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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Day 15 - Favorite Moment





Warning: Spoilery McSpoilers of Spoilerville Inside


"Oh baby girl..."


That line. That one line is one of the most powerful moments I've experienced in a video game. Throughout The Last of Us, you've watched Joel and Ellie's relationship grow steadily. Slowly, but surely, they've begun to connect with each other - Ellie sees Joel as the one person she can count on not to abandon her, and Joel has begun to see her as a daughter. Throughout the Winter chapter, the two are separated. Joel has been injured and Ellie, while on the trail of a deer, has run upon some hunters who offer her medicine in exchange for the deer meat. Though Ellie does end up getting the medicine, events spiral out of control and Ellie is captured by the hunters. When Joel comes to, his first instinct is to look for her, while Ellie tries to escape on her own.


Winter, as a whole, is pretty incredible from a story perspective. But it's the end that seals the deal. Ellie is trapped alone with the hunters' leader, and has to find a way to kill him before she kills her. All goes well until he knocks her down, and her only hope is a knife that's slid under a table. But she's stopped before she can get to it. The guy gets on top of her, and things are looking desperate. But right in the nick of time, Ellie manages to grab the knife and kill him. At this point, she's scared out of her mind - the tables finally turned, she goes into a slashing fit on the guy's face right as Joel catches up to her.


Holy crap, just remembering this is giving me feels.


Joel tries to grab her and calm her down, and finally, she breaks down crying. Joel hugs her and tries to comfort her, every bit as horrified as she is. He finally shows just how much he's grown to care for Ellie, telling her it's over and "I've gotcha" and...good Lord, I can't do this justice at all. But man, that one line. "Oh baby girl..."


I don't think I ever cried so hard at a video game. This whole scene is probably one of the artistic high points of gaming as a whole. It was moments like this that made playing The Last of Us worthwhile for me. The game as a whole may not have resonated with me the same way it did some, but moments like this destroyed me.

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Day 15: RULES OF NATURE!!!! (Metal Gear Rising)


I feel almost guilty that my favorite video game moment is a scripted QTE, but I can't think of another sequence I was so excited for in a video game that I had to watch it on YouTube twenty times before the game even came out.  Remember, this is the fucking TUTORIAL fight.  Already you are seeing Raiden LIFT, THROW AND SLICE THROUGH a goddamn mech 100 times his size.  If that doesn't get you pumped for the game, I don't know what fucking will.  People come down on this scene for being too over the top and unrealistic, but it's hardly crazier then Raiden holding back Outer Haven in MGS4.  If anything is wrong with it, it's that this part was actually TOO satisfying; I don't feel anything else in the game really lived up to it.  But the cherry on top of it all was the lyrics kicking in.  Just as you parry his final strike, you hear that booming RULES OF NATURE!!!  Rules of nature indeed, as the predator suddenly becomes the prey.

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Day 15: Favourite moment.

SSMB, get your guns ready. You'll be furious with me in 3...2...1...


Solaris Phase 2 from Sonic 06. I'll explain. I was here when the game came out and saw the shit storm it made. I couldn't play it so I believed everyone was exagerating. It couldn't be so bad. Years passed. I played it for myself in 08. The most part, I was right. Some had over exagerated. It wasn't great but it wasn't TOO bad. Then after hours of play I got here. The beautiful imagery, the grand feeling, THAT MUSIC!!! I got overly emotional and cried. It was magnificent! The game gave us two blessings really. This boss and something I'll probably answer with in another question.

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Day 15: Favorite Moment


Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice For AllNailing the culprit in Farewell, My Turnabout


Justice For All is easily the worst game in the original trilogy, having a somewhat grating antagonist who runs her course fairly quickly, and Turnabout Bigtop, one of the most awful cases in the series. But the final case, Farewell, My Turnabout, is fantastic. The stakes are high, the plot is intriguing, and it all comes together in what may be the high point of the series.

A murder occurs during an event at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel. Amidst the chaos, Phoenix is called and told that he needs to take the case to court and win a not guilty verdict. Maya is being held hostage, and will be killed by the infamous trained assassin, Shelly de Killer, if he fails to comply. You are told that your client is in fact innocent, and is being set up. Obviously these are suspicious circumstances, but you don't have a choice in the matter.


The defendant is a man by the name of Matt Engarde. He seems like a completely airheaded individual who is ignorant of your plight, and the murder.


After exhausting other avenues of investigation, Adrian Andrews becomes the prime suspect for having tampered with evidence and committing perjury. In spite of this, something doesn't feel right about her being the culprit, and your opponent, Edgeworth, remains adamant about Matt having hired the assassin. It's not until later you realize that he's been telling the truth all along; Matt Engarde, your client is the real villain.


Now you are presented with a conflict. Winning the Not Guilty verdict means Maya lives, but it also means that a killer gets away. The choice is fairly obvious, but this guy is such a douchebag that you can't let him win. This man has power over you because he has the trust of a terrifying assassin, who will do anything he says. But that trust is about to become his downfall. Phoenix is presented with two options if he wants to save Maya. He has to either break the trust between Engarde and de Killer, or make Engarde want a Guilty verdict more than anything else


In the end, you do both.


De Killer makes the unusual choice of testifying in court himself on behalf of Engarde's innocence. After all hope seems lost, you are given the chance to present a final piece of evidence to a specific witness. You are the only one who knows this at the time, but Engarde videotaped Shelly in the act of the murder he hired him to perform, and plans on blackmailing him with it. If you present the tape to Shelly, you're able to turn him against his own client, and he releases Maya. As for Engarde, he's now got a bigger problem; his guilt has been exposed beyond a reasonable doubt, and now a trained killer who is very good at his job has him in his crosshairs. Terrified, he has aboslutely no choice but to plead Guilty because he's safer in prison than as a free man.


This is one of the biggest "fuck yeah!" moments I've experienced in a game.


This was really hard to pick. You guys chose a lot of amazing moments, too. 

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Day 15: Favorite Moment


hmm, trying not to mention a game I have already mentioned but I have LOADS of favorite moments from various games, I think one would definately have to be the cutscene at the beginning of "The Fate of the Universe"


Jump to about 5:00


this whole level is just memorable for me.


infact just put my answer as pretty much any final level. They are usually tense and heroic and you just feel really awesome completing them! especially if you can do it without getting hit or by pulling off a hard shortcut or something.


Honorable Mentions
Okami, I believe I mentioned this bit in the earlier massive Okami post


Skyward Sword

Probably the best cutscene in Skyward Sword, only part better is "The Horde" Boss battle

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I couldn't stand Aigis, personally. I'd much rather have he (or she) with their romantic social link, in my case Mitsuru.


I was actually talking about the Answer and how they added a bunch of unnecessary plot to what was a vague but perfect ending.

About the character who you spend your last moments with, I still think that Aigis is the one that makes more sense, especially since it is a big thing when it comes to her development and that shouldn't be changed.

I never went for the ending scene with another character that they added in P3P, but it sounds like a neat "what if..." kind of thing, though.

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Day 15 - favourite video game moment.

Hearing the SEGA sound on the start up sequence of a game ^_^

I don't think I should have to explain why to a bunch of fellow SEGA/Sonic fans...but I will as per rules. The Iconic logo appearing with the sound just sorta feels like reassurance of fun/quality in a game, generally exciting, builds the anticipation straight away, and nostaglic when its the classic sounds. It is the sound that lets you escape into a different world and any problems or worries can disappear for at least just a while :)!

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Day 15-Favorite Moment




Bowser's Galaxy Reactor-Super Mario Galaxy


This conclusion is my favorite in the entire series, hands down, and the way it works so well just makes it pretty much my favorite conclusion period. The scene leading up to it where Rosalina breaks Bowser's barrier and makes a path for Mario, the way the galaxy is pretty much made up of every major environment in the game, the music, the final battle! It might not be all that difficult, but this is a time where flair really did it for me. The scenes following it are pretty touching for a Mario game too, it's just all around great.

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Day 15: Favorite Moment 



Now, this manages to be both super hammy and by extension hilarious and badass at the same time. When this moment was delivered in game I started laughing out loud, it's just so over-the-top and cheesy that I can't help but love it. This game has tons of amazing moments and I probably can't pick a true favorite but I do really like this one. 

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Day 15 - Favorite Moment

By far the easiest choice yet. I couldn't imagine choosing anything else.

These videos are long and it's hard to not consider all of them, but 10-20 minutes isn't really a moment. They'll do though, because I didn't want videos with whiny nerds talking over them. If you haven't played BioShock out BioShock Infinite and have any intention to, don't watch these and ruin something really spectacular.

I'm counting entering the lighthouse to docking the bathysphere as one moment, being introduced to Rapture.

So you plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic. There's this lighthouse that looks beautiful and mysterious in the moonlight, alone and not very trustworthy considering its curious location. But what other choice do you have? It draws you in, slams the door behind you, nothing feels right... and then Somewhere Beyond the Sea starts to float up from the floor below, while Andrew Ryan's enormous bust greets you. It's all very strange but again you have no option but to investigate the music, then to activate the bathysphere.

Up to there it's an amazingly well set up intro, but it's what follows that makes this such an incredible moment. Clearing that one ridge, and Rapture coming into view is unforgettable for how gorgeous and enticing it is with its art deco architecture and overwhelming mystique. Ryan's famous speech sets the background for the world you're entering, and Atlus's radio calls establish the nature of what your getting yourself into, strapping you in for what a ride the game is. Yet nothing gives such a taste for the disquieting atmosphere as witnessing a the splicer's gruesome murder and enduring her taunting.

You mix an unrivalled sense of wonder with an unnerving touch of fear and a little sprinkling of politics in this few minute segment and perfectly set up the city and the story of Rapture, just waiting to be unraveled. Never has a game so blown me away in such a short time and had me hooked so well.

This is almost more of an honorable mention compared to its old counterpart, but Infinite introduces Columbia spectacularly for all this scene had to live up to. Likewise, I'm counting from taking off to waking up after the baptism as the moment you're acquainted with Columbia.

The lighthouse sets things up to be very dark and very eeiry, and being strapped into a primitive rocket launching into the air gave the impression that things were only on their way to becoming worse. Then, "Hallelujah;" you emerge from the clouds, and it's strikingly beautiful. Immaculate, even. Religious propaganda aside, it looks like true paradise as you step into the welcome center and take in every stunning detail: the marble architecture, the infinite candles, lighting the still water. That's until you come upon the baptism, where everything is overtaken by a kind of subtle uneasiness compared to Rapture. Everything seems well, and Columbia's citizens happy, making everything all the more suspicious and discovering what's looming ahead that much more enticing. It's not a perfect match to entering Rapture, but it holds its own regardless.

Another two honorable mentions I won't go into because surely people who've played the games understand: receiving your very first pokemon, and defeating the pokemon league champion for the first time. There's nothing quite like it.

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Day 15: Favorite Moment



I think I mentioned Starcraft II announcement on the old thread (oh goddess, that glorious moment when 10 years of waiting and fanbickering get rewarded, and we even got gameplay after the trailer <3



But I have many memories coming to my head right now, mostly thanks to this event so I guess I'll have to pick more than one.




Sanic has a lot of good moments, people have mentioned endings that I love, grand finale battles that I also love but one of the most recent moments that will always stick with me it's the Unleashed Opening Cutscene.




This... Is as epic as our beloved blue hedgehog can get! We don't know what happened before this encounter but we know it's so far a standard Eggman builds a spacefleet and is trying to take over the world, so Sonic goes to face him and his entire fleet in a very awesome showdown of both lots and lots of dakka and acrobatic and neck breaking speedy action, then Eggman gets on his big mech and the fight keeps going he finally catches Sonic but then the blue bastard makes an awesome smirk because he actually got the 7 Chaos Emeralds before this battle and then he proceeds to turn Super and utterly destroys most of the fleet! Then he findally reaches the Dr and the Eggman starts begging for his life, Sonic gloats a little but this also leaves him wide open for Doc's counterattack... And well... You actually know how this goes I don't even know why I'm recapping it.


Point is, this is for me the epitome of epicness in the series, it has everything! Robots, bigger robots, action, super sonic and Eggman managing to use his smarts (and Sonic's own attitude) to manage to defeat Super Sonic! Also the music, that music! The moment from 0:33 sounds like an awesome boss theme that I wish it was used at some other point in the game.






But wait, there are more moments.


Sarajevo's Temple Battle - Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars


You reach this point on the GDI's campaign when you are pretty much recreating the ending of the first game, Kane has rebuilt his temple in Sarajevo so it's up to us the take ti down, also like in the first game you are granted access to the Ion Cannon! (a killsat) Sounds like a good day to kick some terrorist ass right?



* Nice job using the Ion Cannon to trigger a liquid tiberium bomb that caused an explosion costing countless of lives.


* Great going because said explosion emanated enough readings to call the attention of a giant Alien Mining company (and the military escort that came with it) that wouldn't have bothered to come to our planet if it weren't because of said explosion.


* by the way, the guy who you were supposed to kill... He's alive! And actually, you firing the cannon and triggering the bomb and calling the aliens was all part of his plan!




It's probably the turning point in the entire Tiberium saga.







But wait, there is more!



Phantasy Star Online 2 - Our Final Farewell


This is probably one of the things that affected me and only me, PSO2's story is far from the best out there and frankly I don't like most of the cast (huehuehuehue) but this single moment managed to make me feel something so I guess it deserves a special mention. Also, I know there are people here playing the game so I'll spoil the rest (tho I guess the title is ominous enough)


After searching for Hudred (a rampaging Chrome Dragon) for a long time you and Quna finally arrive at the giant floating sphere you see in the screenshot... It's a known burial site for dragons so you can already tell only one of the 2 sides in this conflict is leaving the building (and seeing the way Hudred has been acting, his chances are pretty grim). Once all has been said and done you arrive to this place knowing that you are pretty much helping an assassin to carry an execution order against someone who was her best and (and maybe) only friend,


For once in the game there is no sound in the background nor music it's only you and the giant ominous sphere floating in front of you, when I arrived I felt like I was back in PSO1 about to face falz (even well aware this wasn't the case and that Chrome is pretty much a pushover if you are leveled enough) so I walked slowly towards the thing, as I was getting closer I start hearing Quna's voice singing (or well, humming) "Everlasting Encore" which is a... Pretty fitting song for the conclusion of this quest. You keep going forward and suddenly a roar is heard... That's the warning the game uses to signal a Chrome Dragon near the area.


The rest of the quests ends in a somewhat downer note as you might guess but it's this previous moment to the final battle that gets me, the game rarely blocks the background music to create a sense that something serious is actually going down and truth to be told I find a little disappointing that Dark Falz Elder didn't receive a similar treatment.




Also, from this game, I really love the Emergency Quest: Mining Base Defense! I love it! The music is awesome, and the whole quest creates this sense of urgency that you must give your all to protect the towers, this is especially truth in the second version of the quest where if you want your 5 towers to survive you must protect the walls that the enemy will keep hammering during the whole quest, there are 3 lines of walls but if the first one falls you can say goodbye to the run because the enemy spawns become a lot more unpredictable and now the group will be torn into defending the second wall, the first set of towers an the second set of towers behind the second wall... But yeah, it's a quest that always pushes me to give my all and it feels awesome when your group gets an S rank (not individually, I mean the 12 players in the party).


I haven't faced [Loser] enough times to make a decision about it yet.






And hey! I remembered another one! From another game...






The boss fights in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are all awesome! This game is powered by rule of cool and you feel cool for playing it!



I feel like I should be expanding on this a little more (and name even more events that I remember) but I'm running out of time so... See ya later!

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Ahem. So, what is this you may ask? It's one of the final moves you do in Kingdom Hearts 2 against Xemnas. Look, Xemnas has had enough. He is DONE with Sora and Riku. And it literally shows. He throws everything he can at the two. And what does the duo do? They reflect EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. This was seriously one of the most epic and most memorable moments in the series for me for how badass it is! Yeah it's literally a button mash fest, but it's a awesome button mash fest! This moment was such a popular one among the fanbase, it was included actually in the CGI intro for KH3D. (Also, this intro is also one of my favorite moments in a game.hahaha)



Why is Kingdom Hearts so awesome?

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Day Numbero 15: 7: Ninja's "way more exciting than Kamis choice of Wario sleeping" Favourite Moment Ever!









DMC3 is one of the best games there is as I said already, and this scene is one reason why.



after Dante and Vergil utterly decimated the Blob that was once Arkham, they cap it off by stylishly not only offing him with their own signature swords, but also using the others effectiveley, and how do they cap it off?







its a short but fantastic scene, Awesome Action by the Sons of Sparda Themselves capped off by a simple, yet great One Liner, not to mention it shows them both working together as Brothers after spending the entire game trying to kill each other, so thats cool aswell.







I forgot if I mentioned this moment last time, but whatever.



this is one of my favourite scenes in all of Red Dead Redemption, wich already was one of my favourite games of '10.


this comes right after a Heated fight to cross the Mexican Border with your Funny Irish Man....Irish, who up until that Point "helped" you (and by that I mean be useless and get himself almost killed), he hands you a Horse, and then makes off on his own Horse, never to be seen again and doomed to kill himself while on the crapper, with your main next destination being either a little Village or the Home of the current Ruler of Mexico



and then you ride off into the unknown, no Friends or other Allies there yet....and the song kicks in.



its a Great Moment that greatly sets the tone for not only the scene playing out right now, but also what Jon Marston is going through, being so far away from his Home and his Family, and currently with noone to ask for Help but himself.....until he mees up with Lando Rickets and the Revolutionaries that is


...but you get my Point.

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Picking a "favorite moment" is kind of difficult. In the interest of variety I'll talk about a game I haven't said much about yet.




Deer Hunt - The Last of Us


After the intense Fall chapter, The Last of Us grants you with a breathing level. In contrast with the more compact and closed off environments littered with enemies from before, you're placed in Ellie's shoes, dropped into a sprawling, snow covered Forest, and told to hunt down and kill a Deer. It's pretty simple, but it's actually pretty enjoyable trying to sneak up on it and it's placement in the story gives it a sense urgency. Finally getting to play as Ellie after having her take the backseat for most of the game makes it even more memorable. 

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Day 15: Favorite Moment


Hm, that's a toughie, but I think I'm gonna have to go with this cutscene from Super Smash Bros. Brawl:



Man, I don't know, this is just so awesome of a scene to me. It's cool how at first, when the Halberd is destroyed by the cannon, it seems like well dang that's it isn't for a brief instance, but then the heroes' various aircraft come flying out of the explosion, and then the game's main theme kicks in as they fly towards a barrage of laser blasts. And man, with how Kirby flies in and just annihilates the cannon in one blow. I also enjoy the little touch of how when they're all flying into Subspace, Olimar's rocket just sorta chugs its way in, referencing the nature of the ship in Pikmin 2, it being a big hunk of junk. The whole scene though man is just great to me.


But yeah man, it's just a sequence that really stands out in my mind as grandiose and energetic, n' stuff, and I really enjoy it for that, so there ya go.

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Day 15: Favorite Moment


Link's Awakening: Ending


It's old but still spoilering *shrugs*



Link's Awakening is still probably my favorite 2D Zelda game. Prooooolly for nostalgia tripping but whatever. It was my first Zelda game and still my fondest to revist (usually once a year or so since I'm a dork). Anyways, the very first time I beat it when I was like 6 or something, it was my first story to do the cliche "lawl it's all a dream" thing. BUT GOD DAMN. That blew my collective mind back then. Everything I just did for the past forever (since I sucked/explored waaaay too much) wasn't really real. Everything and everyone I knew in this world wasn't really real. Fighting Nightmare scared the shit out of me not only because of his chilling black shape-shifting entity, but because he was really the final string to cut when killing off this amazing world I grew to love so much.


It's the first ending I cried on in a video game as super cheeseballs as that is. When the extremely pretty cutscene happened at the end my breathe was held and extremely upset that everything had been a lie to me. But then this shit happened:




When I saw that dumbass whale and the seagulls for Marin I had the most intense heart drop of a rush of joy that I've only had a few times in my life. Sounds like I'm over selling this but I was seriously super into this game. To have that moment happen and have it hint that maybe it wasn't all for nothing.


Link's Awakening's ending was always super special to me because I feel like it's Link's forgotten adventure since it's unclear that it happened, or at least my headcanon likes to think so. The boy was trying to sail across the ocean and had this entire thing happen, and no one else in the world would really ever know, except that windfish. I just think it's neat, and is probably why it stands as my favorite moment in gaming.

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Day 15: Favourite Moment


This question is so broad...it seems kinda pointless.




The Self Destruction Sequences - Metroid


One of the main staples of the Metroid franchise is Samus's tendancy of making planets and space stations blow up. They usually tend to be the climax of the game, and its AWESOME. They're the first times in any game that I actually felt a sense of urgency and they just do such a good job at being intense. Its especially brutal when a boss fight is placed in one of them like at the end of Metroid Fusion. Innihilating everything that stats in your way with all the upgrades you've accumilated feels so good.

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Day 15 - Favorite Moment


The Wonderful 101: Operation 001-C - Diekuu Ohrowchee Boss Battle




"Wonderful 100, that cyborg monstrosity is our target. Team, unite up!"


The Wonderful 101 is a fantastic game through and through, and I could probably think of more mindblowing moments in this game. But this boss fight cemented this game as one of my all-time favorites.


Alright, so basically this alien commander named Laambo is riding this huge-ass three-headed biomechanical dragon named Diekuu Ohrowchee, and he's just stolen the Goddess of Blossoms, which is one of five statues powering Earth's defenses. If one of them gets destroyed, then there'll be huge gaping hole in Earth's defenses, allowing for a large-scale invasion from the entire Geathjerk army. The Wonderful 100 is tasked with retrieving the stolen statue and protecting Blossom City.


After using the Virgin Victory to attack Ohrowchee, you are knocked off the ship and land on its back. You'll have to deal with two of the heads attacking you, with Laambo joining the fray at times. When you whittle its health down, you'll be able to stab one of the heads in the eye, destroy the eye, and use Unite-build to take control of the head and rip the other one off, destroying both of them. Radical.


Laambo has a fit due to the destruction of Ohrowchee, but doesn't see a building coming his way. The Goddess of Blossoms is hurtling towards the Earth while you try to retrieve her. The fight's climax is absolutely incredible, so I'll let you see it for yourself...


"Team, let's get her back!"

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Mine is so weird, it's beyond compare.


Simply staring (Sonic Heroes)


That's right, my favourite moment in a video game is simply doing nothing. When in Bingo Highway, near the end of the level in front of the vault, I like to take time to stop for a while after beating all the enemies and just stare out to the city lights below, in first person. There's something so calming about simply stopping for a look around you. Way back when I got the game in 2004, I noticed there were numbers way below in the sequence 25610, so I jokingly made that to be the announcement date of Sonic Heroes 2 (which is what started that false rumour about some places in 2010; I was having fun with that time spent staring!). Weirdly enough, Sonic Colours was announced on 26/5/10. I almost called it six years in advance.


But yeah, staring. Favourite moment in a video game ever,

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Day 15: Favourite Moment


As a form of entertainment, every video game that pursuits to fulfill the player's experience as best as possible must contain elements that make such experience memorable. Opening or ending sequences, any cutscene in particular, a certain gameplay element/s, a character/s portrayal or featuring scene, or diverse moments found in a particular stage or boss fight... moments that the player will find memorable to watch, remember, and even go back to multiple times.


Personally, there are several moments that I can quickly come up here being really good ones for me to remember. Kirby 64's 02 boss fight, The Wind Waker's Hyrule Castle revelation, Metroid Fusion's SA-X appearances, Sonic Adventure 2's Finalhazard boss fight, Smash Bros Brawl's The Great Invasion sequence in The Subspace Emissary, BioShock's confrontation with Andrew Ryan... so many moments to list, yet I will mention one particular moment (an opening sequence, to be more specific) that I absolutely adored the very first time I ever watched it and still love to watch to this day. It's going to be...



Mario Power Tennis' Opening Sequence


The Mario series has always been one of my all-time favourite gaming icons for many reasons, from their marvelous gameplay featured on both their main and spin-off games, the phenomenal amount of memorable and charismatic characters, to the immense charm they provide, leaving many legendary moments for me to remember. Whether it's the main platformer games, the RPG series or the sport spin-offs there's always a great Mario game with some great moments to be found, and Mario Power Tennis is one of those. One of my favourite Mario sports games which has one great moment in it that I always found really cool and funny and has always stuck with me as being one of the few Mario openings featuring not only a relative chunk of story but also lots of personality!


The opening starts off with Wario and Waluigi losing a game of tennis to Mario and Luigi at the Peach Dome Tournament, which of course makes them very angry. They then start drawing on the faces of Mario and Luigi for a laugh before being chased by the police. After escaping the fuzz, they stumble upon Bowser's lair who promptly shows off his awesome tennis moves, proving that if they forcibly train hard enough they too can become tennis masters! The brothers manage to practice hard enough, and to the surprise of the two finalists Mario and Luigi, Wario and Waluigi decides to take over Yoshi and DK's participation and both bad guys alongside Bowser commence to give the Mario Bros an explosive final by launching a bajillion Bob-ombs, which Mario and Luigi, alongside the crowd, are up to rally back. The result of that entire scene is a total blast, literally. XD


Anyway, this opening is simply brilliant. It's amazing to think that this 5-minute opening has ten times more charm and hilarity in it than half of the other spin-off Mario games. The amazing portrayal of Wario and Waluigi is the most notable thing about this entire opening, showing what they are best known for: a dynamic duo ready to create so much mischief, chaos and trouble all over the place in such high levels of hilarity. Moments like this in the Mario series make me reinforce my belief that Nintendo should give either a role to Waluigi in Wario Land or, better yet, something more like Wario & Waluigi RPG; these two fellas have tremendous potential to star in their own game, I'm telling ya! What makes it incredibly funny is the voice acting by Charles Martinet for both Wario and Waluigi, who mostly speak in short phrases and gibberish; my favourite moment is when they first land in Bowser's lair and Wario mumbles "Ehhh... what is this dump?". XD 


All I can say about this opening is how incredibly charming and fun it is to watch, and it's a perfect opening sequence for a really amazing entry in the Mario sports games, as well as reminding the audience the moral of cheating in sports is never a good idea. I would love to see more sequences like this in both the main and spin-off series because, honestly, the incredible cast of the Mario franchise is so full of charm and charisma to the point of being a very valuable asset; such asset is precisely why I love the series among many other reasons.


One more thing! As an extra bonus, Mario Power Tennis contains two blooper-reels of the opening sequence in the credits, being the only Mario game so far to feature such content. These bloopers are extremely fun to watch as well, as they also give us the view of how these characters are doing their jobs for the purpose of making us gamers happy. =3


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I'm gonna say the final QTE moment during the final boss of the wonderful 101, its almost too amazing to put into words really. Just think about your favorite finishing blow to a big bad in power rangers, amplify that up by 1000 and add in probably some of the most hilarious dialogue that you could possibly ever have for a finishing move that basically entices the whole final attack move scene in one long sentence and just imagine how epic that is, j-just imagine it and then watch it cause honestly mere words cannot completely emphasize just how awesome this is, you literally have to experience it for yourself to even begin to comprehend how awesome it is. Just please do yourself a favor and go out and get this game to not only enjoy it but to witness one of the best finale's in video gam- no in the history of the world.



Special mentions goes to the metal gear ray fight in MGR because without wonderful 101 this would definitely the best moment ever (followed by the sonic unleashed opening cause holy crap how can you not like any of these).

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Day 15: Favourite Moment


I can't quite pin it down... so here a few which stand out for a variety of ways...


Demons Souls: The Tower Knight.






The Tower Knight is one of the earliest boss fights in the game... But what a fight it is. You enter a courtyard, archers are shooting at you and there's this... guy... taking shots at you too... Once you deal with the archers, it's time to take on this guy.


The whole scale of this boss, it's got a really simple move set, but with every blow, you feel it's power, you feel the earth tremble as it comes towards you. 


Not sure why it sticks out, it's just an amazing experience, stepping through the fog gate and this demon awaits you.


The Saboteur: The Ending/The Piano Playing Nazi.




This is a moment which is so surreal it just sticks out to everyone who plays it... why? Because it's... oddly good!


Here's the picture, it's the last level of the game, The German forces are in chaos, Paris is in flames and the man you have been searching for has retreated to the safety of the Eiffel Tower. Around you Zeppelins burst into flames and come crashing down, it's a literal hell on earth.


Realising that defeat is imminent, the top elite German officers start to reflect on the crimes they've done. Filled with guilt and horror of what they've done... the following happens.


Some take their own life by jumping off the Eiffel Tower, others kill their whores before then executing themselves. And some have hung themselves from a giant chandelier...


And then... there's this guy..



The Piano Playing Nazi.


As you get higher, Nina Simone's 'Feeling good' start to play, (how ironic is that?), only it's not background music, it's an actual NPC playing a piano.


He looks at you and says "He's upstairs" and continues to play. In fact... he plays the entire song if you let him... and if you kill him... the song ends.


It's hypnotic, you can't help but sit and listen to him. There's a representation of hell all around you, and here is a Nazi playing a rather soothing version of feeling good... a song which wouldn't be released for nearly 20 years later.


And you just... have to listen to it. There's well listen...




It's haunting. You're about to go kill a guy, as people all around you realise their guilt and their crimes against others, their guilt is so strong their take their own lives than to live with it. 


The guilt is so strong that even the final boss has look of shock and horror in his eyes when he himself realises all the crimes he's committed and what he's become.



He delivers this line as Paris burns and his generals are committing suicide around him...

...and a lone soldier plays "Feeling Good" on piano.


Ridge Racer Type 4: The intro & final stage.


Here is the intro to Ridge Racer Type 4.



Skip to 53 seconds to get rid of that white noise. 


That song is awesome... that cut scene is also awesome... everything about it is awesome.... and then... you get to the final race and the game pulls it's trump card.


Your in the final race, winning this will do it for your team, they've tuned up your car as best they can.... and you race... then as you get further along the track... the theme from the intro starts to play... then the colours and lighting starts to change and before you know it...




Honourable mention....


This bit in Bayonetta.



Well more specifically... the bit at 3:25 onwards.

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Day 15 - Favorite Moment


Going to have to use Okami again, because once again, it contains a moment that I really can't think of anything that tops this for me. It's the penultimate cutscene of the game so I'll put it in spoiler tags I guess.




I get the feeling that I wrote about this cutscene in the last 30 days, but I don't remember when and my last writeup probably sucked so I'll rewrite about why it's great here.


So after a long and arduous battle, you have finally defeated the Emperor of Darkness, Yami. Peace is restored to the world at last, and Amaterasu can finally make her return to the Celestial Plain. Issun even somehow managed to sneak onto the Ark of Yamato to congratulate her on her victory and see her off. Everything is looking fine and dandy from here on out, right?


Well guess what, for like the billionth time the game faked you out again. Yami was never really dead, and he managed to get the drop on poor old Ammy, getting rid of all of her abilities again, and plunging the world into darkness, allowing him to achieve his most powerful form. The only one who is there to stop him is powerless and unable to do anything. It looks like it's all over at this point....


Except then you start hearing Issun's voice again, but why? We already know that he's not onboard the Ark, so why is he still talking? After this, more and more voices can be heard, from various people you've seen around in the past, speaking words of encouragement. But how and why do they know what is happening aside from everything going dark?


As it turns out, Issun had gone around spreading the truth of Amaterasu's identity and her current situation to all of the people you've come across on your time in Nippon. From the villagers in Kamiki to the citizens of Sei'an, to the Oina Tribe Members in Kamui, everyone that Amaterasu has met on her journey have realised why all that has been happening in Nippon has come to be, and they come together to thank her for all she's done for them, and give her encouragement and strength in her time of need. They then all pray for her well-being and victory against the Darkness, allowing her to regain her abilities and finally become her fully re-vitalised self again in one of the more breathtaking moments in the game, getting you pumped for the final showdown with Yami.


This scene was truly heartwarming and it's one I always look forward to seeing in every one of my playthroughs of this game. Getting to see the (surviving) cast one last time before the game finally came to close was a very nice idea, and the way they executed it couldn't have been better, making everything that you'd done for all of these characters really sink in. There's also some key character development thrown in here too, such as Issun finally embracing his responsibility as Amaterasu's Celestial Envoy, and several characters manage to get some words of wisdom in too. It's a great scene that acts as a perfect way to close off the stories for the vast majority of the characters. Now if you excuse me I have to go back to pretending that Okamiden didn't happen so a lot of the significance of this scene isn't lost......in hindsight I should've listed that as most disappointing game.

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