generations all had really good aspects that seemed to signify that Sonic was coming out of that rut he was in for a while.  I was really enjoying the new sense of quality, especially in Generations, and Lost World looked to continue that.  It didn't.  The controls sucked, the level design sucked, the music was really lackluster by series standards, and it was overall just a painful exercise in frustration.  And the writing?  In my opinion, the worst in the series since Sonic 06.  In fact, I actually think the cutscenes are LESS enjoyable.  06 at least gets some unintentional laughs at its melodrama, but here they are TRYING to make us laugh, and the jokes are all just awful.  This is some of the worst comedic writing I've seen in a while, and I was really bummed by that.


Brutal Legend - This was a different kind of disappointment.  The game isn't horrible.  In fact, the writing, characters, setting, art direction, and music are actually phenomenal, and I love everything about it.  But the gameplay?  Well, here's a run-down: I played the demo, which featured hack-and-slash gameplay followed by a cool vehicle section fighting a giant monster and escaping off a bridge.  The game has a few awesome moments like that, but it wasn't until after I'd purchased it did I discover that the meat of the gameplay is actually based around mediocre real-time-strategy.  The gameplay totally didn't fit with the aesthetics - I mean, it looked cool, but in a game that focuses on metal culture, I just wanna do some ass-kicking, not worry about troops and towers and whatnot.  I'd really like an all-action sequel, because the gameplay is the only problem, and everything else is fuckin' ace.

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but here they are TRYING to make us laugh, and the jokes are all just awful.  This is some of the worst comedic writing I've seen in a while, and I was really bummed by that.


Raise your hand if you think Gregzilla is a total bonehead who bites


I'll be here all week folks



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Day 13: Most disappointing game.



I'm trying to come up with a non-sonic game that it's not Tiberian Twilight...




I'll pick a game I haven't even played, but it was a disappointment to see nonetheless...







The King of Fighters XII




I'm not sure if the community I used to be a part of was in tune or not with the rest of the fighting fanbase but we loved KOF XI, after years of disappointment XI came and brought the tag team system they were using and turned it into something fun to play with, the roster of characters was as lovely as ever and incorporated a bunch of forgotten "heroes" like Duck King, Syo Hayate, SIlber and that guy who sounds like Joe. The boss was a bitch tho.


Still, things looked to have taken a positive turn on my side of the fanbase, most people agreed that SNK's decision of stop releasing games in a yearly basis was for the best and we looked forward to whatever they would come up with in the future.




As the months went by things were a little still as far as new games in the main series was concerned, but then SNK announced this third game in the tales of Ash saga with a complete graphic overhaul (something the series isn't known for) with hand-made, stylish and awesomely animated 2D sprites. Needless to say, people were hyped as hell.


But alas, the end result (if you can call it like that) was a very... Barebones game. The roster was greatly reduced, the whole team formations was lost and the fighters you could pick had some really odd choices here and there (which makes me think they were supposed to have proper teams at some point), the whole story aspect was scrapped leaving a very empty arcade mode composed of a few matches without even bothering to include a boss at the end (not even Rugal nor an Orochi clone, who seems to be go-to choices whenever they don't feel like making a new character). I have not played it but people often say its online code was atrocious.




While graphically speaking is something nice to look at (as long as you are okay with some of the redesigns) and has a pretty decent soundtrack (tho I prefer themes to be based on the characters rather than the locations) it feels like something that was cut and released half-way across development.


Lucky for SNK and fighting game fans alike, KOF XIII turned out to be awesome. (And is often considered the finished version of XII (though it's arguable how finished it was in certain aspects) )

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Day 13: Most Disappointing Game


I'm not sure if there's much more I can say on Metroid: Other M than Greg did, so I'll have to feel around for one nearly as bad.




Final Fantasy XIII


Where does one even begin to describe this game? Final Fantasy XII, released a few years prior, seemed a return to form of sorts. You had engaging characters, settings, and plots worthy of one of the old installments, at least very close to them. There was no unnecessary J-Pop, no ham-fisted moral "dilemma" that the plot meandered around for hours, and no attempt to be "the next Final Fantasy VII." The games released between X and XII seemed to forget the thrill and depth of the simple fairy tale, and threw their players into a web of nonsensical techno-babble in the hopes that the public would mistake confusion for intelligence.


As it turned out, XII was not the righting of the franchise so much as the last breath of an age gone by. Final Fantasy XIII was released worldwide to universal acclaim, praising the graphical leap and the new battle system, both staples of the series by the time the game was released. As it turned out, though, novelty did little to abate the fans in want of a good story. Everything that was wrong with the age prior was turned up to eleven with XIII: here there was J-Pop a plenty, ham-fisted dilemmas, gratuitous pandering to fans of VII, and not a single likable character in sight (yes, even Sazh was an idiot). In Final Fantasy XIII one can truly find the definition of pretentiousness: so many countless words are spent on saying something that everyone knew anyways. Presentation may count for a lot of things in the realm of video games, but it cannot shield a faulty core. Poor story and poor gameplay were wrapped up in sugar and sweetness, and people ate it right up. For finally killing the goodwill I had towards Final Fantasy, XIII earns my spot as the most disappointing game I've played (discounting Other M).

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Most Disappointing...


Y'know I almost was going to give this to Mario and Luigi: Dream Team but there were redeeming features in the backstory and gameplay to give it a pass..I'm pulling out the Sonic Card for this..since it's not exactly love of it...



I'm using the JP cover cos'...well wow I just found it and it looks waaaay better than the one we got..less cliche too..it actually shows the heroes and the twilight cage.

Annnyway, Sonic was going to get an RPG made by BioWare. And the fandom rejoiced. As an RPG lover myself, I was intrigued on how Sonic would work in this setting..As a fan of the M&L series, I was hoping this could be similar in the overworlds but different battle system...and then we got bad graphics which were worse than N64 standards..a weird story that ended on a cliffhanger never to be resolved..(okay, the story was initially okay till they tried too hard to weave all the sonic mythology together and the twilight cage and it went wonky and unbelievable)


......and the saving grace should be the music...but no. Initially, I was kinda hyped to see so many remixed songs in this..DATIDALTEMPEST. and went back to find the original songs. It was like Generations before Generations...and then I found out how good the originals were...and that Big Arm remix..I enjoyed the nod..but I'd rather wait till Generations. One godsend was the chao that did the combo abilities for you..which were fun to tap to but wore their welcome soon...One thing I'll say it was nice to see all the characters turn up and battle together for various reasons..including eggman(who is not in a mech for some reason)..and that's all the good I can say about that. I wonder if Japan liked this more than we did.

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Most Disappointing Game


Anything related to the Final Fantasy 13 compilation


We waited for this game. It was going to be the Final Fantasy of the PS3/Xbox 260 Generation and prior to then, Final Fantasy games still had the reputation that was mostly good. But this game became the window into Squeenix operations that something is really fucked up with how they are doing things. Every entry of the series went from convoluted to even more convoluted. Nothing made sense anymore and it seemed like that was the point. There were no interesting characters and if they were interesting initially, the plot served to drain any interest from them. Characters that are boring kept getting shoved in your face, and the entire story had to be explained through texts that you had to access through looking at the summaries in the pause menu. That is when you know the story is fucked up beyond all repair. And we can't even talk about the battle system which is pretty much allows the computer to do most of the work for you and all you have to do is shift the paradigm suitable for work. It was not fun. The battles were monotonous. The story was overly convoluted and just fucking stupid. 

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Day 13: Most Disappointing (I expected so much more... *zips up pants*) Game


Definitely stepping on some toes here...



Let me explain! It's not like I hate this game; the exact opposite actually. This game perfectly takes the gameplay of the first and gives levels that expand on it in amazing ways. It's just... the first game had such a great tone to it. It broke the tradition of just having a "rescue the princess" plot and added depth for those who wanted it. Those story book sessions were among some of my most iconic Mario moments. When I saw this game announced at E3 I was expecting a continuation of this theme... but what I got was far from it.


Instead of elegant hub worlds with a cozy feeling I got Mario's head in the shape of a planetoid. Instead of an innovative character that ran around the series average perception of the role, we got an overly cartoonish Luma that looked like Patrick Star. Instead of a continuation of the previous game this one wants to act like it never happened! Even Rosalina is a ghost (and quite literally a ghost in terms of gameplay) of her former self. She only shows up once in the game sequences and occasionally when you need help with a level. Everything outside of the gameplay felt like a total joke to the original.


Now don't get me wrong. I know the Mario series is infamous for it's lack of depth and cartoony setting but after Galaxy... it just hurt to see all that undone. Especially if it's suppose to be a sequel. I can appreciate the gameplay being a step up from it's predecessor but I still find the first one to be superior. I don't know what caused them to go back on what they accomplished in the first Galaxy (I've heard reports of Miyamoto not really knowing about the story elements in the first one and putting a stop to them here but I'm not entirely sure that's true) but I know one thing was for sure. When I did get to the end, I literally sat there for a couple of minutes, contemplated what I had just seen, and quickly put in the first Galaxy to start a new game.

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Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game





I said a deal last time 30 Days of Video Games rolled by, but after two years to simmer, I think it's worth revisiting my thoughts. They certainly haven't improved - if anything my opinion on the game has worsened with time. Without a doubt, it's still my least favorite game and even more the most disappointing game I've ever played.


Metroid is, of course, one of the dearest series to my heart. I adore it. Such a sense of isolation, exploration, discovery. Its worlds are both solemn and wondrous. Samus exudes power, intelligence, and strong resolve. The stories are told brilliantly through the environment, and the design and music come together to truly bring every world to life. It is a fantastic bunch of games. Sure, Metroid II is very dated; sure, Hunters is iffy. But the rest of the series far more than makes up for any shortcomings.


Then Metroid: Other M came along. 


It was exciting! It looked super cool! Team Ninja is pretty competent (and I even somewhat appreciate their effort on M:OM) so them doing the game was neat news. And amazing as Prime was, M:OM looked like a real change of pace, and that was ok! That was something to be welcomed! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.


Then I did. Then things started crashing down.


The controls. The very first question I had to wring through my mind as I first picked up the game. They were garbage. It's a 3D environment not at all suited to movement with a d-pad. The autoaim simplified combat to mashing a button - add the nunchuk and you could've aimed with the remote!  Samus's new moves were fun to watch, but executing them felt like little more than a disguised QTE. It never felt like I was doing a whole lot.


The horrid characterization starts to creep in early on as well. In Fusion we learned that Samus regards Adam very highly. Samus being the respectable woman she is, you can only assume Adam deserves his reputation. What a surprise to watch as he treats Samus like an incompetent burden to their mission - despite the fact that Samus has worked on numerous occasions with the Galactic Federation military, even leading an entire assault on a planet. Admiral Dane certainly seemed to like her, even assorted employees on his ship seemed to respect her more than Adam was ever shown to do. Why does he let his brother die instead of letting Samus attempt a rescue? Why, with her status as the most revered bounty hunter in the galaxy, does he feel the need to restrict her use of her own weaponry? He doesn't trust her or her judgement at all. There's not a doubt she's more competent than him but he treats her without an ounce of respect and we're expected that somehow this earns him a pedestal from Samus? Not a chance. Samus may not be the most fleshed out character in existence, but for her to hold Adam in high regard goes against any assumption we can make about her. The Ridley scene has been touched upon time and time again. Samus having PTSD is a fantastic idea because she's seen so much; where's it been all this time? Nothing about her reaction made sense. And are we expected to believe that Samus has always had such poorly worded monologues going through her head? 


The plot was a load of garbage too. Samus has this intense attachment to the baby metroid that she so gladly handed off to some scientists for research not too long before? The Galactic Federation made a piece of their ship holding their most dangerous experiments that can only be self-destructed from the inside? They may have made questionable decisions before but that's a little ridiculous. The deleter? Was the deleter ever actually important? No, not really. Cloning metroids was already covered in Fusion, making Other M feel like a lackluster retread of old ground. Mother Brain being downloaded into a person? I'm not even sure if that's exactly what happened, and I just don't care. I share that notion in regards to everything that happens in this game. I just do not care. It's a series of events that vaguely string together to form nothing worthwhile.


To me, most offensive of everything the game did is what it didn't do in terms of simply being a Metroid game. The environments were barren or generic. A number of plant rooms look exactly the same except for their layout. Same with ice. Same with fire. There may have been another area I don't even recall. In Prime, so many places told some story, or had some purpose, or were somehow distinct among each other. And they were incredibly rich designs, with ancient alien architecture, interesting flora. None of that in Other M, though it has more than its share of dull gray corridors. Don't forget a blinking yellow marker on the map to tell you exactly where to go! Because you have all your upgrades the entire time, getting one authorized doesn't even feel like an accomplishment where finding it would, and the concentration move makes it so finding more missiles is virtually pointless to where I never wasted my time backtracking for them. It's entirely devoid of a sense of exploration and the empowerment that comes from making that discovery that'll let you reach the energy tank you saw earlier on, or advance into the next area. Metroid feels rewarding to play the entire time you play it; Other M feels like it's just pushing you along to see more of the plot. There's no atmosphere. There's nothing beyond Samus and the enemy designs that even signifies this is a Metroid game.


It was my first new Metroid too! I started the series with Corruption, and I was excited to play a brand new one! And what a disappointment it was. That it was so unbelievably terrible in a series with such a high quality library makes it almost impossible not to have it in the back of your mind whenever thinking about Metroid at all. I drew this for the last 30 Days, and it's still everything I feel about this garbage:




What an absolute disaster. Mind you, I'd have plenty more to say if it weren't 6 am too.

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Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game
My most disappointing game, huh…

… Yeah, it’s this game, easily.
One could ask: “Why this game, Komodin? There was worse games out there, dude, like Metroid: Other M, Final Fantasy XIII, Sonic ‘06 (in case you forgot that was a thing)...” Well, here’s the thing: I already knew of their relatively poor receptions by the time I got to play/purchase them, so I wasn’t really disappointed as much with them. In fact, I even actually like Metroid: Other M and Final Fantasy XIII as a whole. With this game, though? Paper Mario: Sticker Star? I made the mistake of completely shutting myself off from every review site until I actually bought it as a day-one purchase. To this very day, I still consider it one of my worse purchases that I ever done.
Let’s start with a brief history with me in regards to Paper Mario. You see, I was always a big fan of this subseries, ever since I bought the original Nintendo 64 game back in 2001. In fact, I love the original enough to actually repurchase it on the Wii’s Virtual Console. Its 2004 sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, is still one of my all-time favorite games. Heck, even with its platformer/RPG hybrid of a sequel, Super Paper Mario, I still find myself doing whole playthroughs with it. So, with a series as consistently enjoyable as this was, I was under the assumption that Sticker Star would at least be as enjoyable as Super Paper Mario. Unfortunately, once I finally played the game, that assumption has kinda made an ass out of me. While the game was an overall major disappointment, there are two aspects about it that especially aggravates me to no end.
For starters, what I have a big problem with this game was the presentation of its story. What previous Paper Mario have excelled in was offering a new and exciting take on the typical Mario narrative; heck, even the original Paper Mario with its comparative basic story of Mario vs. Bowser brought something new with Bowser just curbstomping everyone with the Star Rod and a more active Peach. This game, however, is just a straightforward “Bowser kidnaps Peach; save her, Mario” plot played completely straight. There are no new villains or, indeed, any original characters--instead, every character is directly based of something from a previous Mario game, mainly from the platformers. What really gets me with this is that not only are Peach and Bowser barely present in this game--there’s not even a single sequence where you can play as Peach--Bowser himself has his characterization effectively derailed by being reduced to a silent monster. Now, speaking as someone who has always liked his comical, yet somewhat menacing character in past games, even in the related Mario and Luigi games, this was a especially egregious travesty. You know what’s funny about this? His main minions, Bowser Jr. and Kamek--yep, no Kammy this time around--can converse with Mario just fine. Yet, Bowser’s essentially mute now? Bah!
With all that said, however, the worst part of the game to me was, indeed, its gameplay. It’s basically a platformer game with battle screens and shops. There is little in the way of RPG elements--even Super Paper Mario was better in that regard. There is no real overworld, as there is just a New Super Mario Bros.-esque world map in its place. The game even progresses like a Mario platformer, with a definite goal that you need to reach in order to complete the “level”. There are no partners of any sort, not even something like the Pixls. Instead, there’s only Kersti, who is frankly an unhelpful (her hints are barely relevant to the level at hand a good majority of the time) and useless waste of a fairy companion. And the battle system… oh boy, the battle system…
The battle system of this game revolves around the use of stickers. With a far bigger emphasis on paper than any other Paper Mario, you must find stickers, whether it’s in the levels themselves or in the shops, and add them to your Album. Everything you do in battle involves the use of these stickers--you quite literally can’t do jack squat without them. Here’s the thing, though: every sticker you get can only be used once before being discarded. This means that if you’re constantly using them in pointless battles, you can quite easily run out of them by the time you get to something that really matters. Because of this, you’d be better off just avoiding every semi-random battle with enemies--the game doesn’t even penalize you for this, as the only things you get from battles are coins. Yep, there is no level-up system here, either--even the health upgrades are found in levels, like Heart Container Pieces in the Zelda games. 
The boss battles suffer especially from this poorly executed battle system. The world bosses are all equipped with super-powerful “Royal Stickers” that makes them powerful and a wee bit crazy. Because of this, coupled with their high health and equally high defense, you need to find certain special objects called “Things” and convert them to stickers to use against them. Even then, those “Thing Stickers” have to be used just right at the right time in order to get any effect from them. If you screw up even once, the Thing Sticker will be wasted and the battle will then become one of attrition where your stickers will likely be too ineffective to be of any good. Also, since the Thing Stickers are huge, you likely won’t have a lot of regular stickers to begin with, so you’re especially doomed if you mess up. At this point, the only time you can do is just wait for the inevitable; at least the game was kind enough to let you continue from just before the boss battle with all your stickers from that point intact.
Because of all this nonsense, I pretty much stopped at World 3 for my personal copy and just watched the rest of the game through playthrough videos. Having seen everything that the game offered, I’m not even the least bit concerned with finishing my playthrough of the game. It’s such a boring mess that I’m just not gonna bother anymore--even Sonic ‘06 was more engaging that this dreck. So, yes, this is my overall biggest disappointment in regards to games--it’s not just meh, but also bleh. Highly unrecommended.

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Day 13: Most Disappointing Game:


Pokemon X/Y




This was a Pokemon game that I was looking forward to ever since its announcement back in January 2013. I hadn't been this excited for a new Generation Pokemon game since Generation V and double the fact the game was going to be a worldwide release! I was gonna do the same method that I did with Pokemon Black/White, jump into the game blind without any spoiler-type info on the whole region. I finally got a 3DS and Pokemon X and finally got to jump into the game. I was just filled with excitement to explore the Kalos region!


I played and beaten the game and I gotta say my god was this was amazingly underwhelming, I mean to talk about total disappointment and big step backwards compared to Black/White, with its story narrative and characterization, and Black 2/White 2, with its challenge and content. Neither of the Gym Leaders are even involved in the story at all and lack character (except for maybe Korrina), The rival friends aren't fleshed out and do nothing of importance, the Team Flare Scientists are hardly involved and are rarely shown, Lsyandre’s character is not delve into and his backstory isn’t exactly addressed enough for me to care, the Elite Four were not challenging and Champion was completely piss easy… Where’s the challenge?! The challenge was lacking with lack luster rematches in the Battle Chateau. The major thing I discovered that disappointed me immensely… There were only 72 Kalos Pokemon… 72 new Pokemon? That’s it? What the hell?! The sad thing about this that it's considerably lower than Generation II's new region Pokes, which is 100! Plus, the finally kick in the nads for me was that there was virtually no postgame content to speak of. Well, there is the Looker sidequest and Battle Maison, but that’s nowhere near enough. I feel like this was all completely rushed in an attempt to get to Generation VI as quickly as possible. While the gameplay was great and music was fantastic, but in the end; the game has nothing else to offer to me and can only glorify itself with its 3D mechanics, which is pretty to look at but… again, that’s not enough. Everything had potential in this generation, but it was all shot in the foot and just left a rather bitter taste in my mouth.

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